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Our New England: her nature described by Hamilton Wright

Mabie; and some of her familiar scenes illustrated. Boston: · Roberts Bros. 1890. obl. 4to. pp. 4, 24.


Familiar Dialogues on Shakerism; in which the principles of the

United Society are illustrated and defended. By Fayette Mace.
Approved by the church.

Magna est veritas et prevalebit."
Behold the latter day appears,

And things mysterious greet our ears,
Which seem to make this wise demand-

“Let him that heareth understand.
Portland: Charles Day & Co., Printers. 1837. 12mo. pp. 120.

[5658 MACE, MRS. FRANCES LAUGHTON. b. Orono., 1836; removed to San

Jose, Cal., 1885.
Israfel. Harp. Mag. 54: 809. (1877.) (Illus.)

[5659 -Legends, Lyrics and Sonnets. Boston: Cupples, Upham and Company. 1883. 12mo. pp. viii, 182.

[5660 -The same. Second edition. 1884. 12mo. pp. v, 227.

[5661 -The Kingdom of the Child. A poem. By Mrs. Frances L. Mace. Harp. Mag. 68: 95. (1883.) (Illus.)

(5662 -Midsummer on Mount Desert. A poem. Harp. Mag. 71: 181. (1885.)

(5663 Illustrations drawn by Harry Fenn. Engraved by G. E. Johnson, Stewart, P. Del'Orme, Wood, Varley, and Grimley. Head-piece. “O Rushing Wave, Flow Past the Seaward Cliff.” “ The Island City Glitters on the Bay." "Sunrise on Green Mountain.” * Float Nearer Still and Drop the Oar.”

Tx il-piece. --How Glooskap Brought the Summer. (Algonquin.) Atl. Mo. 61: 661. (1885.)

[5664 -A Welcome Home to Longfellow. Poem, at unveiling his bust. 1885. Me. Hist. Soc. Coll. 2d ser. 2: 192.

(5665 -Under Pine and Palm. Boston: Ticknor and Company. 1888. 16mo. pp. 222.

[5666 -Biography of. 1889. See Howe, Caroline Dana.

MACHIAS. Incorporated 1784.

Trading House at, attacked. 1631. See Bradford, William.
-First Record of deeds (of land) in. 1766. See Patterson, William

-Capture of the Margaretta at. 1775. See Cooper, J. Fenimore;

Dawson, H. B.; Drisko, George W.; Lossing, B. J.; Talbot, George

F.; Winsor, Justin.
-First Naval Battle of Revolution at 1775. See Talbot, Geo. F.
-First Sea Fight of Revolution at. 1775. See Parker, Foxhall A.
-The Action Off. 1775. See Dawson, Henry B.
-Attack on. 1775. Sir George Collier's declaration to the inhabi-

tants. See Town, Ithiel.
-Machias River near the Mills, and a sketch of Machias Mills. 1777.

See Des Barres, J. F. W.
Enlistments at Machias. 1777. Bang. H. M. 4: 68. (1888.) [5667
-Expenditures at. 1777. See Allan, John.
-Muster Roll at. 1777. Bang. H. M. 6: 105. (1890.)

-Pay Roll of Indians in defence of. 1777. See Allan, John.
-Soldiers at. 1777. See Revolutionary soldiers.
-Act of Incorporation of Machias. 1784. Bang. H. M. 2: 132.

[5669 -Eastern Registry of Deeds at. 1784. See Porter, J. W. -Warrant for town meeting at Machias to choose a Register of Deeds in 1785. From the town records. Bang. H. M. 3: 156. (1888.)

-Topographical Description. 1795. See Cooper, John.
-Oration on Washington. 1794. See Cooper, John.

-Sermon. 1795. See Brown, Clark.
-Proceedings of the church at. 1797. See Brown, Clark.
-Discourses. 1800. See Steele, Marshfield.
-Proclamation of embargo. 1814. See Milliken, Alexander.
-Letter concerning sea fight at. 1818. See Wheaton, Joseph.
-Representatives to the General Court of Massachusetts. Prior to
1820. Bang. H. M. 3: 320. (1888.)

