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The sharpest suff’rings, I endure,

Flow from thy faithful care.
6 Before I knew thy chastning rod,

My feet were apt to stray ;
But now I learn to keep thy word,

Nor wander from thy way.
PSALM 119. Fifteenth Part. C. M.

Holy resolutions.

THAT thy statutes ev'ry hour

Might dwell upon my mind! Thence I derive a quick’ning pow'r,

And daily peace I find.
2 To meditate thy precepts, Lord,

Shall be my sweet employ;
My soul shall ne'er forget thy word ;

Thy word is all my joy.
3 How would I run in thy commands,

Should'st thou my heart discharge From sin, and Satan's hateful chains,

And set my feet at large ! 4. My lips with courage shall declare

Thy statutes and thy name; I'll speak thy word, tho' kings should hear,

Nor yield to sinful shame. 5 Let bands of persecutors rise

To rob me of my right;
Let pride and malice forge their lies,

Thy law is my delight.
6 Depart from me, ye wicked race,

, Whose hands and hearts are ill : I love my God, I love his ways,

And must obey his will.

PSALM 119. Sixteenth Part. C. M.

Prayer for quickening grace. 1 My soul lies cleaving to the dust

Lord, give me life divine : From vain desires and ev'ry lusty

Turn off these eyes of mine, 2 I need the influ'nce of thy grace

To speed me in thy way ; Lest I should loiter in my race,

Or turn my feet astray. 3 When sore afflictions press me down,

I need thy quick’ning pow'rs; Thy word, that I have rested on,

Shall cheer my heaviest hours.
4 Are not thy mercies sov’reign still,

And thou a faithful God?
Wilt thou not grant me warmer zeal

To run the heay’nly road ?
5 Does not my heart thy precepts love,

And long to see thy face?
And yet how slow my spirits move,

Without enliy’ning grace!
6 Then shall I love thy gospel more,

And ne'er forget thy word ;
When I have felt its quick’ning pow'r,

To draw me near the Lord.
PSALM 119. Seventeenth Part. L. M.

Grace shining in difficulties and trials.

THEN pain and anguish seize me, 'Lor

my, support is from thy word : My soul dissolves with heaviness,

Uphold me with thy strength’ning grace. 2 The proud have fram’d their scoffs and lie

They watch my feet with envious eyes;



And tempt my soul to snares and sin;

Yet thy commands I ne'er decline.
3 They hate me, Lord, without a cause,

They hate to see me love thy laws;
But I will trust and fear thy name,
Till pride and malice die with shame.
PSALM 119. Eighteenth Part. L. M.

Sanctified afflictions.
1 ATHER, I bless thy gentle hand;

How kind was thy chastising rod, That forc'd my conscience to a stand,

And brought my wand'ring soul to God! 2 Foolish and vain I went astray,

Ere I had felt thy scourges, Lord;
I left my guide, and lost my way;

But now I love and keep thy word. 3 'Tis good for me to wear the yoke,

For pride is apt to rise and swell :
'Tis good to bear my Father's stroke,

That I might learn his statutes well.
4 The law, that issues from thy mouth,

Shall raise my cheerful passions more,
Than all the treasures of the South,

Or Western hills of golden ore. 5 Thy hands have made my mortal frame,

Thy Spirit form'd my soul within :
Teach me to know thy wondrous name,

And guard me safe from death and sin. 6 Then all that love and fear the Lord,

At my salvation shall rejoice :
For I have hoped in thy word,
And made thy grace my only choice.

PSALM 119. Nineteenth Part. L. M.

Fervency in prayer. 1

in , When to thy footstool, Lord, I come : My soul with God would leave her cares,

And hope for mercy from the throne. 2 Kindle a flame of love and zeal, While wrestling for the grace I need;

I Bring me by faith within the vail,

And help me ardently to plead.
3 Known to the Lord are all my sighs :

I will not yield to unbelief;
But persevere with fervent cries,
Until he hear and grant relief.
PSALM 119. Twentieth Part. C. M.

Resting upon the Word.
REMEMBER all my sorrows, Lord,

And do as
Send help according to thy word,

And give the promis'd aid. 2 Repeated mercies in a train

Demand my gratitude ;
And these my faith and hope sustain,

That more will be bestow'd.
3 Renew thy work of grace, then, Lord,

Nor let my soul complain ;
That, while I rest upon thy word,

My hopes are still in vain.
PSALM 119. Twenty-First Part. L. M.

An appeal to the Scarcher of hearts. 1

My Sun, my Shield, my soy'reign Judg
All things are naked to thy view,
My heart, my thoughts, my words, my ways

2 Sinners of state with pow'r array'd,

Who fear not God, nor man regard,
Have persecuted without cause;

But all their hatred I defy.
3 Still to thy word my soul repairs ;

Thence I my highest comforts draw:
Tho' foes may fight and devils rage,

If God be for me, all is well.
4 Sustain me then with promis'd grace,

Revive my heart, increase my faith :
I hate to lie, I love the truth;

O! make me be what I profess.
5 Sev’n times a-day my pray’rs ascend,

With mingled praises to the throne:
'Tis good to seek my Father's face,

And plead in my Redeemer's name. 6 Strong peace have they, who love thy law;

Firm on a rock their hopes are built ;
Their faith looks up to nobler scenes,

And nothing can detain them here. 7 Seal to my soul thy pard’ning love,

Let strength be equal to my day;
Then will I run with great delight,

And eager press, to seize the prize.
8 Supremely wise, and good, and great ;

O! search my heart, and try my ways; Thy word I love, thy judgments fear, And tremble, while I pray and praise. PSALM 119. Twenty-Second Part. C.M.

I have gone astray like a lost sheep. I , 1

THE least, the feeblest of the sheep,

To Christ, the Father gave;
He loves the flock, the charge he'll keep:

His arm is strong to save.

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