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perty, whether coin or paper, for every Corn Exchange :-Wheat, 328. to 60s. sile possible and expedient commercial trans- perfine.—Barley, 138. to 258.-Qats, 148. action.

to 275.—The quartern loaf in London, Smithfield:

-Beef, 28. 4d. to 38. 6d. 94d.—Hay (new), 428. to 72s.; old, 688. Mutton, 2s. 4d. to 38. 6d. -Lamb, 4s. to to 845.-Člover, 528. 6d. to 958.--Straw, 45. 8d.-Veal, 28. 30. to 48, 6d.-Pork, 308. to 428. Ls. 4d. to 4s. 60.-Raw fat, 28.—Bacon, Coals in the pool, 31s. 6d. to 428. Ss. to 4s.

Middleser ; July 22.



done! Incapacity must be the apoTHE ministers of England, if we logy, for, certainly, less talent never



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their organ, the unprincipled Courier, than at this time; and nothing could are devoting the character and re- render a patriot more melancholy and sources of this bigh and mighty empire hopeless than a few nights' attendance to the extinction of every thing liberal on its technical debates. and generous in the affairs of mankind. The following is the Chancellor of The Greeks are insurgent rebels, as the Exchequer's exhibitionof his financruel as the Turks, and ought not to cial system :receive support—the. Spaniards are 1821. Expenditure. 1822. public enemies of religion and royal 8,736,092 Army

7,925,000 prerogatives, and ought to be put 6,282,685 Navy 5,180,000 down,—the American Republics ought

1,195,107 Ordnance 1,200,000

1,893,306 Miscellaneous to receive no countenance,-and the

1,700,000 Irish peasantry ought to be fed as

Greenwich Hospital 310,000 paupers, rather than be restored to iheir civil and social rights. In truth,



S Interest on Ex-? such a series of Machiavellian turpi

chequer Bills

1,200,000 tude never was so unblushingly dis- 291,606 By payments for Serplayed as appears, from day to day,

vices charged ou the in this ministerial organ. Happily,

Aids of the Year, but ·bowever, the Greek cause improves,

not specially voted. - the friends of absolute power and priestcraft in Spain have met with de- 19,398,856

17,815,000 feat in every quarter,– the American

Reduction of Debt. Republics will be established in spite

290,000 Sinking Fund Esche. of all their enemies,--and the pau

quer Bills 290,000 perism of the Irish will render their

To pay lolders of 5

per cents. 2,801,0100 situation known to the world, and,

Deficiency Ways and when known, their social wrongs must

Means, 1821, 290,456 be permanently redressed.

706,400 Tot. Reduction of Debt 3,381,456 The subscription for the Irish peasantry now exceeds 200,0001. and is a 20,395,256

21,196,456 proud display of benevolence, which The Unfunded Debt compared with we hope will be followed by a better the last year was as follows:system ; but of the boasted plans and


1822. improved practices of the new Lord 29,000,000 Exchequer Bills 36,200,000 Lieutenant, nothing has yet transpired!

1,000,000 Irish Treasnry. If any thing has been done, which

308,530 Bills for Public Works

and Churches. jealous - fame has not wasted to this side of the channel, we shall feel


36,200,000 obliged to any of our Irish readers who will favour us with the parti- crease on the Unfunded Debt, as he

Thus it would appear, that the inculars. Parliament is not yet prorogued; but this had been met by an extra issue of

hail before stated, was 5,831,6701. but a reward might be offered for the dis- Exchequer Bills. covery of the measures which have

1821. been adopted, during so prolonged a

Ways and Means. 1822.

4,000,000 Annual Taxes sessions, without the bazard of being


Tea Duties claimed. Never was more expected,



200,000 Lottery 200,000 never was more promised, -never was

163,400 Old Stores 151,000 more wanted by a country bleeding in all its vital parts,-and never was less 5,863,400 Carried for ward 4,851,00

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3,863,400 Brought forward 4,851,000 Land Taxes

474,749 500,000 Indemnity from France. Miscellaneous

99,451 Repayment of Ex

Unappropriated War Duties 2,966 114,570 cheqner Bills issued 110,000 for Public Works

12,013,637 81,630 Surplus Ways and

Supplies in Ireland

469,269 Means, 1820.

