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land; by T. D. Whittaker, LL.D. F.S.A. Part II. of Portraits and Biography of Complete in 2 yols. folio, 25). 45.-Large the most illustrious Personages of Great paper, 501. 85. Britain : containing James First, Duke of. Historical Illustrations of Quentin Hamilton; Archbishop Cranmer; Thomas Durward, selected from Philip de Comines, Wentworth, Earl of Strafford; Edward Brantome, and other writers, pointing ont Seymour, Duke of Somerset; Thomas the Coincidences, or Discrepancies, beHoward, Earl of Arundel and Surrey : by tween the Novelist and the Historian. Edmund Lodge, esq. Norroy King of Post 8vo. 7s. Arms. 8vo. 12s. 6d. 4to. 25s. : The History of the Anglo Saxons, from , A Guide to the Lakes of Cumberland, their first appearance in Europe to the end Westmoreland, and Lancashire: illustrated of their Dynasty in England; comprising with twenty Views of Scenery and a Tra- the History of England from the earliest velling Map; by John Robinson, D.D. Period to the Norman Conquest; by 15s, boards.

Sharon Turner, F.S.A. "The Fourth Edi. The Italian School of Design (containing tion, in 3 thick vols. 8vo. corrected and 84 plates); being a Series of Fac-similes of improved with a map, 21. 5s, boards. Original Drawings, by the most eminent

HORTICULTURE. Painters and Sculptors of Italy; with Bio

Hints on Ornamental Gardening : congraphical Notices of the Artists, and Obser- sisting of a Series of Designs for Gardenvations on their Works; by Wm. Young buildings, useful and decorative Gates, Ottley, esq. Complete in one volume,

ne, Fences, Railings, &c. accompanied by obsuper royal folio, 121. 128. ; in colombier servations on the Principles and Thicory of folio, 181. 188., and proofs, 24 guineas.. Rural Improvements interspersed with GEOGRAPHY

occasional remarks on Rural Architecture; Parts I. to III. of a New Geographical by J. B. Papworth. 4to. 11. 11s. 6d. Dictionary ; containing a Description of all the Empires, Kingdoms, States, and Pro

MACHINERY. vinces, with their Cities, Towns, Moun. Practical Essays on -Millwork and other tains, Capes, Seas, Ports, Harbours,

Machinery; by Robert Buchanan, engj. Rivers, Lakes. &c. in the known World: neer. 2 vols. 8vo. with numerous plates with an Account of thcir Natural Produce

and figures. 11. 68. boards. tions, &c.; by J. W. Clarke, esq. second

MEDICINE. edition. 4to, with maps and plates.

An Inquiry into the Action of Mercury The Berwick New and Improved on the Living Body; by Joseph Swan, General Gazetteer, or Compendious Geo- member of the Royal College of Surgeons, graphical Dictionary: containing a De- and surgeon to the Lincolu County Hospiscription of the Various Countries, King- tal. 2nd edition, 8vo. 4s. boards, doms, States, Cities, Towns, &c. of the

MISCELLAVIES, Known World, brought dowu to the pre- Dodsley's Annual Register for 1822. sent period, accompanied with twenty- 8vo. 165. six Elegant Maps from the latest Authori- Part IX. of Bibliotheca Britannica ; or ties, in 3 handsome vols. 8vo. 21. 28, or in a General Index to the Literature of 16 parts, 2s. 6d, each.

, Great Britain and Ireland; by Robert GEOLOGY.

Watt, M.D. 4to. 11. 1s. Reliquiæ Diluvianæ; or Observations on Numbers I. to VI. of Le Bulictin Genethe Organic Remains contained in Caves, ral et Universel des annonces et des Fissures, and Diluvian Gravel, and on Novelles Scientifiqucs, par M. Le Baron de other Geological Phenomena attesting the Ferussac. Subscription for one year, 21. 98. action of an Universal Deluge; by the Rev. Illustrations, Historical, Biographical, William Buckland, B. D. FR.S. &c. profes- and Miscellaneous, of the Novels by the -sor of Mineralogy and Geology in the Uni. Author of Waverly, with Criticisms gene. versity of Oxford, 27 Engravings, 4to. ral and particular; by the Rev. Richard 21. 115, 60,

Warner, rector of Great Chalfield, Wilts. GYMNASTICS.

