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MCGEE, THOMAS D'ARCY. 1825-68. Statesman, Canada.

Address at Popham celebration. 1862. See Ballard, Edward. MACGREGORE, DAVID. 1710-77. Clergyman, Londonderry, N. H.

The Christian Soldier. A sermon preached at Newbury, at the or

dination of the Rev. Alexander Boyd; to the pastorate office at New Castle, in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. By the Rev. David MacGregore, of Londonderry. Boston: Printed by B. Edes and J. Gill, at the Printing Office in King Street, for Kneeland, in Queen Street. 1755. 12mo. pp. 26.

[5699 MCINTOSH, SIR JAMES. 1765-1832. English author.

The Study and Practice of the Law, considered in their various re

lations to society. In a series of letters. By a member of Lincoln's Inn. First American edition. Portland: Printed by Thomas B. Wait & Co. 1806. 8vo. pp. 364.

[5700 MCINTYRE, PHILIP W. Portland.

Lawyers at Parsonsfield. 1885. See Dearborn, JW. MCKEEN, B. WALKER. Augusta.

Memorial of the Maine State Agricultural Society for the adoption

of measures for the settlement and sale of the public lands of Maine. Augusta, 1858. 8vo. pp. 27.

(5701 MCKEEN, JAMES, M. D. 1798-1873. Physician, Topsham.

Remarks at his funeral. 1873. See Packard, A. S. -Biographical Sketch of. 1876. See Horr, 0. A. MCKEEN, JOHN. 1789-1861. Brunswick.

Some Account of the early settlements at Sagadahock and on the

Androscoggin River; with a suggestion that the exploration by Popham's colony was up the Androscoggin River, and not

the Kennebec. Me. Hist. Soc. Coll. 3:311. (1853.) (5702 -Remarks on the voyage of George Waymouth, to the coast of Maine. 1605. Me. Hist. Soc. Coll. 5: 307. (1857.)

[5703 MCKEEN, JOSEPH, D. D. 1757-1807, President Bowdoin College,

1802-07. A Sermon preached at the ordination of the Rev. Rufus Anderson,

to the pastoral care of the Second church in North Yarmouth, October 22, 1794. By Joseph McKeen, A. M., pastor of the First church in Beverly. District of Maine. Printed at Portland, by B. Titcomb, Jun. MDCCXCV. 8vo. pp. (1), 5-29.

5704 -The Inaugural Address, delivered in Brunswick, September 9th,

1802, by the Rev. Joseph McKeen, A. M., & A. A. S., at his entrance on the duties of president of Bowdoin College, with an eulogy pronounced at his funeral, by the Reverend William Jenks. Portland: Thomas B. Wait & Co. 1807. 8vo. pp. 38. [5705

Reviewed by S. C. Thatcher, Monthly Anthology, 4: 512. (1807.)


-Eulogy on. 1807. See Jenks, William.

-Biographical Notice of. 1842. See Bradford, Alden.
MCKEEN, JOSEPH. (The younger.) 1787-1865. Brunswick.

Remarks at funeral of. 1865. See Adams, George E.
MCKEEN, SILAS, D. D. 1791-1877. Clergyman, Belfast, 1833-41.

The Triumph of Christ's Enemies no Cause of Discouragement. A

sermon, delivered at Winthrop, June 21, 1830, on the evening pre-
vious to the meeting of the General Conference of Maine. By
Silas McKeen, pastor of the Congregational church in Bradford,
Vt. Published by request. Portland: Printed by Shirley, Hyde

& Co. 1830. Svo pp. 26.
-God Our Only Hope. A discourse on the conditions and prospects

of our country; Delivered at Belfast, Maine, on Fast Day, April
20, 1837. By Silas McKeen, pastor of the First Congregational
church in Belfast. Belfast: Printed by F. P. Ingalls. n. d. (1837.)
8vo. pp. 29.

St. Castine; a legend of Cape-Breton. (Quotation, 6 lines from

“St. Castine, an unpublished poem. '') By Williain Charles
M'Kennon. Printed and for sale at the Cape Breton Herald Of-
fice. 1850. 12mo. pp. 72.

Referred to by J. G. Bourinot, LL. D., as "a hysterical book.”
MCKENZIE, ALEXANDER, D. D. Clergyman, Augusta, 1861-67.

An Address delivered on Christmas day, at the funeral of Rev.

Benjamin Tappan, D. D., together with a sermon preached the
following Sabbath, December 27, 1863. By Alexander McKenzie,
pastor of the South Congregational church, Augusta, Maine.
Augusta: Printed at the Kennebec Journal Office, 1864. 8vo. pp.

Two editions were published.
-Dignity of the Ministerial Office. A sermon delivered before the

American Educational Society, at the anniversary meeting in Bos-
ton, May 28, 1866. By the Rev. Alexander McKenzie, Augusta,
Maine. Boston: Press of T. R. Marvin & Son, 42 Congress Street.
1866. 8vo. pp. 17.

-The same, with report American Educational Society. 1866.
Sermon preached before the Maine Missionary Society at its anni-

versary in Bath, (Central church) June 27, 1866. By Alexander
McKenzie, Augusta. (Text, 1 Corinthians 12: 27. " Ye are the
body of Christ, and members in particular.") Portland: Press of
Brown Thurston & Co. 8vo. pp. 18. 1866.


Genealogy of. 1858. See Willis, William.


The Redemption. By Eld. L. C. McKinstry. Published by request.

