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if not, she makes them so by the manner never did the marble legends of the titled in which she works them up. Laun is the dead record a worthier name than that historian of ghost-stories, which have re- with which virtue consecrates the indis. ally occurred, but which have subse tinguished clay of the departed Combe.” quently been found capable of rational These letters are forty-four in number, explanation ; a translation of three or four written in the course of about two years, of his tales bas lately been published by from December 1806, to February 1809; Ackermann. The work is well executed, and their contents remind us of the and affords much wholesome food for the “ Letters 10 Eliza." There is this difover-credulous. Grimm is the collector ference, however, that in Sterne's case of “ Nursery Tales," and as such is well “half the convex world” intruded beknown to the English reader. Lothar has tween the correspondents; while in these, a volume on the plan of Ottmar's, the the parties seem never to have been for most essential difference being its in- two successive days asunder. They are feriority. On the same principle are two warm, affectionate, and filled with assig. volumes of “ Popular Tales," published at nations; but all apparent taint is reEisenach, without the author's name, but moved by the writer's perpetual allusions many of them are exceedingly entertain, to his declining health and lengthened ing. Lebrecht and Tieck are the authors years, and by a strain of moral reflection of many beautiful legends, but they have which runs through the whole. At what generally trusted to their own fancy in period of life the amatory affections of a stead of building themselves on antient mau become purely platonic, we are still traditions. Backzo's legends are some too yonng to determine. Mr. Combe thing in the manner of La Motte Fouqué, was a married man of sixty-seven, and though neither so fanciful nor so original. Marianne (Miss B- ), had just emerged But to detail all the volunies of German from her teens when the platonism began; legend and romance, would be to give a and it appears that some of her relatives bookseller's catalogue; for, not only has supposed that he had acquired a greater Moravia, Silesia, Thuringia, and Austria, influence over her than it became him to each its distinct legends, but every quarter possess." Under such circumstances there of the Harz Mountains, east, west. north. are females (we hope not a few) who and south, has its own exclusive terrors would have hesitated before publishing and, when to these are added the fictions these reiterated pledges of eternal friend. of later writery, the catalogue swells be- ship; but we will not judge harshly: they yond all reasonable limit.

promise profit, and poverty is a bitter In our Magazine for July last, we draught. There is a sillionette portrait of noticed the death, and gave a sketch of Mr. C. fronting the title, and a few po. the life, of WILLIAM COMBE, esq. the etical pieces at the close of the volume, author of the Diaboliad, and various other of which the following may be taken as a satyrical works of temporary fame; and specimen :we have now before us a small posthu.

To Marianne. mous volume, entitled, Letters to Marianne, And shall my gray hairs blend with those which are ascribed to that gentleman,

Which round your youthful beauties flow?

And will you nnrse the blowing rose The book is preceded by a well-written Amid the chill December snow? Advertisenient, containing some eulogistic Say, will you smootb my wrinkled brow memorials of the life of Mr. Combe, and With fond affection's wiuning grace?

And bid the cheerful smile to glow more particularly of its close, which was

Upon my pale and fuded fo 'e ? protracted to the age of eighty-three.

Oh, wlrile I tell of times long past, * In the heaviest hours of his painful en Can you forget the flatt'ring throng? durance," says his friendly biographer,

And will you shou the gay repast, " the estimable female, to whom

To hear me sing my ev'ning song?

ihese letters are addressed, ministered to his

And, when I've past life's feverish hours,

And long have bent to Fate's decree, comfort, and cheered his heart by her un From Pleasure's dome, or Love's gay bow'rs, wearied attentions; which never failed to Say, will you cilst a thought on me? restore him to complacency, if at any time And does a smile the promise give? a transient gloom chanced to gather round

Oh, take then to thy friendly breast,

And in thy bosom let it live, his thoughts, "She was unto him as a "My last affection, but my best. daughter;" and when the world seemed to liave deserted him, and life was fast LIST OF NEW WORKS. receding to its lowest ebb, he confessed and

