Collected Papers on Spectroscopy

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Page 76 - For compressible flow this becomes: where y is the ratio of the specific heat at constant pressure to that at constant volume...
Page 336 - ... in two flames, the one on one side, and the other on the other side of the axial line.
Page 563 - On an Inversion of Ideas as to the Structure of the Universe (the Rede Lecture, June 10, 1902).
Page 503 - On passing electric discharges through them, without any condenser in the circuit, they glow with a bright orange light, not only in the capillary part, but also at the poles, and at the negative pole in particular. The spectroscope shows that this light consists in the visible part of the spectrum chiefly of a succession of strong rays in the red, orange, and yellow, attributed to hydrogen, helium, and neon. Besides these, a vast number of rays, generally less brilliant, are distributed through...
Page 132 - basic' lines recorded by Thalen will require special study, with a view to determine whether their existence in different spectra can be explained or not on the supposition that they represent the vibrations of forms which, at an early stage of the planet's history, entered into combination with other forms, differing in proximate origin, to produce different 'elements'.
Page 370 - To explain the construction of the common barometer, and to shew that the mercury is sustained in it by the pressure of the air on the surface of the mercury in the basin.
Page 49 - Sch in the cases of potassium and sodium, and recorded channelled-i spectra in the case of antimony, phosphorus (?), sulphur, and arsenic (probably). " As the temperature employed for the volatilization of the metals did not exceed bright redness, or that at which cast iron readily melts, the range of metals examined was necessarily limited ; and in order to extend these observations to the less fusible metals, as well as to ascertain whether the spectra of those volatilized at the lower temperature...
Page 501 - The total uncondensable gas separated in this way amounts to about one fiftythousandth of the volume of the air, which is about the same proportion as the air dissolved in water. That free hydrogen exists in air in small amount is conclusively proved, but the actual proportion found by the process is very much smaller than Gautier has estimated by the combustion method. The recent experiments of Lord Rayleigh...
Page 54 - This is best seen when potassium and magnesium are introduced into the tube, but it may also be seen with sodium and magnesium. The less refrangible edge of this band is sharply defined, and has a wave-length about 5140, and it fades away towards the blue.
Page 132 - Vol. xx, 119, p. 355), and he remarks, " The complete investigation of the matter requires that the bright line spectra of the metals in question should be confronted with each other and with the solar spectrum under enormous dispersive power, in order that we may be able to determine which of the components of each double line belongs to one and which to the other element.

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