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Fige, Turkey

9 10
14 0 9 10

9 14 0 do. Flax, Riga

52 0
53 0 0 53 10

54 0 O per ton. Hemp, Riga, Rhine 43 0

42 0 0 43

do. Hops, new, Pockets . 3 10 0 4 15

3 0 0 4 15 O percwl. -, Sussex, do. 2 16

3 10 0 2 10 0

2 18 do. Iron, British, Bars

0 10 0 0 8 15 0 10
6 0 7 0 0 6 0 0


do. Oil, Lucca S9 0 0

39 0 0

O per jar. - Galipoli..

55 0 0 56 0 0 58 0 0 59 Rags

2 0 6 2 6 Raisins, bloom or jar, new S5

3 10

0 do. Rice, Patna kind

0 13

0 15
0 13

0 15 do. East India..

0 10 0
0 12


0 12 .do. Silk, China, raw....

0 17

0 17

1 1
Bengal, skein ( 15

0 18 7 0 15

0 18 7 do. Spices, Cinnamon

0 7 0

7 6
7 2

0 S 3 0 3 11


39 Nutmegs

3 8

3 10
3 8

Spices, Pepper, black 0 0 62


0 6 80

06} per lb. wbite.. 0 1 SI 0 1


4 Spirits, Brandy, Cogniac 0 3

3 6

0 :
3 0

3 4 per gale Geneva Hollands O 1

1 8

9 do.
Rum, Jamaica


3 0 do. Sugar, brown... 2 11 0 2 13 2 13 0

2 14 Jamaica, fine 3 10

3 12 0 S 11

3 14 do. East India, brown 0 14

0 0 0 15 0

0 do. lump, fine...i

4 10


4 10 0 do. Tallow, town-melted... 0 6


0 do. Russia, yellow 1 18 6


6 do. Tea, Bohea...

2 53 2 51

2 54 per lb. Hyson, best..

0 5 5


do. Wine, Madeira, old .... 28



O per pipe Port, old

24 0


42 0 0 18 0 0 do. Sherry 20 () 0 50

20 0 0 50 0 O per batt Premiums of Insurance.Guernsey or Jersey, 20s. a 258.-Cork or Dublin, 208. : is. -Belfast, 20s. a 258.-Hambro', 158, a 208.—Madeira, 20s, a 80s.-Jamaica, 408. a 508.-Greenland, out and home, 5 gs. to 8 gs.

Course of Exchange, Oct. 25.-Amsterdam, 12 2.-Hamburgh, 37 9.–Paris, 25 50. - Leghorn, 474.-Lisbon, 521.–Dublin, 9į per cent.

Premiums on Shares and Canals, and Joint Stock Companies, at the Office of Wolfe an! Edmonds'.—Birmingham, 5801.—Coventry, 10701.—Derby, 1401.—Ellesmere, 636– Grand Surrey, 541.-Grand Union, 186.- Grand Junction, 2451.-Grand Western, 3.. -Leeds and Liverpool, 3651.-Leicester, 3001.-Loughbro', 35001.---Oxford, 7501Trent and Mersey, 19101.-Worcester, 261.108.--East India Docks,

- London, 1181.-West India, 1881.--Southwark Bridge, 231.—Strand, vl.-Royal Exchange ASSURANCE, 2651.-Albion, 531.—Globe, 1951.-Gas Light COMPANY, 711.--City Ditto, 1171.

The 3 per cent. Reduced, 'on the 26th was 821 ; 3 per cent. Consols, 82}; } per cent. 936; 4 per cent. 993; 4 per cent. (1822) 103.

Gold in bars, 31. 178.6d. per oz.–New doubloons, 31.158.0d.-Silver in bars, 48. 1144.

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Alphabetical List of BANKRUPTCIES announced between the 20th of Sept.

and the 20th of Oct. 1822: extracted from the London Gazette. BANKRUPTCIES. [This Month 56.) Chapman, G. Old Bond-street, fruiterer. (Sirain Solicitors' Names are in Parentheses.

and Co. ALLWOOD, C., Walcot, Somersetshire, confec- Chambers, C. Steel-yard, Upper Thames street, tioner, (Stephen, L.

ironmonger. (Cole Baker, S. Listou, Essex, miller. (Wiglesworth, L, Clark, W. Maiden-lane, Corent-garden, soda-water Blackband, G. Gnosall, Staffordshire, grocer.

manufacturer. (Jones and Co. (Hicks, L.

