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logical work, written on six hundred be added several cases of deaf and pages of vellum, and two others. The dumb, in which much effective aid has theological work is in possession of T. been administered. Millar, esq. of Carrickfergus, and is a The first part of the Cabinet of Porfine specimen of early penmanship. traits will appear on the 1st of JanuThe copy of Ossian confirms the doc- ary, containing-Burns, engraved by trines of Mr. Campbell, and will throw Scriven"; Corneille, by Thomson ; new lights on that celebrated con- Shaw, the Linnean professor, by troversy.

Cooper; Bishop Sherlock, by FreeAmerican invention seems to rival man; and the late President West, that of England and Germany. The by. Meyer; accompanied by Biogranames of Fulton and Perkins are fol- phical Sketches, by Robert Scott, lowed by that of Church. This last author of "the History of the Reign gentleman is now in London, and, in of George the Third." A Part, conconcert with our machinists, is con- taining five prints, will appear every structing an apparatus, which, if suc- month. cessful, will improve the art of print- A Sequel to the Unpublished Manuing as much as printing itself was an script of Henry Kirke White's, is preimprovement of copying with the pen. paring, by the author of “the Wonders His improvement extends to casting, of the Vegetable Kingdom Displayed." as well as composing; and, by simpli- The Antiqnities of Free-masonry, fying the casting process, and saving, comprising illustrations of the five the expense of distributing, he pro- grand periods of masonry, from the poses to compose always from new creation of the world to the dedicatypes, re-melting after the edition is tion of King Solomon's Temple, will worked off. The re-casting for every soon be published, by G. Oliver, vicar new composition is connected with of Clec. the regular laying of the types; and, The History and Topography of when thus laid, it is intended to com- London and its Environs, to correspose, by means of keys like those of a' pond with Pinnock's County Histories, piano-forte, each key standing for a with a map of twenty-five miles round letter or letters. By these means the metropolis, is preparing for puberrors would be avoided in the compo-' lication. sition, and the progress would be far Rassela Principe d'Abissinia, opera more rapid than at present.

del Signor Dottor Johnson, will soon Pulpit Orations, Lectures, and Ser- appear. mons, delivered in the Caledonian An Introduction to the Hebrew LanChurch, Hatton Garden, by the Rev. guage, by W. Heinemann, professor E. Irving, a.m. in one volume, octavo, of the Hebrew and German Lan

guages, and author of the Catechism The Actress, or Countess and No of Hebrew Grammar," “ an IntroducCountess, a novel, in four volumes, by tion to German Reading,” will be pubthe author of Malcolm," "Douglas, lished in January. ke. will be published in January, Early in January will be published,

The Noble Pilgrim, a novel, in three Relics of Literature, by S. Collet, volumes, by W. Gardiner, author of A.m. in octavo, with a frontispiece of " the Story of Pigou,” &c.; also, Ed- autographs of eminent characters. ward Williamson,

a narrative, by the The Lives of Scottish Poets are ensame author, will shortly be published. tirely completed, and will be ready in

Mr. Grant, of Crouch End, has in a few days, in three volumes, with the press, and nearly ready for publi- thirty portraits. cation, a new edition of his Institutes The Orlando Furioso of Ariosto, of Latin Grammar, revised and consi- translated by W. S. Rose, cantos 1 derably augmented.

and 2, foolscap octavo, will soon be lo a sermon lately preached for the published. benefit of the Royal Dispensary for Memoirs of the Life of Rossini are Diseases of the Ear, it was stated that, in the press, with an historical and since the establishment of the charity critical account of his compositions, in 1816, upwards of 3,750 patients and an historical sketch of the state of allicted with deafness, or other dis- music in Italy, from the beginning of €ases of the ear, have been received, the present century to the year 1822, the greater number of whom have or the era of Rossini, by the author of beeu cured or relieved ; to which may the Lives of Haydn and Mozart.

are in the press.


