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Genetically engineered dinosaurs run amok in Crichton's new, vastly entertaining science thriller. From the introduction alone—a classically Crichton-clear discussion of the implications of biotechnological research—it's evident that the Harvard M.D. has bounced back from the science-fantasy silliness of Sphere (1987) for another taut reworking of the Frankenstein theme, as in The Andromeda ... Read full review

Review: Jurassic Park

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Return to an original dinosaur story. If you're the only person on earth who hasn't read Crichton's naildigging tale of dinosaurs run amok, you better bite into JURASSIC PARK this summer. Even if you think you've had your fill with these paleoparadisesgoneawry (or think the movies were enough), you'll be doing yourself a favor by tucking JURASSIC PARK into your beach bag. Read full review

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Most often movies that have been based on books, tend to be a watered down version and hardly seem to be of much interest. So while reading Jurassic park I was hoping to find something that would be better than the movie.
However there was hardly any difference between the movie and the book. The book thus is as good as the movie.
I wonder how much of difference it would make for those who read the book first.

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