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Baptist, 410g Baltimore avenue and The location and time of service of the various

Chestnut churches in Philadelphia, with the names and Rev. Philip Berry, Assistant Editar Nationai residences of the pastors in charge.

Baptist, 1420 Chestnut.

Rev. J. Hervey Appleton, Supply, 121 X. When not otherwise stated, the hours of service

Eleventh. are--1019, morning ; 3%, afternoon; and 72, Mrs. Dr. Knowlton, Missionary, 2008 N. Sixevening, from October to May, and 8 o'clock,

teenth. evening, for the rest of the year. All the churches

Rev S. P. Lewy, D.D., Missionary, 262 N. have morning service, while some have after.

Thirteenth noon and others evening services in addition ; a few have morning, afternoon and evening services.

Angora, Baltimore av. and Fifty-ninth: Rev. The Public Ledger, on Saturday of each week, J. E. Craig, Angora, Gray's lane and Baltigenerally contains a summary of Religious News, embracing important facts relating to all denomi- Berean, Chestnut ab. Forticth: Rev. Edgar M. nations.

Levy, D.D., 4019 Chestnut, On Saturdays the Ledger contains advertise- Beth Eden, Broad and Spruce : Rev. J. Wheaments of the principal Religious Services of the ton Smith. D.D., 417 S, Ninth. following Sunday.

Bethany, Fox Chase: Rev. George Hand, It is estimated that over half a million persons | Harboro'; Rev. Philip S. Moxem, Assistant. read the Ledger every day.

Bethlehem Mission, Sixty-second and Race: Mr. Edward Roberts, Superintendent, 207 N,


Bethesda, Fifth and Venango: Rev. W. H. Edwin King, Corresponding Secretary, 1716 Humphreys, 6 6 N. Seventh. Francis strect.

Blockley, Filty-thin ab. Haverford av.: Rev. Eighth street ab. Noble: Frank Burr.

C. J. Jones, 241 N. Forty-first. Hall, Wharton ab. Seventh.

Broad Street, cor. Broad and Brown: Rev. E. L. Magoon, D.D., 1319 Girard av.

Busileton Chapel, Bustleton: Rev. W. E.

Cornwell. 74 P.M.; Sunday-school, 2'5 P.M. Stephens street below Fifth.

Byberry Chapel, Byberry : Rev. C. M. Dietz, Holinesburg: 33 P.M.

Calvary, Fitth and Carpenter: Rev. F. S. |


Centennial, cor. Twenty-third and Oxford sts.: Baptist Home, Seventeenth and Norris. Presi. Rev. I. D. King, 2021 Oxford.

dent, Mrs. L. Knowles, 126 N. Eighteenth. Chestnut Hill, Main and Summit: Rev. E. Vice-President, Mrs. John Mustin, 3918 Girard McMinn. Highland av. av. Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. P. G. Mc- East, Hanover ab. Girard av. : Rev. W. B. Collin, 3033 Chestnut. Recording Secretary, Tolan, 1432 Hanover. Miss Emile Malcolm, 1520 Mount Vernon. Eleventh, Twelfth ab. Race: Rev. I. Newtoo Treasurer, Mrs. C. H. Banes, 2021 Spring Ritner, 1108 Mount Vernon. Garden.

Enon (colored), Germantown: Rev. James D. American Baptist Publication Society, 1420 Brooks, 5 Altred st. Chestnut.

Falls of Schuylkill, Queen ab. Ridge av.: Rev. American Baptist Historical Society, 1420 Chest Alfred Free, 126 Queen.

Rev. Wm. Cathcart, D.D., President. Fifth, cor. Eighteenth and Spring Garden: Rev. J. H. Chambers, Secretary. Henry E. Rev. Benjamin 1). Thomas, 747 Corivihian av. Lincoln, Treasurer and Librarian. Rev. How. Fiftieth, Seventh and Susquchanna av.: Rev. ard Malcolm, D.D., LL.D., Honorary Presi. E. C. Romine, 2225 Franklin. dent for life, 1520 Mount Vernon.

