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the Manchoo dynasty; and, besides SOUTHBY, poet-laureat, and author of this work, which consists of 108 vo. "Wat Tyler." lames, he is in possession of several Messrs.J.P. Neale and J.Le Keux's other treatises, relative to the geogra- Original Views of the Collegiate and phy, statistics, and general adminis. Parochial Churches of England, with tration, of the empire.

historical descriptions, will commence In December will be published, publication on the 1st of February printed uniformly with the former next. volume, with maps and numerous Mr. GIFFORD's edition of the Plays plates, Journal of the Second Voyage and Poems of Shirley, now first colfor the Discovery of a North-west lected and chronologically arranged, passage from the Atlantic to the Paci- and the text carefully collated and fic, performed in the Years 1821, 1822, restored, with occasional notes, and a 1823, in his Majesty's sbips Fory and biographical and critical essay, will Hecla, under the orders of Capt.W.E. soon appear. PARRY, R.N.

A fifth volume is in preparation of Early in December will be publish- Original Letters, written during the ed, the Graces, or Literary Souvenir Reigns of Henry VI. Edward IV. and for 1824 ; being a collection of tales V. Richard III. and Henry VII. by and poetry, by distinguished living various persons of rank or authors, with literary, scientific, and quence, containing many curious useful, memoranda.

anecdotes relative to that turbulent, Specdily will be published, a Key to bloody, but hitherto dark, period of Guy's Tutor's Assistant, for the use our history; and elucidating, not only and convenience of tutors.

public matters of state, but likewise The lovers of entomology will be the private manners of the age, with gratified to hear, that it is the inten- notes, historical and explanatory, faction of Mr. J. F. Stephens, F.L.s. &c. similes, &c. by the late Sir J. Fenn. to publish in the course of the spring Speedily will be published, Odes of the first part of a General Synonymi- Pindar, translated, with notes, critical oal Catalogue of all the British In- and explanatory, by A. Moore, esq. sects hitherto discovered, amounting The Suffolk Papers, being Letters to nearly ten thousand in number, to and from Henrietta Countess of exclusive of the Crustacea, Arachnoida, Suffolk and her second husband, the Acari, &c. of modern systematists. In Hon. George Berkely, are in the press. addition to the above, he also proposes They comprise letters from Pope, to publish, periodically, an clucida- Swift, Gay, and Young; the Duchess tory, work, entitled Illustrations of of Marlborough, Buckingham, and British Entomology; in which will be Queensberry; Ladies Hervey, Lans. detailed, in systematic order, the cha- downe, Vere, and Hester Pitt; Lords racter of the genera and species, with Bolingbroke, Peterborough, Chesterobservations on the economy, locality, field, and Bathurst; Mr. Law (the &c. of each species, illustrated by financier), Mr. Pelham, Mr. Hampfigures of those newly discovered, or den, Mr. Earle, Horace Walpole but little known.

(senior and junior); and several other The second and concluding volume persons of eminence in the fashionof that splendid work, BURCHELL’s able, political, and literary, circles of Travels in the Interior of Southern the reigns of Queen Anne, George I. Africa, with numerous coloured en. George II. and George III. gravings, vignettes, &c. from the The following address of the New author's original drawings, will be Society of Artists lately formed merits ready in a few days.

a place in our pages. A large exhiThe Night before the Bridal, a bition room is now building, the enSpanish tale, Sappho, a dramatic trance of which is in Suffolk-street, sketch, and other Poems, are an- Charing Cross; and it will be the nounced by C.G. GARNETT, daughter largest and most commodious in of the late much-esteemed Dr. Garnett, London. Four adjoining rooms will of the Royal Institution.

be devoted to the various departments The Painter and his Wife is pre- of the fine arts, viz. painting, statuary, paring, by Mrs. Opie.

architecture, and engraving. A work, called the Book of the The Royal Academy bas been for some Cburch, is announced by Robert years, on account of the contracted limits


of its Exhibition Rooms, under the avow. The Journal of Llewellyn Penrose, ed necessity of rejecting many meritorious a seaman, a work possessing all the works, and of crowding or misplacing interest of Robinson Crusoe, with the others. The rooms of the British Instie additional recommendation of its being tntion are more happily disposed; but the

a true narrative, will soon be published Exhibition of the Works of the Old Masters,

de in one volume, with engravings after and the School of Painting which succeeds

Bird and Pocock. it, occasion the Gallery of Modern Art

On the 1st of March will appear, to be closed at the very moment when the wealthy and intelligent inhabitants of the No. XII. being the first of the second empire (the influence of whose riches and volume, of WOOLNOTH's Engravings refined taste extends to her remotest pro. of Ancient Castles. vinces,) become resident in the metropolis. The Rev. H. F. CARY, author of the The avowed patrons of art, therefore, feel “Translation of Dante," has just comtheir ability to elicit talent, or reward its pleted a “Translation of the Birds of possessor, inevitably cortailed; and the Aristophanes, wbich will appear in the means either of improvement or of support course of this month. must consequently be denied.

