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St. John's, cor. Sixth and Dauphin: Rev. J. days, 10 A.M. First day evening, 1 P.M. Yeakel, 374 W. Dauphin. Also, of St. John's Omitted 6th, 7th, 8th and oth months. Recorded Mission, Baker street.

ministers : Jane Johnson, 533 N. Fourth: Adde Se, Paul's, Westmoreland and Edgemont, and Weaver, 468 Dilwyn; Ann A. Townsend, Twe3Zion Church, Bridesburg : Rev. M. Sindlinger, ty-first and Fairmount av. Also includes meetBridesburg.

ings at School street, Germantown. Fint and Zion Church, Forty-third and Rittenhouse : Fourth days, 1042 A.M. Rev. J. O. Lehr.

Unity and Waln streets,

Frankford. First and Fourth days, 104 A.M.

Spruce street, cor. Ninth. First day, to A.N, 3 Camden Mission, Camden; Rev. N. Goebel.

P.M.; Fifth days, 10 A.M.; monthly meeting, Sixth day.' Deborah F. Wharton, 336 Spruce; Joha Į,

White, 526 Arch; Anna Morris, Chestnui ab. FRENCH PROTESTANT.

Sixteenth. Free Church, 1512 Chestnut: Rev. Henry Byberry Meeting, First and Fifth days, 19 Mauny.

A.M. Recorded ministers: Watson Tomlinson,

Byberry turnpike. Meetings for worship, Third FRIENDS (Orthodox).

day, 7P.m., held during the winter alternately Northern District, Sixth and Noble: Samuel

at the more central meeting-houses. Balderston, 1513 Oxford; John S. Stokes, 452 Marshall; Phebe Elkinton, 444 N. Fourth; Deb

HEBREWS. orah Brooks, 460 Franklin. 10 A.M., 3 P.M., winter; 4 P.M., summer.

Adas Jeshurun, Julianna st.: Rev. Charles Fourth and Arch, Fifth days only.

Seiniger, Randolph st. Hebrew school attached

10 AM Includes also Orange above Seventh, First day Isaac Stemple, 128 Green

Anshe Emeth, New Market ab. Poplar: kev, only, 10 A.M., 3 P.M., winter; 4 P. M., summer. Ministers : Rebecca M. Collin, 913 Clinton; Eliz.

Beth-el-Emeth, Franklin ab. Green: Rev. Ges. abeth Evans, 322 Union; Abigail Hutchinson, 238 Jacobs, 1320 Franklin. S. Seventh : Joseph S. Elkinton, 783 S. Second.

B'nai Israel, Fifth and Catharine : Rev. J. Western District, Twelfth below Market : First Worzanger, at the synagogue building. and Fourth days, 10'A.M. First day, 72 P.M.

Rodef Shalom, Broad and Mount Vernon : Rev. Also includes Merion, Lancaster av. ab. Heston

Dr. M. Jastrow, Rabbi, 925 N. Eighth; Rev. J.

There is 2 ville : First and Fifth days, 11 A.M. Haverford, Frankel, Reader, 1323 N. Twelfth.

Hebrew school attached to the synagogue. First and Fifth days, 11 A.M. Approved ministers: Samuel Bettle, 151 N. Tenth; Abram Mar

House of Israel, Crown bet. Race and Vine: shall, 1227 Spruce.

Rev. Dr. M. Elkin, 871 Marshall. Hebrew Frankford Monthly Meeting embraces Frank

school attached. ford, Orthodox and Penn streets, First and Fifth

Jewish Hospital Synagogue, Oiney road, days, 10 A.M.

Mikve Israel, Seventh ab. Arch: Rev. S. Coulter and Main, Germantown, First and Morais, 546 N. Fifth. Fifth days, 10 A.M. Ministers : Wm. Kite, 32

Keneseth-Israel (Reform Congregation), Sixth Linden, Germantown; Yardley Warner, 4666

ab. Brown : Rev. Dr. Samuel Hirsch, 635 N. Knox; Samuel Emlen, Coulter, Germantown;

Seventh; Rev. Wm. Armhold, Reader, 1003


Seventh. School attached. Elizabeth Allen, 4666 Knox, Germantown; Samuel Morris, Olney.

