NICKEL AND DIMED: On (Not) Getting By in Boom-Time America

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With wit and anger, a celebrated social commentator paints a brutal portrait of the world of low-wage work during the 1990s, when "welfare as we know it" was about to end and America was at the crest of its biggest economic wave in history.How do millions of the poor (especially the unskilled and often illiterate young mothers now forced off welfare and into the labor market) get by on minimum ... Read full review

Review: Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting

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Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich Publication Date: May 1, 2002 Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: Holt Paperbacks ISBN10: 0805063897 ISBN13: 9780805063899 Discussion Questions Reading Guide (PDF) Barbara Ehrenreich Biography Bibliography Find a Book View all | By Author | By Genre | By Date on Facebook on Twitter ... Read full review

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Only some upper middle class white person who is completely detached from the rest of society would need to read or write a book such as this. For the rest of us, we already know that it's impossible to get by on minimum wage. Thank you for stating the obvious. Thank you for your social vacation to bottom rung of the social ladder. We hope you enjoyed your stay. You'll be overjoyed to get your credit cards and all your other little luxuries back I'm sure. The rest of us? We'll still be here, not getting by.  

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To her credit I am extremely grateful that she did the book in general, and particularly satisfied that she took the time to mention the poor diets of the maids she worked with and the ridiculous behavior of the customers that used the cleaning service. I am sure Nickel and Dimed was enlightening to many, however, excluding herself from the inconvenience of diet, housing, and transport restrictions that people living under the minimum wage regime suffer totally changed her experience from being poor incarnate to kind of looming near the poor and guessing what they were going through while translating their complaints. 

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Another person complaining about America, but not actually having any positive imput. The same people who say Bush is stupid, or Obama is unamerican. Complaining and complaining, but if you put them on the spot, they couldn't do a better job if you gave them the chance.

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GREAT READ! Life changing for those spoiled.

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Absolutely terrible and offensive book. This will tickle the fancy of the atheist, socialist, and Christophobe. All others will just think it is silly and sick.
Do not buy this book!

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Predictable at best; Ehrenreich already had the book written in her head prior to any field research. Her effort is no more transparent that Spurlock's hit piece on McDonalds.
Additionally, the
included 'A Reader's Guide' section continues Ehrenreich's predetermined goal via loaded questions of fairness and government dependence.
Witness: page 244 "The workers in "Nickel and Dimed" receive almost no benefits -- no overtime pay, no retirement funds, and no health insurance. Is this fair?"
Who said life was ever fair? The childish mentality that the author's question belies is comical at best. Is it fair that I'm not 6', blue-eyed, athletic, and a millionaire? NO! Who do I sue?
Continuing page 244 "Do you think Americans make excessive demands on the family unit rather than calling for the government to help those in need?"
And there we have it -- people are unable to fend for themselves and the government must take care of them.
Ehrenreich's thought process borders on sickness.

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If there was a ZERO star, Ehrenreich has earned it. This driveler's diatribe does not substitute for any social or economic understanding. Her presuppositions are that, de facto, socialism is good, and any business, big or otherwise, is bad - they're all out to screw the little guy. Even Jesus is a socialist to her. But emotivism runs rampant here - who can argue with her "experience," logic, education and reality notwithstanding? Bottom line, don't waste your money or your time. 

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I can't figure out when adults decided to abandon their role as, ADULTS.
This book shouldn't be allowed in k-12 schools. First it offends Christians and teaches kids how to clean their urine after
using drugs.
It's cleary sending an anti-Capitalist pro-Marxist message througout.
I'd fire the teacher if they assigned this at my school!

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