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Emigrant, J. Hawes, on the prospects of



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late war


Egypt, the French consul's accouot of account of

the present state of

417 Currency, observations on the state of the 131 Eldon, lord, accouut of his early life 234 Dapbne, near Antioch, account of

232 Electricity, on Sir Humphrey Davy's opDartmoor, from the prize poet of the position to tbe vew theory of

362 Royal Society of Literature 236 Elizabeth, queen, trait of gratitude in

. 140 Dary, Sir Humphrey, bis opposition to Ellenborough, lord chief justice, characthe new theory of electricity 362 teristic observations on

426 D'Acosta, M., editor of the Times of Cal. cutta, account of


an, in the United Sintes D'Alembert, characteristic remarks on 234 Emigraters, inquiry relative to the prosDeath, on the punishment of crime by 111

pects of

40 DEATHS, 86, 177, 275, 372, 467,563 Empire, British, statistical Accountof the - 520 Defoe, remarks on his writings

223 England and Wales, on the increase and Denderah, on the removal of the zodiac decrease of crime io the several counof 101 ties of

261 De Pradt, his appeal to Europe, in behalf

strictures on the periodical literaof the Greeks 308 ture of

431 Despotism in France, origin of

on the institutions of

438 Devonshire, cbaracteristic observations

history of the invasion of, by the 524 Normans

457 Discipline, prison, observations on 29

on the estimation of, throughout Discoveries, Roman, some recently made Spain

611 at Castor, near Peterborough


on the expenditure of, during the Discovery, account of a Russian voyage

613 of


on the respective proportion of Diseases, scrofulous and cancerous, iosti- loans and taxes in

614 tution formed at Margate, for the cure

on the sources of the financial of

supplies of

615 new institution, for the cure

on the proportion of the burdens of, by bandages and compression 349 to the resonrces of

615 Distresses, public, observations on 5, 553

on the value of land and houses DIVIDENDS, LIST OF, 78, 170, 289, 365, 461, in

- 607 555 on money property in

ib. Dodd, Mr., engineer, on the progress of

on the causes of the distresses of 818 tides up certain rivers

on the corn trade of

620 Dominions, Prussian, statistics of the 238 Equilibrium, electrical, Mr. Harris's inDoubleday, Mr., his remarks on the vention for restoring the

260 gooseberry caterpillar

27 Europe, De Pradt's appeal to, in behalf Down-hall, Prior's residence at 1 of the Greeks

308 Drake, Sir Francis, characteristic remarks Expedition, the north-west land, account 510 of

350 DRAMA AND New Music, 51, 158, 250, 353, Experiments; cruel, in philosophy, repro

448, 550
bation of

416 Dryden, description of his house in Fetter- Farey, Mr., his remarks on bore-boles and lape 97 overflowing wolls

35 Duck, the poet, letter of, to Mr. B. Ken

bis remarks on Mr. Cumbernicott 234 land's theory

301 Duel, one fought by the duke of Buck- --- means by, for procuring fresh water, ingham and the earl of Sbrewsbury 42 near the sea-shore

202 Dundonald, earl of, on his chemical Farinelli, Italian singer, some account of 43 knowledge

43 Farmer, on the effects of taxation on the 31 Dunston, near Newcastle upon Tyne, Fat, on the means of preventing the mui. eartbquake felt at 376 sance of melting

106 Dyk-Van, his theatrical portraits, and Ferdinand of Spain, ceremony of taking other poems, review of


the oath to the new constitution, by 579 Earth, on boring the, for water

32 -- remarks on the army of 583 Eurthquake, one felt at Dunston, near Festiniog, vale, Meriopethsbire, descripNewcastle-upon-Tyne 376 tion of

209 Antioch, and other places, Potter-laue, description of Dryden's destroyed by an 560 house in

97 - one felt at Hillesdon, Bucks. 571 Fever, yellow, on the, at Barcelona 238 East, ou the public oaths in the 222 - low, observations on

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381 Eclipse, dimensions of the celebrated Fineux, Sir Jobn, in the time of Henry borse

104 VII. bis time-serving putriotism 43 Economist, POLITICAL, THE, No. II. 17 Fisher, Miss Clara, biograpbicul account the social, No. 1. 32, II. 215 of

511 Egypt, Dr. Scholz's account of the com- Fitch, Mr., on purifying water

320 mercial situation of 289




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Fitch, Mr. on the phenomena of water- Hatfield, Mr. on preventing contagion - 117 springs

