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light. Route-From Richmond up Cumberland Locust, to Thirty-sixth, to Spruce, to place of to Amber. Returning by same route.

beginning SEVENTEENTH & NINETEENTH STREETS P. R. The Centennial Line.-Three and a half miles W Co.-Yellow car, red light. Route-Up Nine- of track within the exhibition grounds, furnished teenth to Norris, to Seventeenth, to Ridge av., to with five engines and forty palacc-cars sent for Francis, to Seventeenth, to Carpenter, to Nine exhibition. teenth, to depot at Master street.

WEST PHILADELPHIA P. R. W. Co.--Market THIRTEENTH & FIFTEENTH STREETS P. R. Street. Yellow car, red light. Route-From W. Co-Columbia Avenue Branch.-Green car, depot, Forty-first and Haverford av., down Fortygreen light. Route-Up Carpenter to Fifteenth, first to Market, to Front. Returning over same to Master, to Ridge av., to Columbia av., to route to the depot. Thirteenth, to Carpenter, to Broad, to depot, ab. Centennial Building Branch.-Blue cars, red Washington av.

lights. Route-Concourse, Belmont and Elm Norris Street Branch.-Yellow car, red light. avs., down Elm av. to Fortieth, to Market, to Route-Up Carpenter to Fifteenth, to Columbia Front, returning on Market to Forty-first, to Elm. av., to Broad, to Norris, to Thirteenth, to Car- Haddington Branch.-Green car, green light. penter, to Broad, to depot, ab. Washington av, Route-From Front out Market to Forty-first, to

South Broad Street Branch.-Yellow car, red Haverford av., to Sixty-seventh, returning to light. Route-From depot, ab. Washington av., Sixty-fifth, to Vine, to Haverford av., to Fortydown Broad to Wolf, and up by same route. first, to Market, to Front.

North Broad Street Branch.-Yellow car, red light. Route-From Norris up Broad to N. Y. RR. Junction. Back over same route.


UNION P. R. W. Co.-Park and Navy Yard
Branch. Yellow car, red light. Route-Down

Brown to Twenty-third, to Wallace, to Franklin, Bedford Street Mission Dispensary, 613 Alaska.
to Race, to Seventh, to Federal, to Front, to Charity Hospital and Dispensary, 1832 Hamil-
Wharton, to Ninth, to Spring Garden, to Twenty- ton street.
third, to Brown, to Park entrance.

Children's Hospital and Dispensary, TwentyRichmond Branch.-Green car, green light. second street below Walnut. Route-Down Thompson to Marlborough, to Bel- City Hospital (contagious diseases), Hart lane. grade, to Frankford av., to Master, to Franklin, Church Dispensary of Southwark, 1017 Morris. to Race, to Seventh, tó Passyunk' av., to Ells- Christ Church Hospital, Belmont avenue above worth, to Broad, up to Christian, to Ninth, to Forty-eighth street. Spring Garden, to Seventh, to Oxford, to Fourth, Dispensary for Skin Diseases, 219 South Elevto Norris, to Memphis, to York, to Thompson, enth street. to depot, cor. Norris.

Episcopal Hospital and Dispensary, Front and Columbia Avenue Branch -Red car, orange Huntingdon streets. light. Route-Down Columbia av. to Franklin, Eye and Ear Department Philadelphia Dispento Race, to Seventh, to Market, to Front. Re- sary, Thirteenth and Chestnut streets. turning up Market to Ninth, to Spring Garden, to Eye and Ear Infirmary, 516 North Eleventh. Seventh, to Columbia av., to depot at Twenty- Friends' Asylum for the Insane, Frankford. third street.

German Hospital, Girard and Corinthian avs.
Spring Garden and Poplar Street Branch. - German Eye and Ear Infirmary, S. E, cor.
One horse, red car, red light. Route-Down Fifth and Green.
Brown to Twenty-third, to Wallace, to Twenty- Germantown Hospital, Shoemaker's lane near
second, to Spring Garden, to Seventh, to Poplar, Chew street.
to Twenty-ninth, to Park entrance.

