Design for Mental and Behavioral Health

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2.5.11 Supervision -- 2.6 Specific setting issues -- 2.6.1 Inpatient common areas, inpatient patient spaces, and overall recommendations -- 2.6.2 Outpatient settings -- 2.6.3 Staff spaces -- 2.6.4 Finishes, furniture, and equipment -- 2.7 Site and building envelope and configuration -- 2.8 Case studies -- 2.8.1 Dandenong Hospital -- 2.8.2 Psychiatric hospital in Slagelse -- 2.8.3 Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care -- 2.8.4 Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital -- Part Two: The settings -- 3 Outpatient facilities -- 3.1 Introduction to outpatient facilities -- 3.1.1 History of outpatient psychiatric care -- 3.1.2 Data regarding the outpatient psychiatric population -- 3.2 Characteristics of outpatient psychiatric facilities -- 3.2.1 Frequency and duration of visitations -- 3.2.2 Number of psychiatric outpatient facilities -- 3.3 Outpatient psychiatric facility design -- 3.3.1 Research on ambulatory psychiatric care design -- 3.3.2 Outpatient psychiatric care design recommendations and features -- Fountain House -- Service Integration -- Design strategies -- 3.4 Case study -- 3.4.1 The Peter B. Lewis and Adam Lewis Wellness Center -- 4 Emergency psychiatric facilities -- 4.1 Introduction to emergency facilities -- 4.1.1 History of psychiatric emergency care in the United States -- 4.1.2 Data regarding the psychiatric emergency population -- 4.2 Characteristics of emergency psychiatric facilities -- 4.2.1 Frequency and duration of visitations -- 4.2.2 Number of emergency facilities -- 4.3 Emergency psychiatric facility design -- 4.3.1 Research on emergency psychiatric care design -- Dedicated spaces -- Regional services -- Collocation -- 4.3.2 Emergency psychiatric care design recommendations and features -- General recommendations -- Entry -- Waiting areas

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About the author (2017)

Mardelle McCuskey Shepley, M.Arch., M.A., D.Arch., EDAC, FAIA, FACHA, LEED BD+C is a professor in the Department of Design & Environmental Analysis and associate director of the Healthy Futures Institute at Cornell University. Dr. Shepley has authored/co-authored five books, most recently Design for Critical Care (2009), Health Facility Evaluation for Design Practitioners (2010) and Design for Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care (2014). To enhance the link between research and practice, Dr. Shepley has worked in professional practice, full-time and part-time, for 25 years. She is founder of ART+Science, design research consultants.

Samira Pasha, M.Arch., Ph.D., AIA, LSSGB, EDAC, LEED BD+C, is an architect and researcher at CallisonRTKL, Washington DC. As part of the healthcare studio team, her work includes programming, planning, and evaluation of healthcare environments ranging from small unit renovations to health campus master plans, including domestic and international projects. Since 2012 Samira has been involved with NCARB intern think tank, AIAS, and District Architecture Center (DAC) as an advocate for integrating research into practice of architecture.  

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