12,482,906 6,559,600 Total 4,961,000

Exchequer Annuities

£ 28,242 Thus the account would stand for South Sea Company

168,170 the last year and the present:

Bank, on their Capital

89,125 1891.


9,517,990 6,559,600 Sundries

National Debi 4,961,000

3,159,090 13,000,000 Sipking Fund Loan 7,500,000

Civil List

212,500 461,339 Bank of Ireland.


92,000 East India Company 557,000 Imperial Annuities

121,719 Half-pay Pensions 2,400,000 Other Charges

81,171 83,580 Unclaimed Dividends. 82 Interest on Land Tax.

Total Charge 13,470,000 290,456 Deficiency of Ways

For the manly exertions of Mr. į and Means, 1821.

Hume, on the subject of Irish Tithes, By increase of Un. /

the Sinking Fund System, and the funded Debt . s

$ 5,831,670

lavish waste of money in ministerial

patronage, we must refer our readers 20,395,257

21,299,670 to the Parliamentary Debates ; and to

the same for the energy displayed by Such were the Ways and Means of Sir James MACKINTOSH, Mr. Hosthe two years. The expenditure of house, and Sir ROBERT Wilson, in the present year was estimated at resisting the re-enactment of the abo21,196,4561.; and the Ways and Means minable Alien Bill. to meet it at 21,299,6701. The following is an abstract of the session are the reduction of some

The only cheering features of the net produce of the revenue in the taxes, by extending time in the payquarters ended 5th of July, 1821, and ment of a debt; the new Marriage 5th of July, 1822:

Act; and the address of Mr. Wilber1821. 1822.

force, deprecating the introduction of Customs £1,898,699 1,946,108 slaves into the colony at the Cape. Excise ..

.6,298,810 6,268,738 Stamps..

•1,518,493 1,500,716 Post Office 318,000 355,000

The plots in Spain, which have Assessed Taxes ..2,528,040 2,192,521 long been organized 'at Land Taxes

446,366 474,749 mous expense, by the vile agents of Miscellaneous

64,972 99,451 legitimacy, have happily been frus

trated, and the liberal and noble 12,872,380 12,837,283 principles of the Spanish Constitution

have triumphed. The mask, too, is Decrease on Quarter •£35,097 torn from the deceitful Ferdinand, But the net produce of the revenue who, it seems, in the spirit of his tribe, for the years ended 5th of July, 1821, will be satisfied with nothing short of and 5th of July, 1822, is—

expulsion or punishment, and of a 1821

£49,691,537 Spanish Republic. It seems there are 1892 .............. - 51,325,568 wretches to be hired in Spain who are base enough to adopt the cry

of “ abBeing an increase of 1,634,031 solute King and Inquisition," and who

enlist themselves in what is hypocritiThe Income and Charge on Conso-cally called “the Army of the Faith.lidated Fund on the quarter ended They appear to have no want of foreign July 5, 1822, was as under :

arms, ammunition, and money; but Income.

the Constitutionalists, aware of their Customs

£1,119,496 danger, have been sufficiently on the Excise

6,268,738 alert to overthrow, disperse, and put Stamps

1,500,716 them down, wherever they appear, Post Office

355,000 which has been chiefly in the provinces Assessed Taxes....

2,192,521 MOXTALY MAG. No. 371.

bordering on France.



an enor


On the 1st of July the King's due; but it flows for those unfortunates Guards broke out into an insurrec- who have survived, and who, henceforth, tion against the Constitutional autho- are doomed to have tyranny unexampled in rities. left the palace, and encamped history, and deprivations of every kind. themselves near the city. For many

Who can, without shuddering, read of the

total ruin—the universal desolation of our days they kept Spain in alarm, and a

famed and once-bappy isle-the destruccorps of carabineers declared in their

tion of all its inhabitants, nearly one haninterest. The Bourbon papers in Pa.