BIBLIOGRAPHY. rejoiced in the cherishing support of her C. Baldwyn's classed Catalogue of Se. truly filial ministrations." "The present copd hand Books for 1824. 18. little volume,” continnes this kind writer, C. Baldwyn's Catalogue of Portraits, “ is submitted to the readers of his works, Drawings, &c. for illustration. 15. as containing a few of those pearls in Messrs. Underwood's new Catalogne of which was set the gem of an honest heart. Medical Books, comprising modern and This heart is now fast mouldering into approved works in Anatomy, Medicine, dust, within an upsculptared grave; but Surgery, Midwifery, Chemistry, &c. . MONTHLY MAG. No. 388.

• 3A


in Derbyshire; illustrated with a series of An Account of the Life and Writings engravings by Messrs. Cooke, from draw. of James Beattie, LL.D.; by Sir William ings by F. Chantrey, esq. R.A. Imp, 4to. Forbes, bart. 2 vols. 8vo. with a portrait. 31.--Royal 4to. 11. 14s. - Deniy, 11. 48. New edit. 215. boards.

Three Panoramic Views of Port JackCLASSICS.

son, New South Wales, with the Town of Clavis Horatiana, or a Key to the Odes Sidney and the adjacent Scenery; enof Horace: to which is pretixed a Life of graved by Hasell, from Drawings by Mathe Poet, and an account of the Horatian jor Taylor, 48th regt. 11. 1s, eacb, coluarMetres. 12mo, 7s. bds.

ed to imitate the original drawings. The Medea of Euripides, literally trans- Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey, lated into English verse, from the text of richly enibellished with numerous highly Porson, with the original Greek, the me. finished engravings and spirited wood cu's tres, the order, and English accentuation, by John Rutter, Shaftesbury. 4to. 11. 55. with notes for the use of Students; by J. large paper, 21. 10s. W.C. Edwards, M.a. 88.

Graphical and Literary Illustrations of The Prometheus Chained of Æschylus; Fonthill Abbey, Wilts; by John Britton, literally translated into English prose, F.S.A. Imp. 4to. from the text of Blomfield, by J. W.C.

GEOGRAPHY. Edwards, M.A. 8s.

The Bible Atlas, or Sacred Geography, COMMERCE.

delinealed in a complete Series of ScripturThe Laws, Duties, Drawbacks, &c. ral Maps, drawn from the latest and best of the Customs and Excise for the authorities, and engraved by Richard United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Palmer on twenty-six plates. 16s, colourIreland, brought up to the 10th of Or cd, or 12s. plain, half bound. tober, 1823; by Robert Ellis, of his

MATHEMATICS. Majesty's Customs, London. 8vo. 11. 18. Dublin Problems : being a collection of

The Merchant, Slijp-owner, and Ship- Questions proposed to the Candidates for master's Custom and Excise Guide ; by C. the Gold Medal at the General Examina. Pope, brought down to Sept. 1. 8vo. tions from 1816 to 1822 inclusive, succeedwith maps, 11. 15.

ed by an account of the Fellowship Exa. A new and complete Set of Decimal mination in 1823. 8vo. 68. 6d. Tables, on an improved system for calcu. An Elementary Treatise on Algebra, lating monies and weights, particularly Theoretical and Practical ; with attempts adapted for public and corporate bodies, to simplify some of the most difficult parts merchants, bankers, traders, and excl:anges of the science, particularly the demonbrokers: with an Appendix, containing strations of the Binomial Theorem in its various examples, and six Time Tables, most general form, the solution of equafor accounts current; by John Wesgate. tions of the higher orders, &c.; by J. R. 4to. 218, neatly bound.

Young. 8vo. 128. boards. Fairman's Account of the Public

MEDICINE. Funds, carefully revised and corrected A Treatise on the Diseases incident to by B. Cohen. 10s. bds.

the Human Body which are referrible to EDUCATION.

