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Agricultural Experiment Station. 1885-90. See Maine State College. Ágriculture of Maine. Development of, in connection with busi

iness. 1878. See Boardman, S. L. Agriculture of Maine. Some outlines of. 1862. See Boardman,

S. L. Agricultural Press. Power and influence of. 1872. See Board

man, S. L. Animals—Breeding of. 1861. See Goodale, Stephen L. Animals— Report of Contagious Diseases of. 1887. See Bailey,

George H. Board of Agriculture. Transactions, 1852-91. See Maine Public Documents.

A complete set of the volumes including the transactions for 1850-52; comprises thirty-eight volumes up to 1890 inclusive. A general index to

the volumes from 1850 to 1875 appeared in 1876. See Boardman, S. L. Cattle. Material towards a history of Maine cattle. 1875. See

Boardman, S. L. Climate, soil, resources and agricultural capabilities of Maine.

1884. See Boardman, S. L. Corn, Indian: notes on its history, &c. 1877. See Boardman, S. L. Exploration and Survey of valley of the Aroostook. 1839. See

Holmes, Ezekiel. Farm Real Estate. Shrinkage in its value. 1890. See Gilbert, 2. A. Farm Talk. 1868, 1881. See Brackett, George E. Fisheries of Maine as Sources of Fertilization. 1875. See Board

man, S. L. Foods: something about. 1875. See Boardman, S. L. Forest Life and Forest Trees in Maine, 1856. See Springer, John S. Grapes of Maine. 1885. See Fernald, Charles H. Horse Breeders Monthly. (Magazine.) 1879-92. See Thompson,

John W. Horses, noted Maine, sketches of. 1874, 1887. See Thompson,

John W. Jersey Cattle Association. Herd books. 1876-89. See Pike, R. N. Laws of Maine relating to agriculture. 1878. See Boardman, S. L. Maine Agricultural Society, report of exhibition. 1868. See Board

man, S. L. Maine as a Field for Immigration. 1861. See Poor, John A. Maine, survey of the state of. 1829. See Greenleaf, Moses. Memorial of the Maine State Agricultural Society for the adoption

of measures for the settlement and sale of the public lands of Maine. Augusta. 1858. 8vo. pp. 27.


MAINE, Continued.

Plants of Maine, ornamental and useful. 1874. See Scribner,

Frank L. Pomological Society. State transactions, 1873-90. See Maine Pub

lic Documents. Poultry Association.' State reports. Sheep, Diseases and management of. 1835. See Holmes, Ezekiel. Weeds of Maine. 1869. See Scribner, Frank L.

ANTIQUITIES. Ancient Settlements in. 1847. See Johnson, Samuel. Indian Relics and Encampments. 1881. See Wilson, C. B. Inscriptions on Islands. 1851. See Jenks, William. Kitchen Middings of. 1888. See Putnam, F. W. Northmen in 1869. See Williamson, Joseph. Northmen in 1870. See DeCosta, Benj. F. Oyster Shell Deposits in. 1859. See Chadbourne, Paul A. Prehistoric Maine. 1889. See Williamson, Joseph. Shell Heaps in. See Wyman, Jeffries. Supposed Runic Inscription in. 1856. See Hamlin, Augustus C. Treasure Trove in. 1856. See Willis, William.


Bibliographical Memoranda of the laws of. 1891. See Drummond,

Josiah H. Bibliography of Eastern Maine. 1890. See Porter, J. W. Bibliography of the Maine Hist. Soc. 1868. See Whitmore, William. H. Bibliography of the Maine Hist. Soc. 1880. See Griffin, A. P. C. Bibliography of the Popham colony. 1866. See Poole, William F. Descriptive Catalogue of books and pamphlets relating to Maine.

1870. See Willis, William. Catalogue of English documents concerning. 1858. See Folsom,

George. Notes on accounts of Norumbega. 1877. See Norumbega. Notes on authorities concerning the Popham colony. 1887. See

Virginia Our Authors, their books and publishers. 1872. See Griffin, Joseph. The same, addenda. 1872. See Duren, Elnathan F. Table of Historical Works. 1859. See Coolidge, A. J. Works relating to the history of. 1819. See Warden, I. B.


Biographical Encyclopedia of. 1885. See Biographical Encyclo

pedia. Biographical Sketches members of Legislature. 1873-89. See

Owen, Howard. Brooks, Governor, tour in. 1818. Bang. H. M. 6:111. (1890.)

[5726 Carr, Sir Robert in. 1665. See Banks, Charles E. Captives in. 1754-58. See Captives. Centenarians in. 1876. See Ridlon, George T. Civil Government of, to 1680. See Farmer, John. Characters in early history of. 1871. See Johnston, John. Congressional Excursion to. 1864. See Pearl, Cyril. Epitaphs in. See Epitaphs. Ferdinando and Walker in. 1579-80. See DeCosta, B. F. Founders of. 1884. See Baxter, James P. Freemen in, list of. 1652-58. See N. E. Reg. 3: 192. (1849.)

[5727 French Neutrals in. (1859.) See Williamson, Joseph. French Settlements in Maine, 11th May, 1688. Names of inhabitants

between the rivers Penobscot and St. Croix. Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll 3d ser. 1: 82. (1825.)