First, Broad and Arch: Rev. George Dana Rev. G. W. Anderson, D.D., Book Editor Amer. Boardman, D.D., 1815 Walnut. 1044 A.M.,7%, P.N. ican Baptist Publication Society.

First African, Cherry bel. Tenth : Rev. Thou Rev. L. G. Beck, Corresponding Secretary Penn- dore Doughty Miller, 303 Rradford. sylvania Baptist General Association.

First German, Sixth ab. Poplar: Rev. J. S. Rev. Sidney Dyer, District Secretary American Gubelman, 1218 Randolph. Baptist Publication Society.

First (Germantown), "Price street nr. Main : Rev. Benjamin Griffith, D.D., Secretary Amer- Rev. J. (). Critchlow, 200 Haines. ican Baptist Publication Society.

First (West Philadelphia), cor. Chestnut and Rev. E. D. Fendall, Assistant Corresponding Thirty-sixth : Rev. Geo. Cooper, 221 S. Thirty

Secretary American Baptist Publication So- eighth. ciety:

Fourth, cor. Fifth and Buttonwood. Rev. George J. Johnson, D.D. Missionary Sec. Frankford, cor. Paul and Unity: Rev. T. P.

retary American Baptist Publication Society. Coulston, 4721 Penn, Frankford. Rev. Thomas S. Malcolm, Southern Secretary Frankford Avenue, Frankford av. and AraAmerican and Foreign Bible Sociсty.

mingo: Rev. J. Alpha Mullen, 602 E. CumberRev. Thomas Swaim, D.D., District Secretary land. American Baptist Home Mission Society

Gethsemane, cor. Eighteenth and Columbia Rev. David Spencer, District Secretary Amer- av. : Rev. L. P. Hornberger, 1510 N. Eighteenth. ican Baptist Missionary Union.

104 A.M., 7% P.M.



Grace, Berks ab. Eleventh : Rev. J. G. Miles, Third Church, Germantown, cor. Wister and 1845 N. Twelfth.

Wakefield: Rev. J. L. Ray, 137

Hope Mission of Second Church, Richmond Turner Mission, Hazel bel. Second: Rev. J.
and Neff.

W. Turner, 1735 S. Second.
Holmesburg, Main street: Rev. C. M. Dietz, Union (colored), Minster ab. Sixth: Rev.

Thomas Henson, 216 Vandeveer.
Immanuel Chapel, Twenty-third and Summer, White Hall Mission, Twenty-third ward : Rev.
Mission of First Baptist Church.

T. P. Coulston.
Lower Dublin, nr. Bustleton: Rev. W. E. Wissahickon Chapel, Ridge av. ab. Dawson :
Cornwell, Bustleton.

Nathan L. Jones, Superintendent.
Macedonian_Mission, Twelfth and McKean:
Rev. Joseph Taylor, 1700 S. Thirteenth. 10%

A.M., 74 P.M.

Manatawna, Upper Roxborough: Kev. T. L. Fourth Street, Fourth bel. Market : Rev. I. C.
Bailey, Ridge av., Roxborough.

Wynn, 535 Arch.
Manayunk, Belmont bel. Wood: Rev. G. H. North, Second and Pearl: Rev. R. G. Moses,

215 Friends' av,
Mantua, Fortieth and Silverton av.: Rev. J.G. North-east Mission, Tenth and Penn.
Walker, 521 N. Fortieth.

Second, cor. Fourth and Mount Vernon: Rev.
Mariners', Front bel. Christian : No settled M. M. Finch, 6-2 Clinton.
pastor. Free reading-room, open every evening. Tabernacle, Stevens bel. Fifth: Rev. E. Dallas

Memorial, cor. Broad and Master: Rev. P. S. Stager, 813 S. Fifth.
Henson, D.D., 1423 N. Sixteenth.

