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LINCOLNSHIRE. Within the mouth the elections of mayor A numerous meeting of freclolders was and sheriff took place at Chester, and lately held at the Monson's Arms Inn. were attended by considerable distur.

Gainsborough, when resolutions were evbances. There were four candidates for tered into, to support, at their own esthe mayoralty; the partizans of each were pense, Sir John Thorold, or any other inzealously active to swell their numbers. dependent gentleman who may be nomina. Mr. Morris was chosen. Mr. Walker ted at the ensning election for the county, was elected sheriff': but during his triuni. in opposition to Sir William Ingilby. The phant procession, he was dáven from his high sheriff appointed the 26th ult. for Chair, his flags torn, and, but for powerful the election. prevention, sanguinary conflicts would

Married.) Mr. R. Hubbert, of Boston, have taken place.

to Miss M. Small, of Nottingham.-Mr. Married. Mr. J. D. Whittell, to Miss G. Sparrow, jun, of Grantham, to Miss S. C. Wilson; Mr. Mackey, to Miss S. Clifton, of Muston.-Mr. Clay, of GranBlake: all of Chester. Mr. A. Wilson, of than), to Miss Renshaw, of Newark.-Mr. Stockport. to Miss S. Beaumont, .of A. Pridmore, cf Wiog, to Miss E. Battson. Heaton Norris, William Wild, esg. of of St.Mary's, Stamford.—Mr. J.W.Morlev. Macclesfield, to Miss S. Killer, of Stock of Horncastle, to Miss Landsdale, of Sonih port.-Mr. Shelmerdine, to Miss Mort, Searle. both of Altrineham.

Died.] At Lincolo, 26, Miss E. Foster, Died.] At Chester, in Northgate-strect, deservedly regretted. 79, Mrs, Thomas.

At Grantham, 50, Mr. G. Pearson, At Stockport, 76, Mrs. A. Naile.-Mr. greatly lamented. At an advanced age, T. Fleet.-63, Mr. J. Robinson.

Mrs. Gray. At Nantwich, 64, Edward Bellis, a

LEICESTER AND RUTLAND. member of the Society of Friends.--At Married.] Mr. F. Deacon, of the MarketHandforth, 77, Mrs. Parnal. At Win- place, to Miss C. Maule, late of Leicester, wick, 62, the Rev. G. Crippendall.-At -Mr. Gregson, of Leicester, tó Miss S. Wenlock, 41, Lieut. Spencer Daniel, Measures, of Exion.--Mr. T. King, of Staffordshire militia.

Leicester, to Miss R. Fitzhugli, of Kings. DERBYSHIRE.

thorpe.-Mr. W. R. Griffin, of Leicester, Married.). The Rev. J. Smedley, of to Miss L. Clarke, of Qandle. Cambridge, to Miss E. Holmes, of Derby. Died.] At Leicester, Miss A. Walker.-Mr. J. Braley, of Newhall, near Burton. In the Market-place, 76, Mr. J. Hurst.upon-Trent, to Mrs. D'Hesieque, of Mr. Richardson. Derby.-Mr. T. Hammersley, of Belper, At Loughborough, 67, Mr. W. Hooper. to Miss E. Newton, of Priory.-Mr. j. At Ashby de la Zouch, 44, Miss S. Pycroft, of Drakelow, to Miss S. Winter, Stamford.-40. Mrs, Tabberer. of Broadfields.

At Tinwell, Mrs. Hatsell. - At Welham, Died.] At Derby, 69, Mr. T. Crayne. 77, Mr. J. Coleman, seu.' -On the Nottingham-road, 19, Mrs. E.

STAFFORDSHIRE, . . Wheeldou.

Married.) Mr. T. Jobbern, to Miss A. At Chesterfield, Mrs. Sykes.

Ford, both of Litchfield.-Mr. $. Derry, At Belper, 31, Mr. Wm. Walker.--63,

of Litchfield, to Miss M. Latham, of Mr. B. Jackson.

Weare. -Mr. T. Clark, tò Miss A. S. At Chesterton, 28, Mr. T. G. Burnett. Pepperhill. Mr. T. Page, to Miss M. -At Heanor, Mr. B. Soars.