Clark, G. D. Strand, merchant. (Dodd Bolton, E. Birmingham,

victualler. (Long and Co. Cuff, J. Regent-street, St. James's, jeweller. Bradford, G. and A. Paradise, Bristol, brokers.

(Mayhew (Williams and Co. L.

Day, J. Fenchurch-buildings, merchant. (Lane Braithwaite, W. Leeds, manufacturer. (Makinson Denham, C. R. Fetter-lane, ironmonger. Tubb Burrow, T. Kendal, meal-merchant. (Wilson

Durham, J. Lower Shadwell-str. butcher. "(Keeling Butcher, w. Sutton, in Ashfield, Nottingbamshire, Everthi, J. Pioner's-hall, merchant and gun-manumercer, (Hall and Co. L.

facturer. (Martindale Buckley, J. Saddleworth, Yorkshire, woollen-cloth Fenner, T. jun. and J. Why, Holbord, lacemen.

manufacturer. (Brundrett, L. Cayme, J. jun. and F. B. Watis, Yeovill, Somerset- Franceys, S. and F. P. Liverpool, marble-masons. sbire, spirit merchants, (Chilton

(Allington apd Co. L.


Frosty 3. Derby. saddler and harness maker. Middleton, W. Liverpool, tea-dealer. (ChesterL. Barber, L.

Musson, V. Gelding-street, Bermondsey, baker. Frost, J. sen. Bridlington Quay, corn-merchant. (Wilkinson,!L. Grace, L.

Oldfield, R. S. Hull, merchant. (Shaw, L. Gray, J. Kingston, Surrey, linen-draper. (Reardon Palfrey, w. Hinchwick, Gloucestershire, farmer. and Co. L.

(Pritchard, L. Hanscomb, J. H. Newport Pagnell, lace-manufac- Pearson, T. Walford, Staffordshire, maltster. (Hubturer. Jupp and Co. L.

bard and Co. Cheadle Hart, S. G. Harwich, merchant. (Saunders and Co. Prideaux, P. C. Plymouth, timber-merchant. Herbert, T. Jun. Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, (Wright, L. anctioneers. (Hewitt

Salmon, S. Regent-street, stationer. (Fielder Higginbotham, N. Macclesfield, malt and hop mer- Sharp, M. Liverpool, master-mariner. (Chester chant. (Ellis, L.

Spencer, W. Swansea, paper-maker. (Price, L. Howarth, J. C. Bath, dealer. (Adlington and Co. Tye, E. Sifton, Suffolk, farmer. (Woodhouse, L. Hutton, w. jun. Chowbent, Lancashire, money. Wake, R. B. Gainsborough, timber-merchant. serivener. (Adlington and ('o. L.

(Allen and Co. L. Jacks, T. Bishopsgate Without, foar-fnctor. (Lee Watson, G. B. Rock Lodge, Durham, corn-merJohaston, J. High-street, Wapping, grocer. (Smith chant, (Megyison and Co. L. and Co.

Webber, J. Bath, currier. (Mackinson, L. Lase, W. Alderton, Gloucestershire, cattle-dealer. White, W. B. Strand, draper. (Yates (Bousbeld, L.

Wheeler, J. jun. Abingdon, grocer. (Graham Martin, J.Oakham, Surrey, wheelwright. (Walter Wool, J. Bishopsgate-street without, grocer. (Col. May, W. Wellington-place, Goswell-street, baker, lips and Co. Daere

Weaver, G. Bristol, ironmonger. (Pool, I. Mik, O. Warwick, wine-merchant. (Charsley, L. Yates, W. Lancaster, dealer. (Edleston, Blackburn Middleton, J. T. Stone, Staffordshire, coach-pro- Yates, G. Eccleshill, Lancashire, dealer.' (Edleston, prietor and farmer. (Barber


Anderson, A. Philpot-lane
Good, P. P. Clapton

Plant, B. Birmingham
Baser, T. Wolverhampton
Gough, J. Bath

Pritcharl, J.D. Tipton, Staffordsh.
Barton, J. Blackburn
Grant, W.Oxford-street

Pritchard, W. and E. Bevan, Berry, M. Newsome Cross, Yorksh. Grittiths, T. High-row, Knights

Bàstiop, J. Broad-st.