dred thonsand, who, except a very few ris, the London Courier, New Times, who almost miraculously escaped from and the servile press all over Europe, those ill-fated shores, have fallen victims to were filled with exultations; but on the sword, to fire, hunger, and slavery, that the 7th, when the Guards entered Ma- worst of all evils? Who can, without drid in arms, they were assailed, re- feelings of indignation mantling their pulsed, and dispersed, by the militia, cheeks--without execrating the perpethe National Guard, and the patriotić trators of these horrid acts, behold a whole inhabitants; and the triumph of the city lately so flourishing, now one heap of Constitution was complete, not only

ruins; whole villages, innumerable counin Madrid, but in every part of Spain.

try.seats, a prey to the flames? Our of the Royal Guard, 371 were killed

celebrated school, library, ho-pital for the

ed sick and for the lepers, lazaret for those and 710 wounded; and of the Consti.

attacked with the plague, bundreds of tutional troops, 58 were killed and 130 churches richly adorned-all, all, one conwounded.

fused mass of smoking rubbish. Our GREECE.

island, lately so much frequented by EuroWe introduce beneath an affecting peans, and more especially by English appeal of the Greeks of Constantino. families of the first rank, will now have ple to all Christendom, in regard to only their ashes to shew to the passing the massacre and desolation of Scio. strangers. To afford an acme to our by the Torkish banditti under the ca miseries, great numbers of respectable pitan Pacha. We can add nothing to

women, young people, and children of the narrative so well related, except

both sexes, have been sent off to different

pt parts of Asia, as slaves; and the markets of that many accounts have reached the this city and Smyrna are filled with women ports of the Mediterranean, proving and young people of the first rank, and that a more savage massacre never who have received the best education. took place; that the women and chil- What can be more dreadful than this. dren have been sold as slaves in the Happy! thrice happy those whom the steel ports of Asia Minor; and that Scio is of the assassin has snatched from scenes so reduced to a heap of ruins, from being harrowing to the feelings! How miserable one of the most flourishing islands in

those still suffered to exist who see the the world.

sufferings, hear the cries and piteous acThe following Address from

cents of their wives, children, and relathe

tions; and are witnesses to the barbarous Greeks at Constantinople to their

treatment this devoted and inpocent peobrethren in London, will be read with

ple receive from the wretches who have deep emotion:

them in their power! What can be laid to “ Constantinople, May 25, 1822. "Dear and beloved Brethren

our charge? We poor Sciots, who from and Countrymen in London,

the beginning have remained faithfal, are « We doubt not that the news contained rewarded with death and slavery! It is herein must have already reached you, well known, as soon as the Porte heard of and fallen like a thunderbolt on your the insurrection in the Morea and sundry hearts. What more dreadful than the islands in the Archipelago, it sent here å knowledge that our illustrions and inno. Pacha with three tails, having with him cent countrymen, ten of them in prison about three thousand troops : the whole here, and those in the Castle of Scio, expenses of this garrison were defrayed by ninety-five in all, universally esteemed and our island, which in the course of about respected, chosen and held as hostages for fourteen months paid more than 2,700,000 more than a year past, at last withont a piastres, each according to his means, single motive, without even the shadow of Beside this, the snltan 'ordered a choice a personal accusation against them, have to be made of sixty of the most considera.. been barbarously executed. We at first ble and respectable from our countrymen, deeply lamented the unmerited restraint beginoing with our Archbishop Plato, the put upon the persons of those now no elders, and other principal inhabitants. more. Their death, ignominions and The motive in this treating us was no cruel, in the first burst of griet, veaily other than a mean spirit of envy and jea. paralysed our faculties; but those we look fonsy at the reputation for riches which upon now as enjoyiug eternal and immuta. some of us had acquired by an active life ble felicity. Our pity no longer is then spent in cominercial pursuits, and at the



