Marriage, Family and Relationships: Biblical, Doctrinal and Contemporary Perspectives

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Inter-Varsity Press, Jun 15, 2017 - Religion - 303 pages
Family life has undergone revolutionary changes in Western society in the last sixty years, posing both theological and ethical challenges for the contemporary church. This book responds with wide-ranging essays on sexuality, marriage, family life, singleness, same-sex relationships, violence against women, anthropology, gender and culture.

These chapters are essential reading for anyone concerned with Christian teaching on marriage and the family. They balance a clear loyalty to the church's historic and biblical teaching with a recognition that all doctrine is contextualized. There is a growing gap between the ethics of many Christians and those of wider society. So Christians have to be counter-cultural. But the church also has to be self-critical, differentiating between biblical revelation and cultural development. And it must know how to present unchanging Christian convictions to a constantly changing society.

The contributors are Andy Angel, Daniel Block, Rosalind Clarke, Barry Danylak, Andrew Goddard, Stephen Holmes, David Instone Brewer, A. T. B. McGowan, Nicholas Moore, Onesimus Ngundu, Oliver O'Donovan, Ian Paul, Andrew Sloane, Katy Smith, Elaine Storkey and Sarah Whittle.

Thomas A. Noble, Sarah K. Whittle and Philip S. Johnston
Part 1: Biblical perspectives
1. The patricentric vision of family in the book of Deuteronomy
Daniel Block
2. Ordered relationships in Leviticus
Katy Smith
3. 'Who is this coming up from the wilderness?' Identity and interpretation in the Song of Songs
Rosalind Clarke
4. The sexuality of God incarnate
Andy Angel
5. Developing a biblical theology of singleness
Barry Danylak
6. 'Let even those who have wives be as though they had none': 1 Corinthians 7:29 and the challenge of the 'apocalyptic' Paul
Sarah K. Whittle
7. Are we sexed in heaven? Bodily form, sex identity and the resurrection
Ian Paul
8. Deferring to Dad's discipline: family life in Hebrews 12
Nicholas Moore
9. Evidence of non-heterosexual inclinations in first-century Judaism
David Instone-Brewer
Part 2: Doctrinal and contemporary perspectives
10. Marriage in early, Christian and African perspectives
Onesimus Ngundu
11. Human sexuality and Christian anthropology
A. T. B. McGowan
12. 'One man and one woman': the Christian doctrine of marriage
Oliver O'Donovan
13. Covenant partnerships as a third calling?: A dialogue with Robert Song's Covenant and Calling: Towards A Theology of Same-Sex Relationships
Andrew Goddard
14. 'Male and female he created them'? Theological reflections on gender, biology and identity
Andrew Sloane
15. Shadows across gender relations
Elaine Storkey
16. On not handling snakes: late-modern cultural assumptions about sexuality
Stephen Holmes


List of contributors
Ordered relationships in Leviticus
The sexuality of God incarnate
Developing a biblical theology of singleness
Let even those who have wives be as though they had none
Are we sexed in heaven? Bodily form sex identity and
Family life in Hebrews 12
Evidence of nonheterosexual inclinations in firstcentury
Marriage in early Christian and African perspectives
Human sexuality and Christian anthropology
The Christian doctrine of marriage
Covenant partnerships as a third calling? a dialogue with
Male and female he created them? Theological reflections
Latemodern cultural assumptions
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