Gynæcological Hospital and Infirmary for Dis-
Cedar Street Branch.-Green car, green light. cases of Children, 1624 Poplar street.
Route-From York up Cedar to Somerset, to Germantown Dispensary, Germantown avenue
Richmond. Returning by same route.

near Haines street.
Christian Street Branch.-One horse, yellow Howard Hospital and Infirmary for Incurables
car, red light. Route-Up McKean to Ninth, to and Dispensary, 1518 and 1520 Lombard street.
Ellsworth, to Twenty-third, to Christian, to Sev. Hospital of the Good Shepherd, for children,
enth, to depot, cor. McKean.

Radnor, Delaware county, Pa. Fefferson Street Branch.-One horse, yellow Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary, 1116 car, red light. Route-From Twenty-fourth down Cuthbert street. Jefferson, to Franklin, to Thompson, to Front, to Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Main Street, Columbia av., to Franklin, to Master, to Twenty- Chestnut Hill. fourth, to Colúmbia av., to depot at Twenty-third. Homeopathic Dispensary, 4915 Germantown

West End P. R. W. Co.--Zoological Garden avenue and 1314 Bainbridge street.
Line. Route-From Woodlands cemctery on Bal- House of Industry Dispensary, 716 Catharine.
timore av., to Fortieth, to Locust, to Thirty-sixth, Insane Department Pennsylvania Hospital, Fil-
to Powelton av., to Thirty-fifth, to Zoological Gar- tieth and Haverford road.
den; returning on Thirty-fifth to Eadline, to Thir- Insane Department Philadelphia Almshouse,
ty-third, to Walnut, to Thirty-sixth, to Locust, to Darby road.
Thirty-eighth, to Woodland av., to Baltimore av., Inebriates' Hospital, Media, Delaware county:
with lines to South street bridge.

Jewish Hospital, Olney road, Taber station, Ń.
Fairmount Park Line.-Route-From South P R R.
street bridge to Thirty-fourth and Spruce, on Lying-in Department of Northern Dispensary,
Spruce to Thirty-eighth, to Lancaster av., to 608 Fairmount avenue.
Forty-first, to Elm av, and the Centennial Build- Lying-in charity of Presbyterian Hospital,
ings, to George's Hill: returning to Fortieth, to | Thirty-ninth and Filbert streets.



Mission Hospital and Relief Society for women Home for the Homeless, yos Lombard street. and Children, Eighth and St.Mary streets.

Home for Destitute Colored Children, FortyNorthern Dispensary, 608 Fairmount avenue. sixth and Darby road.

Obstetrical Department Philadelphia Dispen- Indigent Widows' and Single Women's Society, sary, 142 North Thirteenth street.

Cherry street below Eighteenth. Orthopædic Hospital and Infirmary for Nervous Inebriate Home, Harrowgate lane, near FrankDiseases, Seventeenth and Summer streets. ford.

Pennsylvania Hospital, Eighth and Spruce Infants, Home for, Forty-fifth and Market. streets. (See Insane Department.)

Industrial Home for Girls, 762 South Tenth. Philadelphia Lying-in and Nurse Charity, 126 Jewish Foster Home Society, 1431 North FisNorth Eleventh street.

teenth street. Presbyterian Hospital and Dispensary, Thirty- Little Sisters of the Poor, Eighteenth street ninth and Filbert streets,

above Jefferson. Philadelphia Hospital, Blockley, Thirty-fourth Lutheran Orphans' Home and Asylum for Aged and South streets.

and Infirm. 5582 Germantown avenue. Philadelphia Infirmary for Diseases of the Ear, Lincoln Institution, 308 South Eleventh street. 43 South Seventeenth street,

Magdalen Society, Twenty-first and Race. Philadelphia Dispensary, Medical and Surgical Midnight Mission, 919 Locust street. Department, 127. South Fifth street. (See Eye and Methodist Home for Aged, Thirteenth street Ear and Obstetrical Department.)

and Lehigh avenue. Preston Retreat, Twentieth and Hamilton sts. Northern Home for Friendless Children, TwenState Hospital for Women and Infants, 1718 ty-third and Brown streets. Filbert street.

Old Men's Home, Thirty-ninth street and PowSt. Joseph's Hospital, Seventeenth and Girard elton avenue.