Atmospherical Causes; by Dr. T. Forster, School Hours, or a Collection of Exer. 8vo. 9s. cises and Prize Poems composed by the Practical Observations in Surgery ; by Young Gentleman under the Tuition of H. Earle, F.R.S. 8vo. the Rev. A. Barnaby, M.A. Louth, Lincoln- Observations and Commentaries, illusshire. 12mo. 5s. bds.

trating the important advantages to be deUniversal Stepography, or a New, Easy, rived from the modern system of medical and Practical System of Short-band education and practice ; by A. Dods, M.D. Writing, upou the general principles of 4to. gs. 60. . the late Mr. S. Taylor, particularly suited

MISCELLANIES. for Stndents in Law, Physic, and Divinity; No. 16 of the Retrospective Review. 5s. by W. Harding. 5s.

The Genuine Remains in Prose and FINE ARTS.

Verse of Samuel Butler, with notes by R A Portrait of his Majesty, engraved in Thyer; twelve plates by Thurston and the line manner, from a Drawing of the Brooke. 8vo. 188.-proof plates, royal Jate Mr. Edmund Scott, of Brighton; 8vo. 365. partly executed by the late Mr. Charles Sir Robert Naunton's Fragmenta RegaWarren, and finished by Mr. Thomas lia, or Court of Queen Elizabeth, her Ranson. 11. 18.

Times and Favourites, with illustrative No. 8, (completing the work,) of a Se. notes, and life of the author. Nine Porries of Portraits of eminent Historical traits, small 8vo. 128. 6d.-demy, 215. Characters introduced in the Novels and Treatise on Subterraneous Surveying, Tales of the Author of " Waverley," with and the Variation of the Magnetic Neebiographical notices. 12mo. 88.--8vo. 10s. dle; by Thomas Fenwick, colliery-viewer Pari IV.of Peak Scenery, or Excursions and surveyor of mines, &c. 8vo. 128. '


Dodsley's Annual Register, or a View Korringsmarke, the Long Fine, a Story of the History, Politics, and Literature, of of the New World ; by one of the Authors the Year 1922. 16s. boards.

of Salmagundi. 6 vols. 12mo. The Edinburgh Annual Register for the The Banker's Daughters of Bristol, or Ycar 1821. 8vo. donble columns, 1l. 1s. Compliance and Decision; by Rosalia St.

Hora Momenta Cravenæ,or the Craven Clair. S vols. 18s. Dialect, exemplified in two Dialognes, be- Letters to Marianne ; by Wm. Combe, tween Farmer Giles and his Neighbour esq. anthor of Dr. Syntax's Tour in Search Bridget ; to which is annexed a copious of the Picturesque. ' 12mo. 3s. 6d. Glossary. 12mo. 4s.

POETRY. Ad Irinerary of Provence and the Poetical Sketches : The Profession, the Rhone, made during the year 1819; by Broken Heart, &c. ; with Stanzas for Mu. John Hughes, A.M. of Oriel College, sic, and other Poems; by Alaric A. Watts. Oxon, with etchings by the Author. 8vo. 12mo. 68. 12s. boards.

Adrastus, a Tragedy: Amabel, or the A Critical Enquiry into Ancient Ar. Cornish Lovers, and other Poems'; by R. mour, as it existed in Furope, bat particu. C. Dallas, esq. 8vo. 78. 6d. boards. larly in England, from the Normau Cou- Part I. of the Sea Songs of Charles Dibquest to the Reign of Charles II. : with a din, with a Memoir of his Life and glossary of the military terms of the middle. Writings; by William Kitchener, M.D. ages, embellished with seventy coloured Royal 8vo. 8s. sewed. and ten outlined plates, twenty-six illumi. POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. mated capital letters and engraved vig- Substance of the Debate in the House nette-titles; by S. R. Meyrick, 11.V. and of Copinions on the 15th May, 1823, on a F.S.A. 3 vols. imp. 4to. 211. bds.