An association called Bikur Cholim (attending There is a meeting-house in West Philadelphia the sick) hold weekly worship at Second and east of Pennsylvania Hospital, but only used

Pine. occasionally. PRIMITIVE FRIENDS.

LUTHERAN. Olive ab. Eleventh, First and Fourth days,

Lutheran Mission and Church Extension IO A.M. First day afternoon, 3 P.m. in winter

Society. and 4 P.M. in summer. Minister: Joseph E. President: Rev. J. A. Kunkelman, 1314 Spring Maule, 418 Franklin.


Secretary: Wm. H. Staake, 136 S. Sixth.

Treasurer: P. A. Kellor, Union National Bank. Race above Fifteenth, First and Fourth days. Treasurer of Ger. Ev. Luth. Ministerium of Penn10%, A.M.,7% P.M. George Truman, 142 N. Sev. sylvania and the Theological Seminary, Rev. enth; Lucretia Mott, Cheltenham: Louisa A. A. T. Geissenhainer, 1838 Mi. Vernon. Evans, 305 N. Ninth; Sarah J. Sharpless, 1513

Treasurer of_the General Council, Jacob Geis. Arch; Rachael C. Rogers, 13 S. Sixteenth; An- senhainer, Esq., New York. nie S. Clothier, 1620 Fiibert: Rachael W. Town

Board of City Missions. send, Harvey 'st.; Allan Flitcraft, Seventeenth and Oxford.

Chairman: Rev. J. A. Kunkelman.
West Philadelphia, Thirty-fifth and Lancaster

German Secretary: Rev. A. Spaeth.
First day, 10% A.M. Sam'l J. Levick, 128 English Secretary : L. L. Houpt.
N. Thirty-second.
Girard avenue and Seventeenth street, No

Orphans' Home. regular ministers. 10% First and Third days.

(Main above Carpenter, Germantown.) Ann Townsend, Fairmount av, ab. Corinthian President: Daniel M. Fox, 551 York av, av.; Allan Flitcraft, 1530 N. Seventeenth. Secretary: Lewis L. Houpt, 2029 Green, Green Street, cor. Fourth. First and Fifth

Treasurer: John C. File, 238 N. Third.

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St. Matthew's, New bel. Fourth: Rev. W. M. Chestnut Hill, cor. Main and Southampton: Baum, D.D., 458 N. Sixth.

Trinity, Germantown, cor. Main and Queen : Rev. E. T. Horn, Graver's lane.

Rev. Luther E. Albert, D.D., nr. church.
Holy Communion, S. W. cor. Broad and Arch:
Rev. Joseph A. Seiss, D.D., 1330 Spring Garden.

St. John's, Race below Sixth : Rev. E. E.
Sibole, 711 Marshall.

St. Paul's, cor. Fourth and Canal: Rev. G. J.
St. Luke's, Fourth ab. Girard av.: Rev. J. W. Muller, 1144 N. Fourth.
Rumple, 1216 N. Sixth.
St. Mark's, Spring Garden ab. Thirteenth :

MENNONITE. Rev. J. A. Kunkelman, 1314 Spring Garden, Germantown, Main st.: Rev. Israel Beidler,

St. Michael's, cor. Germantown and Chester Valley P. O. Church: Kev, F. A. Kähler, next to church. Union Mission, Germantown av, and Dauphin:

St. Paul's, Twenty-second and Oxford: Rev. Rev. 0. Schimmel, 524 Dauphin. Wm. K. Frick, 2248 Ridge av.

Diamond Street, Diamond nr. Fifth, Rev. AlSt. Stephen's, Fortieth and Powelton av.: Rev. bert E. Funk, 1004 W. Cumberland. Benjamin H, Hunt, 4111 Hutton. Trinity, Rope Ferry bel. Passyunk rd. : Rev.