Bailey; all of Wolverhampton – Mr. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

Green, of Wilmcole, to Mrs. Thompson, Married.) Mr. R. Moakes, to Miss A. of Fazeley. Wright; Mr. G. Archer, 'to Miss S. Died.] At Litchfield, in Gresley-row, Waldrum ; Mr. H, Castings, to Miss A. 67, Mr. W. Bailey.-87, Mrs. Barlow. Wilson; Mr. D. Shephard,' to Miss P. 88, Mrs. M. Campbell.-89, Mr. W. Burton; Mr. H. Jephson, to Miss J. Bickley. Rushton; Mr. C. Shaw, to Mrs. E. Sansun; At Wolverhampton, 44, Mr. W. Sanders. Mr. S. Wells, to Miss A. Scattergood : all

WARWICKSHIRE. of Nottingham. - Mr. W. Allison, of A fire broke out, within the month, ju Colston Basset, to Miss Chettle, of Not. the extensive cotton-mills of Sir Robert tingham.

Peel, bart, at Fažely, Warwickshire, which Died.] At Nottingham, in Bridlesmith- raged with such füry, that, in the short gate, 28, Mr. J. Pepper.On Tollhouse space of two hours, the whole of the very hill, 39, Mr. J. Tarper, suddenly.--At an valuable machinery, together with the advanced age, Mr. J. Stansfield.

stock of manufactured cotton and that in At Newark, 75, Mrs. M, Bennett.- process, were entirely consumed, and the 80, Mr. J. Morley.-60, Mrs. M. Hall. buildings, excepting the mere outer walls,

At Colwick, 49, Mr. J. Clarkson. At were razed to the earth. Two handred Bulcote, 80, Mr, J. Toplis.

and fifty persons have been thrown ont of

employment; employment; the consequent misery in 19131. 45. 6d. for charitable purposes the their families is inconceivably great. largest amount ever received.

Murried.) Mr. Osborn, to Miss M. A. On the 20th of September, the town of Wilsou; Mr. Cooper, tó Miss Coley, of Abergavenny was for the first time lighted Caroline-street: all of Birmingham.—Mr. with Gas, upon a new and improved J. Chapman, of Birmingham, to Mixs A. method, recently discovered by the en. K. Burbidge, of London.--Mr. W. Hollins, gineer, Mr. Simeon Broadmeadow. This jun. of Bristol-street, Birmingham, to discovery promises considerable advantage Miss Evans, of Wrexham.

to gas establishments, by superseding the Died.] At Birmingham, in Jamaica-row, use of the retort and purifier, as the Mrs. M. Cooke.—20, Miss Eagle.-In common coke or coal-tar oven answers Cambridge.street Crescent, 33, Mr. J. the purpose of the retort, and the purifier Baxter.

is rendered altogether useless. By the meAt Warwick, Mr. F. Holmes.-27, thod adopted by Mr. Broadmeadow, the Mrs. Ingle.

quantity of imflammable gas is increased At Coventry, 59, Mrs. S. Belairs. full one third, and, by the action of atmosIy Well-street, 33, Mr. J. White.-63, pheric air, rendered perfectly pure and Mr. A. Jackson.

free îrom salphur. At Stoneleigh Abbey, 55, James Henry Married.) The Rev. E. Phillips, to Miss Leigh, esq.

E. Allen; Mr. M. Bartley, of NicholasSHROPSHIRE.

street, to Miss S. James, of Kingsdown; Married.] Mr. J. R. Crutchtoe, to Miss Mr. W. Lewis, to Miss M. Alsop: all of E. Bayley, both of Shrewsbury.-Mr. Bristol. -Mr. G. Treniolett, of Bristol, W. Wilding, of Shrewsbury, to Miss F. to Miss M. E. Drew, of Hill's Court, Haycock, of Priory.-T. L. Gittins, esq. Exeter. of Overton, to Miss P. G. Symonds, of Died.] At Gloucester, Mr.J. Woodward. Monnt Cottage, Slirewsbury. - Hugb At Bristol, on Kingsdown-parade, 60, Wallace, esq. of Whitchurch, 10 Miss E. Mr. T. King.-In Panl-street, T. E. Bruen, late of Jamaica.