12mo. 8s. Instructions in all Kinds of GymnasticA Letter to the Editor of the British Exercises, as taught and practised in the Critie, occasioned by the Censure progymnastic institutions of Germany. De- nounced in that work on the editions of signed as well for colleges, schools, and Shakspeare by Johnson, Pope, Bowdler, other places of education, as for, private Warburton, Tbeobald, Stcevens, Reed, use, with plates. Svo. 68. 6d,

and Malone, et hoc genus omne, all the HISTORY.

herd of these and Meibomiuses of the A History of Richmondshire, in the North British school. 8vo. 1s. Riding of Yorkshire, together with those No. LVI. of the Quarterly Review. parts of Everwicshire, of Domesday, No. XXX. of the Journal of Science, which forms the Wapentakes of Lonsdale, Literature, and the Arts. Edited at the Ewecross, and Amunderness, in the Coun- Royal Institution, ties of York, Lancaster, and Westmore. The Navy List for July,

Characteristics Characteristics in the Manner of Roche. a Poem; by Dr. Archibald . Macleod. foncanlı's Maxins. Royal 8vo. 45. 6d. 8vo. 38.

Suffolk Words and Phrases; or an Whittingham's Elegant Extracts; se Attempt to collect the Lingual Localisms lected from the British Poets and Poetical of that Country; by Edward Moor, F.R.s. Translations. Part III. embellished with 12mo, 7s, 6d.

an engraving. 28, 60. The Duty of Humanity to Brute Ani. The Sextople Alliance: consisting of mals, demonstrated from Reason and Re- Odes, and other Poems, on the Exile and velation, chiefly extracted from a Trcatise Death of Napoleon. 416. 3$. 64. by Dr. Pomatt, with Notes and Illustra- Tbe Social Day, a Poem, with 32 tions; by the Rev. A. Broone, late of engravings; by Peter Coxe, 21. 2s. Baliol College, Oxford. 28. 60.

Emancipation, a Poem, in two Cantos, NATURAL PIILOSOPIIY.

with Notes and Caricature Designs for the Elements of Natural Philosophy; by instruction of bis Holiness, Pope Pius, John Leslie, esq. &c. Vol. I. including 8vo. 5s. Mechanics and Hydrostatics. 8vo. 14s. Byzantium, a Dramatic Poem; by Edy. boards.

Richard Poole. 8vo. 75. 6. Description of an Electrical Telegraph, Elegy on the Death of Percy Bysshe ad of some other Electrical Apparatiis: Shelley; by Arthur Brooke, 18. 6d. with eight plates, engraved by Lowry; by POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. Francis Ronalds. 8vo. 6s, boards.

A Visit to Spain; detailing the transac. Researches about Atmospheric Phæno- tions which occurred in the latter part of mena; by T. Forster, L.s.v. 15s. boards, 1822, and first four months of 1823; witli with six plates, illustrative of the clouds. an Account of the Removal of the Court

NOVELS, TALES, AND ROMANCES. from Madrid to Seville, &c.; by M. J. Edward Neville; or the Memoirs of an Quin, barrister-at-law. 8vo. 128. boards. Orphan. 4 vols. 1l. 8s. boards. A Voice from St. Peter's and St. Paul's;

Self Delusion; or Adelaide d'Haute- being a few plain Words, addressed most roche; by the Author of “ Domestic respectfully to the Members of both Sccnes." 2 vols. 12mo. 14s. boards, Houses of Parliament on some late accu

Historical Notices of Two Characters in sations against the Church Establishment, Peveril of the Peak; neatly printed in 8vo. 2s. 6d. sewed. post 8vo. upiform with that work, 28. sd. Recollections of the Peninsula, contain

The Lady of the Manor ; by Mrs. Sher. "ing Sketches of the Manners and Charac, wood. 12mo. 7s. boards.

ters of the Spanish Nation ; by the Author Engenia; or the Dangers of the World; of “Sketches of India." i vol. 8vo. As. by Miss Moore. 12mo. 4s. boards.

The Manuscript of 1814 written at the The Spy Glass; or Truths brought home Command of Napoleon ; by Baron Fain, to the Mind's Eve. 25. 6d. boards. 8vo. 12s. The Parish Clerk, a Tale.

Coronation Apecdotes; or Select and The Wilderness; or the Yonthful Days Interesting Fragments of English Corona, of Washington, a Tale of the West, 3 vol. tion Ceremonies. 78. 6d. i zmo. 18s.

Anecdotes of a Croat; comprehending The foundling of Glenthorn; or the Hints of the Improvement of Public Smaggler's Cave. 4 vols. 12mo. 1l. 45. Works, Agriculture, and Domestic Life, boards.

2 vols. 12mo. 125. Rich and Poor. Small 8vo, 10s. 6d. Campaign of the Left Wing of the Allied

Whittingham's French Classics. Vol. II. Army, in the Western Pyrenees and South 2s.6d, sewed, containing Elizabeth ou les of France, in 1813-14, under the Duke of Esilés en Siberie, par Madame Coutin. Wellington. 4to. 21. ORIENTAL LITERATURE.