Prose Pictures, a series of descripA numerous body of artists, under these tive

tive letters and essays, by E. Here impressions, and desirous of bringing their works fairly before the public, have been

Bert, esq. illustrated by etchings by induced to form themselves into a Society,

George Čruikshank, will be published for the purpose of erecting an extensive in a few weeks. suite of rooms for the exhibition and sale Mr. B. COHEN is preparing for of their works in painting, sculpture, publication, Memoirs of the late Pope, architecture, and engraving: the exhibi- including the whole of bis private cortion to open immediately after the close respondence with Napoleon Bonaof the British Institution in April, and to parte, taken from the Archives of the continue during the three succeeding Vatican, with many other hithertomonths."

unpublished particulars. It concerns us to state that the Several scientific and literary perSteam Carriage of Mr. GRIFFITAŞ is sons are employed in preparing a new suspended in its progress at Messrs. ephemeris, to be entitled Perennial Bramah's by the wantof capital. Such Calendar, with the history, natural is the fate of too many ingenious in- history, astronomy, &c. of every day in ventions; but it is said that the same the year. purpose will soon be effected by a Bir- In a few days will be published, mingham manufacturer.

embellished with a portrait of Addison, Mr. WILLIAM SMITH, themeritorious the Spirit of the British Essayists, apthor of separate Geological Maps comprising the best papers on life, of the English Counties, has completed manners, and literature, contained in his very elaborate and minute Survey the Spectator, Tatler, Guardian, &c. of the Northern Counties, and another The wbole alphabetically arranged ac. number of this truly-important work cording to the subjects. will shortly appear.

We are glad to observe that the An account of Mr. “Scurry's Cap- variety of penny, two-penny, and tivity under Hyder Ali and Tippoo three-penny, publications of the week, Saib” is printing. It contains a simple continue on the increase, and are as unadorned statement of the horrid prosperous as their merit and utility cruelties and insults exercised on him- deserve. They form a new era in self and his companions in misfortune literature, and call on the country. by those two eastern despots. . booksellers to send weekly as well as

Duke Christian of Luneburg, or monthly orders. Every subject of Traditions from the Hartz, by Miss enquiry and knowledge has now its Jane PORTER, will speedily appear. weekly journal, and in some there are . No. I. of Views in Wales, engraved various rivals. With a view to direct in the best line-manner by Fiyden, the preferences of our readers, who are from drawings by Capt, BATTY, F.R.S. distant from the scene of action, we to be completed in twelve numbers, propose, in an early Number, to give will be published on the 1st of January. a complete list of these candidates · Mr. LANDOR's Imaginary Conversa- for public favour, and subjoin a brief tions of eminent Literary Men and estimate of their respective pretensions. Statesmen will be completed early in The Rev. D. P. DAVIES, author of December,

the “ History of Derbyshire," and also

of several County Histories in the Public Library, worthy of that opulent Supplement to the “Encyclopedia part of the metropolis; a prospectus Britannica,” and in the Edinburgh of which will be published early in the Encyclopedia,” proposes to publish by spring. subscription, the History and Antiqui- The Connexion of Christianity with ties of the Town of Carmarthen and Human Happiness, by the Rev. W. Parish of St. Peter. The antient and Harness, A.M. is in the press. populous town of Carmarthen presents In a few days will be published, to the historian and antiquary many illustrated with a portrait by E.. subjects of interesting enquiry, and Scriven, and an interesting plate by several objects of curicus research and J. Scott, “ Nouveaux Morceaux examination. The Druidical remains, Choisis de Buffon," with interesting within its parish; the Roman camp, in anecdotes descriptive of the character, its immediate vicinity; the majestic of each animal, and the Life of tho, remains of its Castle; the venerable Author, written expressly for this ruins of its religious houses; its church work; being the Fourth Part of the and monuments; its discontinued hos. series of French Classics, edited by pital; its former state, and its present M. VENTOUILLAC. improved and flourishing condition ; A Latin Grammar, by I.J.G.SCHEL-, together with the numerous historical, LER, has been translated from the civil, and domestic, events, connected German, with an appendix and notes, with the capital of South Wales ; are by G. Walker, M.A. and will soon be. all calculated to excite curiosity, and published. stimulate research.