Old Ladies' Home, 2844 Frankford road. St. Mary's Hospital, Frankford road and Pal. Orphans' Society, Sixty-fifth street and Haver.

ford road, Southern Dispensary, 318 Bainbridge street. Orphans' Home of the Shepherd of the Lambs,

United States Naval Hospital, Gray's Ferry Bridesburg. road below Shippen.

Penn Asylum for Indigent Widows and Single Wills Eye Hospital, Race street ab. Eighteenth. Women, Belgrade street above Otis.

Woman's Hospital and Dispensary, North Col. Presbyterian Home for Widows and Single lege avenue and Twenty-second street.

Women, Fifty-eighth street and Darby road.

Rosine Association, 3216 Germantown av,

St. Ann's Widow Asylum, 906 Moyamensing av, Aged and Infirm Colored Persons, Home for, St. Luke's Home for Aged Women, 1317 Pine. Belmont and Girard avenues.

Seaside Boarding House, Asbury Park, N. J. Blind, Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruc- In charge of Women's Christian Association, 7605 tion of, Twentieth and Race streets.

Filbert street. Blind Men, Pennsylvania Working Home for, Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, Office, 513 Market. 3518 Lancaster avenue.

Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans, Associated InBaptist Home, Seventeenth and Norris streets. stitute for, Twenty-third and Brown streets.

Boarding Homes for Young Women, 915 Clin- St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Society for Orphan ton street, 1433 Lombard street and 1605 Filbert. Children, 700 Spruce street.

Blind Women, Pennsylvania Industrial Home Southern Home for Destitute Children, Twelfth for, 3921 Locust street.

and Fitzwater streets. Burd Orphan Asylum of St. Stephen's P. E. St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum, Tacony. Church, Market street west of Sixty-third.

St. Vincent's Home, Eighteenth and Wood sts. Bethesda Children's Christian Home, Township St. John's Male Orphan Society, Forty-eighth Line and Willow Grove roads.

street and Westminster avenue. Children's Sea-shore House, Atlantic City, N. Temporary Home Association, 505 North Sixth. J. J. S. Whitney, President, 1815 Vine street. Union Temporary Home for Children, Sixteenth Children's Home, 3947 Market Street.

and Poplar streets. Colored Orphans, Association for the Care of, Western Provident Society and Children's Forty-fourth street and Haverford road.

Home, Forty-first and Venango streets.
Catholic Home for Destitute Orphan Girls, 1720
Race street.
Church Home for Children (Protestant Episco-

RELIEF SOCIETIES. pal), Baltimore avenue and Gray's lane.

Deaf and Dumb, Pennsylvania Institution for, Albion Society, 109 South Third strect. Broad and Pine streets.

Bedford Street Mission, 619 Alaska street. Destitute Infants, St. Vincent's Home for, Caledonian Club, S. E. cor. Eighth and Walnut. Eighteenth and Wood streets.

Christmas Fund for Disabled Clergymen (ProEducational Home for Boys, Forty-ninth and testant Episcopal), 421 Chestnut street. Greenway avenue.

Central Employment Association (Friends), Franklin Reformatory Home for Inebriates, 913

Fourth and Green streets, and 915 Locust street.

Daughters' Fund, Trustees of the Clergy (ProFoster Home Association, Twenty-fourth and testant Episcopal), 708 Walnut street. Poplar streets.

Employment and Instruction of the Poor, Soci. Howard Institution (under the care of women ety for, 716 Catharine street. Friends), 1612 Poplar street.

French Benevolent Society, 231 Dock street. House of the Good Shepherd, Twenty-second Fuel Savings Society. Secretary's office, 731 and Walnut streets.

Walnut street,

Female Society for Relief and Employment of Bishop Potter Memorial House, Front and the Poor (Friends), 112 North Seventh street. Huntingdon streets.

Females, Society for Relief of, 2029 Pine st. Beneficent Building Association, 619 Walnut.

Female Association for Relief of Sick and In- City Mission (Protestant Episcopal). Ofñce, firm (Friends), 152 N. Fifteenth street.