In a few days will be published, and confidential, of Napoleon Bonaparte, with twenty-six engravings, a Narra- 7 vols. 8vo. tive of a Voyage round the World in

V. The Notes in the volume entitled the Uranie, Capt. Freycinet, dispatch

“ La Battaile d'Austerlitz," by the Aused on a scientific expedition by the trian general, Baron Stutterheim. 8vo. French government during the years

VI. Manuscript of the Isle of Elba, 1817, 18, 19, and 20, in a series of let of the Bourbons in 1815. Memoirs of

Napoleon, Book IX. ters to a friend, by J. Arago, draftsman VII. On the Education of Princes of to the expedition.

the Blood of France.

VIII. Notes to the Moniteur, on the A General and Universal Bulletin Translations from the English Journals of Scientific Intelligence and Notices, which were submitted to him. dedicated to the learned of all coun- IX. An Essay, for a prize given by the tries, and to national and foreign li- Academy at Besançon. braries, published under the direction X. A History of Corsica, in vols. of the Baron De FERUSSAC, is an

12mo. When in garrisou at Auxonne, in nounced in Paris. Its object is to 1790, he invited M. Joly to come and make known :

1st. All kinds of negotiate for printing the work. Bonaparte writings published upon the sciences

occupied in the Pavillon a chamber, alproperly so called, general and parti- a table set in the window, covered with

most empty, its furniture being a bad bed, cular treatises, dissertations, essays, books and papers, and two chairs. One particular memoirs, maps, plans, en- of his brothers slept on a mattress in an gravings, and lithographs. 2dly. Every adjoining apartment. They agreed upon interesting fact, of whatever nature it the price ; but Bonaparte was sent to may be, which shall have been insert- Toulon, and the work was never printed. ed in any periodical or daily journal. XI. Report on a Polygraphical Instru. 3dly. Whatever scientific

news private ment, for printing Circulars with rapidity. correspondence may furnish, divided

XII. Count Dzialinski has a maguinto three sections: 1st. Advertise- script of from thirty to forty folio pages, ments of works; 2d. Extracts from the many docnments on the history of the

verified to be Bonaparte's, containing journals ; 3d. Scientific news, or ex

times, from about the year 1790 to the tracts from private correspondence. conimencement of the war in Italy, It will be commenced in January XIII. The Manuscripts of his History 1823, and a number will be published and public Life, written at St. Helena, in at the end of every month, consisting possession of his Testamentary Executors, of from eight to ten sheets.

OERMANY. The late Emperor of France was General Menu having succeeded, the author of the following works :- under the protection of Mebemed-Al

J. Letter of M. Bonaparte to M. Matteo Pacha, in collecting Egyptian antiButtafuoco, depnty from Corsica to quities, had them carefully packed in the National Assembly, 1790. Signed ninety-seven cases, and shipped them “ Bonaparte," and dated “Cabinet of for Hamburgh; but the vessel sunk in Milleli, the 28th January, second year of liberty," 1790. It consists of twenty-eight and Cuxhaven.

a gale of wind, between Heligoland pages, octavo, and issued from the press of M. Fr. X. Joly, printer at Dôle, when Bonaparte was lientenant in the regiment has published at Tauris a handsome

Mirza Djiaffar, a young Persian, of La Fère. He corrected the last proof sheets himself, and used to walk to edition of Gulistan de Sâady, the types Pôle for that purpose, setting out from of which, small and elegantly formed, Auxonne at four o'clock in the morning, were cut by himself. and, after his literary labour, partaking of A Turkish and an Italian press ara a breakfast with Ň. Joly, from whose establishing at Alexandria, and also a house he walked back to his garrison by Lyceum, under the superintendance noon; the distance is eight post leagues. of Nureddin Effendi. M. Amanthon, of Dijon, has a copy, given by the author to a female of Auxonne. II. The Supper of Beaucaire. Avignon, duct a journal, under the title of Hay.

