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This answers all questions,
The Lord will provide.
7 No strength of our own,

Or goodness we claim,
Yet since we have known
The Saviour's great name ;
In this our strong tow'r
For safety we hide :
The Lord is our pow'r,

The Lord will provide. 8 When life sinks apace,

And death is in view,
This word of his grace
Shall comfort us through:
No fearing or doubting,
With Christ on our side,
We hope to die shouting,
The Lord will provide.
HYMN 10.

Fourth Part. C. M.

The blessings of providence.
ALMIGHTY Father, gracious Lord,

Kind Guardian of my days,
Thy mercies let my heart record,

In songs of grateful praise.
2 In life's first dawn, my tender frame

Was thy indulgent care ;
Long ere I could pronounce thy name,

Or breathe the infant prayer.
3 Around my path what dangers rose!

What snares spread all my road!
No pow'r could guard me from my foes,

But my Preserver, God.
4 How many blessings round me shone,

Where'er I turn's mine eye!

When, Satan's blind slave,

I sported with death :
And can he have taught me to trust in his linte


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is be
5 Why should I complain
Of want or distress,

Temptation or pain ?
He told me no less :

The heirs of salvation, I know from his word,
Thro' much tribulation, must follow the Lord.
6 How bitter that cup

No heart can conceive,
Which he drank quite up,

That sinners might live!

He way was much rougher, and darker than

Did Jesus thus suffer, and shall I repine ?.
7 Since all, that I meet,

Shall work for my good ;
The bitter is sweet,

| To
The med'cine is food :
Tho' painful at present, 'twill cease before
And then,


First Part. L. M.
The holy Trinity.

Sa 1 TH

*HERE is one God, and only one ; In

No rivals can his essence share :
He is Jehovah, he alone,
And with the Lord none can compare.

T 2 His works, thro' all this wondrous frame,

G Express the Maker's vast designs :

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They bear the impress of his name;

In ev'ry part his wisdom shines.
must 3 If in his works such wonders rise,

How much more wonderful is he!
Whose nature's fill'd with mysteries ;
His being One, his person Three.
4 What finite pow'r with ceaseless toil,

Can comprehend th' eternal Mind?

Or, who th' almighty Three and One,
be By searching to perfection find ?
tkili 5 Angels and men in vain may raise

Harmonious, their adoring songs ;
The lab’ring thoughts sink down opprest,

And praises die upon their tongues.
6 Yet would I lift my trembling voice,

Th' eternal Three in One to sing :
And mingling faith, while I rejoice,

My humble, grateful tribute bring.
7 All glory to th' eternal Three,

The sacred undivided One :
To Father, Son, and Spirit be
Co-equal praise, and honours done.

HYMN 8. Second Part. L. M.

The triune God, the God of our salvation.
LONG ere the sun began his days,

Or moon shot forth her silver rays,

Salvation's scheme was fixt, 'twas done me;

In cov’nant by the Three in One. :

2 The Father spake, the Son replied,

The Spirit with them both complied :
Grace mov'd the cause for saving man,

And wisdom drew the noble plan.
3 The Father chose his only Son

To die for sins, that man had done ;

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Immanuel to the choice agreed,

And thus secur'd a num'rous seed. 4. He sends his Spirit from above

To call the objects of his love;
Not one shall perish nor be lost :

He bought them dear ; his blood they cost. 5 What high displays of sov’reign grace !

What love to save a ruin'd race !
My soul, adore his lovely name,
By whom thy free salvation came.

HYMN 8. Third Part. C. M.

A song of praise to the Holy Trinity.
1 ET them neglect thy glory, Lord,

Who never knew thy grace ;
But our loud songs shall still record

The wonders of thy praise.
2 We raise our shouts, O God, to thee,

And send them to thy throne;
All glory to th' united Three,

The undivided One.
3 'Twas he, (and we'll adore his name)

That form'd us by a word ;
'Tis he, restores our ruin'd frame;

Salvation to the Lord !
4 Hosanna ! let the earth and skies

Repeat the joyful sound ;;
Rocks, hills and vales reflect the voice
In one eternal round.

First Part. L. M. God the Father, the almighty Creator. 1

LMIGHTY God we praise, and own
Thee our Creator, King alone;

All things were made to honour thee;
O Father of eternity!

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2 To thee all angels loudly cry,
The heav'ns and all the pow’rs on high,
Cherubs and seraphims proclaim,
And cry, thrice holy to thy name.
3 Lord God of hosts, thy presence bright

Fills heav'n and earth with beautious light;
Th? apostles' happy company,
And ancient prophets all praise thee.
4 The crowned martyrs' noble host,

The holy church in ev'ry coast,
Their Maker, for their Father own,
Now reconcil'd in Christ his Son.
HYMN 9. Second Part. C. M.

ORD, when our raptur'd thought surveys

Creation's beauties o'er,
All nature joins to teach thy praise,

And bid our souls adore.
2 Where'er we turn our gazing eyes,

Thy radiant footsteps shine ;
Ten thousand pleasing wonders rise,

And speak their source divine.
3 The living tribes of countless forms,

In earth, and sea, and air,
The meanest flies, the smallest worms,

Almighty pow'r declare.
4 'Thy wisdom, pow'r, and goodness, Lord,

In all thy works appear :
And, O! let man thy praise record,

Man, thy distinguish'd care.
5 From thee the breath of life he drew;

That breath thy pow'r maintains :
Thy tender' mercy, ever new,

His brittle frame sustains.

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