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Navalar did not assist Percival in Bible revision (not translation which was already extant from 1779).
Arumuga Navalar left Percival as a student, See Morning Star Aug 1848 and Christianity in
Ceylon Tennent,1849.
Rev. Elijah Hoolewas employed by Percival as the native assistant in Bible translation. Elijah Hoole also translated the book of Common Prayer. They were ordained the same day into the Anglican Church from the Methodist.
Hindu NationalistPropaganda should not be repeated, It further marginalizes and threatens the Christians in Jaffna andCeylon,
Why ask a rabid Hindu, though born a Christian and baptised Piraat by the Dutch Reformed Church =when C,W, Thamotharampillai,Carol bothB, A were there and more qualified and able than Navalar.
It would appear that the entire narrative on Navalar needs revisiting. The whole Navalar story seems a nationalist, religio-communalist hoax imposed on the rest of us.

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