Rainey, R. Spilsby
Blackburn, W. Bedford, Lancash. Haggart, J. Limehouse-hole Reddali, w. and T. Liverpool
Booth, T. Newark, and A. Booth, Harris, T. St. Nicholas, Wor- Rossiter, J. Shepton Mallet


Richardson, G. Horncastle Boyes, J. jun. Wansford, Yorksh. Handley, J. Coton, Staffordshire Robinson, M. A. Red Lion-street, Bors, G. F. and J. Hull Harrison, J. Sandwich

Holborn Brennard, T. Breed-street

Hayton, J. W. Greenfield, Flint- Robinson, J. Manchester Browne, W.J. Liverpool

şbire, and M. P. Leasinby, Saintey, T. Cuttenham, CamBrowne, J. and J. Gregson,


bridgeshire Charles-st. Grosvenor-square Higgs, W. Strand

Salisbury, T. Preston Bryan, W. L. and R. G. Gunnell , Hudson, W. Bayswater

Sanderson, R. Doncaster Poultry

Jopson, W. and C. Wignal, Li- Seward, A. Salisbury Bloxen, J. H. Mint-square, verpool

Skidmore, W. Sheffield Tower-hill

Jones, E. Tattenhall, Cheshire Slade, T. sen. Bartholomew-close Bliss, N. Water-lane, Fleet-street Judd, J. Derby

Stabb, T. Torquay, Devonshire Burgess, D. and M. Lord, Roch- Kermode, w. Liverpool

Stromhorn, J. Austin Friars Kilshaw, E. Lancaster

Symons, P. Plymouth Berall, J. Swansea

Knibb, B. Billingborough, Lin. Tabrum, R. and J. Barron, Byass, H. Rayleigh


Walbrook Chapman, w. Gravesend

Knight, T. Chipping Sodbury Taylor, W. Great Yarmouth Chabb, ('. Portsen

Landon, T. Hartford, Cheshire Thomas, D. Carmarthen Clay, R. Stamford

Leach, ś, and J. Hinchcliff, Ca- Trigg, H. and J. Ratcliit, Hertford Coates, C. Stanton Drew, Somer- teaton-street

Tugwood, J. Lancaster Ketshire

Mabson, W. Kelsall, Suffolk Vipond, G. Ludgate-hill (ollier, T. Newport, Shropshire Mawhood, R. jun. Wakefield Vincent, J. Regent-street Cropper, T. Warrington, Laucash. Massey, J. Heaton Norris, Lan- Warwick, R. Warwick-ball, CumCreswell, R. Burgh-in-the-Marsh, cashire

berland Lincolnshire

M Nair, A. Abchurch-lane Walters, J. Studbam, Hertfordsh. Davidson, W. and A. Garnitt, Mavor, T. Liverpool

Watson, H. Bolton-le-Moors Liverpool

Melhuish, J. Crediton, Devonsh. Webb, G. Coruhill
Day, R. Crooked-lane
Miles, S. Ludgate-street

Wainewright, W. S. Fraser, R. Diekios, E. Eynsford, Kent Milne, A. G. Mitre-court, Fen. Vose, and J. Low, Liverpool Dobell, J. Staple hoest, Kent charch-street

White, J. Tarporley, Cheshire Drake, J. Lewisham

Mills, J.Water-lane, Tower-street White, S. W. Edingley, NottingDartnall, J. Dover

Millward, J. Redditch, Worces- hamshire Edwards, J. Vine-st. Spitalfields tershire

Wilson, R. Clement's-lane Elgic, W. Ruswarp, Yorkshire Miller, J. C. and A. Bishopsgate. Wilkinson, W. Norton, Derbysh. Eyn, W. Cockspur-street, Charing street

Williams, S. Bristol Cross

Mitchell, E. and S. Norwich Westron, M. Wellington, SomerFindley, J. L. Sparrow Corner, Matthews, T. High Holborn

setshire Minories Flisnt, G. London Wall

Parker, J. Chappel-street, Mary- Wood, M. Mytton, Kingstonle-bone

upon-Hull French, R. Winpoie, Cambridges. Peters, J. and F. Weston, Bristol Whitesmith, W. Old Fish-street Gaston, S.Wood-street, Cheapside Pigot, w. Ratcliffe-highway Young, G. Salisbury.