400 Hawes, J. letters by, on an emigrant's Fleet, Mr., on the means adopted at Ban- prospects in the United States

-.413 bury for obtaining water

. 411

Mr. on preventing nuisance in Fontbill abbey, some account of . 347

taliow melting

316 Food, on the nutritive properties of . 363 Hayti, on the cultivation of the arts, Forster, Dr., meteorological observations sciences, and commerce in

570 made by, on the continent

. 394 | Herefordshire, interesting antiquities in 514 on the twinkling of stars • 486 Heydown-bill, near Worthing, account of Fortune, on the vicissitudes of 428 the Miller's Tomb on

118 Fossil-remains, discovery of, at Atwick, Hillesdon, Bucks, account of an earthnear Hornsea 62 quake felt at

571 Fossils, vegetable and animal, observa- Hindostan, on the effects of the cholera tions on

153 morbus in, and in Deccan, Siam, Fowls, borrid Scotch practice connected China, &c.

3 with

40 Historians, ancient, remarks on - 159 France, Peliy, description of Milton's History, observations on

428 bouse in


-, English, elucidations of portions state of education in . 165 of

487 state of parties and opinions in 194 Holland, on the rivers of

333 on the state of literature in 351 Hollis, Mr. Thomas, some account of 332 origin of despotism in

427 Horses, on the diseases in the fore-feet of 9 a visit to in 1821

495 Hurricane, account of the disastrous, literary, observations on 162 fects of a late

567 Freemasons, decree of the pope against . 584 Husbandry, spade, observations on 164 French, on the feelings and situation of Hutchinson, Mr. on the permanent imthe inbabitants on the entrance of the, provement of roads

499 into Moscow in 1812

11 Hutton, Dr. Charles, characteristic obGeorgia, observations on 3 servations on

347 Germany, M. de Breymann's letter on Hymns, translation of Riego's, of Spain 609 the agricultural labourers of 132 | Impressment, observations on

254 Count Velthem on the pre- Incident, account of a singular

332 sent practices of agriculture in 395 | INCIDENTS 84, 176, 273, 371, 468, 562 Gibraltar Rock, Mr. J. Baird's geolo- India, account of a recent overland jourgical remarks on

ney to

1 Gilbertson, Mr. his means for preventing

original letter of Mr. Topping to the nuisance of multing fat

106 Dr. Lind, on the state of, in 1786 44 Gloucestershire, interesting antiquities

an ode, on the crimes committed in . 514 hy British agents in

235 Glow-worms, observations on - 167 | Indigo, on the culture of

42 Goucber, Mr.J. bis observations on well- Inquests, Coroners', strictures on the boring 308 careless verdicts of

418 Grabam, Mr. his method of curing ring- Inquisition of Spain, observations on 356


horrid cruelties and Grave, Mr. Lacey on Joe Miller's · 217 burnings committed by order of the 600 Gravesend, fi-bery at

• 232

-, on the torture of the 603 Gray, description of his church-yard at

on the prisons of the 604 Stoke, near Windsor 385 Insanity, observations on

-552 Greeks of Constantinople, affecting ap- Insects, observations on peal of the, to Christendom

82 Institution, British, exhibitions at 60 De Pradt's appeal to Europe in

-, Royal, proceedings of 145 bebalf of the


African, proceedings of 242 Grouchy, Marsbal, some account of


Surrey, the objects of 349, 436 Guatimala, America, discovery of an Interest, landed, illustrations of the ge

ancient city in the kingdom of 450 neral causes of the present distresses Guards, Lord North's observations on the of the officers of the 233 Intolerance, observations on

332 Halidon Hill, a dramatic sketch, Sir Wal- Ireland, on the minor living poets of 321,412 ter Scott's, observations on

on the comparative celebrity of --, extracts from 24 the writers of

- 529 Hamilton, letter of the Duke of, to the

, on the affairs of

323 Earl of Arundell, in 1640

42 Islands, Greek, on the actual state of the 112, Harp, Folian, queries respecting the 40

219 ---, Mr. Week's improved Isles, British, number of canals in the 351 construction of the

127 Islington, descriptiop of Sir Walter RaHarris, Mr. on bis invention for restoring leigh's house at

289 be electrical equilibrium

260 Italy, on the literary character of MONTHLY MAG. No. 377.



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- 324


- 335

. ib.

