Literarhistorische Forschungen, Volumes 25-27

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Page 73 - Had we never loved so kindly, ' Had we never loved so blindly, ' Never met or never parted, ' We had ne'er been broken•hearted.
Page 93 - Could I embody and unbosom now That which is most within me, — could I wreak My thoughts upon expression, and thus throw Soul, heart, mind, passions, feelings, strong or weak, All that I would have sought, and all I seek, Bear, know, feel, and yet breathe — into one word, And that one word were Lightning, I would speak...
Page 140 - Love ! no habitant of earth thou art — An unseen seraph, we believe in thee, A faith whose martyrs are the broken heart, But never yet hath seen, nor e'er shall see The naked eye, thy form, as it should be ; The mind hath made thee, as it peopled heaven, Even with its own desiring phantasy, And to a thought such shape and image given, As haunts the unquench'd soul — parch'd — wearied — wrung — and riven.
Page 82 - My dream was past ; it had no further change. It was of a strange order, that the doom Of these two creatures should be thus traced out Almost like a reality — the one To end in madness— both in misery.
Page 118 - She was like me in lineaments — her eyes, Her hair, her features, all, to the very tone Even of her voice, they said were like to mine ; But soften'd all, and temper'd into beauty ; She had the same lone thoughts and wanderings, The quest of hidden knowledge, and a mind To comprehend the universe...
Page 116 - Wenn er teuer nicht die Gunst erkauft? Er ist noch ein Heide mit den Seinen, Und sie sind schon Christen und getauft. Keimt ein Glaube neu, Wird oft Lieb und Treu Wie ein böses Unkraut ausgerauft.
Page 144 - I could not tame my nature down ; for he Must serve who fain would sway ; and soothe, and sue, And watch all time, and pry into all place, And be a living lie, who would become A mighty thing amongst the mean, and such The mass are ; I disdain'd to mingle with A herd, though to be leader — and of wolves. The lion is alone, and so am I.
Page 161 - Zagen. Ist es dein Geist, der heimlich mich bezwinget, dein hoher Geist, der alles kühn durchdringet, und blitzend sich zum Himmelslichte schwinget? Quält mich Erinnerung, daß ich verübet so manche Tat, die dir das Herz betrübet, das schöne Herz, das mich so sehr geliebet? 2 Im tollen Wahn hatt...
Page 140 - Türe streckt ich aus die Hände, Und bettelte um g'ringe Liebesspende Doch lachend gab man mir nur kaltes Hassen. Und immer irrte ich nach Liebe, immer Nach Liebe, doch die Liebe fand ich nimmer, Und kehrte um nach Hause, krank und trübe. Doch da bist du entgegen mir gekommen, Und ach ! was da in deinem Aug geschwommen, Das war die süße, langgesuchte Liebe.
Page 147 - Ich bin ein deutscher Dichter, Bekannt im deutschen Land; Nennt man die besten Namen, So wird auch der meine genannt.

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