Harper, esq.-lo Trinity-street, Mrs. Died.) At Shrewsbury, Mr. Charles M.Jones.- In Stoke's Croft, 84, Abraham Phillips. In the Abbey Foregate, Mr. Didier, esq. — 75. Mr. J. Foster. - At E. Jones, deservedly regretted.

Cheltenham, 50, Mr. J. Nicholson.--Mrs. At Rowton, Miss M. Lloyd, deservedly. A. Pocock. At Tewksbury, Mrs. Now. esteemed.-At Snakescroft, Mrs. Oakeley. -Mr. Charles Tolboys. -At Overton, Mr. R. George, Lieut. At Stroud, 26, Mr. E. Kendwick. Shropshire Militia.

At Bredon-rectory, 22, Mrs. Pen. WORCESTERSHIRE.

Keysall.–At Overbury, Mrs. Hanford, Married.] J. A. Addenbrooke, esq. of widow of C. H. esq. Wollaston-ball, to Mrs. Lee, of the Hill,

OXFORDSHIRE. near Stourbridge. - The Rev. Mr. Vernon, Married.] Mr. J. Howse, to Miss E. of Handbury, to Miss A. E. Foley, of Haynes : Mr. Morris, to Mrs. E. Eustane, Ridgeway.

of St. Giles's: all of Oxford.--Mr. J. Died.] At Worcester, Mrs. C. Hiam.- Sanders, of St. Peter's, Brackley, to Miss At Evesham, Miss M. Agg.

E. Winter, of Baubury.-Mr. J. Pocock, HEREFORDSHIRE.

of the Common, to Miss H. Clements, of The hop-growers and dealers of this New town.-Mr. W. Parker, of Botley, county have lately agreed to petition par to Miss M. Green, of Wytham.-Mr. H. liament for remission of the hop daty Bullock, of Fawley-farm, to Miss E. for 1822.

Bullock, of Dundsden Green. Murried.] Mr. J. Maddy, of Dorstone, Died.) At Oxford, 43, Mr. J. Carter. to Miss E. Bedford, of Hereford.

At Banbury, Mrs. Loftus.-- Mr. W. Died.] At Hereford, 79, Thomas Knill, Savage. esq.--At the Tanbrook, 80, Mr. R. Jones, At Henley, in the Market-place, 78, greatly esteemed.-In High town, Mr. Mr. Williams. Howard.—79, Mrs. Mary Walwyn.

At Sandford, 41, Mr. Brown, much At Belmont, Elizabeth, wife of Col. respected. Mathews.-At Calverhill, Jane, wife of BUCKINGHAM AND BERKSHIRE. Lieut. Col. Whitney.

We are always desirous of adding to GLOUCESTER AND MONMOUTH. the list of public benefactors, whatever The charitable societies of Bristol, to may be their general political creed; we do honour to the memory, and emula- cheerfully, therefore mention, that the ting the example of the late Edw. Colston, Duke of Backingham has-lately given a esq. held their annnal meeting, and weré piece of ground, of about three acres and numerously attended. The following were a half, for being proportioned into gardens the collections: Dolphin Society 4311.; for the use of the poor of Aylesbury, in Anchor Society 5021. 48. 6d.; and Grate- lieu of those they occapy by the sides of ful Society 2801.; forming a total of the roads.



Married.) Mr. Seeley to Mrs. Newman, At Blondeston, 81, Mr. H. Church. widow of Capt. N., both of Buckingham. At Hadham, Mr. P. Rackham.-At East -Mr. Croker, to Miss Scovell, both of Dereham, Mr. W. Moore.-At Witcling. Reading. - Mr. C. Badcock, of High ham, 28, Miss F. Stamford. Wycombe, to Mrs. Plaistow, widow of

SUFFOLK, P. esq. coroner of the county.-E. In the late tempestuons gale, six men F. Davrell, esq.

of, Bucks, and two boys, belonging to a fishing-boat to Miss L. J. Lyster, of Great George- of Southwold, were washed overboard, street, Dublin.

and perished. The men left thirty-two Died.] At Newbury, Richard Compton, children. esq.

