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MEDICAL REPORT. Report of Diseases and Casualties occurring in the public and private Practice of the Physician who has the care of the Western District of the City Dispensary. THAT convalescence from crouprequires It is not, perhaps very easy to apportion

the most solicitous attention, both from the due share of respective credit to the parent and physician, in order to obviate two remedial agents thus simultaneously the immediate recurrence of this cruel dis. tried in this interesting case ; but the writer order, has been painfully proved in the conceives, that the galvanic influence might, practice of the Reporter during the few in many cases, be brought to bear with more preceding days. Of the last two cases that decided and permanent efficacy, by comhe has seen of croup, fairly and fully bining its exhibition with a substance, marked, the one was a beautiful child, that which we know is not only powerful, but was in the morning under the immediate often permanent in its effects. It is a regrasp of death, and in the evening appa- markable fact, that the perception of a rently as well as it bad ever been since metallic impregnation of the frame from a birth.

particular taste is the same from galGrandmamma (the good ladies that go vanism as from the nitrate of silver. It under this name are too often the deter- onght to be mentioned, that Mr. La mined enemies, both to the physical and Beaume was the galvanic operator in the moral well-being young people,) grand- instance now referred to. mamma had ordered the child in question Renal affections the Reporter often something a comforting and supporting” in finds to have been treated, and he is conthe shape of solid meat, of no inconsidera- scions of not having unfrequently treated ble quantity, just before bed-time : in the them himself, as mere derangements of the pight the fearful noise and frightful strug. stomach. This oversight and mistake gle were again heard and witnessed; and may, in many instances, he partly asdeath, on this second attempt, succeeded in cribable to that indolent disposition, to the seizure of its victim at about the same generalize which the “ digestive-organs” period in the evening of the ensning day views of medicine are apt to engender. that the “doctors” had been laughed at M. Majendie, a celebrated physiologist of for their caution, and practically derided France, expresses astonishment that so and opposed on the preceding.

philosophical a nation as the English Ju the second case, the recurrence of the should rest in the empirical and delusive croupal inflammation was plainly caused by contentment arising out of this source. an injudicious exposure to cold air. Here He, indeed, at least in the present writer's powerful measures are again promising opinion, denies the stomach even its dae success, but the fate of the patient will operation in the manufacturing of maladies, probably be determined long before the which develope themselves more especially present paper is put to press.

through the medinm of the kidneys, giving A remarkable instance of aphonia has to the latter organs their more than de recently presented itself to the writer, served share in the morbific processes; which has been most successfully treated but, certain it is, that stomach ailments, by galvanism, in combination with the even of a formidable cast and character, are nitras argenti. The subject was a young often merely sympathetic sequels of renal and amiable female, who had been deprived derangement; and that, too, in cases of her voice for nearly four months, and where calculus is neither present nor in bad taken steel, with other mediciuals, prospect, a circumstance to which the without effect. In the course of three Reporter has thought it proper to call the days from the commencement of the galva. reader's attention, in consequence of havvism, and the drug just named, the voice ing lately had occasion to witness a more began to return; and it has, at length, re- than ordinary proportion of lumbar and gained all its wonted clearness and energy. stomach complaints thus connected with,

and closely simulating, each other. There is now reason to hope that this

D. Uwins, M.D. last case will proclaim the triumph of me. Bedford Row, Sept. 20, 1829. dicine.


, : ordinary discovery on the application ed the idea, of a machine, which, by the of machinery to the purpose of calcnlating aid of gravity (weight), or any other morand printing mathematical tables. He ing power, should become a substitute for states that the intolerable labour and fa- one of the lowest operations of human intiguing monotony of a continued repetition tellect. The first engine of which draw. of similar arithmetical calculations, first ings were made was one which is capable