Some Haytians have united to conSabin Journal, 1793. Octavo, and anonymous.

tian Propagator; and they will insert III. General and Complete Collection articles on politics, sciences, literaof the Letters, Proclamations, Speeches, ture, and the useful arts. It is to Messages, &c. of Napoleon' le Grand contain sixteen or twenty octavo pages, 2 vols. 8vo.

and will appear the 1st and 15th of IV, Inedited Correspondence, official every month.







PROCEEDINGS OF PUBLIC SOCIETIES. REPORT of the COMMITTEE of the house Number of Persons Committed, Convicted, of commons on the CRIMINAL LAWS. Sentenced, Acquitted, &c. in 1810 and 1818. OR the conduct of this Commit

Committed for Trial: tee, and for its able and laborious

Males ·

•3,733 11,335 Report, the world is indebted to the


• 1,413 2,232 unwearied industry and enlightened spirit of Sir James Mackintosh. We

Total ... ••5,146| 13,567 have already submitted some extracts to our readers, and we now introduce Convicted and Sentenced : some of the varied information con- To death*.

476 1,254 tained in the invaluable Appendix. Transportation for life..

122 On the subject of criminal law, we

14 years

31 236 differ radically from many of our mo

10 years

2 dern statesmen. We do not think

7 years •

526 1,692 that crimes against property are gene

Imprisonment, and severally rally committed from a propensity to

to be whipped, fined, pillo

ried, kept to hard labour, crime, but from the pressure of so- &c. &c.: ciety, and the difficulty of obtaining 5 years subsistence. Hence the increase of

4 years .... crimes in bad times, and hence the increase of juvenile offenders for want 2 years, and above 1 year 138 259 of employment. We think, too, that 1 year, & above 6 months, 424 1,026 punishments are too indiscriminate, 6 months, and under, 1,397 4,175 and that the accidental offender ought

Whipping, and fine.

235 to be treated very differently from old and often-convicted ones. Further,


3,158 8,958 that the forms of trial should be con- No Bills found, and not pro


1,130 2,622 ducted with more regard defence


858 1,987 than is now practised. Till these points are better regulated, our sym


5,146 13,567 pathy will overbalance our indignation against the objects of legal coer- * Of whom were executed 67 97


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3 years




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Arson, and other wilful Burning of Property
Pigamy :
Cattle Stealing

Maliciously Killing and Maiming
Child Stealing
Colu, Counterfeiting the Current

putting off and uttering Counterfeit

ditto (having been convicted as com-
mon utterers)
Embezzlement (by Servants)
Forgery, and Uitering
Forged Bank-notes, having in possession, &c.
Frame Breaking, and Destroying Machinery
Fraudulent Offences
Game Laws, Offences against
Horse Stealing :
Housebreaking in the Day-time, and Larceny
Larceny, simple...

- in Dwelling-houses, to the value of 40s.

in Shops, &c. privately, to the value of 5s.

[blocks in formation]

Carried forward MONTALY Mag, No. 376.

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Brought forward .......

Larceny on Navigable Rivers, &c. to the va-
lue of 40s. ........

of Naval Stores, to the valne of 208..
from Bleaching Grounds, &c.
froin the Person

Letters containing Bank Notes, &c. Secreting
and Stealing
Sending Threatening

1 Mail Robbery Manslaughter

S9 Murder

Shooting, Stabbing, and administering
Poison, with intent to.

concealing the Birth of their Infants 12
Oath, Unlawful, taking and administering
Prisoners of War, aiding the Escape of
Rape, &c.
Assault, with intent to commit

Riot, and feloniously demolishing Buildings
Robbery on the Person, on the Highway, and
other Places

Sheep Stealing, and Killing with intent to Stea! 39

Assault, with intent to commit, and otlier Unnatural Offences

29 Stolen Goods, Receiving..

29 Treason, High Transports, being at large, &e. Felony, and Misdemeacor, &c. (not otherwise described)


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180. 108 .. 769 2,190


49 176 1016



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Total convicted and commitied, in each year | 3,158 8,958 5,146
Number of Persons, churged with Criminal
Offences, commiltid for Trial to the dif.

Brought forward ferent Gaols in Englund and liales, during

Gloucester the Years 1810 and 1818.