(5071 Sermon on Rev. Marshfield Steele. 1800. See Fisher, Jonathan. -Naval Chronicle of the Margaretta. 1820. See Goldsborough,

Charles W.
Sermon, ordination. 1825. See Bigelow, Jonathan.
Account of. 1834. See Williamson, W. D.

-Confession of Faith and Covenant of the First Congregational

church in Machias, Maine. With a list of the members. Boston: Printed by George W. Light. 1840. 12mo. pp. 21.

(5672 -Sermon, missionary. 1841. See Adams, George E. -O'Brien Family, exertions of. (1817.) See O'Brien, John. -Liberty Pole, a tale of Machias. (1856.) See Ilsley, Charles P. -Confession of Faith and Covenant of the Centre Street Congrega

gational church, Machias, Me. Adopted Dec. 1857. Machias, Maine, Printed at the Republican Office. 1857. 24mo. pp. 19.

(5673 -History first settlement. 1857. See Drisko, George W. -Specification for jail at. 1558.

1858. See Bryant, Gridley J. F. -Memorial centennial anniversary of settlement, 1863. See Smith,

William B. - Materials for a history of Machias, Maine. From the town records. Hist. Mag. 2d ser. 8:39, 89. (1870.)

[5674 -Catalogue of library connected with Centre Street Congregational

church, in Machias, Me. Printed by C. 0. Furbush, Machias, Me. n. d. 24mo. pp. 34.

[5675 -Manual of Centre Street church, Machias, Me. Machias: Printed by C. 0. Furbush. 1876. 24mo. pp. 34.

[5676 -Catalogue of library connected with Centre Street Cong. church in

Machias, Maine. Machias: Printed by C. 0. Furbush. 1881. 24mo. pp. 26.

5677 -Inscriptions copied from gravestones in old burying-ground back of

the town house, Machias. Bang. H. M. 2: 44. (1886.) (5678 -Catalogue of library connected with Centre Street Cong. church in

Machias, Maine. Machias: Printed by C. (). Furbush. 1887. 24mo. pp. 20, 6.

[5679 -From Petit Manan to Machias. 1890. See Drake, Samuel A. -Ancient Machias Bay and River. Bang. H. M. 6:75. (1890.) [5680 -Historical Memoranda concerning Machias. Me. Hist. Soc. Coll. 2d ser. 1: 203. (1890.)


MACHIASPORT. Incorporated 1826.

Buck's Harbor Settlement. 1888

See Pratt, J. F.


Belfast Business Directory, for 1877-78. By Machine, Jr. Belfast: for sale by H. G. 0. Washburn, 1857. 24mo. pp. 26.

(5682 In verse. Reprinted in the Republican Journal, in 1889.

MCCLEERY, CHARLES LA FOREST. b. Farmington. 1854. Journalist.

Pamphlet on Maine for New Orleans Exposition. 1885. [5683

MCCLINTOCK, JOHN NORRIS. b. 1846. Editor, Concord, N. H. Civil

engineer, Boston. Lovewell's War. Bay State Mo. 1:81. (1884.) Also Gran. Mo. 7:380. (1884.)


The Cottagers of Glencarran. By Letitia MuClintock. Portland:
Hoyt, Fogg and Breed. 1870. 16mo. pp. 112.

[5685 MCCLINTOCK, SAMUEL, D. D. 1732-1804. Clergyman, Greenland, N. H.

A Discourse of submission to the divine will under affliction,

delivered by Samuel McClintock, A. M., minister of the gospel at Greenland, at the funeral of Rev. Alpheus Spring, of Kittery: who died June 14, 1791, in the 52nd year of his age: much lamented, as a great loss to the church of God and to the public as well as to his family and particular acquaintances. Dover, (New Hampshire). Printed by Eliphalet Ladd. M. DCC. XCI. 8vo. pp. 24.

(5686 McCOBB, JAMES THOMAS. 1812-82. Lawyer, Augusta, Portland.

Revision of American Precedents, 1874. See Oliver, Benjamin L. McCOBB, Miss MARY SELDEN. Portland, Goldy and Goldy's Friends. New York: E. P. Dutton and Company. 1875. (Copyright, 1872.) 16mo. pp. 136. (Illus.)

