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person stand ?

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generally formed ?

Decline the poups, man, and mother? When the siogular eods in x, ch soft, sh, s, or ss, how is the plural form

Lecture V.Of Pronouns. ed ? Give an example io each. What is a proooun ? When the singular ends in ch hard, What is the meaning of the word, pronoun?

bow is the plural formed ? Give an Why are pronouns used instead of nouos ? example

Wbat, besides nouns, is the pronoun comeWhat dovas are used only in the singular:

times used to represent ? What, only in the plaral?

Of how many kiods are propouns ? What are the same in both dumbers ? What are personal propouds ? When the singular ends in o, bow is the pla. Why are they called personal pronouns? ral formed?

How mapy personal pronouns are How, when it coils in f, or fe?

there? How, wben it ends in y? What nouns become plural hy changinga of For what does the pronoun of the first

the singalar number into e? oo into ee ! What are the plurals of ox and child ? Decline the first person. what is the plural of brother?

For what does the second persoual Of what number are the nogos, pains, rich.

pronoun stand ? es, alms, mathematics, &c.

Decline the second person. Of what opmber is news? Of what means ? When is means to be employed as singular For what does the third personal proWhen, as plural?

noun stand ? Of whatoomher are antipodes,credenda, &c. Decline the third person. Of what, hiatus, apparatus, &c. Why? How does the first personal pronoun deWhat is person?

note the immediate speaker } How many persons have poups ? How does the second depote the party adWhen is a noun in the first person? When

dressed? in the second ? When in the third ? How does the third designate an individuals How is the person of nodus koowo or de. What is the meaning of the propouns, he, termined ?

she, it ? In what person are nouns generally used ? Why is the distinction of gender limited to

the third person ? Why ? Why are noons seldom used in the first and What are relative pronouos ? second person ?

Why are they called relative ? What does the first persop depote? Of what do they imply the meaning 3

What, the second ? What the third ? What is what ? What is case ?

How is who applied ? How, which ? How many cases bave nouns ?

How that? What does the nomioative case depote? Of what number is wyko ? How is it Why is this case called nominative ?

declined ? What does the possessive case denote ? Of what oumber are which, that, and Why is it called possessive ?

what ? By what other name is it sometimes called? When used in asking questions, what How is the possessive case generally formed ?

are who, which, and what ?

How is which declined How, wben the plural termipates in s? When is that a relative pronoun! When, a How, wheo the singular ends in ss ? demonstrative pronoun When a con. What was, formerly, the sign of the posses: junction ? sive case in English?

To what do who, which, and that relate, In modern use, what does the apostrophe when used interrogatively ? denote ?

What are adjective pronouns ? Why is the s sometimes omitted in forming Why are they called adjective ? the possessive case ?

Into how many sorts are they divided ? When the possessor consists of several terms,

What are the possessive ? to which is the possessive sigo to be ad. ded?

Give some exumples, distinguishing the pos. What does the objective case denote ?

sessive pronouns from the possessive ca

ses of their respective personal pronouns. Why is it called objective ?

What do the words, own and self, imply of Does the objective case of nouns vary in

express, when added to pronouns ? form from the nomioative? How then is its sabordinate character indie To what does each, relate ? To what, eve

Wbat are the distributive pronouns ? cated ?

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ty! To what, either? What does neith. How many and what woods have er import?

verbs ? What are the demonstrative propouns? How does the imperative mood express To what does this refer? To what that? What are the idefinite pronouus ?

an action ?

Why is it called imperative? What does one somrtimes mean?

Conjugate the verb, walk, in the imHow is others used ? Of what is another composed ?

perative mood ? lo which number is none used 3

How does the iudicative mood express

ao action ? Lecture VI.--of Verbs.

Why is it called indicative ? Wbat is a verb ?

In what moods are questions asked ? Why is this part of speech called the Conjugate the verb, walk, through the verb ?

jodicative mood ? In what does a verb differ from a noun ? How does the subjunctive mood exWhat is that circumstance, which, when

press an action ? added to a vouo, makes it a verb? Why is it callid subjunctive ? What then do verbs appear to have been Is the subjunctive sentence always added at originally ?

the end of the other ? How are verbs divided ?

