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I first read Noughts & Crosses around five years ago and gave it an instant five star rating. On reading it again, I saw why it had so appealed to my fifteen year old self and also that it still ... Read full review

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I love this book because it's so capturing and I'll be honest sometimes I got a bit bored but there was always something to pull me back and encourage me to read more, I absolutely recommend this book if you just want to read something you will actually enjoy and if you do read often its a good book. Before I read noughts and crosses I never used to enjoy reading but now the only books I read are Malorie Blackman novels. 

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Malorie Blackman’s “Noughts and Crosses” is a harrowing tale that ensnares the senses without relinquishing its hold until the last word has imprinted itself upon the brain.
Captivated from start to
finish I moved this book swiftly up my list of favourite books. This book tackles topics that are extremely complex. Racism is a terrible flaw in the human brain, a malfunction if you will. Thinking that because you are smarter, braver, stronger or better than anyone else because they are of a different back ground, race or culture both wrong, idiotic and can only come from the minds of the ignorant.
“Noughts and Crosses” is set in the perfect portrayal of a world that in my mind is quit simply wrong because of the discrimination that happens so regularly that it has become the norm. It is very similar to what has happened in our past but with a twist, it is the people with dark skin who have cultivated as the “higher” beings, they are in control of the government and the army much like people with pale skin where in our past.
The main characters Callum and Sephy have a relationship similar to that of Romeo and Juliette; it is both tragic and beautiful. When reading you find yourself knowing instinctively that they will not be able to stay together but at the same time desperately hoping that fate will be kinder.. I must admit that in the end I was heartbroken to see the end of their love when it was just beginning to blossom.

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