Married.] J. Jacksou, esq. to Miss S. At Denham, 60, Mr. E. Fonntain, sen. Sparke, both of Bury.-Mr.J. Moore, to -Ai Speen-hill, 74, Wm. Brinton, esq. Miss S. Bloomfield, both of Ipswich.late of Antigua.

Mr. W. May, of Ipswich, to Miss M. HERTFORD AND BEDFORD.

Simon, of London.- Mr. Payne, of WoolMarried) Mr. J. Stallybrass, 10 Missverston, to Miss Feck, of Ipswich. Chapman, both of Royston. Mr. J. Died.] At Bary, Mrs. E. Benjafield. Jones, to Miss Hudson, both of Ware.- 31, Mr. F. Mountain.-28, Mr.W.Taylor, Mr. Hudson, to Miss M. Haynes, both of At Ipswich, Mr. J. Trapnell.–76, Mr. Barnet.

W. French.-52, Mr. J. Cbapman. Died.] At Hertford, 80, Benjamin At Bangay, 23, Mr. H. Burstal, Rocke, esq. clerk of the peace, which At Little Bromley Grove, J. Eagle, esq. office he filled with credit for 54 years. -At Handon, 23, Miss M. Bear.-At

At Elstrope, Mr. T. Gurney, respected. Needham, Miss Beck, late of Ipswich.-At Betlowe, Mr. G. Kingsley, de- At Long Brackland, 64, Mr. Orford. servedly regretted. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

Married.] Mr. W. Layzell, to Miss Married.] Mr. Goode, to Miss H. Jones, Theobald, both of Colchester.-Mr. J. both of Northampton.Jolin Rudgdell, Pool, of Clerkenwell, to Miss A. Blyth, of esq. of Northampton, to Mirs Redburn, of Chelmsford.--Mr. P. Cock, of Braintree, Banbary.-Mr. Jas. Smith, to Miss A. to Miss Mayhew, of Wakes Colpe.-The Cobley, both of Ringstead.-Mr. Beck. Rev. G. Ireland, of Foxearth, to Miss worth, of Abington, to Miss Fleckney, of Rossiter, of Frome. Harleston.

Died.) At Colchester, 51, Mr.

G. Ray. Died.] At Northampton, 69, Robertner, alderman of the borough.—The Rev. Abbey, esq. solicitor.--67, Mrs. Perci. B. Wainewright, M.A. of East Bergholt, val, sen.

Suffolk.Capt. Bell, adjutant of the East At Towcester, 64, Mrs. Drayson. Essex militia.-51, G. Round, esq. banker.

At Floore, 79, Mr. D. Wilding, much At Manningtree, Mr. J. Meen. respected.

At Billericay, 80, J'Ony, respected. CAMBRIDGE AND BUNTING DONSHIRE. At Boreham. 68, Martha, wife of Tbo

Married.] At Chatteris, Mr. John Ross, mas Butterfield, esq. to Miss C. Bateman, both of the Society of Friends. -At Fulbourn, Mr. Chas. Ao alarming fire lately broke ont in St. Dawson, to Miss 8. Edwards, of Abingtoo. James's-street, Dover, which destroyed

Died.) At Ely, 83, John Leaford, esq. the plumbery of Mr. Holmes, and iwo

At Newmarket, 70, Mrs. Ward, sud. houses, before it could be extinguished. denly.

Married.] Mr. G. Story, to Miss K. MaAi Chatteris, 58, Mrs. Lyon.-18, Mrs. thers; Mr. W. Sandwell, to Miss A. Ker. S. Bruce, deservedly regretted.

vey: all of Canterbury. -Mr. W. Addley, At Steeple Morden, 60, Mr. Sim. Leete. of stourmouth, to Miss E. Wild, of Can-At Girton, 42, Mrs. A. Cockertou.— terbury. - Dr. Rowlands, of 'Chatham At Westoe Lodge, 62, Mary, wife of Dock yard, to Miss M. Griffiths, of Lwyth Benj. Keepe, esq. justlý lamented. diris, Cardiganshire.

