Transactions of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society, Volume 1, Part 3

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The Society, 1852 - Ireland
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Page 324 - Conn's half," so called from Conn of the hundred battles, who ruled over it in the second century. The southern half of Ireland was called Leath Mogha, ie Mogh's half, from Mogh Nuadhat, King of Munster, who, after having defeated Conn, monarch of Ireland, in ten battles, comNamely, a ring of fifteen ounces on his hand, And a chain of iron on his stout leg.
Page 392 - The tempter saw him too with envious eye, And, as on Job, demanded leave to try. He took the time when Richard was deposed, And high and low with happy Harry closed.
Page 320 - ... leading step in controlling the attending symptoms. The former means the prevention, the latter the cure, of the illness. No better means can be devised for attaining the latter than the knowledge of the real condition of the solids and liquids of the organism when under the action of the microbe. The object of the present paper is to call the attention of the profession to certain facts relating to yellow fever as it prevails at Vera Cruz (Mexico), which have led us into the theory that yellow...
Page 378 - Hindus who keep horned cattle, for use or profit. On this feast they visit gardens, erect a pole in the fields, and adorn it with pendants and garlands. The Sunday before last was...
Page 496 - Earl of Bessborough's improvements in the county of Kilkenny, and on the left hand side of the road, stands a stone of considerable magnitude, raised at least eight feet above the level of the ground. There are various traditions among the country people with regard to the causes of elevation of this stone, and the agents who were employed in the work, but all of them too absurd to deserve notice here. Certain marks on one side of it, have by some been imagined to make part of an inscription, now...
Page 446 - I beg it to be remembered that I have put it markedly forward that they are foreign coins, and not coined in these kingdoms, but brought over by Rinunccini for the use of the Confederate army.
Page 270 - Bank with editors and public functionaries. And here the Committee wish it to be distinctly understood, that they do not pretend to set up the absurd idea, that editors or officers are excluded from the right common to the rest of the citizens, of borrowing money when and where they please, from banks or individuals, without being answerable, in the slightest degree, to any person whatever.
Page 324 - The kings of the provinces used to purchase their seats at Uisneach, and the purchase and price they paid was this, ie, the
Page 462 - I have not examined it with sufficient accuracy to be able to give a detailed account of it, but I hope to be able to do so at some future time.
Page 444 - ... of all the writers quoted in the preliminary part of this paper, and the fact that the Confederates coined half-pence and farthings, militate against the opinion which Dr. Cane has adopted without supporting it by any additional evidence. Fourth — " That it is a coin of the reign of Charles II., is not only broad of the fact, but it is absurdly so.

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