of computing any table by the aid of dif- ing of course only those of one number in ferences, whether they are positive or ne- it. It may happen that the person emgative, or of both kinds. With respect to ployed in filling these boxes shall accidenthe number of the order of the differences, tally place a wrong type in some of them ; the nature of the machinery did not in my as, for instance, the number 2 in the boxes own opinion, nor in that of a skilful me- which ought only to contain 78. When chanic whom I consulted, appear to be re- these boxes are delivered to the superinstricted to any very limited number; and tendant of the engine, I have provided a I should venture to construct one with ten simple and effectual means by which he or a dozen orders with perfect confidence. shall in less than half an hour ascertain One remarkable property of this machine whether, amongst these 30,000 types, there is, that the greater the number of differ- be any individual misplaced or even inences, the more the engine will outstrip verted. The other cause of error to the most rapid calculator.—By the appli. which I have alluded arises from the type cation of certain parts of no great degree falling out when the page has been set up : of complexity, this may be converted into this I have rendered impossible, by means a machine for extracting the roots of equa- of a similar kind.—To bring to perfection tions, and consequently the roots of num- the various machinery which I have conbers; and the extent of the approximation trived would require an expense, both of depends on the magnitude of the machine, time and money, which can be known -of a machine for multiplying any only to those who have themselves attempt. number of figures by any number, Í ed to execute mechanical inventions. of have several sketches; but it is not yet the greater part of that which has been brought to that degree of perfection mentioned, I have at present contented which I should wish to give it before it is myself with sketches on paper, accompa. to be execated. I have also certain prin. nied by short memorandums, by which I ciples by which, if it should be desirable, a might at any time more fully develop the table of prime numbers might be made, contrivances; and, where any new princiextending from 0 to 10 millions. Another ples are introduced, I have had models machine, whose plans are much more ad- executed, in order to examine their acvanced than several of those just named, tions. For the purpose of demonstrating is one for constructing tables which have the practicability of these views, I have no order of differences constant.--A vast chosen the engine for differences, and liave variety of equations of finite differences constructed one of them, which will promag by its means be solved, and a variety duce any tables whose second differences of tables, which could be produced in suc- are constant. Its size is the same as that cessive parts by the first machine I have which I should propose for any more exmentioned, could be calculated by the lat- tensive one of the same kind: the chief ter one with a still less exertion of human difference would be, that in one intended thought. Another and very remarkable for use there would' be a greater repetipoint in the structure of this machine is, tion of the same parts, in order to adapt it that it will calcnlate tables governed by to the calculation of a larger number of laws which have not been hitherto shown figures. Of the action of this engine, you to be explicitly determinable, or that it have yourself had opportunities of judging, will solve equations for which analytical and I will only at present mention a few methods of solution have not

yet been con. trials which have since been made by some trived. Sapposing these engines executed, scientific gentlemen, 10 whom it has been there would yet be wanting other means shown, in order to determine the rapidity to ensure the accuracy of the printed ta- with which it calculates. The computed bles to be produced by them. The errors table is presented to the eye at two oppoof the persons employed to copy the site sides of the machine"; and, a friend figures presented by the engines would having undertaken to write down the numfirst interfere with their correctness. To bers as they appeared, it proceeded to remedy this evil, I have contrived means make a table from the fórmula x? +x+41. by which the machines themselves shall In the earlier numbers my friend, in writake from several boxes containing type, ling quickly, rather more than kept pace the numbers which they calculate, and with the engine ; but, as soon as four place them side by side ; thns becoming at fignres were required, the machine was at the same time a substitute for the compo. least equal in speed to the writer. In anositor and the computer: by which means ther trial it was found that thirty numbers all error in copying, as well as in printing, of the same table were calenlated in two is removed. -'There are, however, two minutes and thirty seconds; as these consources of error which have not yet been tained eighty tuo figures, the engine proguarded against. The ten boses with duced thirty-three every minute. In which the engine is provided contain each another trial it produced fignres at the about three illousand types; any box hav

rate of forty-four in a minute. As the MONTHLY MAR, No. 373.