Died.] At Canterbury, in St. Alphage A mineral spring has recently been street, 54, Mr. G. Taylor.-In Wincheap discovered at Mundesley.

street, 47, Mrs. E. Whittaker, Murried.] Mr. L. Fiddey, to Miss Ed. At Dover, 64, Mrs. Bax.-Mrs. Bayley. wards, both of St. James's, Bary.-Mr. At Chatham, 22, Miss J. Gibbs,--Mrs. L. Leacock, to Miss E. Norton, both of Kiblick. -Mr. N. Holbert. Yarmouth.-Mr. R. Turner, of Halver- At Sandwich, Mrs. Reader. gate, to Miss S. Watts, of Yarmouth.-J. At Maidstone, Mr. J. Lepper. M. Ensor, esq. of Rollesby-ball, to Miss Near Gravesend, Colonel G. Lyon. M. A. Webb, of Worthivg.

Died.) At Norwich, 85, Mrs. Culver. Married.) Lieut. Johnson, R.N. of Arin

At Yarmouth, 72, Mr. S. Meadows.- del, to Miss Staker, of Vapton.--Mr. G. 28, Mrs. M. Clark.-74, Mrs. Fenn.-86, Parlett, of Burpham, to Miss Ireland, of Mr. W. Prior.—83, Mrs. M. Durrant. Billinghurst.






Dicd.) At Chichester, 93, Mrs. Smart. Married.) Mr. T. Chope, of Gloucester-Io North-street, Mr. Street.-In Westo place, to Miss Heath, of Balance-street ; gate, Mr. Stitch.

both of Bath.-Mr. J. Stone, of SomerAt Brighton, Miss Jemima Halls. ton, to Miss E. C. Smart, of Glastonbury. At Aruudel, 75, Mr. Brewer.

-Mr. S. Baker, of Acton Turville, to

Miss E. Gowen, of Horton.-Mr. R. L. A curions discovery has lately taken Gale, to Miss Baldwin, both of West place in Winchester. As some workmen Kington. were digging among the ruins of Wolves. Died.] A1 Bath, Miss M. Smith.-In ley-castle, they found an entrance into a Lansdown Crescent, Mrs. G, Blackwood, large vault; it was perfectly square, and daughter of Sir R. B. bart. of Bellaliddy, contained many pillars, qnite perfect, and connty Down. - In Caroline-buildings, beautifully carved. In the middle of the suddenly, 67, Henry Phillips, esq. late of vault was a box of very thick brass, con- Boynton-farm, Wilts. tajning coins, three of which are found to At Frome, 75, Mr. Charles Rogers. be gold, and the rest silver; the three At Shepton Mallett, John West, esq. golden ones bear the head of Cavute, the Ai Newton-house, Yeovil, 59, William silver are so mutilated that they could not Harbin, esq. be made ont.

Married.) Mr. G. Bridgen, io Miss E. Smith, both of Southampton.—Mr. H.

A piece of plate was lately presented 10 Kernott, 10 Mrs. E. Stevens ; Mr. Hock. John Calcraft, esq. m.p. at his seat at ley, of Cole Cross-street, to Mrs. Davis: Rempstone, Dorset, by a deputation of all of Winchester.-Mr. J. Betts, to Miss six gentlemen, appointed by a consideraHounsell; both of Gosport.-Capt. G. ble number of his friends in the isle of Chandler, 10th regt. to Miss M. Lee, of Purbeck, and its vicinity, expressive of Ringwood.

their gratitude to him for his exertions in Died.) At Winchester, in Kinsgate- accomplishing the repeal of the daties on street, Mr. Bishop.-Mr. R. Atkins.

salt. At Portsmoathi, Capt. W. Judson, ma

Murried.) At Bridport, S, D. Robinson, rines.- In the High street, Mrs. Muitle. esq. to Mrs. H. Oke, late of Burton bury, wife of Lieut.-col, M., 69th regt.