Is the conjunction always expressed ? What are active verbs ?

In what respect does the first form of the When is a verb called active? Give an ex, subjunctive mood differ from the indica. ample.

tive mood ? In the examples, “ John Walks, Thomas

In what respect does the second form differ

from the first? irons,” why are walks and runs called active verbs?

To what tense of verbs generally is the variHow are active verbs divided ?

ed form of the subjunctive mood limited ?

lo what tenses of the verb be, and of What are transitive verbs ?


sive verbs is the varien form usert ? What is the meaning of transitive ?

Conjugate the verb walk, in the subWhat are iptransitive verbs ?

junctive mood ? What is the meaning of intransitive Are there any transitive verbs which do What does the potential mood express

not express a transition of action from Why is it ralled potential ? the subject to the object?

Conjugate the verb walk, in the potepHow then are vi h verbs discioguished from tial wood ? the intransitive

What does the iofinitive wood ex. Are there verhs which are used both transi. tively and intransitively?

press ? How is it known of which kond they are ?

Why is it called infinitive ? How way intransitive verbs become coas.

Conjugale the verb walk, in the infipouod transitive verbs ?

nilise mood ? What is a passive verb ?

What is terse? How many tenses bas When is verb called passive ? Give an the verb ? example.

What are the general divisions of time ? In the examples, “ The man was killed, the

What are those tenses which are used boy was beaten," why are was killed and

to mark the tige of the verb more was beaten called passive verbs ? Froin what is the wird passive, derived ? accurately ? What does passive signify as applied to Which of these are called simple tepses? verbs ?

Which compound? How are passive verbs formed ? What does the present tense depote ? Are passive verbs forigeil from transitive or

How is ibis lense formed in the potenintransitive verbs? Why?

tial mood ? How in the infioitive ? What is a neuter verb ?

What does it likewise express ? When is a verb called aeuter ? Give an ex- How is it used when preceded by the words, ample.

when, before, after, &c.? In the examples, “He is, wo sleep, they For what tense is it sometimes used in ani stand," why are the verbs called neuter ?

mated historical discussions ? How many and what distiactions be- What does the imperfect lense denote? loog to the verbs ?

How is this tense generally formed in What is Mood ?

the indicative woed? How in the What is the meaning of the word, mood, as subjuociive? How in the potegapplied to verbs ?

tial ?


Why is it called imperfect ?

How does the participle participate of the What does the perfect lepse depote ? properties of a verb? How, those of an How is it formed io the iodicative adjective ?

mood ? How in the subjunctive ? How many participles are there? How in the potential ? How in How is the present distinguished from the

perfect? How is it distinguished from the infinitive ?

the adjective? Give an example of each Why is it called perfect ?

of these distinctions. How does this tense denote a past event dife

Give an example of a participle used as a ferently from the imperfect ? When the time of a past event is specified as

What is the whole number of verbs ia the :- happening prior to the present time, English langpage ?

which of these tepses is to be used ? Which must be employed, when we speak

Lecture VII.-Of Conjunctions. of a past event as happening in the day, What is a conjunction ?

year, op age, in which we mention it? Give an example of the proper use of each Why is this part of speech called the of these tenses.

conjunction ? How is the perfect tense often used when How are conjunctions divided ? preceded hy when, asier, &c.

How is the copulative conjuoction What does the pluperfect tense depoie ? used? Why is it called pluperfect ?

How, the disjunctive ? How is it formed in the indicative

How are two nouns or pronouns connected mood ? How in the subjuuctive ? hy a copulative conjunction to be con. Poleptial ?

fidered ? What does the first future tense de. How, when connected hy a disjunctive ?

Give an example of a conjunction used to note? How is it formed in the in

connect sentences. dicative mood ? How in the sub. Give an example of a conjunction connect. junctive ?

ing words only. How is the simple future expressed ? How How do conjunctions connect words differ

is the future of determivation expressed ? ently from prepositions? Give an example of earh in the verh, walk, What conjonctions are exclusively appro. What does the second future teuse de- priated to the coupling of sentences ? pole ? How is it formed in the in.

What, to coupliog the members of a sendicative mood ? How is the sub- What, are eqnally adapted to both uses ?

tence ? junctive ?