The Poor and their Relief; by George Jewish, Oriental, and Classical Antiqui. Ensor, esq. 8vo. 108., ties; containing Illustrations of the Scrip- Thoughts and Details on the High and tares and Classical Records, from Oriental Low Prices of the last Thirty Years; by Sources. 8vo. 12s, boards.

Thomas Tooke, F.R.S. 153.

Questions in Political Economy, Poli. Specimens of British Poetry, chiefly tics, Morals, Metaphysics, &c. 8vo. selected from Anthors of high celebrity, 103. 6d. and interspersed with Original Writings A Letter to the Earl of Liverpool on by Elizabeth Scott. 8vo. 12s.

the Subject of the Greeks; by Lord My Vote Book for 1822; or the Agri- Erskine. 8yo, 18.6d. cultural Question, a Satirical Pocm. 12a10.

THEOLOGY 65. boards.

Three Letters, addressed to the Venera. The Prophecy of the Tagus, from the ble and Reverend Archdeacon Wrang. Spanish of Pray Luis de Lion, the Female liam, in reply to his Remarks on Unitaria. Pygmalion, and an Ode on a Statue in the nism; by C. Wellbeloved. 35. 6d. Louvre, imo. 2s. sewed.

Discourses on the Rule of Life, with Ellen Gray; or the Dead Maiden's Curse: reference to Things Present and Things





Futare ; by Joseph Holden Pott, A.M. wich District of the Society for promoting 8vo. 78, 6d, boards.

Christian Knowledge ;' by the Rev. J. "The Pulpit, Parts I. II. III. : contain, Maule, A.M. 1s. 60. ing Reports of upwards of Thirty Sermons Meditations on the Scriptores: chiefly by the most eminent and popular Divines addressed to Young Persons on the im. of the day, &c, in weekly Numbers. portance of Religious Principles and Coa. 2d. each.

duct; by the Rev. R. Waloud, M.A. Vol. y. of the New and Uniform Edi- 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 18. boards. tion of Dr. John Oweu's Works, to be Resignation to the Divine Will, a Ser. completed in 16 octavo vol Edited by mon, occasioned by the death of his daugh. the Rev. Thomas Cloutt, A.M. 128. ter, Mary Brown Langdon; by Thoinas

Sermons, chiefly designed for the use of Langdon. 18. Families; by John Fawcett, A.M. 2 vols, Vol. V. of the Preacher ; or Sketches of 12mo. 12s.

Original Sermons, for the Use of Lay The Christian Armed against Infidelity; Preachers and Young Ministers; to which by the Author of Body and Soul. In 1 vol. is prefixed a Familiar Essay on the Com12mo. 58. boards.

position of a Sermon 12mo. 48. Select Chapters from the Old Testa- No. I, of the Free Thinking Christians' ment, intended for the Use of the Church Quarterly Register. 8vo. 2s. of England Sunday Schools: with a short Iutroduction; by Thomas Bowdler, esg. Memorable Days in America: being a F.R.s. and s.A. 28.

Journal of a Tour to the United States; by Dissertations introductory to the Study Mr. Faux. 8vo. 148. boards. and right Understanding of the Language, A Description of the Scenery of the Structure, and Contents of the Apocalypse; Lakes in the North of England; by W. by Alexander Tilloch, LL.D. &c. 8vo.. Wordsworth, esq. Foolscap 8vo. 3s 6d. 128. boards.

sewed. Lectures on the Harmony of the Scrip

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. tures, designed to reconcile apparently Part V. Vol. IX. of the Journal of contradictory Passages; by John Hayter Voyages and Travels : containing-Rus. Cox. 8vo. 7s.6d, boards.

sian Missions into the Interior of A Sermon preached at the Parish Asia. 1. Nazaroff's Expedition to Ko: Church of Dudley, on the Death of Vis. kand. %. Eversmann and Jakovlew's Ac. count Dudley and Ward; by Luke count of Bucharia. 3. Capt. Mouraview's Booker, LL.D. vicar. 8vo. 18. sewed. Embassy to Turkomania and Chiva. Tri

A Sermon preached at Castle-street, lated from the German. 38. 60, sewed, Swansea, on the Death of the Right Hon. 48. boards. Baroness Barham; by John Barfett. Svo. Observations made during a Residence 15. sewed.

in the Tarentaise and various parts of the No. I. and II. of a Refutation of certain Grecian and Pennine Alps, in Savoy, and primary Doctrines of Popery, in a series in Switzerland and Auvergne in the years of Theological Dissertations ; by the Rev. 1820, 21, and 22, with Remarks on the Robert Craig, M.A. 3s. 6d. each. The Present State of Society, Manners, Reliwork to be completed in six numbers, gion, Agriculture, Climate, &c.; by Robe

. forming 2 vols.