M m


machine may be made to move uniformly STATE OF THE THERMOMETER AND BAby a weight, this rate might be maintained ROMETER IN AUGUST AND SEPT. 1822. for any length of time, and I believe few

Thermometer. Barometer. writers would be found to copy with equal speed for many hours together. Imper.


Morning. fect as a first machine generally is, and

Ang. 24

49 66 29.70 suffering as this particular one does from



66 great defect in the workmanship, I have

42 64

66 every reason to be satisfied with the accu.

41 68

66 28

47 racy of its computations; and, by the few


68 skilful mechanics to whom I have in con

29 .. 52 62

50 fidence shown it, I am assured that its


48 62 principles are such, that it may be carried

41 70

87 to any extent. In fact, the parts of which

Sept. 1

47 70 30. it consists are few, but frequently repeat


63 99-90 ed, resembling in this respect the arith

56 68

83 metic to which it is applied, which, by the


90 aid of a few digits often repeated, produces

5 .. 56 67

80 all the wide variety of number. The


78 wheels of which it consists are numerous,


90 hut few move at the same time, and I

53 64

78 lave employed a principle by which any




10 ... small error that may arise from accident

37 68

98 or bad workmanship is corrected as soon

11 ... 52 60 30. as it is produced, in such a manner as

12 ... 54 68 29.74 effectually to prevent any accumulation of


43 65 30 small errors from producing a wrong


45 64 figure in the calculation.--Of those contri.


54 63 99.90 vances by which the composition is to be

51 75

97 effected, I have made many experiments

54 73

97 and several models; the results of these

18 . 53

SO leave me no reason to doubt of success,


29.99 which is still further confirmed by a work.

54 70

52 70

80 ing model that is just finished.

22 •••• 55




HA ARVEST was finished in the southern fective in both; as to Swedes, scarcely

and forward districts during the any quotable crop. The eagerness of the course of the last month; in the northern farmers, and the two growths, occasioned and less favoured, during the present. A part of the wheat almost every where to tolerably accurate general estimate may be carted and stacked prematurely; whence now be formed. On all the best lands, heating, and a necessity of preventive meawherever situated, the wheat crop is con. sares. A great hop and fruit year, even to siderably above an average, the quality in- pears, in some parts. The greatest grape commonly weighty and fine; and the scason of the last forty. The cider manu. straw, althongh not so bulky as in some factory has commenced. The live stock years, substantial and extremely valuable. and flesh markets, as well as that of corn, The oat-straw, as fodder, will almost equal have of late made some stand and some ad the hay of some years. The spring crops, vance in price; but autumn, the season of it is now confirmed, are generally defec- plenty and of overflow, is at hand. The tive, but the quality is generally good; fallows are backward for want of rain, and upon moist and productive light lands, very little wheat has yet been put into the however, some of these crops have reached earth. The state of the farming interest is an average ; and, with respect to barley, it truly deplorable, in which the poor laja remarked in the barley courties, that the bourer must necessarily share. It is old stock on hand equals in quantity the greatly to the honour of Sir Henry Bonnew growth. Hays and grasses rather of bury, that he has taken the lead in recomfine condition than very great plenty, with mending, by a circular to his Suffolk exceptions of heavy crops and constant tenantry, the discontinuance for the present p!enty of green food, particularly aftermath of the use of the threshing machine. on various parts. On potatoes and turnips Smithfield :-Beef, 28. 4d. 10 38. 8d.nothing new, the former a universally pro. Mutton, 28. 60. to 38. 6d.--V'eal, 98. 6d. ductive growth, the quantity greatly cue to 3s. 8d.-Pork, 2s. 6d, dairy do. 38. 6d. hanced by superior quality, the latter di to 43.-Lamb, 28. 6d. to 38.- English


bacon, 38. 8d. to 45. 4d. — Irish, quality of — The quartern loaf in London, 9dom late inferior, Ss. to Ss. 60.-Raw fat, Hay, 428. to 41. 48.-Clover, do. 45s. to 28. 9.