For sale by the author, and by J. Hemmenway, 144 Hanover
Street, Boston, Mass. I. C. Wellcome, Yarmouth, Me. Portland:
Printed by B. Thurston & Co. 1884. Copyrighted by L. C. Mc-
Kinstry, 1884. All rights reserved. 16mo. pp. 108. [5712


The Spirit Birth and its Symbol. A sermon by Mrs. L. C. McKins-

try, author of “The World's Great Empires." Published and
for sale by L. C. McKinstry, Haverhill, Mass. Printed by B.
Thurston & Co., Portland, Maine. Copyrighted, 1887. 16mo.

MCLEAN, FRANCIS. British general.

Letter from, concerning siege of Penobscot. Gentlemen's Maga-
zine, 49: 513. (1780.)


pp. 35.

McLELLAN, BENJAMIN. Clergyman, Deering.

The Tabernacle of Witnesses. Yarmouth: Scriptural Publication
Society, 1886. 12mo. pp. 48.

MCLELLAN, BRYCE D. 1762-1836. Canaan.

Sermon on. 1836. See Hathaway, G. W.

MCLELLAN, ISAAC JR. b. Portland. 1806. Author, New York.

A Poem delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Bowdoin

College, Sept. 3rd, 1835. Boston Pearl and Literary Gazette, Nov.
3, 1835.

- Balooning. The boy's mountain song. 1836. See Stephens, Ann S.
McLELLAN, JUDAH. 1799-1864. Lawyer, Skowhegan, 1803-60.

Biographical Sketch of. 1863. See Willis, William.
MCLEOD, ANDREW JAMES. Clergyman, Rockport, Waldoboro, 1870-80.

Discourse at the centennial celebration of Waldoboro, July 4, 1873,

containing oration by Col. Bradbury, and other proceedings.
12mo. pp. 72.


Historical and Descriptive Sketch of Aroostook County. 1880. See

Howard, R. H.


Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in North America. New
York. Firtue & Gorston. (Copyright, 1866.) 8vo. pp. xxiii, 467.

Chapter VIII, “ The Devotion in Maine,” pp. 165-183.
McMahon FAMILY. Eddington. 1889. See Porter, J. W.

McPHAIL, LEONARD, M. D. Eastport.

On the Life and Services of William Henry Harrison, late president

of the United States: an eulogium, pronounced before the citizens of Eastport, Maine, by Dr. Leonard McPhail, U. S. A. April 15, 1841. Boston: Published by B. B. Mussey. Eastport: Published by John Beckford. 1841. 8vo. pp. 28.

[5719 MCPHETRES, ARCHIBALD. 1771-96. Bangor.

Sketch of. 1890. See Porter, J. W. McQUILLAN, GEORGE F.

History of the Presumpscot Lodge. 1882. See Elder, Isaac L. MCRUER, DANIEL, M. D. 1802-73. Physician, Bangor.

Biographical Sketch of. 1873. See Foster, G. W. MADAWASKA.

Settlement of. (1841.) See Williams, Catherine R.

-Aroostook and the. 1863. See Hallock, Charles. MADAWASKA. Incorporated 1869.

Training School at. Established 1878. See Maine Public Docu


MADAWASKA SETTLEMENT. Southern Quarterly. 11: 198.
Acadian Colonists at. (1886.) See Shea, John G.

[5720 MADDOCKS, JOSHUA. b. Saco, 1732. Union River. Family Record of. Bang. H. M. 3:220. (1888.)

[5721 MADIGAN, JAMES C. 1821-79. Lawyer, Houlton.

Remarks of Hon. James C. Madigan, in the Maine House of Repre

sentatives, Wednesday evening, Jan. 15, 1879, in aid of the State College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. Augusta: Published by order of the trustees, 1879. 8vo. pp. 9.

[5722 Madison. Incorporated 1804. See Rale, Sebastien; also Norridge

wock, and Indians.
Monument to Father Rale at. (1871.) See Allen, William.

The Indian village was partly within the limits of Madison and partly

within Norridgewock. -Catalogue of the Congregational Sunday-school library, Madison, Maine. n. t. p. n. d. 8vo. pp. 3.

[5723 MADISON, JAMES. 1751-1836. Fourth president of the United States.

The Federalist. See Hamilton, Alexander. MADOCKAWANDO. Abenaqui chief.

Treats with the English; Baron St. Castin marries Matilda, his

daughter. See Charlevoix, P. F. X. -Sketch of 1845. See Drake, Samuel G.

MAGALLOWAY, The. 1860.) See Abbott, Joseph C.
MAGOUN, GEORGE FREDERIC, D. D. b. Bath, 1821. President Iowa


Upham's New Mental Philosophy.· Cong. Rev. 11:1. (1871.) [5724
MAHON, LORD. See Stanhope, Philip H.

Agricultural, stock, etc.
Biographical and personal.
Description, topography, etc.

a. General works.
b. Boundaries.
c. Gazetteers and guide-books.
d. Maps and charts.
e. Registers and year-books.

f. Business directories.
Educational and literary.
Geological and mineralogical.
Institutions, public and charitable.

Public laws.
b. Acts and resolves.
c. Reports and digests.
d. Miscellaneous.

e. The Prohibitory or Maine Law.
Medical and sanitary.
Natural history.
Public documents.
Separation from Massachusetts.

Agricultural Development of the State. 1885. See Mattocks,

Charles P.


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