METHODIST EPISCOPAL. S. A. K. Francis, 1431 S. Tenth.

Resident Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal

Church, Rev. Matthew Simpson, D.D.: office, GERMAN (GENERAL COUNCIL).

1018 Arch. Emanuel, cor. Fourth and Carpenter : Rev. H. Grahn, 100g S. Fourth,

Immanuel, cor. Tackawanna and Plum : va- Rev. Wm. H. Elliott, 156 Wistar, Germantown. cant.

Rev. Wm. McCombs, 648 N. Eleventh. German Evangelical Church, Martin nr. Pros- Rev. S. W. Thomas, 1528 S. Fifth. pectav, : Rev. Dr. Francis von Badenfield, h. nr. Rev. J. P. Cox, Norristown. church.

Rev. W. B. Wood, Easton, Pa.
Holy Trinity, Sixteenth and Venango: Rev. Rev. C. F. Turner, Lancaster, Pa.
Theodore Duensing, Rising Sun.

St. James', cor. Third and Columbia av.: Rev.
J. T. Vogelbach, 1514 N. Fourth.

Rev. A. J. Kynett, D.D., Corresponding Secre

tary of the Church Extension Society : office, St. John's, cor. Fifteenth and Ogden: Rev. A. Spaeth, D.D., 1615 Girard av.

1020 Arch; house, 2209 Spring Garden. St. Michael's, Cumberland and Trenton av. :

Rev. J. B. McCullough, Agent of the Methodist Rev. T. B. Bender.

Episcopal Book-Room, and Corresponding SecSt. Paul's, N. E. cor. St. John and Brown:

retary of the Philadelphia Tract Society : office, Rev. Fr. Wischan, 917 N. Fourth,

1018 Arch; house, 217 Haines, Germantown. St. Peter's, Forty-second and Myrtle (W. P.):

Mrs. Annie Wittenmyer, Corresponding SecreRev. C. F. Welden, 913 Holly.

tary of the Ladies' and Pastors' Christian St. Thomas', cor. Herman and Morton (G. T.): Rev. John Ruth, Moral Instructor Eastern Peni

Union, 1020 Arch. Rev. Theodore Duensing. Zion, Franklin ab. Race: Rev. Wm. J. Mann, Rev. A. Lowrey, D.D., Editor “Christian Stand

tentiary, 1704 N. Twenty-second. D.D., 228 Franklin.

ard and Home Journal,”. Rev. Geo. Hughes,

Associate Editor, 921 Arch.

Rev. P. Coombe, General Temperance Agent. Trinity, Stevens bet. Broadway and Fifth : CHURCH SOCIETIES-TIMES OF MEETING. Rev. J. C. Dizinger.

Board of Church Extension, second Wednesday

in each month, 1020 Arch. 4 P.M. SCANDINAVIAN (GENERAL COUNCIL).

Philadelphia City Board of Missions and Church

Extension : 1018 Arch, first Monday night in Rev. C. L. Clausen, 1826 Callowhill. Congregation meets in St. Mark's Church, Spring Gar. Philadelphia Conference Tract Society, first Mon

each month. den ab. Thirteenth : Sundays 4 P.M. Swedish. Lecture-Room Zion Church, Frank

day in each month, 1018 Arch. 3 P.M. lin ab. Vine.

Philadelphia Conference Missionary, quarterly

(third Tuesday), 1018 Arch. 72 P.M.

Philadelphia Camp-Meeting and Excursion AssoGERMAN MISSOURI SYNOD.

ciation: Rev. J. B. McCullough, President; St. John's, Wharton and Barlow: Rev. 0.

Rev. T. A. Fernley, Secretary, 1018 Arch. Schroeder, 519 Mcllvain.