928.–Straw, 24s, to 408. Corn Exchange:Wheat, 234. to 54s. Coals in the pool, 36s. 6d. to 43s. 9d. -Barley, 16s. to 345.-Vats, 14s. to 30s. Middlesex ; Sept. 23.


Number of Gullons of Malt Spirit received into Stock by cach nf the Principal Rectifying

Houses in England in the Years 1818, 1819, 1820, and 1821.

[blocks in formation]

90,454 45,519

Hodges and Co. London..... 490,384 548,800 536,587 531,956 526,932 P. Booth and Co. do. ...

485,974 384,850 286,569 277,054 | 358,612 Gordoo, Koight, and, 282,325 267,588 233,884 | 288,105 | 267,925 Sir Robert Barnett and Co. do. 204,950 262,551 239,940 | 254,548 | 235,197 Smith and Goldie, do.....

283,258 221,260 200,947 | 209,555 228,755 Sedger and Co. do.......

216,103 218,295 200,866 276,267 227,683 M. Langdale and Co. do.

255,562 206,947 149,313 | 144,101 188,981 Joho Nicholson, do.

159,460 151,180 161,706 163,545 158,974 Robt. Preston and Co. Liverpool 169,700 135,649 163,201 162,418, 157,749 Thomas Castle and Co. Bristol 106,263 | 125,057 155,918 179,469 | 141,677 Child, Vickers and Co. London.. 132,418 | 132,210 116,989 | 113,875 | 123,880 John Bockett and Co. do.

115,854 105,293 115,236 | 116,278 | 112,665 H. Pidgeon and Co. do..... 135,386 96,958 109,116 97,034 109,623 G. Richards and Co. do...

106,492 | 109,666 88,685 | 109,917 103,690 James Bishop and Co. do.. 104,597 97,480 82,285 105,619 97,345 James Deady, do. 103,110 88,869

41,938 M. Currie and Co. do.

91,647 79,566 74,167 36,292 75,593 Thos. Siddon and Co. Liverpool 66,978 87,203 64,810 71,305 72,57+ John Reid, London.

77,463 74,519

69,936 67,132 72,262 T. Browning and Co. do.

89,818 61,588 58,832 74,144 71,045 Thomas Davies, do.

81,335 62,728 68,592 68,676 70,335 H. and W. Pounsett, do.

79,320 71,865 62,666 65,788 69,910 'T. Gaitskell and Co. do.

68,679 56,309 53,780 68,057 61,706 Thomas Wyatt and Co. do.

69,209 59,877 55,937 55,666 59,922 Holmes and Co. do.

66,938 49,712 57,020 52,506 56,548 F. Williams, Worcester

64,449 55,581 50,935 46,158 54,273 N. Manghan, London

59,023 49,850 51,505 51,315 1 52,924 PRICES OF MERCHANDIZE.

Aug. 26.

Sept. 20. * Cocoa, W. I. common • £2 8 0 to

2 12 0

8 0 to

2 10 Opercwt. -Coffee, Jamaica, ordinary 4 15

5 2 4 1S 0

4 18 0 do. fine 5 12 0

5 16
6 16 0

7 8 do. Mocha

10 0 10 10 0 8 10 0 10 10 0 do. Cotton, W. I. common. . 0 71 0 0 82 07 0

0 8{ per lb. Demerara

0 0 104

0 82

0 ( 10 do. Carrants

5 11 0
5 18 0 5 2 0

5 15 0 per cwt. Figs, Turkey

2 16

3 0
2 10

2 14 0) do. Flax, Riga ...

52 0

53 0 0 52 0 0 53 0 O per ton, Hemp, Riga, Rhine ....42 0

43 0 0 43 0 0 44 0 0 do. Hops, new, Pockets ... 3 0

4 10 0 $ 10 0

4 15

O percwt. Sussex, do. 2 16

3 À 0 2 16 0

3 10 0 do. Iron, British, Bars 9 0

10 0 0 9 0 0 10

O per ton, Pigs 6 0 0 7 0 0 6 0 0

7 0 0 Oil, Lucca

39 0 0
0 0 0 39 0 0

0 () O per jar.
55 0 0 56 0 0 55 0 0 36 0

() per ton. Rags.