Motion for the Mitigation and Gradnal Naval Records, or the Chronicles of the Abolition of Slavery throughout the Bri. live-of-battle Ships of the Royal Navy, tish Dominions; with a Preface and Appenfrom its first establishment in the Reign of dices, containing Facts and Reasonings Henry VIII. with the names of their dis. illustrative of Colonial Bondage. 8vo. tinguished commanders; including copions Vol. VIII, of the New Series of Hapexplanations of the names and origin of sard's Parliamentary Debates: containing every ship of the line, and a brief chrono- the Proceedings in both Houses of Parlia. logical list of all the principal naval bat- ment, from the opening of the last Session tles, from the time of Edward III. down to the 30th of April, including the whole to the Victory gained at Algiers by Admi. of the Documents relative to, and the im. ral Lord Exmouth. Vol. I. 12mo. 8s. bds. portant Debates upon, the recent Negoci

Essays and Sketches of Character; by ations with regard to Spain. 8vo. the late Richard Ayten, esq.

11, 11s. 68. Part I. of Dictionary of Quotations, con- Elements of the History of Civil Governtaining Quotations from Shakspeare. 6s.6d. ment, being a View of the Rise and ProNATURAL HISTORY.

gress of the various Political Institutions A Treatise on British Song-Birds, in. ibat have subsisted thronghont the world, cliding Observations on their Natural and an Account of the Present State and Habits, Manner of Incubation, &c. with Distinguishing Features of the Government Remarks on the Treatinent of the Young now in Existence; by the late James and Management of the Old Birds, in a Tyson, esq. Domestic State, with 15 engravings. 12mo. Inzaginary Conversations of Eminent 17s. boards.

Literary Men and Stateśmen; by Walter Elements of Zoology ; being a concise Savage Lander, esq. 2 vols. 8vo. Acroint of the Animal Kingdom accord- An Essay on the Causes of the Revoluing to the System of Linnæus, intended for tion and Civil Wars of Hayti; being a the ase of Yomg Persons, and as a Com. sequel to the Political Remarks upon cerpanion to the Newl'opper-plate Magic Lan- tain French Publications and Journals tern Slides, to which is added, a short Ac. concerning Hayti; by the Baron de count of the Sliders, and a Description of Vastey, Chancellor of the King, Member of an Improved Phantasmagoria Lantern; by the Privy Council, &c. 8vo. '. Carpenter, optician. Ss. boards,


Disconrses suited to the Administration Meteorological Essays and Observations; of the Lord's Supper, interspersed with by J. Frederic Daniell, F.R.s. 8vo. Addresses and Exhortations to the Com

Chemical Recreations; a series of Amns municants, agreeably to the Forms of the ing and Instructive Experiments, which Scottish Church; by the Rev. J. Brown, may be performed easily, safely, and at Edinburgh. 12mo. $s. little expence. 18mo. Ss.

On Religion, and the Means of its NOVELS, TALES, AND ROMANCES. Attainment; by the Rev. J. Brown. Tradition of the Castle, or Scenes in the 1s. 6d. Emerald Isle; by Regina Maria Roche. Report of the Speeches delivered be4 vols. 11. 85.

fore the Presbytery of Glasgow on the

Motion for Inducting the Rev. Dr. Shrewsbury; by the Rev. E. Bather, 8vo.
M'Farlane into the Ministry of the High 15. 6d.
Church of that City. 8vo. 18. 6d.

An Enquiry into the Accordancy of Aids to Reflection, in a series of Pru. War with Principles of Christianity, dential, Moral, and Spiritual Aphorisms, &c. 8vo. 58. extracted chiefly from the works of Arch. The Approach of the Latter Days, in bishop Leighton, with Notes and Re. four Dissertations on the following submarks, by S. T. Coleridge, esq.

jects : The Sword, or War, PestiA Sermon, preached at St. Chad's, ience, Famine, and Antichrist. 8vo. 78.

MEDICAL REPORT. REPORT of Diseases and CASUALTIES occurring in the public and private Practice of the Physician who has the care of the Western District of the City Dispensary.