Third, Broadway ab. Vanhook: Rev. R. W.
Messiah, Dauphin nr. Amber : Rev. C. A. Ad- Perkins, Broadway bel. Jackson.
ams, 284 E. Cumberland.

Trinity, Fifth ab. Markot: Rev. A. H. Lung,
Milestown, Oak lane: Rev. Charles Warwick, 426 Stevens.

Seventh ! colored), cor. Kaighns av. and West
Mount Olive, Lombard nr. Seventeenth. 1042 Jersey R. R.: Rev. Moses Wilcox, 716 Syca-
A.M., 3 P.M.

more; Rev. Vincent Palin, U. S. A., 708 S.
Mount Vernon Mission, Washington ab. Jeffer | Fifth.
son, Manayunk.

City, Gloucester : Rev. E. V. Glover,
Nicetown, Germantown av. bel. Nicetown
lane : Rev. Jabez Ferris, 4072 Germantown av.
North, Eighth ab. Master : Rev. Albert Foster,

1920 N. Eighth.

First Church, Twenty-sixth and Federal : Rev.
Oak Street (colored), Forty-first and Ludlow: B. H. Fish, 1320 Patton.
Rev. Robert A. Pinn, 3846 Spring Garden. 10%

8 P.M.
Olivet, cor. Sixth and Federal : Rev. J. H.

Chambers, 929 Federal.

Christ Church, Third ab. Girard av.: Rev.
Passyunk, Passyunk av. west of Broad: Rev. Henry S. Clubb, 5015 Franklin st., Frankford.
Wm. W. Dalbey, 1415 Moore.

Pilgrim Mission, Twenty-third and Christian.
Pine Grove hapel, Bristol turnpike nr. Tac-

ony, Twenty-third ward : Rev. W. E. Cornwell. Christadelphians. West Philadelphia Institute

Rittenhousetown Chapel, Rittenhouse nr. Wis. Hall, Fortieth bel. Market : No regular minister. sahickon.

Roxborough, Ridge av, bel. Lyceum : Rev. J.
W. Wilmarth, Ridge av, and Monastery.

Sandy Ford Chapel, Bustleton turnpike : Rev. Brandywine, bel. Sixteenth.
W. E. Cornwell, Bustleton.

First. Marlborough ab. Belgrade: Rev. John
Second, Seventh bel. Girard av. : Rev. Wm. G. Wilson, 1409 Hanover.
Cathcart. D.D., 830 N. Sixth.

Immanuel, cor. Third and Cumberland: Dr.
Second (Germantown), cor. Main and Upsal : Adams, East Huntingdon.
Rev. James Lisk, cor. Morton and Upsal.

Mount Zion, Christian bel. Sixth : Rev. E. E.
Second German Chapel, Second ab. Norris : Mitchel, 2041 Brandywine.
Rev. John Linker, 2233 Hancock. 1044 A.M.,
7 P.M
Shiloh (colored), South ab. Tenth : Rev. W.A.

Burch, 1219 Everett.

South Broad Street, Broad and Reed: Rev. P.

Marshall ab. Poplar : Rev. J. P. Hetric, 1414
L. Jones, 1410 S. Thirteenth. 1042 A.M., 774 P.M.

N. Thirteenth.
Spring Garden, Thirteenth ab. Wallace: Rev.

Main ab. Sharpnack, Germantown: Rev.
Wni. M. Lawrence, 1433 N. Thirteenth.

Christian Custer, 1739 Woodstock.
Spruce Street, Spruce bel. Fifth: Rev. W. S.
Roberts, 410 Queen.

Tabernacle, Chestnut ab. Eighteenth : Rev. G.
E. Rees, 747 Corinthian av,

First, Twelfth ab. Wallace: H. L. Lobingier.
Tenth, Eighth ab. Green : Rev. A. J. Rowland, Joseph Jackson. Mission of First Church.

Second, cor. Frankford av, and Adams: Elder
525 Franklin.

