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"Every day will x bless thee; and I will praise thy

name for ever and ever.”—PSALM cxlv. 2.

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The object of the Editor of the present volume has been to offer a book that shall be acceptable to all who believe in the efficacy of “line upon line, precept upon precept,”—a work in which shall be found some text of consolation or instruction, one of the sayings of the wise king, a specimen of sacred verse, and a moral and instructive extract from a prose writer, for every day in the year. The various vicissitudes of human life, in joy and sorrow, in despondency and hope, have been touched upon in succession; and those texts have been especially selected which bear upon the great concern of man in his mortal pilgrimage, the welfare of his soul, and the guaranties of the perfect life hereafter in Christ Jesus.

And as the wind bloweth where it listeth, and while we hear the sound as it passes by, we cannot tell whence it cometh or whither it goeth, so may it befall that these sacred words, scattered abroad through this little book, may, in some instances, prove "the word in season," of which the inspired writer has said “how good it is.”

In conclusion, it may be remarked that both in the verse and prose extracts what are called extreme views have heen avoided. The texts are, of course, literally transcribed from the Bible.

The days of our years are threescare years and ten; and if, by reason of strength, they be fourscort years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow, for it is soon cut off, and we ilp away.—Psalm xc. 10.

OON another year


Quickly have the seasons passed ;
This we enter now upon

Will to many prove their last.
Mercy hitherto has spared,

But have mercies been improved ?
Let us ask, “Am I prepared,

Should I be this year removed ?”
Life is like a battle-plain;

Thousands fall within our view,
And this year, among the slain

I, perhaps, may be, or you.
Unto Christians, while below,

With new years new mercies come;
And the happiest they know
Is the year that calls them home.

7. Newton.

REFLECTIONS. THE world is all alluring, and we consider not its vanity ; sin

puts on all pleasures, and yet we take it, though it puts us to pain : in short, we are vain, and credulous, and sensual, and trifling; we are tempted, and tempt ourselves, and we sin frequently, and contract evil habits, and they become second natures, and bring in a second death, miserable and eternal : every man hath need to fear, because every man hath weakness, and enemies, and temptations, and dangers, and causes of his own.-JEREMY TAYLOR. Tas the whirlwind passes, so is the wicked na more; but the righteous is an everlasting foundation.—PROV., X. 25.

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