LEVERS of a low and typloid kiud our remedial processes, that fever is a T have proved pretty frequent during state not properly of exhausted, but rather the few past weeks, and in some instances of suspended, power. The school of dethey have assumed an aspect of much ma- bility and stimulation wbich refused to lignity, their types and tendencies varying, recognize this principle has, it is to be however, with circumstances, to a very feared, much to answer for, although it considerable extent; thus serving 10 ren- must be admitted that signal success not der their management, if it may be so seldom attended those plans of treatment said, compound and complicated; and which practitioners now shrink from, to prove the futility of all attempts that under the feeling that their adoption imare made by theorizing pathologists to plies a boldness of conduct unauthosimplify the source and define the seat of rized by principle, and unwarranted by febrile derangement.

experience. The question, indeed, What is fever? À German physician, who some thirty may be replied to by ihe interrogatory years since came amongst ns as an ob- What is it not? The brain, the stomach, server, expressed his astonishment at the the liver, the every-thing, being sometimes frequently happy copsegnences of what engaged with the disordered manifesta. he was pleased to consider and call the tion; while, at other times, the essence of empirical practice of the British. “I the derangement shall run through, as it saw (he says) bark administered in obwere, the whole of the organization, vionsly gastric disorders, and yet the withont any traceable locality, either in patients recovered.” At present, were our the way of cause, or course, or incident, continental friends to visit England, they or consequence.

would find a prevalence of gastricism to In instances where the oppression is their hearts' content; but it is worthy of extreme, and where, notwithstanding, sti. remark, that both then apd now, under mulants are inadmissible, the Reporter the sneers and revilings of our ingenioase has found bis account in administering the Gallic and laborious German rivals, we mineral acids: two or three mivims of have been found 10 meet the intricacies the muriatic acid, with the same quantity of disease with larger success than onr of the pitric, and a dracbm or more of criticising opponents; and, if the battle be syrop of white poppy, will occasionally won, the vanquished may be left to speprove a powerful febrifnge,* checking the culate as they please upon how it ought to tendency to what used to be called have been otherwise. Seriously, it is putrefaction, and supporting without per- matter of self-congratulation, (to what. turbing the oppressed and almost sino- ever cause it may be ascribed, and we are thered energies of the frame ;-oppressed of course willing to set it down to the energies, the writer says, since it is of ready discernment and generalizing good importance to recollect, while instituting sense of our compatriots,) it is matter of

• * Opium is much oftener required than self.congratulation, that the medical prac. it is admissible in fever; poppy even is tice of Britain, even in spite of the oc. too apt to produce congestion in the casional obstacles of a false and mischiebrain, and dispose to constipation of the vons theory, lias ever proved of good bowels ; but it is a fact of much practical report when extensive estimates have importance, that opiates of all kinds are been gone into with a view to ascertam less likely to prove injurious when given comparative results.

in conjunction with acids than when ai. Bedford-row ; DUWINS, M.D. ministered without these guards against Oct. 20, 1823. their deleterious agency. It is likewise Ju the last formidable influenza, the proper to renrark, that opiates and stimu. deaths were in a larger proportion at lants are then the most safe and salutary Paris than at London, although the force in fevers, when the skin is in an open and of the disease was as great in the latter as perspirable state.

in the former city.



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Oct, 24. Cocoa, W. I. common .£4 0 0 to 5 10

0 0 to 5 10 0 per cwt. Coffee, Jamaica, ordinary S 15 0 4 0

3 8 0

S 12

0 do. fine 5 10 0 6 2 5 6 0 6 0 0 do. Mocha 5 0 0 7 10 0

0 0

5 12 0 do. Cotton, W. I. common.. 0 9

0 101 0 0

9 0 0 104 per 1b. Demerara, 0

0 1 14 0 0 11

0 1 14 do. Currants


8 0 5 10 0 5 6 0 5 80 per cwt. Figs, Turkey

1 13 0

2 0 0 1 18 0 2 2 0 perchest Flax, Riga

64 0
65 0 0 62 0 0

6300 per ton.
Hemp, Riga, Rhine 41 0 43 0 41 0 0 42 0 0 do.
Hops, new,
Pockets ... 8 8 0 11 11 0 16 0 0 18 0

O per cwt. Sussex, do.

