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Life is just too short. Let's be completely honest: we all pick up books for various reasons. A recommendation from a trusted friend. It was up front in the airport bookshop. Written by a favorite ... Read full review

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What do you get when you mix a half-finished Alfred Bester novel with the work of Roger Zelazny? In this case, you get something that is almost Philip K. Dick. Almost, but not quite. After Bester’s ... Read full review

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A very nice blend: This book blended the two author's styles nicely. It was a lot of fun on the second read, trying to pick which part was written by whom. The fight scenes were pure Zelazny. Wonderfully crafted by a skilled fencer & Aikidoist. Read full review

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Quirky and a bit funny at times, this book reminded me of Twilight Zone episodes "Wong's Lost and Found Emporium" and "The Mind of Simon Foster." I liked the interactions between Glory, Alf, Adam and the patrons - especially the one whose vocal inflections inspired Beethoven to compose his fifth symphony. 

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