Third, Second ab. Catharine : Rev. J. H. Pe-
ters; Rev. Wm. H. Shermer, acting pastor, 412


Stevens ab. West : vacant.



FRIENDS. Union Bethel, Germantown av, and Berks : Race ab. Fifteenth: First day, 1014 A.M., 7/5 Rev. J. M. Carwell, 2035 Warnock.

P.M.; Fourth day, 1014 A.M. Ministers : Lucrecia Mott, Roadside, Chelten Hills; Louisa A.

Evans, 303, N. Ninth; Sarah J. Sharpless, 1513 CONGREGATIONAL.

Arch; Rachel C. Rogers, 133 S. Sixteenth: Anne Central, Eighteenth and Green : Rev. James

S. Clothier, 1630 Filbert ; Allen Flitcraft, Chester, R. Danforth, 2030 Wallace.

Pa.; William P. Sharpless, 1913 Arch; Samuel S. Free, cor. Paul and Unity, Frankford.

Ash, 526 N. Twenty-first.

West Philadelphia, Thirty-fifth and Lancaster

av.: First day, 10' A.M. Samuel J. Levick, 327 EVANGELICAL ASSOCIATION.

N. Thirty-third.

Green and Fourth streets: First day, 104. A.M., Rev. J. Yeakel, Presiding Elder of Atlantic

7' P.M.; Fifth day, iu A.M. Jane Johnson, 533 Conference, 2323 N. Sixth.

N. Fourth. Christ, Eighth bel. Girard av.: Rev. J. K. Girard avenue and Seventeenth street: First Knerr, 1505 Franklin.

and Third days, 1012 A.M. Ann A. Townsend, Emanuel, Fourih bel. Poplar: Rev. Frederick

Twenty-first and Fairmount ay. Kurtz, 856 Charlotte.

Germantown, School street: First and Fourth Southwark, Fifth bel. Carpenter: Rev. George days, 1014 A.M. Knerr, 1029 S. Fifth,

Frankford, Unity and Waln streets : First days St. John's, cor. Sixth and Dauphin: Rev. and Fourth days, 10% A.M. Joseph Steltzer, 574 W. Dauphin 106 A.M.,8

Spruce street, cor. Ninth : First and Fifth P.M.

days, 10% A.m.; First day, 3% P.M. Deborah St. John's Mission, Baker st. : Rev. Joseph F. Wharton, 336 Spruce; John J. White, 526 Steltzer

Arch. Zion Church, Bridesburg: Rev. C. Philipbar,

Byberry, Twenty-third Ward: First and Fifth Bridesburg

days, 10 A.M Watson Tomlinson, Ellen T. Zion, Rittenhouse nr. Green (Germantown): Crosdale and Nathaniel Richardson, Jr., ByRev. Henry Neitz, 43 Rittenhouse. 10 A.M.,

berry. 772 P.M.


Olive ab. Eleventh: First and Fourth days, Camden Mission, Camden: Rev. C. Philipbar,

10 A.M. First day afternoon, 3 P.M. in winter 337 Cherry.

and 4 P.M. in summer. Minister : Joseph E.

Maul, 1510 N. Twelfth.

Free Church, 1512 Chestnut: Rev. Henry

Adas Jeshurun, Julianna st. : Rev. L. Sanger,
Randolph st. Hebrew school attached.

Anshe Emeth, New Market ab. Poplar: Res. FRIENDS (ORTHODOX).

N. Royanouski, 905 Charlotte. Fourth and Arch: Fifth days only, 10 A.M.

Beth-el-Emeth, Franklin ab. Green: Rev. Includes Orange above Seventh : First day only, George Jacobs, 957 N. Eighth. 10 A.M., 6 PM. 10 A.M., 3 P.M., winter; 4 P M., summer Also Religious school every Sunday morning. Forty-second and Powelton av., West Philadel. B'nai Israel, Fifth ab. Catharine : Rev. phia, First days only, 10 A.M. Ministers: Jos. George Goudsmit. Saturday, 8 A.M.; Friday S. Elkinton, 325 Pine: Abigail Hitchinson, 238 evening, at the synagogue building. S. Seventh; Elizabeth R Evans, 322 Union; Rodef Sholem, Broad and Mount Vernon: Rebecca M. Collins, 413 Spruce.