OUR latest crop, the potatoe, has been from the continuance of the drought

universally harvested and stored, fully throughout September, the wheat seed-seajustifying the predictions as to quantity son was somewhat late, but the warm and and quality. The quantity of this ad genial rains of the present month enabled mirable American root at preseut culti- the farmer to complete it in the best manKated in Britain and Ireland, compared ner; the young wheats are every where with the growth of half a century since, above ground, and, upon warm and fruitful may be stated as more than fifteen to one. soils, make a beautiful and loxuriant appearance. With reference to the present change of currency can possibly prove agricuitural distress, a very small extent of remedial in the case, is the most extravaland, indeed, has been thrown out of cul- gant and fanciful that was ever set afloat. ture; the reason sufficiently obvious. In There is a prospect that a commutation Ireland even, the land left uncultivated is will take place in the title system of comparatively small. Both islands super. Ireland ; and, if the just and the needful in abound with all the necessaries of life, and that ancient grievance be not shortly the one thing needful is a good export effected in this country, onr national chatrade; a blessing, whether at present or in racter will snffer, in an equal degree, with future, imattainable under an insane and our national interest and prosperity. The flagitious slave-barden of taxation. But late numbers of sales, under execution, of may the people, who are enamoured of farming stock, exceed all possible ideas or tax-paying, enjoy their idol! The warm speculation. The hard-heartedness of showers have greatly improved the tur. some landlords has been chronicled ; but, nips; and, upon fine light lands, some win- we believe, generally, the proprietors have ter roots have been sown, with other green done all in their power to support their crops for spring cattle food. Much is not distressed tenantry; and, if the report of reported of the carrot crop, but we be- the Bath paper be correct, the noble lieve it to be good, affording an opportu. head of the house of Berkeley has gained nity to those who judiciously allow that immortal honour. most wholesome diet to their horses, as a Smithfield :-Beef, 28. to 35.-Mutton, substitute for part of their corn. The 20d. to 35.-Veal, 28. to 48.-Pork, 18. 8d. prices of corn have been somewhat steady to 38. 4d.--Lamb, 28. 6d. to 2s. 8d.of late; indeed, fine samples have generally Bacon, mais --Raw fat, 28. 6 d. hitherto fetched a considerable price; and, Corn Exchange:-Wheat, 23s. to 59s until lately, the same might have been said – Barley, 188. to 348.- Oats, 178. to Sos. of the superior articles in the flesh mar. - London price of best bread, 4lb. for 7 d. kets. There is an universal overflow in --Hay, 558. to 888.Clover, do. 70s. to the country markets and fairs; the popnla- 888.--Straw, 278. to 40%. tion is fully supplied, and the means in Coals in the pool, 388.6d, to 46s, 60, operation for the re-production of such Middleser ; Oct, 23. effect; thence, the notion that a mere




barbarians of the North into the THE nations of Europe, under the affairs of the civilized world; and

malign influence of the aspiring we should become wholly so, if the Muscovite, have been assembled by same ministers were to lend their their representatives during the month avowed co-operation to the universal at Verona. What good to mankind Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese, nacan result from such a confederacy? tions, in their struggles to acquire soWe tremble as our pen passes over cial emancipation. the paper; for Despots do not confede