- 171


Janeiro, Rio de, description of the eity of 482 Lind, Dr., original letter of Mr. Topping Jefferies, president of America, letter of, to, on the state of Indin in 1786 to the Earl of Buchan

141 LITERATURE, NOVELTIES OF FOREIGN 237, Jennings, Mr. extracts from his lecture

335, 43), 529 at the Surrey Institution


ANCIENT, LYCEUM OF 318 Journal, one kept by a Lady in Moscow

, periodical, of England, in 1812 10 strictures on

43) Journey, a recent overland, to India, ac- Locke, Mr. description of his tomb 193 count of

1 Londonderry, on the death of the late Jovellanos, Spanish scholar and states- Marquis of

172, 181 man, account of

607 Lowe, Mr Joseph, extracts from his PreJokknl, eruption of the 165 sent State of England

613 Juries, grand, on the duties of - 253 Macchiavoli Rosario, Neapolitan patriot, -, packed, observations on • 558 biograpby of

423 Kalmucs, on their distilled liquors 333 Machinery, on the questionable beneficial Kamschatka, visit of natives of Sandwich effects of

255 Islands at

- 514 Madagascar, proclamation of Radama, Kant, defence of the philosophy of 110 King of, for abolition of the slave trade 246 Kennicott, Mr. B. letter of Duck tbe Madrid, popular feelings in

• 578 poet to

234-1 -, hall of the Cortes in Kennington, antiquities and present state

-, revolutionary occurrences in

598 of

· 203

remarks on the Prado in - 607 Kew-gardens, remarks on

· 521 Margate, institution formed at, for cure King, on the visit of the, to Scotland

of scrofulous and cancerous diseases 285 Kingston, account of a medicinal svell at 392 Marriage act, new, observations on 123

further particulars of 490 MARRIAGES 85, 176, 273, 372, 466, 563 Klaproth, the celebrated chemist, ac- Martial, account of

. 918 count of

228 Mathematics, modern, inquiry relative to 37 Knight, Mr. T. A. on the culture of the Matter and motion, observations on . 452 pear-tree

52 Melting tallow, prevention of nuisances in 401 Knowledge, Mr.Jennings on the progress

Mr. Hawes on preventing 516 of

438 Mermaid, in London, observations on the 345 Knowles, Mr. his remarks on improve- Metamorphosis, sacred, instance of • 425 ments in ship-building

37 | Midwives, observations on Labourers, agricultural, M. de Brey- Miller, Joe, Mr. Lacey's remarks on his mann's letter on

- 132 grave Lacey, Mr. bis remarks on Joe Miller's Miller's tomb on Heydown Hill, near grave 217 Worthing, account of

118 the Miller's

- Mr. Lacey's remarks on 307 Tomb of Heydown-hill

- 118 Milton, description of his house in Petty antifectious France

97 trades - 409 , on the works of

.224 Lacy, General, characteristic remarks on 587

on the style of La Plata, on the enlightened policy of - 349 -, on bis grave

• 217 Lambeth, antiquities and present state of 203 Mines, coal, Mr. Jas. Ryan's method of Lamps, perpetual, description of - 331 ventilating

343 Land proprietors, on the non-residence of Mina, General, characteristic remarks on 583 Langsdorf, Baron, his observations on the Morelli, the Neapolitan patriot, account of 328 present state of the Brazils

13 Morillo, General, characteristic remarks Language, French, new method of teach

585 ing

293 Moscow, journal of a lady at, in 1812-10, 419 Lausanne, macbine introduced at, for

on the feelings and situation of making bread

63 the ivhabitants of on the entrance of Laver, High, description of Mr. Locke's the French into tomb, at the church of

193 Music, NEW, AND THE DBAMA 51, 158, Layman, Capt., his method of procuring

250, 353, 448, 549 water and preserving timber

- 122

French, strictures on the state of 98 Law sayings, remarks on

- 332

o proceedings of the Royal AcaLeather, sure recipe for the preservation of 405

demy of

436 LEGISLATION, BRITISH 56, 148, 247, 370, Naples, details of the late revolutions in 326

440, 550 Napoleon, his plan of the campaign of Laws, sumptuary, at Zuricb, account of 426 Austerlitz

43 -- criminal, report of the Committee

characteristic remarks on 351, 538 of the House of Commons on


sensations at Paris, on his death 356 Lise-boat, suggestion of an improved 497

list of his works

. 544 Lightfoot, Hannah, the fair Quaker, fur- Nation, on the state of the

31 ther account of

116 Navigation, steam, Mr. Playfair on the Liberality, Cicero's remark on 42 origin of

502 Newington

• 235

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Newington-green, residence of Dr. Watts Poetry, Spanish, remarks on

223 481 Welsh, remarks on

302, 402 Nelson, Admiral Lond, on the character of 508 Poets, on the minor living, of Ireland 321, on the losses of, during the