Rev. Dr. M. Jastrow, Rabbi, 925 N. Eighth ; Northern District, Sixth and Noble: First Rev. Jacob Frankel, Reader, 1918 Park av. days, 10 A.M., 3 P.M., winter; 4 P.M., summer. A.M., 7.10 7 P.M. There is a Hebrew school Third days, 10 A.M. Ministers Samuel Balder- attached to the synagogue. son, 1513 Oxford: John S. Stokes, 452 Marshall; House of God, 417 Pine. President, S. ManPhcbe A. Elkinton, 444 N. Fourth; Deborah quis, 804 Buttonwood; Secretary, S. Wiesenthal, Brooks, 480 N. Fifth.

512 South; Reader, M. J. Asch, 427 Arch. Western District, Twelfth bel. Market : First House of Israel, Crown bet. Race and Vine : days, I'M AM., 72 P.M. Fourth days, Iu' A.M. Rev. Dr. M. Elkin, 871 Marshall. Hebrew Also includes Merion, Lancaster av. ab. Hes- school attached. Sabbath, 9% A.M.; Friday, tonville : First and Firth days, II A.M. Haver- 5% P.M. ford: First and Fifth days, 11 A.M. Ministers : Jewish Hospital Synagogue, Olney road nr. Samuel Bettle, 151 N. "Tenth; Edward Mar- York pike: Rev. L. Saenger. shall, 1227 Spruce.

Mikhve Israel, Seventh ab. Arch: Rev. S. Frankford Monthly Meeting, Frankford, Or. Morais, 546 N. Fifth. 9 A.M., evening at sunset. thodox and Penn streets : First and Fifth days, Keneseth-Israel (Reformed Congregation), IO A.M. Minister: David Heston, Penn ab. Sixth ab. Brown: Rev. Dr. Samuel Hirsch, 635 Orthodox Also embraces Germantown, Main N. Seventh; Rev. Wm. Armhold, Reader, 100g and Coulter: First and Fifth days, AM Min. N. Seventh. A religious and German school isters: William Kite, 32 Penn, Germantown; attached. 10 A.M. Saturday. Samuel Morris, Olney, Philadelphia; Samuel An association called Bikur Cholim (attendEmlen, Coulter ab, Green, Germantown; Eliza- ing the sick) holds weekly worship at Second and beth Allen, 4666 Knox, Germantown.



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Emanuel, cor. Fourth and Carpenter: Rev. H. Committee of General Council on Foreign

Grahn, 1009 S. Fourth. 10% A.M., 7 P.M.

Evangelical, Master nr. Prospect av.
President: Rev. A. Spacth, D. 1.

Immanuel, cor. Lackawanna and Plum, Frank

ford : Rev. J. F. Bayer. English Secretary: Rev. B. M. Schmucker, D.D.

Holy Trinity, Sixteenth ab. Tioga : Rev. C.
German Secretary: Rev. F. Wischan.
Treasurer: William H. Staake, Esq., 229

G. Fischer, Mather bel. Venango.

Holy Trinity, Sixteenth and Venango: Rev.
Mcets in Seminary on the fourth Monday of

H. T. Duensing, Walnut av. nr. Rising Sun. each month, at 2 P.M.

St. Jacobus, cor. Third and Columbia av. :

Rev. J. T. Vogelbach, 1514 N. Fourth ; Rev. A. Theological Seminary.

Richter, assistant, 153 W. Norris. 10 A.M., 2, 7 P.M.

St. Johannes, cor. Fifteenth and Ogden: Rev. (No. 216 Franklin street.)