Bradstock. At Portsea, 24, Mr. Cowdery.-- Miss

Died.] At Weymonth, Col. Chichester, Kemp.-Mrs. Hurst.

of Arlington Court, Devonshire. Ai Andover, 32, Mr. G. Criswick. At Blandford, Ano, widow of William

At Newport, 28, Mrs. Dashwood.-On Devsey, esq. the Quay, Mr. Waterman.

The Rev. w. Cox, rector of Langton. WILTSHIRE.

Herring. Married.] Mr. Mussell, of Sherrington, to Miss J. Swayne, of Devizes.

The northern coasts of Devon and CornDied.) At Salisbury, in the Close, 65, wall were particularly exposed to the fury Mrs. A. Sharp, late of Romsey.-Miss E. of the late storm. From Clovelly, the sea Benson.

poured over the pier, and one third disapAt Warminster, 84, Mr. R. Pearse, peared. The ruins have formed a bar late of London.

across the harbour, and prevented all The Rev. John Selwyn, 70, rector of communication. Ludgarsliall aud Coulston, master of Wig- Married.] Mr. T. Gabriel, to Miss Newton's Hospital, Leicester, and succentor of combe; Mr. W. Biguell, to Miss M. A. Salisbury Cathedral.

Carter : all of Exeter.-Mr. J. Major, of SOMERSETSHIRE.

Exeter, to Miss Tont, of Southmolton.-The ravages of the late storm were felt Mr. J. Chadwick, of St. Thomas's, Exeter, thronghout the greater part of the king. to Miss T. Coates, of Burton-upon-Trent. dom, but io none were greater fears ex. -N. G. C. Tucker, esq. LL.D. of Aslibnr. cited than in the neighbourhood of ton, 10 Miss H. Luke, of the Grove, Bath: thie Avon overflowed to an unpre- Plymonth. cedented 'extent, and the inhabitants of Died.) At Exeter, Mr. H. Matthews.'the Dolemicads were threatened with de- 67, Mrs. Edwards, wife of the Rev. struction. By the intrepidity of two Thomas E. minister of the Tabernacle.praise-worthy individuals, whose names Mr. Jas. Bennett.-Mrs. Vicars, wife of deserve to be recorded, Mr. William Nash the Rev. Mat. V. rector of Allhallows. and Mr. Gilbert, no less than nineteen At Plymouth, in George-street, Adam families, consisting of seventy.five persons, M‘Kenzie, esq. Capt. King's-ship Ocean. were saved from certain death. In other –72, Mr. J. Webber. places several persons were drowned. At Bideford, at an advanced age,

An institution is about to be formed at Thomas Burnard, esq. an eminent merBath, for the protection of female servants chant, deservedly lamented. who may be unemployed, until they can At Ashburton, Mrs. Froude, widow of procure other service.

the Rev. John F.




of Dublin, to Mary Maria, daughter of The Cornwall Geological Society lately the late Joseph Hynson, esq. R.N. assembled, when it was resolved to encoll. Died.] In Fitzwilliam-square, Dublin, rage miners in the discovery of rare and T. P. Gaskell, esg. ot Shannegarry, county uset ol minerals.

of Cork, a descendant of the celebrated Married.) Mr. M. H. Eade, of Redruth, Penn, to Miss E. w. Cosy, of the Terrace, D. N. Donellan, esq. of Ravendale, Falmouth.-Frederick Rogers, esq. R.N. county of Kildare. of Penrose, to Miss C. G. B. Willyams,

DEATHS ABROAD. daughter of the Rev. H, W.-At Laun.

At Bordentown, New Jersey, General ceston, Mr. Jos. Spettigue, of Lawhitton, to Miss S. Baker.--Mr. Jno. Spettigue, to

Lallemand. His death was occasioned by

a disease of the stomach, under which he Miss Folley.

had laboured for some time. He held the Died.] At Truro, Mr. Rd. Brown. At Bodmin, 26, Miss M. Hambly.

rank of Gen, of artillery under Napoleon, At Fowey, 84, Lieut. J. Fife, R.N.

and was always respected for his inAt Lanarth, Mary Buchanan, daughter

telligence and bravery. His “ Treatise of Col. Sandys.-At Menhenniott, at an

on Artillery, translated by Professor

Renwick, of New York, will always readvanced age, Mrs. Pollard. At Hol

main a valuable monument of his thorough wood, Mrs. Bate, late of Trenuick.

acquaintance with military science. WALES. Married.] John Morris, esq. of Pant.