225 South Ninth street, Friends' Charitable Fuel Association, Race City Mission (Evangelical Lutheran). Office, street near Fifteenth.

117 North Sixth street. German Society, 24 South Seventh street. Day Nursery, 410 Blight street.

Grandom Institution to aid Young Men in Busi- Dog Shelter, Township Line road and Twentypess and Assist the Poor in procuring Fuel, 715 first street. Walnut street.

Excelsior Association of Old Swedes' Church, Hebrew Benevolent Society (Female), 1411

902 S. Second Arch street.

Emlen Institution, J. J. Barclay, President. Hibernian Society, 138 South Front street. Employment Bureau Y. M. C. A., 727 Sansom

Italian Society, Columbus Hall, Eighth street street. below Fitzwater.

Fountain Society, 1512 Walnut street. Kosciusko Association, 626 Cherry street. Franklin Workingmen's Club, 104 East Hunt

Ladies' United Aid Society of the Methodist ingdon street. Church, Thirteenth street and Lehigh avenue. Friends' Reading Room and Library, Main

Little Sisters of the Poor, Eighteenth street ab. street, Germantown. Jefferson.

Feeble-Minded Children, Training School for, Musical Fund Society, Locust st. ab. Eighth. Media, Delaware county, Pa. Merchants' Fund, Third and Walnut streets. Flower Mission, Horticultural Hall, Mondays

Northern Association for Relief and Employ- | 8 to 12 A.M. ment of Poor Women (Friends), 702 Green street. Girard Avenue Benevolent Society, Seven

Nonpareil Typographical Society, Locust street teenth street and Girard avenue, above Eighth.

Home Missionary Society, 533 Arch street. Philadelphia Typographical Society, Sixth and Howard Building. Board of Trustees, BainWalnut streets.

bridge street east of Fourth. Philadelphia Society for Alleviating the Miser- Ladics' Depository, 124 South Eleventh street. ies of Public Prisons, 109 North Tenth street. Ladies' Evangelical Union Depository, 429

Presbyterian Relief Fund for Disabled Minis- North Eighth street. ters, 1334 Chestnut street.

Locust Street Mission Association, Locust street Preachers' Aid Society (Methodist), 1018 Arch. above Ninth.

Relief and Employment of the Poor, Western Mercantile Beneficial Association, Seventh and Association of Ladies for, 19 South Seventeenth. Sansom streets,

Swiss Benevolent Society, Fourth and Wood. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Society. Office
Sons of St. George, Thirteenth and Arch streets. 1320 Chestnut street; Women's Branch of, 1320
St. Andrew's Society, 508 Walnut street. Chestnut street.
St. David's Society, 133 South Fifth street. Poor-House, Roxborough, Yellow School lane.
Scandinavian Society, 347 North Third street. Poor-House, Germantown, Rittenhouse street.
United Hebrew Charities, 30 North Seventh. St. Peter's House (Protestant Episcopal), Front

Union Benevolent Association, 116 South Sev- and Pine streets. enth street.

Seamen, Churchmen's Missionary Society for, Volunteer Firemen's Funeral Relief Associa.

773 South Ninth street. tion, Secretary's office, 511 South Fourth street. School of Design for Women, Filbert and MerWelsh Society, 133 South Fifth street.

rick streets. Widows and Children of Protestant Episcopal Seamen's Friend Societies, Pennsylvania and Clergymen, Corporation for the Relief of, 212 Females', 422 South Front street. South Fourth street.

Total Abstinence Beneficial Societies, attached Young Men's Home, 211 South Twelfth street. to all Roman Catholic churches.

Workingmen's Coffee-Houses, Fifteenth and

Market streets, 31 South Fourth street.

Women's Christian Association dining-room Central Soup- and Bath-House, 709 Cherry. and lodgings, 139 North Seventh street. Kensington Soup-House, 1036 Crease street.

Workingmen's Club and Beneficial Society of Moyamensing Soup-House, Eighth and Mar- St. Peter's P. E. Church, 100 Pine street. riott streets.

Workingmen's Club of St. Mark's P. E. Church, Northern Soup Society, 817 North Fourth.