412 late war 618 Pomfret Castle, account of

233 Nolan, Mr. strictures on his proposed law Poor, remarks on the distresses of the 491 for select vestries

316 Pope, remarks on bis Nymph of the Grot 415 Normaas, history of the invasion of Eng

decree of tbe, against Freemasons 584 and by the

489 Population-returns, comparative ages of Foth, Lord, his observations on the offi- males and females, taken from 337 er of tbe Guards

233 Porlier, General, characteristic remarks Notes, an Irishmen's, on a visit to Paris 316,

585 406 Portraits, theatrical, Van Dyk's review Fuisances, prevention of, in tallow mell- of

208 400 Press, periodical, state of the, in Sweden 7 Mr. Hawes on preventing 516 Principles, liberal, on the universal extenNimh of the Grot, observations on sion of

399 Pope's

415 Prince Primate of the confederation of OCCURRENCES, PROVINCIAL 89, 184, 280, the Rhine, Baron Dalberg, biograpby 376, 470, 566 of

521 Opinions, public, observations on 4 Printing, on the origin of

540 Ovid's Metamorphosis, description of his Prior, Mat. his residence at Down-hall mabuscript of

· 121 PROEMIUM, CRITICAL Paris, traits of the women of - 227 Ackerman's Forget me not, a Christmas

-, an Irishman's notes on a recent and New Year's present for 1823 - 450 visit to 316 | American Atlas

• 533 ,&nations at, on Bonaparte's death 356 An address to manufacturers, farmers, &c. 253 -, gaming-houses in

407 Aufrere's Narrative of an Expedition Palmyra, Cambridge prize poem of, in from Tripoli to the Western Frontier 358 1822

46 Babington's Tale in the Tamul Language 454 Oxford prize poem of 139 Benger's Memoirs of the Life of Mary Paper-making, Mr. Smith on the abuses Queen of Scots

531 of 313 Bailey's Grimaldi, a tragedy

359 Padiament, remarks on, as a law court 29 Becbe's Geology of the Southern Coast PARXASSUS, NBWS FROM 23, 206, 504

of England

451 Parasts, NEW 64, 143, 240, 338, 434, 547 Belsham's Epistles of Paul the Apostle Patriots, Neapolitans, on the 326 translated

66 Patriotism, observations on

- 525 Blane's (Sir Gilbert) Select Dissertations 452 Ptaee, on the causes of the fall of prices Blaquiere's Historical Review of the sibee the 623 Spanish Revolution

150 Pear-tree, Mr. T. A. Knight on the cul- Bowles's Grave of the last Saxon

252 ture of

52 Brooke's Elegy on the Death of Percy Pelban, Lord, late Secretary of State, Bysshe Shelley

255 some account of

391 Compendium of the History of England 532 Persian women, on their constraints and Cabrera's Critical Investigation and Rebeauty

21 search into the History of the Americans 450 Persians and Turks, menners of the, con- Confessions of an English Opium Eater 451 trasted und described

19 | Cunningham's Traditional Tales of the PERSONS, EMINENT, BIOGRAPHY OF

English and Scottish peasantry 357 136, 228, 326, 421,520 D’Israeli's Curiosities of Literature 531 Philosophy.on the new experiments rela- Del Rio's Description of the Ruins of an tire to

297 ancient city in the kingdom of Gua-
of Kant, defence of
011 temala, America

450 on the language of 121 Dagley's Compendium of the Theory and

, reprobation of cruel experi- Practice of Drawing and Painting 151 ments in 416 Dibdin's Ædes Althorpianæ

68 Piano-fortes, Mr. Collard's improvements Draper's Child's Friend

251 Danglison's use of Moxa as a TherapeuPisa, the Neapolitan patriot, account of 329 tical Agent

150 Pitt, Mr., on his continuance of the late Dunlap's Memoirs of Charles Brockden 620 Brown

• 254 Playfair, Mr. on the origin of steam-na- Evaps's (Caleb) Sermons

255 vigation 502 Fitz-Eustace's Essays

454 Plins, description of the manuscript of Gage's History and Antiquities of Henhis natural bistory

grave, Suffolk

453 Plot, gunpowder, a Protestant's argu- Galt's Provost

152 meat on the

510 Geological Society's Transactions 451 POETRY, ORIGINAL 46, 139, 236, 334,428, Grimm's German Popular Stories 531 527


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Haley's Cursory Suggestions on Naval | PROMOTIONS, ECCLESIASTICAL 470, 565