Local Preachers, first Wednesday in each month,

76 P.M.

Preachers' Aid Society, Philadelphia Conference : ENGLISH (GENERAL SYNOD).

meets annually, at the seat of the Conference, Calvary, N. E. cor. Fortieth and Lancaster av.: Rev. Samuel A. Holman, 528 N. Thirty- Arch Street, S. E. cor. Broad and Arch: Rev. eighth

E. M. Hatfield, D.D. Grace, Thirty-eighth and Haverford av.

Asbury, Chestnut above Thirty-third: Rev. A. Lutherbaum, Oxford ab. Twelfth : Rev. N. Cather, 3449. Chestnut. Mendenhall Price, 1646 Franklin,

Belmont (Independent), Lancaster av. east of Messiah, Sixteenth and Jefferson.

Forty-second: Rev. Enoch Crossland,


ton av.

Bethany, Eleventh and Mifflin: Rev. Wm. Holmesburg: Rev. A. F. Dotterer,
McAfee, Tenth ab. Mifflin.

John Wesley (colored), Bainbridge bel. Eighth : Bridesburg, Kirkbride st. : Rev. T. Harrison, Rev. Isaiah Broughton, Eighth Ward, Camden. Bridesburg.

Kensington, Marlborough and Richmond: Rev. Broad Street, Broad and Christian: Rev. Jas. W. M. Ridgway, 247 Richmond. E. Meredith, 1402 Christian.

Kensington German Mission, York ab. FrankBustleton, on the turnpike, Bustleton: Rev. S.

ford av. R. Gillingham,

Kingsley, Sixth and Lehigh av.: Rev. James M. Centenary, cor. Forty-first and Spring Garden : Goldy, 1318 Jefferson. Rev. D. W. Gordon, 4009 Haverford av.

Lehigh Avenue, cor, Hancock: T. K. PeterCentral, Vine ab. Twelfth: Rev. Wm. Major, son, 1612 Arch. 1234 Spring Garden.

Mariners' Bethel, Washington av. bel. Third: Cheltenham, Rev. H. E. Gilroy.

Rev. Richard W. Humphriss, 225 WashingChristian Street, Twenty-fourth and Christian : Rev. J. S. Hughes, 2340 St. Alban's Place.

Milestown, York and Pike: Rev. Samuel KemChestnut Hill, Main ab. Bethlehem pike: Rev. ble, Milestown, I. R. Merrill.

Messiah, Moyamensing av. and Morris : Rev. West Spring Garden Street, Thirty-fifth and L. B. Hughes, 431 Dickinson. Spring Garden, Rev. J. Stringer, 3507 Hamilton. Mount Carmel, Germantown av. ab. Broad:

Cohocksink, Germantown av. ab. Columbia Rev. J. C. Gregg, 3793 Germantown av. av.: Rev. T. Snowden Thomas, 1725 N. Sev. Mount Olivet, Cambria st. : Rev. L. D. Wesenth.

terhood, Edgemont ab. Neff. Cumberland Street, cor. Cumberland and Coral: Mount Zion, Manayunk: Rev. R. J. Carson, Rev. T. M. Griffith, 286 E. Cumberland.

155 Green lane. Ebenezer, Christian bel. Fourth: Rev. J. Nazareth, Thirteenth bel. Vine: Rev. S. N. Walker Jackson, D.D., 813 S. Third.

Chew, 252 N. Thirteenth. Ebenezer, Manayunk: Rev. G. G. Rakestraw, Nineteenth Street, Nineteenth and Poplar: 168 Gay.

Rev. S. A, Heilner, 2032 Poplar, Eighteenth Street, Eighteenth and Wharton: North Broad Street, Broad and Huntingdon: Rev. T. C. Pearson, 257 S. Thirty-seventh. Rev. Joseph Gregg. 3793 Germantown av.

Eleventh Street, Eleventh and Washington North Ninth Street, ab, Germantown av. : av. : Rev. S. Pancoast, 933 Federal.

Rev. John J. Jones, 2217 N. Sixth. East Montgomery Avenue, cor. Frankford and North Penn: Rev. Wm. P. Howell, TwentyMontgomery avs.: Rev. Robert Whinna, 1534 ninth ab. Ridge av. E. Montgomery av.