Bainbridge street above Fifteenth. North-western Soup-House, Nineteenth and

Workingmen's Club of Epiphany P. E. Church, Thompson streets,

Market street below Seventeenth. North-eastern Soup Society and Relief Associa

Workingmcn's Club and Institute of St. Timo. tion, 2252 North Front street.

thy's Church, Wissahickon Station, Norristown Philadelphia Soup-House, 338 Griscom street.

Railroad. Southwark Soup-House, Sutherland street ncar Workingmen's Club, North-eastern, 534 GiQueen.

rard avenue. Spring Garden Soup-House, 1329 Buttonwood.

Young Men's Institute, 232 Walnut street. Western Soup-House, 1615 South street.

Young Men's Christian Association, 1210 Chest

nut street; new building Fifteenth and Chestnut. OTHER CHARITIES AND BENEFICIAL SOCIETIES. Young Men's Christian Association (Colored), Board of City Trusts, Fifth above Chestnut. 728 Lombard street.

Board of Public Charities State of Pennsylva- Young Men's Christian Association, Germannia. Office, 737 Walnut street.

town, Main street near Haines.



Levy, D D., 4019 Chestnut.

Beth Eden, Broad and Spruce : Rev. J. Whea. The location and time of service of the various ton Smith, D.D., 417 S. Ninth. churches in Philadelphia, with the names and Bethany, Fox Chase: Rev. George Hand, Hatresidences of the pastors in charge.

boro'. When not otherwise stated, the hours of service Bethesda, Fifth and Venango: Rev. Thomas C. are--1012, morning: 34, afternoon; and 72. Trotter, 1339 N. Eleventh. evening, from October to May, and 8 o'clock, Blockley, Fifty-third ab. Haverford av.: parevening, for the rest of the year. All the churches sonage, next to church. have morning service, while some have after. Boardman Chapel, cor. Broad and Reed: Rev. nvon and others evening services in addition; Philip L. Jones, 1406 Pine. 10%. A.M., 7* a few have morning, afternoon and evening services.

Broad Street, cor. Broad and Brown: Rev. E. The Public Ledger, on Saturday of each week, L. Magoon, D.D., 1319 Girard av. generally contains a summary of Religious News, Bustleton Chapel, Bustleton: Rev. W. E. embracing important facts relating to all denomi- Cornwell. 72 P.M., Sunday-school, 2P.M. nations.

Byberry Chapel, Byberry; Rev. R. B. Cook, On Saturdays the Ledger contains advertise Holmesburg:22 P.M. ments of the principal Religious Services of the Calvary, Fifth bel. Carpenter; Rev. J. H. following Sunday.

Parks, 613 Dickinson. It is estimated that over half a million persons Christian Street Mission, Christian bel. Elevread the Ledger every day.


Chestnut Hill, Main and Summit: Rev. J. D.


Eleventh, Twelfth ab. Race : Rev. I. Newton Edwin King, Corresponding Secretary, 1716 Ritner, 708 N. Eleventh. Francis street.

Emanuel Mission, Twenty-third ab. Race: Eighth street nr. Buttonwood: Elder Geo. A. Rev. Wm. Entwistle. Brown, 608 N. Eighth.

Falls of Schuylkill, Queen ab. Ridge av.: Rev. Niagara Hall, Monroe bel. Third.

Alfred B. Free, next to church. Hall, Wharton ab. Seventh.

Fifth, cor. Eighteenth and Spring Garden: Rev. Benjamin D. Thomas, 759 Corinthian av.

Fiftieth, Seventh and Susquehanna av.: Rev. CAMDEN,

E. C. Romine, 2225 Franklin. Cooper's Point Church.

First, cor. Broad and Arch: Rev. George Dana Third and Federal. 10 A.M., 3 P.M.

Boardman, D.D., 3815 Walnut.

First, of Manayunk, Belmont bel. Wood : Rev. BAPTIST.

Jos. Humstone, next to church.

First African, Cherry ab. Tenth : Rev. TheoBaptist Home, Seventeenth and Norris.

dore Doughty Miller, 1611 Burton. American Baptist Publication Society, 1420 First German, Sixth ab. Poplar: Rev. J. S. Chestnut.