A. Spaeth, D.D., 1615 Girard av. 10% A.M.,

774 P.M. Faculty.

St. Michael's, Cumberland and Trenton av.: Rev. C. F. Schaeffer, D.D., 1204 Mt. Vernon. Rev. F. P. Bender, 527 E. Cumberland. 10 A.M., W. J. Mann, D.D., 228 Franklin.

772 P.M. Charles P. Krauth, D.D., 4004 Pine.

St. Paul's, N. E. cor. St. John and Brown : C. W. Schaeffer, D.D., Germantown. Rev. F. Wischan, 726 N. Seventh. 10% A.M., A. Spaeth, D.D., 1615 Girard av.

772 P.M. Board of City Missions.

St. Peter's, Forty-first and Myrtle, West Phil

adelphia : Rev. C. F. Welden, 913 Holly. Chairman: Rev. J. A. Kunkelman.

St. Thomas', cor. Herman and Morion, GerEnglish Secretary: L. L. Houpt, Esq.

mantown: Rev. Christian G. Fischer, Mather German Secretary : John C. File, Esq.

bel. Venango. Orphans' Home.

Zion, Franklin ab. Race: Rev. Wm. J. Mann,

D.D., 228 Franklin. 10% A.m., 744 P.M.
(Main above Carpenter, Germantown.)
President: Hon. D. M. Fox, 508 Walnut.
Secretary : Lewis L. Houpt, 2029 Green.

Trinity, Stevens ab. Fifth : Rev. J. C. DizinTreasurer: John C. Filc, 238 N. Third.

ger, 427 Stevens. 104 A.M. Superintendent: Charles F. Kuhnle.

Rev. J. A. Kunkelman, 1314 Spring Garden,
Treasurer of German Evangelical Lutheran

Congregation meets in St. Mark's Church, Ministerium of Pennsylvania, and the Thco Spring Garden ab. Thirteenth : Sundays, 4 P.m.? logical Seminary:

Rev. C. L. Clausen, 1826 Callowhill. William H. Staake, Esq., Treasurer of General

Swedish, Lecture-Room Zion Church, Frank.

lin bel. Vine : Rev. Conrad Emil Lindberg, 263 Council, 229 S. Sixth.

N. Juniper.

Advent, Germantown av. bel. Norris : Rev. H.
M. Bickel, 2051 Franklin.

St. John's, Wharton ab. Fifth : Rev. 0.
Christ, Main and Southampton av., Chestnut Schroeder, 519 Mcllvain.
Hill; Rev. Charles J. Hirzel, Main bel, Somerset;
Rev. R. F. Weidner, assistant, 1815 N. Fifteenth.

Holy Communion, S. W. cor. Broad and Arch :
Rev. Joseph A. Seiss, D.D., 1338 Spring Gar-

Calvary, S. E. cor. Forty-third and Aspen : den; Rev. R. F. Weidner, assistant, 1815 N.

Rev. Samuel A. Holman, 528 N. Thirty-eighth. Thirteenth.

Grace, Thirty-eighth and Spring Garden ; St. John's, Race bel. Sixth: Rev. E. E. Sibole, Rev; J. H. Menges, cor. Thirty-fifth and Spring

Garden 516 Brown. St. Luke's, Fourth ab. Girard av.: Rev. J. W.

Germantown: Rev. W. H. Luckenbach, Ivy. Rumple, 1216 N. Sixth.

Lutherbaum, Oxford ab. Twelfth : Rev. Ń. St. Mark's, Spring Garden ab. Thirteenth :

Mendelhall Price, 1646 Franklin, Rev. J. A. Kunkelman, 1314 Spring Garden.

Messiah, Sixteenth and Jefferson: Rev. E. Rev. D. H. Hunt and Rev. J. H. Richards, Huber, 1601 N. Seventeenth. supplies.

Rising Sun and Germantown Mission: Rev. St. Michael's, cor. Main and Church: Rev. F.

C. M. Fincker. A. Kachler, 5467 Main.

St. Matthew's, N. W. cor. Broad and Mount St. Paul's, Twenty-second ab. Columbia av.:

Vernon: Rev. W. M. Baum, D.D., 630 N.