7 10 0 8 10 0 12 12 0 13 13 0 do. Iron, British, Bars 8 10 0 9 0 0 8 10 0 9 0 Pigs

6 0 0 7 0 0 6 0 0 7 0 do. Oil, Lucca 9 0 0 9 100 90 0

9 10

0 25 galls. , Galipoli.

53 0
0 0 0 53 0 0

o per ton. Rags

2 0 6
0 0

0 6

0 0 0 per cwt. Raisins, bloom or jar, new S 10 0 0 0 4 6 0 4 8 0 do. Rice, Patna 0 16 0 0 18 0 0 16 0

0 18 o do. Carolina ....... 1 18 0

1 17

2 1 0 do. Silk, China, raw... 0 16

0 18 1 0 16 1

0 18

1 per 1b. Bengal, skein

0 11

0 12 10 0 11 5 0 12 10 do. Spices, Cinnamon

8 0

8 3

7 6 08 0 do. Cloves 0 3 9 4 0 0 39 0

do. Nutmegs 0 3 0 0 0 S 0

0 0 0 do. , Pepper, black.. 0

0 61
0 64 0

6 0 0 62 do.
white.. 0 1 3
1 SA 0 3

1 34 do. Spirits, Brandy, Cogniaco 2 9

3 3 0 2 10

3 4 per gal. Geneva Hollands O 2 i

2 2 0 2 1

2 2 do. Rum, Jamaica

0 2 4

6 do. Sugar, brown...

2 14 0 2 15 0 0 0 2 17. O per cwt. Jamaica, fine

3 0
3 11 0

9 0

3 13 0 do. East India, brown 1 0 0


0 0

1 4 lump, fine..... 4 3 0

3 0

6 0 do. Tallow, town-melted..

0 0 2 2 0


0 do. Russia, yellow 2 0

0 6 1 18 0

0 do. Tea, Bohea.... 2 41 02 53 0

2 5% per lb. Hyson, best

0 5 9


0.5 9 06 0 do. Wine, Madeira, old .... 20 0 0 70 0 0 20

70 0 () per pipe Port, old

42 0 48 0 0 42 0 0 48 0 0 do. Sherry

20 0 0 50 0 0 20 00 50 0 Premiums of Insurance.-Guernsey or Jersey, 258. a 308.—Cork or Dublin, 258. a 30s. -Belfast, 258. a 30s.-Hambro', 20s, a 508.—Madeira, 20s. a 30s.-Jamaica, 408. a 508.-Greenland, out and home, 6 gs. a 12 gs.

Course of Exchange, Oct, 24.- Amsterdam, 12 9.-Hamburgh, 38 0.–Paris, 26 10. Leghorn, 461.-Lisbon, 58.—Dublin, 94 per cent.

Premiums on Shares and Canals, and Joint Stock Companies, at the Office of Wolfe and Edmonds.-Birmingham, 3151.—Coventry, 11001.- Derby, 1401.-Ellesmere, 631.Grand Surrey, 491.--Grand Union, 191.—Grand Junction, 2641.—Grand Western, 51. — Leeds and Liverpool, 3781. — Leicester, 3201.—Loughbro', 40001. Oxford, 7501.-Trent and Mersey, 21501.-Worcester, 371.-East India Docks, 1451.—London, 1181.-West India, 2051.--Sonthwark BRIDGE, 181.-Strand, hl.-Royal Exchange ASSURANCE, 2701.- Albion, 516.--Globe, 1621.—Gas Light COMPANY, 741. 10s.City Ditto, 1281.

The 3 per Cent. Reduced, on the 27th, were 814; 3 per Cent. Consols, 825; 4 per Cent. Consols, 98%; New 4 per Cent. 102; Bank Stock,

Gold in bars, 31. 178.6d. per oz.-New doubloons, 31, 15s.6d.-Silver in bars, 4s. 11d.

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O per butt


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