Gubelman, 1240 Mervine. American Baptist Historical Society, 1420 Chest. First (Germantown), Price street: Rev. Edw.

N. Harris. Rev. J. V. Ambler, District Secretary American First West Philadelphia, cor. Chestnut and Baptist Missionary Union.

Thirty-sixth: Rev. George Cooper, 221 S. ThirRev. G. W. Anderson, D.D., Book Editor Amer-ty-cighth. ican Baptist Publication Society:

Fourth, cor. Fifth and Buttonwood : Rev. John Rev. L. G. Beck, Corresponding Secretary Penn- Peddie, D.D., 505 Brown. sylvania Baptist General Association.

Frankford, cor. Paul and Unity: Rev. T. P. Rev. Sidney Dyer, District Secretary American Coulston, 4721 Penn, Frankford. Baptist Publication Society.

Frankford Avenue, Frankford av. and Ara. Rev. E. D. Fendall, Sales Department American mingo: Rev. J. Alpha Mullen. Baptist Publication Society.

Germantown First, Price nr. Main: Rev. E. Rev. Benjamin Griffith, D.D., Secretary Ameri- N. Harris. can Baptist Publication Society.

Germantown Second, cor Main and Upsal: Rev. Howard Malcolm, D.D., President Ameri. Rev. James Lisk, parsonage next to church. can Baptist Historical Society.

Germantown Third, Wister and Wakefield: Rev. J. D. King, Financial Secretary American Rev. G. W. Folwell, 4533 Rubicam av. Baptist Historical Society.

Gethsemane, cor. Eighteenth and Columbia Rev. 'Warren Randolph, D.D., Sunday-school av.: Rev. L. Þ. Hornberger, 1700 Oxford.

and Missionary Secretary American Baptist Grace, Berks ab. Eleventh : Rev. B. L. HartPublication Suciety.

man, 1816 Diamond. Rev. G. M. Spratt, D.D., Corresponding Sec. Hope Chapel : vacant, retary Baptist Educational Society.

Holmesburg, Main street: Rev. R. B. Cook, Rev. Thos. Swaim, D.D., District Secretary Holmesburg.

American Baptist Home Mission Society. Immanuel Chapel, Twenty-third ab. Race : Rev. H. A. Wayland, Editor “National Baptist." Rev. Wm. Entwistle, 2217 Summer. Address of the above, 1420 Chestnut street.

Lower Dublin, nr. Bustleton: Rev. W. E.

Cornwell. Angora, Baltimore av. and Chapel : Rev. Wm. Macedonian Mission, Twelfth and McKean; B. Tolan, 1108 S. Fifty-ninth.

Rev. Mr. Taylor.



Manatawna, Ridge av., Roxborough: Rev. North, Second and Pearl: Rev. R. G. Moses, James Kenney.

215 Friend's av. Nanayunk, Belmont av. bel. Wood: Rev. J. Second, cor. Fourth and Me. Vernon : Rev. Hupstone, parsonage next to church.

Wm. W. Dalby, 273 Kaighn's Point av. Mantua, Fortieth and Silverton av.: Rev. J, Third, Broadway bel. Jackson: Rev.: E. V. G. Walker, 554 N. Fortieth.

Glover, Penn ab. Fifth, Mariners', Front bel. Christian : Rev. Joseph Trinity, Fifth ab. Market : Rev. A. H. Lung, Perry, 946 s. Front.

426 Stevens. Memorial, cor. Broad and Master: Rev. P. S. Seventh (colored), cor. Kaighn's av, and West Henson, D.D., 1330 Jefferson.

Jersey R. R.: Rev. Moses Wilcox, 716 Syca-
Messiah, Dauphin nr. Amber : Rev. S. P. Pen-
dleton, 425 E. Dauphin,
Milestown, Oak Lane: Rev. E. Dallas Stager,

Mount Olive, Masonic Hall, Eleventh bel. Pine:

Free Baptist Church, Otis ab. Girard av.: Rev. Rev. Clarence A. Adams,

Joseph L. James.
Mount Vernon Mission, Washington above
Hipple Lane, Manayunk,

Nicetown, Germantown av, above Broad: Rev.