2 0 0
0 6 2 0 0

2 ( 6 per cwt. Raisins, bloom or jar, new 5 0 0 0

5 0 3 10 0 do. Rice, Patna kind 0 14 0 0 16

0 13 0

0 15 do, East India........ 0 11 0

0 13 0

( 10
0 12

do. Silk, China, raw.. 0 17

1 1 6
0 17 1

1 1

6 per 1h. Bengal, skein 0 15 1

0 18
0 15 1

0 18 7 do. Spices, Cinnamon

0 7 0
0 7 6

7 0

0 7 6 do. - Cloves 0 36 0 311

S 3

0 3 11 do. Nutmegs ....

0 3 8
0 S 10 0 3 8

3 10 do.


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0 0



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0 0 0 0

0 8 8


1 2




3 10

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8 1 0 4 10 0 0


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0 0


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Spices, Pepper, black .. 0

0 6

0 63 0 61 0 61 per lb. wuite.. 0 1 31 1 4 1 31

do. Spirits, Brandy, Cogniac ( 2 10

0 S 4

3 6 per gal. Geneva Hollands O 8

1 9

do. Rum, Jamaica 0 2 10


S do. Sugar, brown...

2 10 0

2 12
2 11 0

2 13 O per cwt. Jamaica, fine S 3

S 12

do. East India, brown 0 14 0

0 14 0

0 0 do. lump, fine...... 4 0


4 10 0 Tallow, town-unelted... 1 18 6

2 6
Russia, yellow 1 16 6

1 17
1 18

do. Tea, Bohea.. 0

2 53

2 54 per lb. , Hyson, best 0 5 5 0 5 5

do. Wine, Madeira, old .... 28 0 0


70 o per pipe → Port, old

0 0
48 0 24


do. Sherry 25 0 0 50 0


50 0


butt Premiums of Insurance.—Guernsey or Jersey, 128. a 158.-Cork or Dublin, 125. a 15s. --Belfast, 128. a 158.-Hambro', 10s, a 158.—Madeira, 20s, a S0s.-Jamaica, 258.– Greenland, out and home, 5gs. to 8 gs.

Course of E.xchange, Sept. 20.-Amsterdam, 12 7.-Hamburgh, 38.-Paris, 25 60. -Leghorn, 474.-Lisbon, 521.-Dublin, 94 per cent.

Premiums on Shares and Canals, and Joint Stock Companies, at the Office of Wolfe and Edmonds.--Birmingham, 5811.-Coventry, 10701.---Derby, 1401.-Ellesmere, 631.Grand Surrey, 541.--Grand Union, 18l.-Grand Junction, 2451.—Grand Western, St. -Leeds and Liverpool, 3651.—Leicester, 3001.—Loughbro', 35001.-Oxford, 7301.Trent and Mersey, 19101.-Worcester, 261. 108.—East India Docks, 1581.—London, 1111.-West India, 18341.–Southwark Bridge, 231.—Strand, 5l.Royal Exchange AssURANCE, 2651.—Albion, 501.—Globe, 1351.—GAS Light COMPANY, 711.-City Ditto, 1156.

The 3 per cent. Reduced, on the 20th was - ; 5 per cent. Consols, 80; 5 per cent. —; 4 per cent. - ; 4 per cent. (1822) 1004.

Gold in bars, 31. 178.6d. per oz.—New doubloons, 31, 138.60.-Silver in bars, 4s. 111d.

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ALPHABETICAL LIST OF BANKRUPTCIES announced between the 20th of Aug.

and the 20th of Sept. 1822: extracted from the London Gazette.

Humponies, ('. "Bishopsgate-street, liuen-draper.

BANKRUPTCIES. (This Month 72.]

Griffin, W. Old Swinford, Worcestershire, victualler.

