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Alison Weir is no expert on the period or the person of Eleanor. She writes biographies on any royal who has received a great deal of historical attention from a range of eras.

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Well-written, but I find that she tends to go off in a lot of tangents to things that aren't exactly relevant to Eleanor of Aquitaine...I borrowed this book because of some very light research I'm doing for my US History class at school. I'm not even halfway through it yet, but I found myself skipping a lot of pages that were irrelevant. For example, I almost skipped all of "All the Business of the Kingdom" (Chapter 7) because it, as the chapter title states, describes all the business of the kingdom except for Eleanor.
All in all, a well-written book and very thoroughly research, although I wouldn't read it if you were looking to read purely on the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

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