Bakewell, esq. 2 vols. 8vo. with plates, The Miscellaneous Works of the Rev. 11. 68. boards, Thos. Harmer, Author of Observations on Journal of Ten Months' Residence in various passages of Scripture, &c. : con- New Zealand; by Richard A. Cruise, (sk. taining his Letters and Sermons, &c. &c.; Capt, in the 84th regt of foot. 8vo. 9. by W. Youngman. Royal 18mo. 45. 6d. boards. boards.

Journal of a Tour in France, in the A Sermon, preached at Deal, on the Years 1816 and 1817; by Francis Just Anniversary, 1823, of the Dover and Sand- Carey. 1 vol. 8vo. 14s.


Including Notices of Works in Hand, Domestic and Foreign.

NHE account of the recent Voyage which are elsewhere to be found in

round the World, by Captain the language. 'I he current Number Roquefeuil of the Bordelais, having just contains some most interesting narraappeared at Paris, a faithful transla- tives of Russian missions into unestion will be given in the next Number plored parts of Siberian 'Tartary. of the Journal of Voyages and Travels. Specimens of the Living Poets, with

This will be the third Voyage round biographical and critical prefaees, by the World which has appeared in that Mr. ALARIC A. Watts, will speedily well-known Monthly Journal, none of appear.


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Mr. J. F. DANIELL, F.R.s. has in the ments as have been made in the press a volume of Meteorological Pathology and treatment of Cutaneous Essays : the Constitution of the Diseases generally, since the publiAtmosphere; the Radiation of Heat cation of Bateman's Synopsis. in the Atmosphere; Meteorological Travels through part of the United Instruments; the Climate of London; States and Canada, in 1818 and 1819, and the Construction and Uses of a by John Morison Duncan, illustrated new Hygrometer.

by Geographical Cuts on Wood, will Mr. J. L. Towers, who, like his appear in September. late father, the Rev. Dr. Joseph A translation of Goethes'“Wilhelm Towers, is distinguished for literary Meister," is printing. industry and research, having for A Pulpit Orator of very extraorseveral years bestowed much time dinary powers has made his appearand study in the preparation of differ- ance in London, and attracts large ent courses of Lectures, intends and fashionable auditories.

He is shortly to deliver some of them in the of the Chalmers' School, and from environs of London. The very nume. Glasgow. His name is IRVING, and rous engravings, by which they will his doctrines are Calvinistic. Hig be illustrated during their delivery, delivery, cnunciation, and composiwill constitute one of their principal tion, are of the first order; and he novelties. His Lectures will also be has in a few months acquired great occasionally elucidated by a new spe- and deserved celebrity. Soine grave cies of composition, numerous persons consider his theatrical manner amples of which will be inserted in a unbecoming the pulpit, but, while he pamphlet which he is preparing for is less so than the vulgar methodists, pablication. This pampblet will ex- he combines thosc scholastic attainplain the general subject of the Lec- ments which they want, and thereby tures, and the nature and peculiarities cxalts religion, instead of debasing it. of his own plans. Of his commencing The great work called Nature Discourses, two, at least, will relate to played, the richest in embellishments history and chronology, and will com- which ever appeared in England, and prehend much ainusing information made so to render the study of nature respecting biography, antiquities, and popular, will positively appear in a the arts.

few days. The Author of “Annals of the In like manner a very ufeful and Parish," " Ringan Gilhaize," &c. important volume of 5000 Receipts, announces “The Spaewife;" and, in delayed with a view to its perfection, rapidity, seems determined to keep will be ready on or before the Jith, pace with the Waverley Club of The Interrogative System of liberal Scottish Authors.

Education is at length completed, A Work called The Sweepings of being now extended to every proper My Study, is announced at Edin- object of Juvenile Study. It has burgh.

been 25 years in progress, supported DR. HIBBERT announces Sketches alone by public approbation, and unof the Philosophy of Appari.ions; aided by any Association, or by the or, an Attempt to trace such Illusions einpirical means usually adopted to to their physical Causes.

give currency to systems. It is now The Third Edition of Sir AsTLEY more or less adopted in every well Cooper's Work on Dislocations and conducted Seminary in the United Fractures, is printing.–An Appen- Kingdom, and has been extensively dix will contain a Refutation of almost introduced into France, Belgium, every statement made in a late cri- Germany, and America. tical publication, on a subject treated Mr. W. WEST, of Leeds, is abont of in the former edition of the above to publish in a separate form, with Work.

