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324 pages:

OTIS'S Studies of Animals. 5 Parts...

1 87

Cloth, 2 25
First Lessons in Pencil Drawing.
Elementary Drawing Cards. Landscape, 12 Lessons; Animals, 12 Lessons..

Each set,
PALMER'S First Lessons in Book-keeping. 12mo.


19 Ruled Blanks for do..

1 PERKINS' Primary Arithmetic. Combining mental and written exercises. Introductory to Elementary and Practical

Elementary do. Introductory to the Higher Arithmetic. 12mo. 347 pp. 38

Practical do. Containing over 3900 examples for practice. 12mo. 356 pages.

.Muslin, 63
Key to

Containing complete and full solutions.

Higher do. New edition with appendix. 12mo. 342 pages....

75 - Elementary Geometry. With practical applications. 12mo. 320 pages

Sheep, 1 00 - Plane and Solid Geometry. (College edition.) Large 8vo.....

1 50 Elements of Algebra. Revised edition, just published. 12mo. Sheep, 75 Treatise on do. (College edition.) Large 8vo. 420 pages. Sheep, 1 50

Plane Trigonometry and Surveying. With tables. Large 8vo....... 1 50 PUTZ and Arnold's Manual of Ancient Geography and History. 12mo....... 1 00 Mediæval Geography and History. 12mo...

75 Modern do.


1 00 QUACKENBOS'S First Lessons in English Composition.

45 Advanced Course of Composition and Rhetoric. 12mo.........

1 00 REID'S Dictionary of the English Language, with Derivations, &c. 12mo.. 1 00 ROBBINS' ELIZA) Class-Book of Poetry, for the use of Schools or Private Instruction. 16mo.

75 Guide to Knowledge. Adapted for Young Persons. 18mo....

63 SEWELL'S First History of Greece. 18mo.

63 First History of Rome. 18mo.

50 SHAKSPEARIAN Reader, By Prof. Hows. 12mo.

1 25 SPALDING'S History of English Literature. 12mo...

.Cloth, 1 00 TAYLOR'S Manual of Modern and Ancient History. Edited by Prof. Henry. Svo.

..Sheep, 2 50

Cloth, 2 25 Ancient History, reparate..

1 25 - Modern do. do.

1 50 WARING'S Elements of Agriculture. 12mo....

.Muslin, 75 WRIGHT'S Primary Lessons; or, Child's First Book..

12 YOUMAN'S Class-Book of Chemistry. 12mo.

75 Chart of Chemistry. On Rollers...

5 00 Chart of Chemistry. Atlas form.

2 00 GREEK AND LATIN. ARNOLD'S First and Second Latin Book and Practical Grammar, by Spencer. 12mo

75 First Latin Book, By Harkness. 12mo.

75 HARKNESS'S Second Latin Book and Reader. 12mo. pp. 262, beautifully

printed .... ARNOLD'S Latin Prose Composition. 12mo.

1 00 Cornelius Nepos. With Notes. 12mo

1 00 First Greek Book, New edition, revised..

75 Greek Prose Composition. New revised edition. 12mo.. Second Greek Prose Composition. 12mo....

12mo. Greek Reading Book. Edited by Spencer

1 25 BOISE'S Exercises in Greek Prose Composition. 12mo...

Continucd in the end of this volume.


75 75


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