laws and institutions so superior in our obtained a promise from the Porte that no islaod even to those of the capital. . Wheu harm should be done them, when it sudthe news of the invasion of the imprudent denly gave orders for its execution : the Samiots first spread in Scio, the principal ten in Constantinople were beheaded, and inluabitants waited on the Pacha to ap- the eighty-five in Scio were hanged outside prize him of it-what was his answer of the castle in that very square where so To send into the castle, as hostages, some many of the slaves were placed, in sight of more of these innocent men, and to tratus the Turkish flect, who had their decks port all the provisions out of the city into covered with Greek slaves. Oh, how the the citadel, not leaving any whatever for heart sickens at such refinement of cruelty, the poor inhabitants of the city, who were and turns with loathing and horror from so numerons. A month after, when the that hell-born malice that could take de. Samiots landed, the Pacha sent some of the light in deriding the mental agony of the hostages, with several Tarks, to prevail on innocent sufferers in this tragic scene! the Samiots to evacuate the island; but What a nomber of wives were forced to they imprudently resolved to advance, and be spectators of the crnel death of the hus, told these mmisters of peace that they bands of their affections; to see, at the would sooner put them to death than do same time, their suickling babes torn from 80. The Pacha ten shut himself up in their breasts ! This bereft at once of the castle with the military, taking with their support and hopes, many, driven to him all the hostages. It was understood despair by this barbarous usage, threw that a bumber of the peasantry liad joined themselves into the sea ; others stabbed the Samiots; they were in a

themselves, to prevent the loss of honour forced to it, being apprehensive of the to them worse than death, to which tbey Samiots themselves, and they were only were every moment exposed from the armed with sticks and staves. Eleven days barbarians. after the Turkish fleet arrived at the “But, alas ! let us draw a veil

upon island, and landed 15,000 soldiers, or rather those who have thus sunk untimely into the assassins; who, joined by the 3000 in the grave; let us not barrow up your souls castle, being unable to attack and defeat with the recitals of these atrocities : their the sooo Samiots, used their weapons sufferings are over, and their felicity, let against the innocent and disarmed juhabi- us hope, begım. It is now time to turn tants, and turned their fury against your sympathy towards the unfortunate women and children, killing, burning, and survivors of the general wreck : to call, taking in slavery all the inhabitants of the dear conutrymen, your attention to the place. The men they slaughtered; the miserable naked state of thousands of our kohen and children they brutally treated, Sciots, with which the markets bere at and lauddled together in oue of the large Smyrna and Scio are glutted. Picture to squares, which contained several hundred yourselves children of the tenderest age, of the most respectable inhabitants. They kill now nursed with the most delicate at. have not left a stone upon a stone-all detention, vow driven about with only a stroged-all ruined. it would fill volumes piece of cloth ronnd their infantine limbs, to recount the different scenes of horror without shoes or any other covering, hava which the ruffians were guilty of: huma ing nothing to live upon but a piece of nity sludders at it. But this universal bread thrown to them by their inhuman desolation had not yet satisfied the bloodkeepers, ill-treated by them ; sold from thirsty followers of Mohammed : they had one to the other; and

all in this deplorable keaped upon their trembling and tender situation exposed to be brought up in the victims all the bitterness of their fanati- Mahometan religion, and lose sight of the cim-ninety-five men, the first of their precepts of our holy religion. We see all nation both as to character and property, this : yet, alas! what can we do here, remen who had always followed the paths of duced to three or four, who, if found out, sectitade in their commercial transactions, would also be exterminated, without whose relations were established in almost mercy? What we could do, we have done: every known conimercial eity in the known but how little, among so many claimants to world, men innocent of any machinations our charity! 'You, brothers, friends, and against ihe Turkish government, and who countrymen, are in the capital of England, conld not, even if they would, have been the centre of philanthropy, who live among participators in the rising of the island, a people always famed for their generous since they had been fourteen months under feeling towards the unfortunate-for their the grasp of the Turkislı Satrap. Ten of dislike to tyranny, and their support of the these were at Constantinople, the remain- oppressed. Beg, pray, intreat, appeal to der at Scio. Lord Strangford made stre- their feelings, call upon them as Britons, as nuous efforts to save them; neglected no men, as fellow-beings. It is in the cause remonstrances; evinced thegreatest ardour of humanity and religion. They cannot, in the cause of suffering innocence, and will not, be deaf to your prayers and exerthought he had succeeded in sheltering tions. They will afford us, as far as lies in them from their impending fate, having their power, the means of redeeming the

captive, hensive


captive, of aiding those families that are in a state of nudity and starvation, who will soon arrive in almost every port of the

It is confirmed, that the states of Mediterranean, when they have been Mexico have conferred the title and enabled to flee from a yoke worse than power of Emperor on Iturbibe, the death. We rely upon your endeavonrs, favourite popular commander; and it and still more upon the high character of seems he is too weak to act the glothe nation among whom you inhabit. rious parts of Washington, Bolivar, Thousands of hands are raised towards and St. Martin, and has accepted it, you to claim your interference in behalf of but under a limited constitution. your oppressed conntrymen. Thousands of hearts will feel grateful for your assist.

