Regulations for the instruction, formations, and movements of the cavalry. Revised and corrected

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Page 77 - ... infallibly derange whatever is beyond him. The faces of the men, and not their breasts or feet, are the line of dressing. Each man is to be able just to distinguish the lower part of the face of the second man beyond him.
Page 64 - ... the belly rather drawn in, and the breast advanced, but without constraint; — the body upright, but inclining forward, so that the weight of it may principally bear on the fore part of the feet ; — the head erect, and the eyes straight to the front.
Page 8 - The right hand holding the rein, the left slides forward upon it, about twelve inches from the saddle, feeling the horse's mouth very lightly. " Three." The right hand drops the reins to the off side, takes a lock of the mane, brings it through the left hand, and twists it round the thumb, the fingers of the left hand closing on it ; the right hand is then placed on the holster.
Page 8 - The right hand moves from the cantle to the pommel, and supports the body while the right leg passes clear over the horse's quarters to the off side ; the right knee closes on the saddle, and the body comes gently into it.
Page 70 - On this word, the left foot is brought to the ground, at thirty inches from heel to heel, while the right foot is raised at the same moment, and continues extended to the rear. The body remains upright, but inclining forwards, the head erect, and neither turned to the right nor left. On the word
Page 82 - ... yet sentinels, whenever Officers approach their posts, must pay them a proper attention, by standing steady with carried arms, facing to their proper front ; nor must this be left off until the evening is so far advanced, O that they begin challenging and demanding the countersign.
Page 78 - The recruits must first face, and then be instructed to cover each other exactly in file, so that the head of the man immediately before may conceal the heads of all the others in his front. The strictest observance of all the rules for marching is particularly necessary in marching by files, which is first to be taught at the slow time, and afterwards in quick time. On the word March...
Page 138 - Squadron. This is more immediately the business of the Front rank. The Rear rank, at the same time that they dress to their Centre, cover their File Leaders. 7. ALTERATION OF DIRECTION. If an alteration is to be made in the direction of the Squadron, the Leader gradually circles into such new direction, to which the Squadron conforms by advancing one flank and retaining the other till the change is effected. But the defects of an Advance in line must be very gradually corrected. When the ground is...
Page 101 - FRONT. fig. 1 1. ONE of the most necessary instructions for preparing the soldier to act in squadron, is the method of marching perfectly straight, by keeping in one line two objects, such as tufts of grass or stones, at some distance on the ground before him (see fig. 1); and for this purpose each man is to be successively placed on the directing hand; but at first a trained soldier must be placed on both flanks for this practice. 2. On the words "Eyes right, March
Page 79 - Wheel" the man on the right of the rank faces to his left. At the word " Quick March" the whole step backwards, in quick time, and observe the same attention as in wheeling forward. The recruits should be first practised to wheel backwards at the slow step ; and at all times it will be necessary to prevent them from hurrying the pace ; an error soldiers are very liable to fall into, particularly in wheeling backwards.

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