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Walter C. Clemens Jr.’s 'Getting to Yes in Korea' is a masterful piece of scholarship. In a mere 219 pages of vivid and absorbing prose, the author succeeds in asking, and answering, some of the toughest questions raised by North Korea’s nuclear enrichment programme, and the broader implications of Pyongyang’s military brinkmanship for peace and stability in Northeast Asia. Most impressively, the author treads where few International Relations (IR) scholars dare set foot—transcending ossified academic debates and offering original policy recommendations.
'Getting to Yes in Korea' is essential reading for IR scholars, international security experts, and time-pressed diplomats alike, as well as interested general readers. This is an extremely well-written, -argued, and -presented book, at the cutting edge of IR research and diplomatic studies, and undoubtedly one of the discipline's foremost titles of 2010. Read it.
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