[5687 - Three Little Tylers. Second of the Goldy books. By Mary Den

sel. New York: E. P. Dutton & Company. 1875. (Copyright, 1872.) 42mo. pp. 162.

[5688 -Tel. Tyler at School. New York: E. P. Dutton & Company. 1875. (Copyright, 1872.) 16mo. pp. 186. (Illus.)

[5689 -Lloyd Densel, by the author of "The Goldy Books, " etc.

“Let thy heart be true to God, thy mouth to it, thy actions to them both. Dare to be true.

GEORGE HERBERT. “ To labor and to be content with what a man hath, is a sweet life.”

Ecclesiasticus. “ For Mercy hath a human heart, Pity, a human face; and Love, the human form divine, and Peace the human dress.

WILLIAM BLAKE. New York: E. P. Dutton and Company, 713 Broadway, 1874. 16mo. pp. 284. (One illus.)

[5690 MACOMBER, JAMES R. Bangor.

Address at Augusta. 1841. See Mechanics. MACOMBER, JOB. Clergyman, Bowdoinham, 1784-1810.

Poem, delivered in Bowdoinham to a respectable audience on the

Fourth of July, 1806, it being the anniversary of American
Independence. Second edition. Buckstown (Maine), Anthony
Holland, Printer. 1811. 8vo. pp. 8.


Journal of Arnold's expedition against Quebec. 1775. Manuscript.

[5692 Referred to by Henry, John J., in his account of hardships, &c., 1812. Its

present existence is unknown. McCRATE, THOMAS. 1772-1835. Wiscasset.

Speeches relative to him as collector of Wiscasset. 1832. See

Pearce, Dutee J.; also Slade, William. MCCRILLIS, H. O. Taunton, Mass.

Records of the McCrillis families in America. Compiled and arranged by H. O. McCrillis. Taunton: 1882. 8vo. pp. 42. [5693

One branch of the family sprang from Daniel McCrillis, who settled in

MCCRILLIS, WILLIAM H. 1813-89. Lawyer, Bangor, 1834-89.

Biography of. 1885. See Biog. Ency. Maine.
McCulloch, Hugh, LL. D. 1808-95. b. Kennebunk. Statesman, Wash-

ington. Men and Measures of Half a Century. Sketches and comments by

Hugh McCulloch, secretary of the treasury in the administrations of Presidents Lincoln, Johnson and Arthur. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. 1888. 8vo. pp. XXV,


[5694 Chapter XVI contains an account of William P. Fessenden, his administration of the treasury, and his statesmanship; and Chapter XXVI, his action

in the impeachment trial of President Johnson. McCULLY, CHARLES GARDINER. Clergyman, Calais.

In Memoriam. A discourse on occasion of the death of the Rev.

Seth H. Keeler, D. D., pastor of the Congregational church, Calais,
Me., 1839-68. By the Rev. Chas. G. McCully, January 9, 1887.
J. A. Sears, Printer, Calais, Me. n. d. (1887.) 16mo. pp. 14.

(5695 MACDONALD, JAMES MAdison, D. D. 1812-76.

A Mourning Land. A sermon occasioned by the late duel at Wash

ington, between Jonathan Cilley and William J. Graves, members of Congress. Preached at New London, Sabbath evening, March 18, 1838. By James M. MacDonald, pastor of the Second Congregational church, New London. New London: Printed by Ebenezer Williams. MDCCCXXXVIII. 8vo. pp. 16.

[5696 McDonald, Moses. 1815-69. Lawyer, Saco. Notice of. N. E. Reg. 24: S3. (1870.)

[5697 MCGAW, JACOB. 1778-67. Lawyer, Fryeburg, Bangor.

Biographical Sketch of. 1863. See Willis, William.
-Proceedings of the Penobscot bar, at the court house, in Bangor,

Me., May 14th, 1867, upon the death of Jacob McGaw, Esq., who
died May 12th, 1867. Bangor: Printed by Smith & Hill, 1867
18mo. pp. 12.


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