(Smith, L. Solicitors' Names are in Parentheses.

Gribell, N. and M. Hellyer, East Stonehouse, DeALLEN, S. and T. C. Noble, Bristol, hosiers. vonshire, builders. (Mackinson, L. (Pallin

Hawkins, J. and J. Nottingham, timber-merchants. Barratt, T. Darenth Mills, Kent, paper-maker.

(Knowles, L. (Collins, Dartford

Harris, J. Birmingham, nail-factor. (Long and Co. Bateman, A. Bristol, victualler. (Poole and Co. L. Harris, T. jun. Ragland, Monmouthshire, cordBevill, C. P. Ipswich, jeweller. (Williams and Co. wainer. (King, L. Brain, Rev. T. Much Wenlock, earthenware-manu- Hayton, W. and M. Douglas, Suuderland, coal-fitfacturer. (Dax and Co. L.

ters. (Thompson, Bishopwearmouth Browing, T. sci. East Malling, Keut, farmer. (Clut- Hedge, J. Star-court, Little Compton-street, builder. ton and Co. L.

(Maugham Candler, J. Jewry-strect, Aldgate, flour-factor. Heseltine, R. Thisk, innkeeper. (Highmoor (Druce and Son

Hewson, J. and W. Robinson, Carlisle, dealers, Carter, H. Ratcliffe-highway, linen-draper. (Jones (Clennel, ... Cripps, J. Wisdeach, Cambridgeshire, draper. (Joues Hill, T. Thornbury, Gloucestershire, linen-draper. Dalton, J. Tottenham court-road, merchant. (Jen

(Poole und Co. L. nings and Co.

Higgin, R. Liverpool, mariner. (l.owe and Co. L. Day, J. and R. Camberwell-green, stone-mason,

(Shuter, L. Daris, T. Minories, stationer. (Thompson

Jackson, G, Manchester, dry-salter. (Whitlow Deni, J. Stone, Statfordshire, cheesemouger. (Ben. Jones, R. Newport, Monmoathshire, wine and spirit bow and Co. l..

merchant." (Bourdillon and Co. Dipper, F. Worcester, silk-mercer. (Becke, L. King, W. Cavendish, Suffolk, grocer. (Fawcett, L. Edwards, T. Liverpool, merebant. (Wheeler, L.

Leah, s. H, Old-street, watch-maker. (Browning Edwards, T. Tarvin, Cheshire, corn-dealer. (Phil. Leah, s. H. jun. Old-street, spirit-merchant. (Hill pot and Co. L.

Low, H. A. Sunderland, merchant. (Blakiston, L. Elmore, R. Edgbaston-street, Birmingham, flour- Lucas, W. Burnham, Sussex, farmer. (Freeman dealer. (Turner and Co. L.

and Co. L. Emery, J. Rosamond-street, Cierkenwell, victualler. Mortimer, J. sen. Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, mer(Cockayne and Co.

chant. Jones, L. Felton, R. 'High-street, Southwark, hop-merchant.

Mitchell, T. Bow, linen-draper. (Jones (Townshend

Norris, 'T. Bislopstone, Wilis, shoe-maker. (Hillier Firmin, J. Buliner, Essex, farmer. (Wiglesworth

and Co. L.. Plack, E. D. Manchester (Mackinson, 1..

Orlando, J. Newport, Moumouthshire, coal-merFletcher, P. C. and T. Queenhithe, coal-merchants.

chant, Meredith, L.. (Stevens and Co.

Papps, G. North-street, Lambeth, horse-dealer. Golding, T. and S. Ditton, Kent, paper-manufac

(Richardson tureis. (Cranch, L.,

Parker, C. Colchester, merchaut. (Stevens and Co. Grege, T. R. and W. Phene, jun. Watling-street, Pasley, J. Bristol, master-inariner. (Gregory confectioners. (Osbaldeston and Co. L.

Peyton, J. Christchurch, Hampshire, merchant. (Castleman, Wimborse, Dorset


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