Orthodox, Orthodox ab. Tacony: Rev. P. S. Emory, Callowhill ab. Eighteenth : Rev. Wm. Merrill, Frankford, Mullen, 1823 Callowhill.

Park Avenue: Park av. and Norris : Rev. J. Epworth, Race and Fifty-sixth : Rev. Nathan- Hepburne Hargis, 1823 N. Twelfth. iel Turner, Fifty-sixth and Chelsea.

Paschalville, Seventieth and Darby av. : Rev. Falls of Schuylkill, Queen lane: Rev. J. C. S. H. Hoover, Paschalville. Wood, Queen lane nr. Ridge av.

Paul Street, Paul ab. Green : Rev. T. A. FergFairview: Rev. W. Weisgarver.

ley, 4231 Paul, Frankford. Fifth Street, Fifth bel. Green: Rev. G. W. F. Pitman, Twenty-third and Lombard : Rev. W. Graff, 533 Chatham.

C. Best, 2219 Lombard, First German, Girard av. ab. Twelfth : Rev. Port Richmond, Richmond ab. Ann: Rev. J. C. Deininger, 1232 N. Tenth.

James A. Coleman, First African, Frankford : Rev. A. J. Speilman. Ridge Avenue, Roxborough: Rev. Isaac Mast,

Fitzwater Street, Fitzwater ab. Nineteenth : cor. Ridge and Green Tree lane. Rev. J. S. Lame, 2013 Fitzwater.

Roxborough Central : Rev. W. M. Gilbert, Fletcher, Fifty-fourth and Paschal, Hestonville: Roxborough. Rev. J. F. Chaplain, D.D.

Salem, Lombard bel. Broad: Rev. E. I. D. Fortieth Street, cor. Fortieth and Sansom: Rev. Pepper, 1524 Lombard. J. R. T. Gray, 4047 Sansom.

Sanctuary, Fifth bel. Girard av.: Rev. F. E. Frankford Avenue: Rev. E. C. Griffiths, 4713 Church, 980 N. Sixth. Paul.

Scott, Eighth bel. Dickinson: Rev. Thomas Franklinville, Fifth and Erie av.: Rev. Joseph Kirkpatrick, 528 Dickinson. Gregg, 3793 Germantown av.

Sepviva, Sepviva ab. Huntingdon : Rev. E. B. Front Street, Front nr. Laurel : Rev. M. H. Sharp. Sisty, 1013 N. Front.

Siloam, Seventeenth and Woodland av : Rev. Grace, Broad and Master: Rev. James Neil J. S. J. McConnell, 1419 Otis. 1825 Wallace; Rev. J. O. Neill, 2008 N, Seven- Somerton : Rev. A. J. Collom, Newportville, teenth ; Rev. C. W. Buoy, 1401 N. Sixteenth.

Bucks co. Green Street, ab. Tenth : Rev. Andrew Long- Spring Garden Street, Twentieth and Spring acre, 1003 Green,

Garden. The chapel, Twenty-fifth and Brown. Haddington, Sixty-third and Hamilton: Rev. Rev. Wm. V. Kelley, 2023 Wallace, and Rev. T. Wm. J. Mills, Haverford av. nr. Sixty-sixth. B. Neely, 1319 South.

Haines Street, Germantown: Rev. Joseph Ma- St. George's, Fourth bel. Vine : Rev. James son, 41 Haines.

Cunningham, 324 New. Hancock Street, Hancock ab. Girard av.: Rev. St. James', Olney: Rev. Michael A. Day, George W. Maclaughlin, 1212 Hancock.

Olney. Hartville, Cambria east of Kensington av. St. John's, Third bel. George : Rev. J. W.

Hedding, Sixteenth bel. Fairmount av.: Rev. Langley, 876 N. Sixth. T. B. Miller, Sixteenth bel. Fairmount av.

St. Luke's, Germantown av. and Venango.

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St. Paul's, Catharine ab. Sixth : Rev. J. F.

CAMDEN. Crouch, 623 Catharine.

