Paradise Warrior

Front Cover
Christopher D. Day, 2014 - Australian fiction - 412 pages
When an honoured angel receives a secret mission to protect a baby Earth girl, he is given the heart of a man. Being chosen for such a dangerous assignment is a distinguished honour, the epitome of every warrior's desire, but it means crossing over into the confines of four dimensions and into the Tempter's kingdom. It carries terrible dangers, restrictions and extreme temptations to indulge in the ways of the creatures of the Earth. Will he become part of the problem? The stakes are high and complete evil sets out to win the game whichever way possible. The end justifies the means. Ignorance hides the perpetrators and deceit denies their existence. And we are all part of the game--whether we like it or not. We are the prize and the pawns. It is extremely dangerous to choose to close our minds. One mistake could cost us everything. Thankfully, the battle is not ours and a power far greater than us already knows the outcome. But It is up to us to recognise the enemy and choose to fight on the winning side. Follow the clues, but reserve judgement. You could be an accidental hero. A riveting story of courage, redemption, love and friendship. Paradise Warrior is not for the faint hearted. Don't read it alone!

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