Give an example of then used as a conjunc. What is the difference between the definito tion. and the indefinite tenses?

Why is then a conjunction in that case ? How are the definire tenses formerl? Give How do conjunctions connect sentences dil. an example in each of the six tenses?

ferently from relative pronouns ? How many numbers and persons be

Lecture VIII.-Of Adverbs. long to verbs ?

What is an adverb ? What is weant by number and person, as applied to verbs?

Why is it so called ? of wint are these inflections sopposed to How are adverbs compared ? consist in ancient languages?

Whai do adverbs denote, wben added to Of what use are thry in English ?

verbs ? What is the conjugation of a verb ? What, when added to adjectives and other What is the conjugation of an active verb

adverbs ? styled? What, that of a passive verb?

For what porpose were adverbs originally

contrived ? Give an example. What are auxiliary verbs ? What are have, be, will, and do, when us

Give an example of then, used as an ad

verb. convected with a privcipal verb ?

Why is then an adverb in that case ? How is the auxiliary, do, varied ? be?

When several words are used together as an have? shall? will ? may ? can ?

adverb, what are they called ? Explain the force and meaning of each of

Or what are the adverbs aside, ashore, &c. these auxiliaries.

composed. What are regular verbs ? What, ir

What are when, where, &c. properly cal regular? What defective ?

led? Why? What are verbs called, which are defective What pecessity is there for adverbs of time?

with respect to persons ? Are there any imparsobal verbs in Englisb?

Lecture IX.-of Prepositions. What is a participle ?

What are prepositions ?

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Before what sort of words are they matter out of which any thing is made ?

From what and how, those denoting abun.

dance ? Why are they called prepositions ? How does a preposition show a relation be.

From what and how, those denoting plen. tweeg words

ty but with some kind of diminution? Give an example of such use of the prepo.

From what and how, those denoting want? sitions, from and to.

From what and how, those deooting likeWhat relations do prepositions apprar to

ness? have denoted, in their original use ?

How are adjectives derived from other adHow are they now used !

jectives? When a preposition is compounded with a

What is the meaning of ish, when allded to verb, wbat is the effect of such composi

adjectives? What, when added to nouns? tion ?

How are adjectives derived from verbs ? Explain the force and import or for, by and

How are nouns derived from adjectives ? with.

How, adverbs from adjectives? What is the difference of signification be

What is the signification of nouns ending in cween the prepositions, in and into.


What, of those ending in ship? Lecture X.-Of Interjections. What, of those ending in ery? What are interjections ?

What, oi those ending in wick, rick, and Why are they so called ?

dom? or what are interjections the signs ?

What, of those ending in ian? What does a too frequent use of interjec.

What, of those ending in ard? tioas indicate ?

How are diminutives formed ?

What are the Latin prepositions used in Of Derivation.

the composition of English words? How are words derived from one another? What do those prepositions severally sigHow are nouns derived from verbs?

nity ? How are verbs derived from nouos ?

The same of the Greek ? From what and how are adjectives, denot. What do the words, and, about, among, &c. iog plenty, derived ?

signify, when traced to their Saxoo ori. From what and bow, those denoting the

gin ?

PART III.-SYNTAX. Lecture 1.- Introductory. What is the rule for repeating the article Of what does Syntax treat ?

before two words in the same construc

tion ? What is the office of Syntax ?

Are the articles freqaently omitted in con. How is Syotax divided ?

versation, where they should be inserteil # Wbat is Concord ? What is Govern

in sritiog? ment ?

What is the effect of repeating the definite Give an example illustrating each of article belore a second adjective, appliers of these parts of Syotax.

to the same generic name as the former ? What is a sentence ?

Lecture 11.-Of Adjectives. What is the difference between simple and

What is the role for adjectives ? compound sentences ?

In wbat manner do adjectives agree with Give an example of a simple sentence. Of

nouo? a compound sentence.

Why does not a variation of gender, &c. What is a phrase ? Give ao exam

in the nown require a correspondent van

riation in the adjective ? ple. What are the principal parts of a sen

How must numeral adjectives be associated

with nouns? (ence ?