A small volume of poems is in the A volume of Sermons, by the Rev. press, by E. SweedLAND, containing J. Coates, A.m. late vicar of Hudders- the Gamester's Grave, &c. field, and formerly fellow of Catharine The Rev. H. MARRIOTT is about to Hall, Cambridge, is proposed to be publish a Third Course of Practical published as soon as a sufficient num. Sermons, adapted to be read in faber of subscribers are obtained.

milies. The late A. C. BUCKLAND, esq: T. W. C. EDWARDS, M.A. has in the author of “Letters on Carly Rising," press an Epitome of Greek Prosody, commenced a Series of Letiers to an being a brief exposition of the quanAttorney's Clerk, containing directions tity, accentuation, and versification, for his studies and general conduct, of the Greek Language. but was prevented, by an early death, A Father's Reasons for not Bapfrom perfecting his plan; but his bro- tizing bis Children, are preparing for ther, Mr. W. H. BUCKLAND, having publication, by a Lay Member of the completed the Series, they will be Church of England. published in a few days.

Dr. Carey has issued proposals for Letters from the Caucasus and publishing, by subscription, Lexicon Georgia, with a map and views, are Analogico-Latinum, on the plan of in the press.

Hoogeveen's Greek Lexicon, with an A volume of poems by Mr. CONDER, Index Etymologicus, nearly like that of under the title of the Star in the East, Gesner. and other Poems, will appear in a few A Praxis on the Latin Prepositions, days.

being an attempt to illustrate their Among other literary conveniences origin, power, and signification, in the of the metropolis, the Westminster way of exercise, will soon be published, Subscription Reading Room and Li- by S. BUTLER, D.D. F.R.S. &c. brary, in the Colonnade, Charles- Mr. J. Curtis has in the press, the street, St. James's-square, merits spe- First Number of his Illustrations of cial notice. The establishment consists English Insects. It is the intention of of a reading-room and conversation, the author to publish highly-finished room, open from nine in the morning figures of such species of insects (with till ten in the evening; furnished with the plants upon which they are found) morning and evening newspapers, and as constitute the British genera, with with reviews, magazines, and new accurate representations of the parts books, which latter remain on the on which the characters are founded; table for perusal one month, and are and descriptive letter-press to each afterwards circulated amongst the plate, giving, as far as possible, the subscribers. It is the germ for a habits and economy of the subjects selected. The work will be published various elevations of the earth. This monthly; to commence on the 1st of Map has been arranged with immense January.


trouble and expense, and contains the Mr. J. Shaw, lecturer on Anatomy names of above 300 mountains, with a and Surgery in the Hunterian School view of the Falls of Niagara and the in Great Windmiil-street, announces Pyramids of Egypt; and the whole a work on the Nature and Treatment arranged in alphabetical order. of the various Distortions to which According to some late enamerathe Spine and Bones of the Chest are tions, made officially, in the Library of Subject.

the British Museum are 125,000 voThe indefatigable W. KITCHINER, Jumes, and in the Royal Library M.D. is preparing a work on the Eco. 65,000. nomy of the Eyes, consisting of pre- Typographia, or an Historical cepts for the improvement and preser. Sketch of the Origin and Progress of vation of the Sigbt.

the Art of Printing, illustrated by nuMr. Franks's Hulsean Lectures for merous wood-engravings and portraits, 1823, on the Apostolical Preaching, will soon be published, in two parts. and Vindication of Christianity to the The Deformed Transformed, a dra. Jews, Samaritans, and Devout Gen- ma, is announced from the pen of Lord tiles, in continuation of his former BYRON; as well as Don Juan, Cantos Lectures “ on the Evidences of Chris. 12, 13, and 14. tianity as stated in our Lord's Dis- A series of original sketches of men courses," is in the press, and will and manners, under the title of Lise's speedily be published.

Progress, which are to be illustrated An Egyptian tale is printing, called by engravings after Cruikshank, are Rameses.

preparing, and will be published A Trcatise is preparing for publica- periodically. tion on Organic Chemistry, containing The Historical Life of Johanna of the analyses of animal and vegetable Sicily, Queen of Naples, is announced. substances, founded on the work of Early in December will be publishProfessor Gmelin on the same subject, ed, Procrastination, or the Vicar's by Mr. DuNGLISON, member of several Daughter, a tale. learned societies, foreign and domes- An Essay on the larevtions and tic, and one of the editors of the Customs of the Ancients and Moderns • Medical Repository”.

in the Use of Inebriating Liquors, will Memoirs of Samuel Pepys, esq. the soon be published, by S. MOREWOOD, distinguished Secretary to the Admi- surveyor of Excise. ralty during the reigns of Charles Il. Mr. A. BERNARDO is preparing for and James II. will soon appear. publication, a work under the title of

A Tour through the Upper Pro. The Italian Interpreter, consisting of vinces of Hindostan, comprising a copious and familiar conversations, on period between the years 1804 and subjects of general interest and utility, 1814, with remarks and authentic together with a complete vocabulary anecdotes; to which is added, a Guide in English and Italian: to which are up the River Ganges, from Caleutta to added, in a separate column, Rules Cawnpore, Fuiteh Ghur, Meeratt, &c. for the Pronunciation of each Word. and a vocabulary, is nearly ready for The concluding Portion of the Naval publication.