254 Protestant, arguments by a, on the gun-

Hindmarsh's Vindication of the Character powder plot


and Writings of Baron Swedenborg 70 PUBLICATIONS, NEW, LIST OF, 66, 149, 255

Halliday's Numerical Games


359, 454, 535

Harley's Nonsense Verses

152 | Pulpit, strictures on promulgatiog the

Hughes's Address to the People of England 88 marriage act from the


Hunt's Julian the Apostate

150 Quaker, fair, further details relative to the
Hogg's Three Perils of Man

19, 410

Ingram's Concise System of Mensuration, Queen of France, last, appellation given

adapted to the Use of Schools - 534 to

- 332

Jenyns's (Soame) Disquisitions
69 Queries, sundry

37, 320

Layman's Pioneer

254 Quiroga, (Gen.) characteristic account

Letters from a Lady to her Niece 534 of


Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life - 591 | Quorndon, effects of a recent whirlwind
Loudon's Encyclopedia of Gardening 252 at

Lowe's present Stute of Agriculture 450 Raleigh, Sir Walter, description of his
Lyric Poem on the death of Napoleon - 356 bouse at Islington


Manby's Journal of a Voyage to Green- Regulations, French, of backney coaches,


358 account of


Mawe's Familiar Lessons on Mineralogy Religion, inquiries relative to the mo-

and Geology

454 dern system of supporting

- 228

Memoir of the Life and Trial of James Rent-corn, the principle of, recom-


154 mended


Memoir of the Life of Artemi

69 REPORT, MEDICAL 75, 166, 264, 361, 457
Merrywhistle's Isu't it Odd ?


Middleton's Ecclesiastical Memoirs of Respiration, Dr. Roget's remarks on 145

the Four First Decades of the Reign of Retbam, Dr. details by, of a London

George the Third

358 Book Society

- 406

Miller's Enquiry into the Present State Review, Edinburgh, remarks on 29, 322

of the Statute and Criminal Law of

> Quarterly, remarks on




Retrospective, remarks on 222

Mills's Travels of Theodore Ducas · 355 Revolution, Portuguese, observations on 135

Napoleon Anecdotes

• 533

Spanish, ohservations on 149

No Enthusiasm


progress of, in the civilized

Norris's Letter to the Earl of Liverpool - 252 world


O'Meara's Voice from St. Helena 67 Rbé isle, description of

- 399
Ontiva, the Son of the Forest
451 Rhetorics, the three pictures of

Osmond, a Tale

ib. Riego, of Spain, translation of his Hymns 609

Outlines of Character

533 Ring-worm, Mr. Grabam on the means of

Parkinson's Introduction to the Study of curing


Fossil Organic Remains


on the cure of


Partington's Historical and Descriptive Roads, Mr. Hutchinson on the perma-

Account of the Steam Engine

252 pent improvement of


Pordon's Caur de Lion

151 Robinson, Mr. on the parental care of
Porter's, Anne Maria, Roche Blanche 69 the bat

Pradt's Europe and America in 1821 68 Rodney, Admiral Lord, anecdote of 508
Quarles's Enchiridion

- 69 | Rolvenden, Kent, account of an ancient

Quin's Collectanea Latina

· 154 vessel found at

190, 259

Rees's Journal of Voyages and Travels 152 Rouen, Cathedral, account of a fire in

Rome, a Poem

358 the


Roscoe's Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini 70 Rudder, Mr. bis plan for the condensa-
Smith's, (Englefield) Poetical Works 451 tion of sinoke

Southey's History of the Peninsula War 632 Russell, Lord John, extracts connected
Swainson's Yaturalist's Guide


with the book selling trade, from bis

Tappau's Poems

- 359 speech in parliament on reform


The Council of Ten

70 Russia, fête on the birth-day of the em-

The Security of Englishmen's Lives 253


Thompson's Lectures on Botany

68 Ryan, Mr. his method of ventilating

The Liberal

452 coal-mines


Time's Telescope for 1823

534 Sandwich islands, visit of several natives

Tracts on the English Verb

532 of, at Kamtschatka


Travers's Random Rhymes

154 Saxons, policy of the


Vale of Chamouni

358 Scholz, Dr. his account of the commer-

Vargas, a Tale of Spain

71 cial situation of Egypt in 1821 · 289

Veiran's Tour on the Continent of Europe 151 Scotland, on the visit of the king to 172

White's Letters from Spain

356 Scotch pronunciation, examples of getting

Wilson's, (W R.)Travels in Egypt, Syria, rid of


and the Holy Land

534 Scott, Sir Walter, observations on his

Wright's Guide to the Lakes of Killarney 67 Halidon Hill, a dramatic sketch


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