Familiar Lessons on Physiology: Designed for the Use of Children and Youth in Schools and Families

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Fowlers and Wells, 1850 - Physiology - 95 pages

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Page 61 - ... are branches of the artery going to the two sides of the lungs, which carry the blood there ; m, m, the veins which bring the blood back from the lungs to the left side of the heart ; n, is the right auricle ; o and p, are the ascending and...
Page 23 - ... mastication of their food. 48. Man has only one stomach, and this is all he needs in the digestion of his food, and in preparing it for blood ; but we see that different animals require and have different stomachs : some two, three, or four, as the occasion may require. 49. Lobsters and crabs have a very singular stomach. Near the lower end of it there are five little teeth placed on the opposite side ; and these being moved up and down by muscles belonging to them, grind the food passed between...
Page 95 - LOVE AND PARENTAGE; APPLIED TO THE IMPROVEMENT OF Offspring : including Important Directions to Lovers and the Married, concerning the strongest Ties, and most sacred and momentous Relations of Life.
Page 97 - DELIA'S DOCTORS; OR, A GLANCE BEHIND THE SCENES. BY Hannah Gardner Creamer. Paper. Price, 62 cents. Muslin, 87 cents. FAMILIAR LESSONS ON ASTRONOMY: DESIGNED FOR THE USE of Children and Youth In Schools and Families.
Page 97 - COMBE'S PHYSIOLOGY. APPLIED TO THE PRESERVATION OF Health, and to the Improvement of Physical and Mental Education. By Andrew Combe, MD With Notes and Observations by OS Fowler.
Page 51 - ... cut of the arm, and also the manner in which they are joined to the arm. 68. Dr. Alcott relates a very interesting fact to illustrate the action of the muscles, as follows : " In front of St. Peter's church, at Rome, stands an obelisk, or pyramid, of red Egyptian granite, one hundred and twenty-four feet high. It was brought from Egypt to Rome, by order of the Roman emperor Caligula, where it...
Page 87 - A cat frequented a closet, the door of which was fastened by a common iron latch. A window was situated near the door. When the door was shut, the cat gave herself no uneasiness ; for...
Page 85 - The grocer's name was Gardner — the distance is certainly above a mile, and through the most crowded part of London. The case of bees is referable to Instinct clearly. Honey-finders in America trace their nests by catching two bees, carrying them to a distance, and letting them fly. Each takes the straight line towards the nest or hive, and by noting these two lines, and finding where they intersect each other, the hive is found. Now the bee is known to have a very confined sphere of vision, from...
Page 96 - Efficacy and Safety. Containing a detailed account of the various processes used in the Water-Treatment, etc. By James Wilson, MD, and James M. Gully, MD 30 cents.
Page 95 - AMATIVENESS; OR, EVILS AND REMEDIES OF EXCESSIVE AND Perverted Sexuality, Including Warning and Advice to the Married and Single. An important little work, on an important subject.

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