[5728 Hooke, William. Was he governor of the Province of ? See Banks,

Charles E. Lafayette; visit to Maine. 1825. See Foster, John, Levasseur, A.,

Watson, S. M. Lawyers in, to 1760. See Hopkins, James D. Law, courts and lawyers in. 1863. See Willis, William. Legislature of. 1832. N E. Mag. 2: 242, 521. (1832.) [5729 Maine State Roster. 1889. Lakeside Press. Auburn. [5730

Contains portraits of the governor, staff and council, state officers and members of the Legislature for 1889. Members 40th Congress from Maine. 1867. See Mansfield, J. B. Monroe, President, visit to Maine. 1818. See Waldo, Samuel P. Natives of, in Worcester County, Mass. 1884. See Worcester

County. Pioneers of. 1623-30. See Drake, Samuel S. Presidential Electors in, to 1820. See Porter, Joseph W. Presidential Visits to. (1875.) See Williamson, Joseph. Prisoners from, in Canada. 1695. See Kidder, Frederic. Revolutionary Pensioner, last in Eastern Maine. 1877. See Kil

gore, Abiah.

MAINE, Continued.

Royalists and Puritans in. See Banks, Charles E.
Settlers in. 1674-86. See Hall, R.
Sons of, in Illinois. 1881. See Illinois.
Webster, Daniel, visit to. 1835. See Williamson, Joseph.

General works.
Gazetteers and guide-books.
Maps and charts.
Registers and year-books.
Business directories.


Account of. 179. See Douglass, William.
Account of, for the New Orleans exposition. 1885. See McCleery,

C. L.
Birch, taste of Maine. 1886. See Burroughs, John.
Canada Road. 1828. See Documents relating to.
Characteristics of. Am. Mag. 3: 181. (1837.)

Climate, soil and resources of. 1884. See Boardman, Samuel L.
Coast, changes of land on. 1888. See Shaler, N. S.
Coast, defences of. 1862. See Poor, John A.
Coast of Maine. 1869. See De Costa, Benj. F.
Coast of Maine. Campobello to Isles of Shoals. 1889. See Pea-

body, Henry G. Coast of Maine. 1890. See Eliot, Charles. Defences: the Maine border. 1864. See Pearl, Cyril. Passage from, to Virginia. 1619. See Dermer, Thomas. Pine Forests in. 1881. See Lanman, Charles. Present Condition of the State. 1885. See Smith, Ormandel D.,

Editor. Resources. 1844. See Lanman, James H. Review of situation, resources, &c. 1816. See Rand, Benjamin. Rivers and Harbors. 1883. See United States. Scenery and resources of. 1845. See Upham, Charles W. Sporting in. 1889. See Sporting Sketches. Summer Resorts of. 1885. See Lapham, William B. Through, in a canoe. 1877. See Hoyt, J. C. Tom, Dick and Harry on Coast of. 1888. See Beard, Daniel C.

Tour througl Forests of. 1880. See Steele, Thomas S.
Travels in. 1809. See Kendall, Edward A.
Travels in 1821. See Dwight, Timothy.
Visit to. 1849. See Lyell, Sir Charles.
Voyage to Eastern Coast of. 1734. See Prince, Thomas.
Water-power of. 1867. See Wells, Walter.
Woods and Lakes of. 1883. See Hubbard, Lucius L.
Woods of. 1864. See Thoreau, Henry D.
(A) Description of the situation, climate, soil and productions of

certain tracts of land in the District of Maine. n. p. n. d. (Boston, 1793.) sm. 4to. pp. 44.

[5732 Description of. 1637. See Underhill, John. Description of. 1658. See Gorges, Ferdinando. Description of. 1660. See Maverick, Samuel. Description of. 1688. See Hutchinson, Thomas. Description of. 1819. See Warden, David B. Description of. 1832. N. E. Mag. 0. S. 2: 392. (1832). [5733 Description of. 1849. See Sears, Robert. District of. De Bow's Review. 12: 603. (1821.)

[5734 District of. New Eng. May. 2: 394. (1821.)

[5735 Eastern Lands, description of. 1793. See Lincoln, Benjamin. Eastern Lands, resolves concerning sale of. 1803. See Massachu

setts. Fish and Men in Islands of. 1885. See Bishop, W. H. Fly Fishing in Lakes of. 1882. See Stevens, Charles W. Forest Lands of. 1844. See Sabine, Lorenzo. Geography and History of. 1880. See Marble, Albert P. Geography of. 1755. See Great Britain. German Colony in. 1869. See Pohlman, R. How to Develop Maine. 1890. See Manley, Joseph H. Hydrographic Survey of. 1867. See Wells, Walter. Immigration; as a field for. 1861. See Poor, John A. Indian Place-names in. 1884. See Hubbard, Lucius L. Islands, division of. 1829. See Islands. Journal of expedition to. 1754-55. See Shirley, William. Journal of voyage to Penobscot River. 1759. See Pownall, Thomas. Journal of expedition across. 1760. See Montresor, J. Journal while locating land in. 1802. See Turner, J. Journey through Forests of. 1880. See Steele, Thos. S.

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