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5 He wounds the heart, and he makes whole;

He calms the tempest of the soul ;
When he shuts up in long despair,

Who can remove the heavy bar ? 6 He frowns, and darkness veils the moon,

The fainting sun grows dim at noon;
The pillars of heav'n's starry roof

Tremble and start at his reproof. 7. These are a portion of his ways;

But who shall dare describe his face?
Who can endure his light, or stand
To hear the thunders of his hand ?

HYMN 36. C. M.

The third command.
HOLY and rev?rend is the name

Thrice holy Lord! the angels cry,

Thrice holy, let us sing. 2 Holy is he in all his works,

And truth is his delight;
But sinners and their wicked ways

Shall perish from his sight.
3 The deepest rey’rence of the mind,

Pay, O my soul, to God;
Lift, with thy hands, a holy heart

To his sublime abode.
4 With sacred awe pronounce his name,

Abhor the lips profane ;
Let not thy tongue the Lord blaspheme,

Nor take his name in vain.
5 Thou holy God! preserve my soul

From all pollution free ;
The pure in heart, and hands, and lips,

Alone thy face shall see.

HYMN 37. First Part. - L. M.
Christians may take

a religious outh. 1 WHEN God his gracious promise made

, To show his grace and truth to both,

Confirm'd the promise with an oath. 2 So, by an oath, in ev'ry age,

The saints their promise oft engage;
When questions rise of death or life,

An oath confirms and ends all strife. 3 Christians the truth will ever say, Their

yea, their nay be nay;

; And with conscientious dread refrain

From swearing any oath profane.
4 But when great facts demand high proof,

They honour God by solemn oath ;
And thereby teach the world to own

The Judge eternal on his throne.
5 The fear of God is thus maintain'd,

And men from perjury restrain'd ;
Religious oaths may be abus'd,
But may not therefore be refus'd.
6 Christians, the worthiest men on earth,

Who cherish peace, and love the truth,
Will put religion's sacred seal
To what is held the last appeal.
HYMN 37. Second Part. C. M.

LET those who bear the christian name

Their holy vows fulfil :
The saints, the follow'rs of the Lamb,

Delight to do his will.
2 True to the solemn oaths they take,

Tho' to their hurt they swear ;

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Constant and just to all they speak :

For God they know can hear. 3 Still with their lips their hearts agree,

Nor flatt'ring words devise : They're sure the God of truth can see

Thro' ev'ry false disguise. 4 Deceits they hate, they dread all lies,

Whatever forms they wear ; Preferring death to perjuries,

They dare not falsely swear.
5 Lo! from above the Lord descends,

And brings the judgment down ;
He bids his saints, his faithful friends,
Rise and possess their crown.

6 While Satan trembles at the sight,

And devils wish to die ;
Where will the faithless hypocrite
And perjur'd liar fly?
HYMN 38. First Part. L. M.

The fourth command.
RETURN, my soul, enjoy thy rest,

, Improve the day thy God has bless'd; Another six days' work is done,

Another sabbath is begun. 2 Come, bless the Lord, whose love assigns

So sweet a rest to wearied minds
Provides a blest foretaste of heav'n,

On this day more than all the sev'n. 3 O! that our thoughts and thanks may rise,

As grateful incense to the skies;
And draw from Christ that sweet repose,
Which none, but he, that feels it, knows.
his heav'nly calm, within the breast,
the dear pledge of glorious rest;


Which for the church of God remains,

The end of cares, the end of pains. 5 With joy, great God, thy works we scan, Creation's scene, redemption's plan;

, With praise, we think on mercies past,

With hope, we future pleasures taste. 6 In holy duties let the day,

In holy comforts pass away;
How sweet, a sabbath thus to spend,
In hope of one, that ne'er shall end !
HYMN 38. Second Part. C. M.

The Lord's day. 1 C OME, dearest Lord, and feed thy sheep,

On this sweet day of rest ;
O! bless this flock, and make this fold

Enjoy an heav'nly rest.
2 Welcome, and precious to my soul

Are these sweet days of love; But what a sabbath shall I keep,

When I shall rest above!
9 I come, I wait, I hear, I pray,

Thy footsteps, Lord, I trace ;
Here, in thine own appointed way,

I wait to see thy face.
4. These are the sweet and precious days

On which my Lord I've seen ; And oft, when feasting on his word,

In raptures I have been.
5 O! if my soul, when death appears,

In this sweet frame be found :
I'll clasp my Saviour in mine arms,

And leave this earthly ground. 6 I long for that delightful hour,

When from this clay undrest,

I shall be cloth'd in robes divine,
And made forever blest.
HYMN 38. Third Part. L. M.

The eternal Sabbath.

earthly sabbaths, Lord, we love;

there's To that our longing souls aspire,

With cheerful hope and warm desire. 2 No more fatigue, no more distress,

Nor sin, nor hell shall reach the place ;
Nor groans shall mingle with the songs,

Which warble from immortal tongues. 3 No rude alarms of raging foes,

No cares to break the long repose ;
No midnight shade, no clouded sun;

But sacred, high, eternal noon. 4 O long-expected day! begin

Dawn on these realms of woe and sin:
Fain would we leave this weary road,
And sleep in death, to rest with God.
HYMN 39. First Part. L. M.

The fifth command.
I GREAT source of order, Maker wise !

Whose throne is high above the skies ; We praise thy name; thy laws ordain,

That order shall on earth obtain. 2 Let each inferior rank revere

All such as their superiors are ;
And let superiors also do

What's right by each inferior too. 3 To thee may each united house,

At morn and night present its vows ;
O may each family proclaim
The honours of thy glorious name!

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