Reminiscences of Thirty Years' Residence in New South Wales and Victoria: With a Supplementary Chapter on Transportation and the Ticket-of-leave System

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S. Low, Son, and Company, 1863 - Australia - 514 pages
Reminiscences of thirty years' residence in New South Wales and Victoria : with a supplementary chapter on transportation and the ticket-of-leave system.

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Page 10 - Young man, there is America, which at this day serves for little more than to amuse you with stories of savage men, and uncouth manners; yet shall, before you taste of death, show itself equal to the whole of that commerce which now attracts the envy of the world.
Page 61 - FROM distant climes, o'er wide-spread seas we come, Though not with much eclat, or beat of drum; True patriots all, for, be it understood, We left our country for our country's good...
Page 158 - These selections are offered, not as a substitute for the Sacred Volume itself, but as an introduction to it, in the hope of their leading to a more general and more profitable perusal of the Word of God.
Page 454 - Whereas in hot reformations, in what men, more zealous than considerate, call making clear work, the whole is generally so crude, so harsh, so indigested ; mixed with so much imprudence, and so much injustice; so contrary to the whole course of human nature and human institutions, that the very people who are most eager for it, are among the first to grow disgusted at what they have done.
Page 454 - But as it is the interest of government that reformation should be early, it is the interest of the people that it should be temperate. It is their interest, because a temperate reform is permanent ; and because it has a principle of growth. Whenever we improve, it is right to leave room for a further improvement. It is right to consider, to look about us, to examine the effect of what we have done. — Then we can proceed with confidence, because we can proceed with intelligence.
Page 366 - I have specimens of excellent coal, some of fine serpentine, with asbestos, curious native alum, and brown hepatite, fossil bones, and plants, which I digged out from Boree and Wellington Caves ; but particularly a specimen of native silver in hornblende rock, and gold in specks in silicate, both serving as strong indications of the existence of these precious metals in New South Wales.
Page 21 - Their sunken glazed eyes, deadlypale faces, hollow fleshless cheeks, and once manly limbs, shrivelled and withered up as if by premature old age, created a thrill of horror amongst the bystanders. They were all under thirty-five years of age.
Page 73 - What have I to do with your sheep, sir ? what have I to do with your cattle ? Are you to have such flocks of sheep and such herds of cattle as no man ever heard of before ? No, sir...
Page 105 - Friends, and he wore the broad-brimmed hat, appeared always in a neat and carefully-adjusted costume, and his whole appearance and manner impressed one with the notion of his being a very saintly personage. He always sought the society in public of persons of reputed piety.
Page 10 - ... itself equal to the whole of that commerce which now attracts the envy of the world. Whatever England has been growing to by a progressive increase of improvement, brought in by varieties of people, by...

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