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A soul crushing technical manual written by a sadist that has served as the right of passage for physics PhDs since the dawn of time. Every single one of my professors studied this book, and every ... Read full review

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"Jackson E&M is about learning how to approximate reliably...the entire book, with few exceptions, is a mathematical discussion on how to solve [the same] 4 problems for different boundary conditions." Read full review

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Text is quite readable and appropriate for a first-year graduate text in physics. A "bible" I return to again and again.
Thinking back, I recall struggling over some sections for which I was not
adequately prepared, including time-dependent EM fields. That aside, this was the text for my most favorite class in grad school.
If you are a fan of transformational solutions to differential equations then this is the text for you. Here is where I really learned about Fourier and other special function transformations as well as solving diffeq problems in special coordinate systems. I did very well in quantum mechanics thanks to this text.
I fear that students today may not have the same preparation that was common 30 years ago. Back then, expectations were different. In particular, this text is hardly aware of computational problem solving. It is focused on analytics.

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Good book

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This book is an excellent text for physics graduate students. It is unsuited for undergraduate use. I echo the observation of several other commenters in that the derivations are in places too abbreviated and impose a substantial burden on the reader having to fill in the blanks.
The problems range in difficulty, with the relatively easy problems not being terribly easy in the usual sense, to very difficult. Acquiring the ability to solve Jackson problems imbues you with professional level skills as an analyst. The problems one encounters as a professional engineer or applied physicist are really not much harder than difficult Jackson problems. On the other hand, even graduate students will benefit by having a more accessible secondary text for use in a graduate electromagnetism course.
The Jackson text affords excellent preparation for professional analysis, but is not ideal from a pedantic viewpoint. It should not be one's sole resource in learning graduate electromagnetism, but it is a very valuable one.

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This book is not fun to read, but it is pretty complete. It is still the standard text for electrodynamics in graduate school. Read full review

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