History of Great Britain, from the The Life of J. Decastro, comedian, declaration of war by France in 1993, including anecdotes of Garrick, Dr. to the accession of George IV. Yds. Johnson, Sheridan, &c. is in prepa- IV. and Y. is at press. ration,

The Rev. T. SAITH, editor of the Part X. is printing of Dr. Wart's accented edition of the Eton GramBibliotheca Britannica, or a General mar, with notes, is preparing a new Index to the Literature of Great Bric edition of Phaedrus, with the scanning tain and Ireland, ancient and modern, from the text of Sterling. with such foreign works as have been A full Account of the Murder of the translated into English.

Jate William Weare, of Lyon's Inn, On the 1st of Januarn will be pub- London, including the circumstances lished a new and most interesting Map which first led to the discovery of the of most of the Principal Mountains in murder, the depositions taken before the World, embracing, on a large the magistrates, the Coroner's inquest, scale, a clear and distinct view of the and the trial of the prisoners, &c. with



engravings, is preparing by G. H. volumes octavo, and seventy-five voJones, clerk to the magistrates. lumes duodecimo!

The Rev. G. C. GORHAM is about to A new periodical work is put to press, a Copious Abstract in nounced, under the title of “Le PhiEnglish of the 860 Deeds contained in lanthrope Chrétien, ou Revue Périothe two ancient Cartularies of St. dique des Travaux et Progrès des Neot's Priory, with outline engravings Sociétés Philanthropiques et Reliof nine seals of that monastery or of gieuses dans les deux mondes, et spéits priors. It will form either a Sup. cialement en Angleterre, pouvant plement to the “History of St. Neot's” servir d'encouragement et de guide à already published, or a separate vo- l'établissement d'institutions semblalume.

bles."-As canting is the order of the Charlton, or Scenes in the North of day, both in France and England, we Ireland, a tale, by J. GAMBLE, esq. have no doubt that this work will' obwill soon appear.

tain considerable success. Mr. S. T. COLERIDGE announces Aids to Reflection, in a series of apho- A letter received in London from risms, chiefly from the works of Archi- New York says, “ This city is healthy, bald Leigbton, with notes, &c. by the and the province is tecming with plenty. Editor.

Canals are constructing, and new ones Memoirs of the Life and Writings projecting, through various sections of of Mrs. Frances Sheridan, by Alicia the country; and soon our ships will LEFANU, are announced.

no longer fetch return-cargoes of coal FRANCE.

from Newcastle and Liverpool, having Two editions of the Scottish Novels, coal-mines, which the canals will place

our supply from the inexhaustible. called the works of Sir Walter Scott, within our reach, at half the price of are announced in Paris, in thirty-five the Liverpool coal.”


A manye articles from son odern


WITH AN HISTORICAL AND CRITICAL PROËMIUM. Authors or Publishers, desirous of seeing an early notice of their Works, are

requested to transmit copies before the 18th of the Month. N ably-written volume bas appeared sulted. The editor has likewise introcomparative sketches of both, in a sup. French mathematicians, which cannot fail poxed correspondence between the Mar. to render the volume acceptable to a qnis de Vermont and Sir Charles Darnley, higher class than mere students. The dicThe manners, foibles, and opinions, of the tionaries previously published of this series two cities, are displayed with acumen and are on History and on Chemistry, and we discrimination; and the knowledge con. hope the author will be duly encouraged veyed is heightened, in effect, by the con- to continue them, as at first proposed. trasts exhibited in the alternate letters. He announces GevGRAPHY as the subject Of course, there is some caricature and of his next volume. exaggeration in a work which generalizes The plan of Naval Records, or Chroni. from particular instances,and evenindulgescles of Line-of-Buttle Ships, given in alphain some display of imagination in the in- betical order, is as excellent as the sube vention of those instances; nevertheless, stance is amusing and instructive. The we have not seen a more interesting work History of the Name is followed by that of on its sabject, nor one better calculated the Ship, its atchievements, adventures, to afford more information.

&r. The first portion is too long, and DR. Mitchell proceeds with his often digressive and impertinent; but the Series of beautiful and useful portable details of the ship’s liistory are highly graDictionaries. The third of them is de. tifying, and carry the reader throngh voted to the Mathematical and Physical scenes, with which is combined as moch Sciences, and is at once a cheap and neces. honour and glory as ever can appertain to sary companion to every student and pro. war and professional murder. ficient in those sciences. Here, at a small A volume, which cannot be too geneexpence, is the substance of Hutton's, rally circulated, las appeared under the Barlows, and other sinsilar dictionaries, title of a Monitor to fumities, by HENRY and in sufficient detail for every purposé Belfrage. It consists of a series of wellfor which such works are usually con- written discourses on the practical mora.

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