At St. Petersburgh, the celebrated yrathro, to Miss Eliza Timmins, of Car

composer Steibelt. He was the anthor of inarthen.-J. Couch, esq. to Miss L.

a great number of musical compositions,

among which is the fine opera of Romeo Allen, both of Pembroke.-Thomas Roch

and Juliet." He had resided for fifteen Garrett, esq. to Miss Sarah Warlow, both

years in St. Petersburgh, and acquired a of Haverfordwest. - The Rev. William

large fortune. Herbert, of Llanbadarnfawr, to Miss E.

At Bohringendorf, where he performed Morrice, of Carrog, Cardiganshire. Died.) At Swansea, 21, Mrs. E.

the duties of parish priest, in his 94th year, Starbuck.-71, Mrs. A. Rowe, greatly

Prince Meinrad, of Hohenzollern-Heckin

gen, canon of the former chapters of Corespected.-17, Miss S, Bowen. Åt Aberystwith, Ann, wife of Thomas

logne and Constance. Powell, esq.-79, Mrs. E. Griffiths.--47,

M. Thore, a distinguished naturalist and Mr. L. Jones.

physician, was born near Bonrdeans, The Rev. D. H. Sanders, A.m. rector of

where he studied medicine, and acqaired a Ambleston, Pembrokeshire.--At Garthe,

taste for botany. He tixed his residence Carmarthenshire, Joseph Waters, esq.

at Dax, and, during a course of thirty At Talacre, Flintshire, 74, Sir Pjers

years, made frequent excursions into the

different parts of Gascony, traversing the Mostyn, bart.

vast forests of Moreusia, and the coast from, SCOTLAND. Married.] The Rev. G. Almond, of

La Teste to St. Jean de Luz. Here he disGlasgow, to Christiana Georgiapa,daughter

covered a nuniber of alpine plants, which, of the Hon. Mrs. Smith, of Štrond.

though indigenous, were unknown to boDied.] At Ediuburgh, Matthew Ross,

tanists; mingled with others that were esq. dean of the faculty of Advocates.

thought peculiar to Portugal. In his

“ Chloris des Landes," a Flora, which he At Glasgow, the Rev. Alex. Jameison, of the Scotch episcopal chapel.

published, he forcibly inculcates the ne

. At Dundee, 21, Anne, daughter of the

cessity of experiments, to ascertain the Rev. H. Horsley, and grand-daughter of

nature of various herbs, as adapted to meBishop Horsley.

dical purposes. Thore was in intimate At Oxendon Castle, Lady Dalrymple,

correspondence with naturalisis in every wife of Lieuto-general Sir J. H. D. bart.“

* part of Europe ; and, in concert wib M. IRELAND.

de Burda and 'Grateloupe, he explored A meeting of the Catholic Association

in the bowels of the earth, and in the lately took place at Dublin, when Mr.

deeper parts of the waters, a multiO'Connell gave notice of a motion to ap

tode of new species of cetaceous animals, poiut a committee to collect facts for as.

fishes, and molusca. In 1809, Thore sisting Lord Grey in the representation of

published his promenades into the “Lan

des, and on the Coasts, &c.;" a work which the mode of administering justice in Ire. land. Notice of a motion for a repeal

contains statistic derails, in relation to

the culture of the couriry, with many of the Tithe-Bill. Married.] Thomas Edw. Beatty, esq.

cnrions facts, observations, &c., in Natural to Margaret, daughter of Judge Mayne;

History. He was snddenly strack with Edward Hatton Mapders, esq. to Ann,

an apoplexy, and died witliont any sympdanghter of the late Alderman Manders:

toms of pain, on the 27th of April, all of Dublin.- Daniel Hantenville, esq.


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