JS10. 1818. Hants Anglesea

1 Hereford..

47 Bedford


Berks ....6

55 180

5 22 Kent

924 Bucks ..

47 89

563 1,771 Cambridge 19 99 Leicester..

55 Cardigan .... 23

08 Carmarthen

10 55 Nerioneth Carnarvor...!

2 15 Middlesex Chester 63 263 Monmouth

17 Cornwall. 38 135 Montgomery

14 Cumberland

32 50 Norfolk ... Denbigh 9 33 Northampton

SI Derby

37 113 Northumberland Devon 147 416 Nottingham

07 Dorset


120 Oxford Durham 35 76 Pembroke

8 Essex 103 S12 Radnor

9 Flint....

5 11 Rutland Giamorgan

32 Salop

Carried forward.... ?629,120

Carried forward.... 3,90729,917


y • 1,44 2,665

59 57 986

100 57

97 190





1910. 1818.

Number of Persons Erecuted in each Yeur, Brought forward ..3,907 9,917

from 1749 to 1818. Somerset..

118 470 Stafford



56 Sudok.

116 238 1750

56 1785 Surrey

943) 559 1751

63 1786

50 Sussex

66 232 1752

47 1787

92 Warwick

169 579


25 Westmoreland

1 16 1754

S4 1789 Wilts .... 78 260 1755 ...... 21


33 Worcester

661 939 1756 ...... 15 1791 ...... 34 York 248 669 1757 ..... 96 1792

24 1753


16 Total •5,146 13.567 1759

6 1794 1760 ...... 10 1795

22 Tolal Nam'ıer of Persons Erecutrd.

1761 ...... 17 1796
Xature of the Crimes. 1910.1 19.8.

13 1797

19 Arson, and other witfal Barn

32 1793

19 ing of Property



...... 51 Burglary, Housebreaking, &c. 16


1765 ...... 26 1800 ...... 19 Cattle Stealing

1 1
1766 ...... 20 1801

14 Coin, sittering connterfeit (hav.

1767 ...... 22 1802 ......10 ing beca before convicted

17 68
.... 97

1203 as a common atterer)

1769 ... 24


8. Forgery, and Utiering

18 21
49 1803 ......

10 Horse Stealing


34 1806 Larreny in a Dwelling-house,


37 1807 to the value of 405.



5 on a Navigable River,

32 1309

8 to the value of 40s.

46 1810

13 Moriler

38 1811

17 Shooting, Stabbing,


1812 ..

19 and administering Poison,

33 1813

17 with infeut to

23 1811

...». 21 Robbery on the Person, on the

30 1815

11 Highway, and other Places 61 13



1816 ...... 29 Rape



1817 ..... Sheep Stcaling

53 1818

..... 21 Sodomy

1 Transports, being at large, &c. i Total Exccuted

67 97



... 13

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To Mr. HENRY Brown, of Derby, for be otherwise occasioned by the ordiImprovements in the Construction of nary combustion of the fuel, when the Boilers, ichereby a considerable saring smoke and gas are suffered to escapé. of Fuel is effected, and Smoke rapidly The same contrivance is applicable consumed.-- July 1821.

also to' waggon-shaped boilers, and THIS invention consists i: the in- may be made to pass ander them in a

w be filled with water by mcans of " It is also further proposed to contract pipes passing from the boiler, which the fire-place by constructing a čase to 1ghe, by being carried through the contain water, which shall surround furnace under the boiler, causes the fire; leaving a small aperture at increased surface of water to be pre- the lower part of the back communisented to the action of the fire, and cating with the flues, by which the unthus ellects an economy in the con

consumed smoke and vapour may sumption of fuel; beside which, by pass into the fucs, and romd the causing an interraption to the direct boiler as usual. It is particularly obdraught of the fire, and thereby turn- served, that the fuel should not be ing the fame, the smoke and gas conducted to the back part of the furemitted become consumed, and pró- nace until its gas is fully consumed.duce a more intense hcat than would London Journal.


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