Rev. Wm. K. Frick, 2346 Oxford.
St. Peter's, Excelsior Hall, Wharton ab. Sev.

Trinity, Germantown, cor. Main and Queen : enth: Rev. T. B. Roth, 216 Franklin.

Rev. Luther E. Albert, D.D., Main and Queen,
St. Stephens, Powelton av, bel. Forticth: Rev.
J. K. Plitt, 3906 Powelton av.

Publication Society, 42 N. Ninth.
Trinity, Wolf st. nr. Eighteenth : Rev. S. A. President: Rev. Wm, M. Baum, D.D.
K. Francis, 1431 S. Tenth.

Emanuel, Fourth ab. Brown: Rev. Frederick St. Paul's, cor. Fourth and Canal: Rev. G. J.
Kurtz, 856 Charlotte.

Muller, 1144 N. Fourth. 10% A.M., 7/3 P.M.


Bethany, Eleventh and Mifflin; Rev. D. L First, Diamond nr. Fifth : Rev. Albert E. Patterson, 1406 S. Thirteenth. Funk, 2258 X. Seventh.

Berean Chapel (colored), "cor. Twenty-Dinth Second, Germantown av. ab. Dauphin: Rev.

and Heman: Rev. A.W. Hamilton, 2605 Clarence. L. 0. Schimmel, 524 Dauphin. 9 A.M.

Bridesburg, Kirkbride ab. Richmond: Rev. Germantown, Main st. Rev. Israel Beidler, George W. Maclaughlin, 181 Kirkbride. Chester Valley P. O.

Broad Street, Broad and Christian : Rev. W.

Downey, 1402 Christian.

Bustleton, on the turnpike, Bustleton; Rev.

P. Coombe.
Resident Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, Rev. Matthew Simpson, D.D. : office,

Cambria Street, Cambria east of Kensington 1018 Arch; house, 1857 Mt. Vernon.

av.: Rev. L. B. Hughes, 410 E. Somerset.

Centenary, cor. Forty-first and Spring Gar. PRESIDING ELDERS.

den : Rev. W. Major, 4025 Powelton av. North Philadelphia District.- Rev. A. Ritten- Central, Vine ab. Twelfth : Rev. Enoch Stuhts, house, 122 N. Seventeenth.

1210 Vine South Philadelphia District.-Rev. Wm. J. Pax

Central (Frankford): Rev. E. C. Griffith, 4713 son, 612 N. Forty-third,

Paul, Frankford. Susquehanna District.-Rev. George Cummins,

Central, Green lane, Roxborough: Rev. S. W. Lancaster, Pa.

Gehrett, 476 Green lane. Lehigh District.-Rev. John F. Chaplain, D.D.,

Cheltenham : Rev. M. D. Kurtz, Cheltenham Allentown.

Christ, Thirty-eighth and Hamilton : Rev. C. Philadelphia District, Delaware Conference (co!- W. Buoy, 3507 Hamilton. ored).-Rev. W. J. Parker, 226, Memphis.

Christian Street, Twenty-fourth and Christian :

Rev. J. Y, Ashton, 2342 St. Alban's Place.

Chestnut Hill, Main ab. Chestnut av. ; Rev. Rev. A. J. Kynett, D.D., Corresponding Secre- S. T. Kemble, Main.

tary of the Board of Church Extension : office, Cohocksink, Germantown av. bel. Fifth : Rev. 1026 Arch : house, 1726 Spring Garden. Rev. Wm. B. Wood, D.D., 1725 N. Seventh. C. C. McCabe, D.D., Assistant Corresponding

Cumberland Street, cor. Cumberland and Secretary: James Long, Treasurer.