HINDOOSTAN. ance. «Brethren and countrymen, exert

Hopes are entertained that the noyourselves in behalf of humanity. With

bleman who has proved himself so tearful eye we cordially salute you, and capable of consolidating these vast beg yon will pray to God for our safety. provinces, by the influence of his wis

YOUR BROTHERS AND COUNTRYMEN." dom and moderation, will continue in Yet, at such a crisis, the Emperor his government. At least, though a Alexander, on whom the hopes of the successor has been nominated in Mr. Greeks and of civilized Europe had George Canning, yet nothing tranbeen fixed, has compromised with the spires in regard to the return of one, barbarians, allowing them to occupy

or the departure the other. We Moldavia and Wallachia, and leaving wish only to see the Marquis of Hastthe Greeks to the mercy of the deso ings in situations where he can pursue lators of Scio. Despair, however, his own uncontrolled and beneficent maddens the Greeks; and, by the last policy. When circumstances permit accounts, they had obtained some sig- this at home, we then, and then only, nal advantages over the Turks,-it is hope to see him at the head of an even reported that the fleet of the Ca

administration. pitan Pacha is destroyed. INCIDENTS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS IN AND NEAR LONDON, With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased.

Same day.-Mr. Benbow was tried at JUNE 23:12 The premises of Mr. White, the Middlesex Sessions, by the soi-disant

boat-builder at Rotherhithe, and those Vice Society, for certain alledged libels adjoining, consumed by fire.

in the Rambler's Magazine. The jury – 29.-A fire broke out on the pre- returned a verdict of Not Guilty. mises of Mr. Fearn, jeweller, at the corner - 10.-The cause of South American of Adam-street, Adelphi. The house, to- independence celebrated by a public din. gether with that adjoining, were consumed. ner at the London Tavern, given to Senbor

July 1.-A fire destioyed the honse Zea, Vice-President and Minister Pleni. of Mr. Wardell, provision-merchant, in Old potentiary of the Republic of Colombia. Gravel-lone, Ratcliff Highway.

The Duke of Somerset presided, and seveSame day.--Horatio Orton, Secretary ral celebrated public characters were to the Bridge-street gang, sentenced to present. two months' imprisonment for an assault - 11.-A Court of Common Council on Mr. J. W. Parkins.

was this day held for receiving the report - 2.-Mr. Hoblouse brought forward of the Committee on the Orphan's Fund, his motion in the Honse of Commons, for and considering the bill now pending in the repeal of the House and Window Tax, Parliament on that subject. Mr. Ald. which was lost by 59 to 146.

Waithman, after an able speech, proposed 5.-A violcnt thunder-storm, with a series of resolutions, deprecating the mnch rain, fell over the metropolis this introdnction of the bill ; which, with a morning. The rain burst the drain in petition, was agreed to. . the Green Park, and inundated a large - 12.-A numerous and respectable space of ground near Buckingham-house. party of the inhabitants of Lambeth dined

8.-Mrs. Wright tried in the Court of iogether at the Horns Tavern, Kennington, King's Bench for vending two alledged to which Mr. Thelwall was especially inlibels, in two of Mr. Carlile's pamphlets. vited. The chair was taken by Mr. Roffy, Mrs. W. conducted her own defence, oc. one of the overseers of the parish, and Mr. cupying four hours; in the course of which M‘Lacklane, another of the overseers, offishe displayed great coolness and fortitude, ciated as vice-president. On which occaand quoted the opinions of many eminent sion a very handsome silver cup was predivines in support of her arguments ; but sented by the chairman to Mr. Thelwall, was found guilty.

with the following laudatory and compre


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