Colored M. E. Church, Presiding Elder, Rev. Sı. Stephen's, Germantown av.: Rev.J. Mad. W. J. Parker. dux, Germantown.

Zoar: J. I. Dennis, 712 Kessler,
Summerfield, Dauphin ab. Tulip: Rev. C. W.

John Wesley and Centreville : Isaiah BroughBickley, 718 E. Dauphin.

ton, Tabernacle, Eleventh and Jefferson: Rev. Aaron Rittenhouse, 1437 N. Twelfth.

Tacony: Rev. G. Alcorn, Oakland, Monroe co. METHODIST EPISCOPAL (ZION AFRICAN).
Tasker, Fifth and Snyder (South City Mission). Wesley, Lombard bel. Sixth : Rev. Wm. Bell.

Trinity, Eighth ab. Race: Rev. Jacob Todd, 202 N. Eighth.

Twelfth Street, cor. Ogden: Rev. T. W. Sim-

First Church, Master bel. Twenty-third: Rev. pers, 847 N. Eleventh.

M. D. McDougall.
Twentieth Street, oor. Jefferson : Rev. H. S.
C. Smith, 1529 N. Twentieth.
Twenty-eighth Street, north of Girard av.:

Rev. S. M. Stiles, 925 N. Twenty-eighth.

First, cor. Franklin and Wood : Rev. Edward Union, Fourth bel. Arch: Rev. Wm. J. Pax- Rondthaler, 823 N. Seventh. son, 228 N. Fifth.

Second, S. E. cor. Franklin and Thompson:
Western : Rev. Wm. Swindell, ?118 De Lancey Rev. H. S. Hoffman, 1317 N. Broad.

Third, Harrowgate : Rev. A. R. Renshaw, 1008
West Philadelphia Hall, Haverford rd. ab. Wallace.

Fourth, Hancock ab. Dauphin : Rev. Wm. A.

Wharton Street, Wharton nr. Fourth : Rev. Vogler, 2407 N. Seventh.
Wm. C. Robinson, 1236 S. Fourth.

York Street, cor. York and Holman (German): NEW CHURCH (SWEDENBORGIAN).
Rev. F. M. Ray.
Zoar (colored), Brown ab. Fourth : Rev. Wm. Pendleton, 1515 North.

First, cor. Broad and Brandywine: Rev. W.F.
J. Parker, 712 Kesler.

Philadelphia Society, Cherry west of Twentieth.

Frankford New Jerusalem Society, Paul nr.

Unity : Rev. John A. Bowers, 31 Arrott.
Presiding Elder, Rev. C. H. Whitecar, 327 Mar-

Broadway, Broadway and Berkley: Rev. H. Presbyterian Board of Publication: President,

Rev. Wm. P. Breed, D.D.; Vice-Presidents, M. Brown, 512 Broadway.

Hon. Joseph Allison, Rev. W. G. Crowell, Centenary, cor. Fifth and Cooper : Rev. J. H.

D.D.; Corresponding Secretary, Rev. Wm. E. Stockton, 407 N. Fourth.

Schenck, D.D., 4006 Baltimore av.; Editorial East Camden,

Secretary, Rev. John W. Dulles, D.D., 4037
Eighth Street, cor. Eighth and Walnut: Rev. J. Chestnut ; Business Superintendent, John A.
R. Westwood.

Black; Treasurer, S. D. Powell.
Stockton, Fillmore bel. Vanhook : Rev. J. Y. Relief Fund for Disabled Ministers : Rev. George
Dobbins, 1721 S. Broadway, bel. Vanhook. Hale, D.D., Secretary.

Tabernacle, Third and Pearl : Rev. J. K. Board of Education: E. G. Woodward, Trea-
Morris, 115 Linden.

Third Street, Third and Bridge av. : Rev. C. Trustees of the General Assembly: Eugene G.
B. Hartranft, 327 Stevens,

Union, Fifth and Mt. Vernon : Rev. A. K. Chaplain Public Institutions : Rev. Alexander
Street, 838 S. Fifth.