First Church, Third ab. Girard av. Jabez Ferris, 4072 Germantown av.

North, Eighth ab. Master : Rev. Albert Foster, 2508 N. Seventh.

BRETHREN OF CHRIST (UNITED). Oak Street (colored), Forty-first and Ludlow : Centenary Church, east Mt. Airy av. : Rev. H. Rev. Robert A. Pinn, 4006 Locust. 1042 A.M., V. Mohn, west Mt. Pleasant av, nr. Main. 8 PM

First Church, Fourth ab. Norris : Rev. David Olivet, cor. Sixth and Federal: Rev. J. H. Hoffman, 1951 Ñ. Fourth. Chambers,623 Wharton. Olivet Mission, Shimer Hall, Moyamensing

CHRISTIAN EVANGELIST. av. bel. Dickinson : vacant.

Passyunk, Pass yunk av. and Broad: Rev. Sunnyside Hall, Fairmount av. ånd SevenGeorge Board, 532 Washington av.

teenth. Pilgrim Chapel Tabernacle Mission, Twentythird and Christian.

CHRISTIAN (INDEPENDENT). Rittenhousetown Chapel, Rittenhouse nr. Wis

Mount Zion, Christian bel. Sixth : Rev. E. E. sahickon: Rev. David Spencer, Roxborough.

Mitchell, 2041 Brandywine,
Roxborough, Ridge av. opposite Lyceum : Rev.
David Spencer.

Ebenezer, Marlborough ab. Belgrade : Rev.
Sandy Ford Chapel, Bustleton turnpike : Rev. John G. Wilson, 1409 Hanover.
Wm. E. Cornwell.
Second, Seventh bel. Girard av.; Rev. Wm.

CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Cathcart, D. D., 830 N. Sixth.

(DUNKARDS). Second (Germantown), cor. Main and Upsal : Marshall ab. Poplar: Rev. J. P. Hetric, 1012 Rev. Jas. Lisk.

Second German, Chapel, Second ab. Norris :
Rev. John Linker, 2401 N. Fourth.

Main ab. Sharpnack, Germantown.
Shiloh (colored), South ab. Tenth : Rev.
George W. Hamlin, 1013 Rodman.

Spring Garden, Thirteenth ab. Wallace: Rev. Twelfth ab. Wallace: Rev. C. C. Foote, 671
Wm. M. Lawrence, 1433 N. Thirteenth.

N. Twelfth.
Spruce Street, Spruce bel. Fifth : vacant.
Star of Bethlehem Mission, Sixty-third and

Vine : Edw. Roberts, Superintendent.
Tabernacle, Chestnut ab. Eighteenth : Rev. G.

Stevens ab. West: vacant.
E. Reese, 2051 Cherry.
Tenth, Eighth ab. Green: Rev. A. J. Rowland,

CHURCH OF GOD 525 Franklin

Germantown av. and Berks.
Third, Second ab. Catharine: Rev. J. H. Pe-
ters, 431 Christian,

Third Church Mission, Front and Hazel.
Third (Germantown), cor. Wister and Wake-

Central, Eighteenth and Green: Rev. James field: Rev. G. W. Folwell, 4533 Rubicam av.

R. Danforth, 1910 Mt. Vernon. Twelfth, Richmond nr. Shackamaxon : Rev.

Plymouth, cor. Nineteenth and Master : Rev. Thos. B. Bott, 333 Richmond.

Lyman Whiting, D.D.
Union (colored), Minster ab. Sixth.
Wissahickon Chapel, Ridge av. : Rev. David

Spencer, Roxborough.

Presiding Elder, Rev. S. G. Rhoads, 1432 N. Fifth.

Christ Church, Eighth below Girard av.: Rev. CAMDEN.

S. S. Chubb. Broadway, Broadway bel. Spruce: Rev. C. H. Emanuel, Fourth bel. Poplar: Rev. C. B. Johnson, 617 Pine.

Fliehr, 856 Charlotte. Fourth Street, Fourth bel. Market : Rev. J. C. Southwark, Fifth bel. Carpenter : Rev. Francis Wynn, 702 Market.

Hoffman, 1029 S. Fifth,

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