additions, his Analysis of the New Mr. Plumbe_bas in the press, a Sulphur Spring at Harrowgato. 'Treatise on the Diseases of the Skin, An Order in the Council of tho intended to comprise the substance of Linnæan Society has been lately the Essay for which the College of passed, by which Mr. DONOVAN will Surgeons have awarded to him the be allowed to enrich his New Monthly Jacksonian prize, a reprint of his Work, the “Naturalist's Repository, “ Essay on Ringworm, &c. and with the icones of those choice and copious notices of such improve- very beautiful species of the Psittacus


and Columba Tribe, which are de- The seventh edition of Mr. Fairscribed in the 13th volumo of the MAN's Account of the Public Funds. Linnæan Transactions; the greater with considerable additions, is in the part of which, if not the whole, are press. The work bas been completely of such rarity, as to be found only remodelled, the accounts of the differ. in the Museum of the Linnæan So- ent stocks revised, corrected, and ciety.

brought down to the present time, and Early in August will be published, a variety of interesting and valuable Adrastus, a tragedy, with Amabel, or information added; the whole calcuthe Cornish Lover, a metrical tale Jated to furnish a complete Manual of founded on fact, and other poems, by the Finances of Great Britain. R. C. DALLAS, esq.

A most extraordinary work has A fourth Series of Sermons, in recently made its appearance at New manuscript characters, on characters York, relating to the Jews, and enfrom Scripture, for the use of the titled, “Israel Vindicated." It is one younger clergy and candidates for

er and candidates for of the most original defences of boly orders, will be speedily pub

Judaism extant, and is full of interJished, by the Rev. R. WARNER. esting matter.

In the ensuing month will appear, Mr. GROOMBRIDGE has published an easy Introduction to Lamark's ar the Apparent Places of the four Minor rangement of the Genera of Shells: Planets at and about the Tinç of their with illustrative remarks, additional ensuing Opposition. observations, and a synoptic Table, by

Opposition. CHARLES Dubois, F.L.S.

Pallas 1843. Oct. 4th 20h. A translation of “ Les Hermites en Vesta ... Nov. 7th 17 Prison,the last and perhaps the

Ceres ... Nov. 21st 11 most interesting of all the Essays

Jano 1824. April 13th 21 of M. Jouy, will be published in the

The distance of Pallas and Juno at course of a few days. This work was

their opposition will render their light written in the prison of St. Pélagie,

so very faint, that it is doubtful whewhere the author was recently con

ther they can be seen; especially the fined for a political libel.

former, from the rapid change in The Revue Encyclopedique for June

declination, which will remove it from last has a note by the cditors, the

the field of view in the preceding night. purport of which is to vindicate the

The succeeding, oppositions will not Bishop of London froin a charge

happen till 1825. ** which has been brought against him

A new cdition will shortly appear of

the Life of Dr. James Beattio, by Sir by the Edinburgh Review, of advocating the cause of ignorance. The

WM. FORBES, in two volumes, octavo. meaning of different passages incol

A new edition of Hurrion's Works pated is stated to be, simply, that

that is in the press, viz. Sermons on Clirist human knowledge ought to be accom

Crucified and Glorified, and on the panied by religious sentiments. We

Holy Spirit, now first collected, with are not necessarily good,' says the

Life of the Author. Bishop, because we have acquired

Also a new edition of the Lime-street knowledge and learving, and the ex. Lecture Sermons. pansion of intellect does not neces

A Manuel of Pyrotechny, or a famisarily suppose or infer a disposition

liar System of Recreative Fire-works, to apply it to its truc cnds. It is by a Pseudonymous, is in the press. . impossible to gainsay this, as a philo

Riving ton's Annual Register for sophical proposition; tbc Bishop has

1822, will be ready for delivery at the also quoted, as advancing that popu

usual time in December yext. lar instruction should be more and

A Portrait of the late Edward Jenmore encouraged, but that it should

ner, M.D. F.R.S. &c. engraved by W. be pointed and directed to moral and

SHARP, &c. from a painting by W.

Hobday, will soon be published. reasonable objects. Mr. PLUMBE has in the press, a

Dr. George MiLLER is about to Treatise on Diseases of the Skin, in

publish Lectures on the Philosophy of tended to comprise the substance of

History, Vols. V. and VI, bringing the Essay for which the College of Sur

down the bistory of this country to the yeons have awarded to him the Jack

revolution. sonian Prize, a reprint of his Essay on

H. A. MEREwether, esq. is printPingworm, &c. &c.

ing a Treatise on the Law of Boroughs


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