Give a few examples of the misapplication What is the subject ? The attribute ? of adjectives as adverbs. The object ?

When shonld ly be added to the word e?.

creding? Lecture 11.--Of the Articles. What rule do you give, in parsing the

How is the prononn such often misapplied ?

Give a few examples of adverbs improperarticles ?

ly used as adjectives? lo which number does the indefinite article What is the general rule for deciding, in agree with nouns?

particular constructions, whether an ad. Io which the definite?

jective or an adserb ought to be used Give a few instances of the misapplication Give an example illustrating this rule ? of the articles.

Does the verb, be, generally require the What distinction of the sepse is sometimes word immediately connected with it to

made by the use or omission of the inde. be an adjective or an adverb? Boite article:

When this verb can be sabstituted for any

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case ?

other without varying the gense, does Are which and what ever useil as adjective

that verb also require an adjective? pronouns! Give an example. What adjectires do not properly admit of How is what frequently used ?

the superlative or comparative form su. When the relalive is preceded hy two ante: peradded ?

cedents of different persons, with which So what other way are the degrees of com- may it agree? parisoo ofted misapplied ?

In what case is a noun or pronoun, Lecture IV.-Of Nouns.

when joined with a participle and

slanding independeot on the rest of What is the rule respecting the agree- the sellence ?

meot of vouos io the same case ? In what respect do adjective pronours When are nouns said to be in apposition ?

agree with their roups ? Are doops sometimes set in apposition to

What exceptions to this role ? sentences or clau ses ?

What distinction between this and that, when Aro pronouns ever set in apposition to pre- ased in reference to antecedent codos?

ceding nouns? What is the rule respecting the gov- Lecture VI...Of Verbs. ernment of colles in the possessive to what respects does the verb agree

with its dominative case ? When is the preposition of, joined to a noun equivalent to the possessive case ?

Give an example of the violatiot of this

rule. Are pronouns ever governed in the posses

Is a verb ever used correctly, in a sentence sive case hy noun: ? What should the pronoun, his, be consider

without a nominative case expressed ot ed when detached from its noun ?

implied i When a noun in the possessive case stands

In the sentence, « Whereof there needs no alone, what goveros it?

'account," what is the botuloative case to When several nouns in the possessive case

the verb, needs ? come together, to which is the possessivo

When a verb cothes hetween two DOUDS, die

ther nf which may he the subject, with sign to be annexed ? When is the additional s omitted in po

which may it agree ! etry ? when, io prose? why?

When a verb agrees with two or more When may the double possessive be used ? nouns, &c. siogular, connerted by a

copulatie conjunction, in which Lecture V.-Of Pronouns. qumber must the verb be put ? Io what case must a noun or pronoun

Give an example of the violation of this

rule. be, when it is the subject of a verb ?

What exceptions are there to this rule ? Give an example of the violation of this

Does this rule apply also to nouns and prorule. When is the relative pronoun the subject of if the singular nouns and prononns be of

nouns, similarly situated ? the verb?

different persons, wbat person takes the What is the constraction of the relative when a nominative intervenes between it

preference ?

Give an example of such preference. and the verb ? When the relative is used interrogatively, in

When a verb agrees with two or more what case most the noun or pronoun be,

nouns, singular, connected by a dis. which contains the answer ?

junctive conjunction, in which pumThen is the nominative case placed after ber must the verb be put ? the verb or auxiliary ?

Give some examples of the violation of this In what case is the noun or pronoun,

role, wben an address is made ?

When singular nouns of different persons Why are nouns and pronodos, thus circon.. are disjunctively connected, with which

slanced, said to be in the oomipativo case person must the verb agree? independent?

Give an example of such agreement. Io what respects do pronouns agree

TV hen a disjuoctive occurs between a singawith their aptecedents and the couns

lar noun anil a plural one, with which

must the verb agree? for which they staod ?

Give an example of sach agreement. Give some examples of the violation of this What is the rule respecting the agreement rule !

of a verb with a noun of multitude ? Wheo a pronon, stands for two or more Give some examples illustratiog this rule.

nouns singular, connected by a copula. In which wamber must the verb be pat, tive conjunction, in which nam her must when it agrees with the infinitive mood of it he?

part of a sentence ?

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