Coral : Rev. J. Dickerson, 286 E. (umberland Rev. J. B. McCullough, Agent of the Methodist East Montgomery Avenue, cor. Frankford and Episcopal Book-Room and Corresponding Sec Montgomery avs.: Rev. Thos. C. Murphy, D.D., retary of the Philadelphia Conference Tract 1534 E. Montgomery av. Society : office, 1026 Arch; house, 217 Haines, Ebenezer, Christian bel. Fourth : Rev. Joseph Germantown.

Mason, 813 S. Third. Rev. John Ruth, Moral Instructor Eastern Peni- Ebenezer, Manayunk: Rev. W. S. Pugh, 163 tentiary, 1704 N. Twenty-second.

Gay: Rev. John S. Inskip, Editor Christian Standard Eden, S. E. cor. Fifth and Lehigh av. : Rev. and Home Journal, 921 Arch.

T. B. Miller, M.D., 544 Lehigh av,

Eighteenth Street, Eighteenth and Wharton : CHURCH SOCIETIES-TIMES OF MEETING. Rev. W. L. Gray, 1151 S. Fifteenth. Board of Church Extension, second Wednesday Eleventh Street, Eleventh and Washington in each month, 1026 Arch. 4 P.M.

av. : Rev. G. T. Hurlock, 933 Federal, Philadelphia Conference Tract Society, first Emory, Cailowhill ab. Eighteenth : Rev. NaMonday in each month, 1018 Arch.

3 P.M.

than B. Durell, 1823 Callowhill. Philadelphia Conference Missionary, quarterly Epworth, Race and Fifty-sixth : Rev. George (third Tuesday), 1018 Arch, 72 P.M.

Kulp. Fifty-fourth and Haverford av. Philadelphia Conference Education Society, sec. Falls of Schuylkill, Queen lane : Rev. W.

ond Monday May, September, December and Coffman, Queen lane nr. Ridge av. March, 1018 Arch. 3 P.M.

Fifth Street, Fifth bel. Green: Rev. J. H. Historical Society of Philadelphia Conference, Hargis, 519 Fairmount av. 104 A.M., 7% P.X. second Monday, 2 P.M., 2018 Arch.

First German, Girard av. ab. Twelfth. Philadelphia Camp-meeting and Excursion As- Fitzwater Street, Fitzwater ab. Nineteenth :

sociation: Rev. J. B. McCullough, President; Rev. Thos. Harrison, 2013 Fitzwater. 10' A.M., Rev. T. A. Fernley, Secretary, last Monday of

7 P.M each month, 2 P.M., 1018 Arch.

Fletcher, Fifty-fourth and Paschal, HestonLocal Preachers' Association, first Wednesday in ville: Rev. Geo. S. Broadbent, Hunter's lane ab. each month, 712 P.M., 1018 Arch.

Fifty-fourth, Preachers' Aid Society. Philadelphia Confer. Fortieth Street, cor, Forlieth and Sansom :

ence: meets annually at the seai of the Con- Rev. S. A. Heilner, 4047 Sansom. ference.

Frankford Avenue and Foulkrod : Rev. Wm.

M. Gilbert, 36 Allen, Frankford, Aramingo, Frankford av. and Ontario : sup- Frankford (colored), Oxford bel. Paul : Rev. plied,

Joshua Brinckley, Arch Street, S. E. cor. Broad and Arch: Rev. Franklinville, Fifth and Erie av. : Rev. H. H. H. W. Warren, D.D., 110 N. Seventeenth. Davis, 3622 N. Fifth.

Allegheny Avenue, Broad and Somerset : Rev. Front Street, Front nr. Laurel: Rev. P. J. J. W. Sayers, 1601 Allegheny av.

Cox, 1013 N. Front. Asbury, Chestnut and Thirty-third: Rev. No. Germantown (colored): Rev. Joshua Brinckble Frame, 3449 Chestnut.

ley. Belmont, Holly st. north of Lancaster av. : Grace, Broad and Master : Rev. James MorRev. M. H. Wilson, 526 Brooklyn.

row, 1620 N. Seventeenth. 10 A.M., 7% P.N.

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