GREAT BRITAIN. rate to promote liberty, and, if the The chief occupation of the merJews of London are permitted to lend chants and speculators of London seems money for any purpose whatever, then now to be directed to the negociation the fortunes of Europe are at the dis. of Loans for foreign governments. posal of Jews, and of Cossacks, and Every country in the world has recentother barbarians, whom money can ly effected loans in London, and hence bring in countless hordes into the field. that diversion and appropriation of Never could the condition of the capital, the want of which is so much world be more unfortunate or igno- felt in the local markets of Britain. minious than to be thus placed under When, a few months ago, we fully exthe avarice of Jews, and the swords plained that inadequate prices were of Tartars! But we are told that owing to the periodical collection and the British ministry will no longer con- transmission of every spare pound to cur in sustaining the frightful ascen- London for taxes, roceived and accudancy of Russia ; and, if it be not mulated by capitalists, many persons now too late, we hope it may prove pretended that the amounts were neso! Much as we abhor their past po- vertheless returned in transactions of licy at home and abroad, we should commerce. We denied the fact; we become half-ministerial, if the British shewed that at best the amounts were cabinet withhold their participation but fractionally returned; and that in the further introduction of the the accumulation of these fractions


by speculators and money-jobbers, must continue to suffer a deprivation must soon deprive the provinces of all of currency; and, if wheat averages circulation, and tend more and more but 35s. this year, it will average but to lower prices. But now it appears 30s. or 25s. next year, if

grown at all. that, in addition to all former causes Never did ignorance and cupidity of difficulty, are superadded the drains conspire in the same manner to ruin to foreign nations in the shape of an industrious and flourishing people! loans, resulting from the glut of money We refer for details of these reasonin London. The provinces, therefore, ings to our Number published Aug. 1.

An Account of the Value of all Imports into, and of all Exports from, the United Kingdom

of Great Britain and Ireland, during each of the Three Years ending Jan. 5, 1822, cu'culated at the Official Rates of Valuation, and slated exclusive of the Trade between Great Britain and Ireland reciprocally.

[blocks in formation]

Imporis und Exports of Greut Britain, exclusive of Ireluru.

[blocks in formation]

1821 ...

£ 29,654,898 32,923,574 9,879,236 £42,802,810 €34,248,495 31,484,108 37,818,035 10,525,025 48,343,061 35,168,669 29,675,320 10,194,892 10,670,880 50,865,773 35,826,082

AR Account of the Unfunded Debt and Demands Outstanding, on the bth Jun. 1822.

[blocks in formation]

Exchequer Bills :-Provided for......

Unprovided for
Miscellaneous Services
Warrants for Army Services
Treasury Bills of Exchange, drawn from Abroad.
Irish Treasury Bills (Exchequer Bills):-


Provided for
Unprovided for





912,296 1,105,630




[blocks in formation]

Total of Ordinary Revenues .... 58,857,477 50,734,877 The following is the official return of the Revenue for the quarters ending October 10:




Decrease on the Quarter

805,598 FRANCE.

the forced restoration ; and the vexaThe unhappy persons who engaged tious surveillance to wbich all are in the late premature conspiracies in subjected by the police, the residence France have all been put to death,- of the English is become neither safe save two, who, in the tenderness of mi- nor pleasant. They are therefore nisterial favour, are (if such power last either leaving or avoiding France, so long) to suffer fiìtoen and twenty the Netherlands being thirty per cent. years' imprisonment! Death would cheaper, and the government far more have been more charitable! These liberal, while every purpose of agree. parties could not wait, like their co- able residence is effected at Brussels, patriots, for “ La Cloche de Notre Ghent, Bruges, and other splendid Dame," which is now the popular toast towns, without the personal inconvein France.

nience and danger which arise from the During the mouth, Mr. BowRING, effervescence of parties in France. It an English merchant, whose liberal is alien to every feeling of an Englishprinciples are well known, was arrest- man to be obliged to walk about with ed at Calais, bis letters and papers a permit in his pocket, to be required taken from bim, and his person closely to give notice of cvery change of resiimprisoned. Most other Englishmen dence to the police, to have his route in France might be arrested for as va- directed when he travels, and the port lid reasons! Sir Robert Wilson, and time fixed at wbich he is allowed too, who was on an excursion of plea- to embark ! sure in Paris, has becn ordered away It is no satisfaction to such persons at a few hours' notice. In short, bc- to know, that the French are as closely tween the insults to which unknown watched as they are,-that a countryEnglish are exposed from the French man must have a permit to go and return people, as supposed participators in from markct; that a gentleman in

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