Heberton, 4008 Pine.
Gloucester City : Rev. P. Kline.

President Presbyterian Alliance and Presbyterian

Hospital, Rev. George W. Musgrave, D.D.,

LL.D., 40 N. Eleventh.
African Methodist Episcopal Book Concern and Alexander, cor. Nineteenth and Green: Rev.

Publishing House, and office of The Christian Samuel A. Mutchmore, D.D.
Recorder, 631 Pine street and Church.

Arch Street, Arch ab. Tenth : Rev. Walter Q.
Allen Chapel, Lombard ab. Nineteenth : Rev. Scott, 2104 Arch.
G. M. Wetten, Locust ab. Fortieth.

Belmont, Belmont av., West Philadelphia.
Bethel, Sixth ab. Lombard : Rev. Robert F. Bethany, Bainbridge bel. Twenty-second : Rev.
Wayman, 535 Lombard.

James Russell Miller, 2147 Bainbridge.
Campbell Chapel, Frankford: Rev. Samuel Bethesda, S.E. cor. Frankford rd. and Vienna:
Watts, 156 Brown.

Rev. W. T. Eva, 8 Harrison. 1044 A.M., 774 P.M.
Frankford, Oxford bel. Paul.

Bridesburg, nr. Richmond: Rev. A.A. Dinsmore. Centre Street.

Broad and Oxford Streets : Rev. Frank L. Rob-
Little Wesley, Hurst and Zion Mission, Seventh | bins, 1508 N. Broad.
bel. Dickinson.

Broad Street, N. E. cor. Broad and Diamond:
Philadelphia Circuit : Rev. B. Darks, Tudor. Rev. Matthew Newkirk, 1715 N. Broad.
Union, Fairmount av, bel, Fifth : Rev. Henry

Calvary, Locust ab, Fifteenth : Rev. Charles
H. Lewis, 1607 Darien.

A. Dickey.
Mt. Pisgah, Locust ab. Fortieth : Rev. Wm. R Central. cor. Eighth and Cherry: Rev. John H.
Norris, Norristown, Pa.

Munro, 1123 Girard.


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Central (colored), Lombard bel. Ninth: Rev. Mantua Second, cor. Preston and Aspen: Rev. John D. Reeves.

J. M. Thompson, 525 N. Forty-tbird. Chambers', cor. Broad and Sansom.

Market Square, Germantown: Rev. Edvard Clinton Street, cor. Tenth and Clinton: Rev. Cowan, 4793 Market square. H. S. Bunstein, 769 S. Tenth.

Ninth, Sixteenth and Sansom : Rev. Wa. Cohocksink, Franklin and Columbia av.: Rev. Blackwood, D.D., LL.D., 129 S. Eighteenth. Wm. Greenough, 1726 Franklin.

North, Sixth ab. Green: Rev. B. L. Agner, Chestnut Hill Church, Main and Rex av. : D.D., 620 Marshall. Rev. Rodger Owen, D.D., Main next to church. North Broad Street, Broad and Green : Rev.

Columbia Avenue, Columbia av. and Twenty. Robert D. Harper, D.D., 701 N. Sixteenth. first : Rev. Wm. H. Hodge, 2034 Columbia av. North Tenth Street, Tenth bel. Girard av.

Eastburn Mariners' or Scots Church, Spruce ab. Olivet, Twenty-second and Mt. Vernon : Rev. Third : Rev. A. Vincent Group, 243 Pinc. L. Y. Graham, 735 Corinthian av.

Falls of Schuylkill, Ridge av. bel. School lane : Oxford Street, Broad and Oxford: Rev. Francis Rev. Joseph Beggs, next to church.

L. Robbins, 1538 N. Broad. First (Washington Square), cor. Seventh and Princeton, cor. Saunders and Powelton av.: Locust : Rev. Laurence M. Colselt, 1310 Franklin. Rev. J. Addison Henry, 3333 Bridge, 10A.M., 10%2 A.M., 774 P.M.

4 P.M. First, Chestnut Hill: Rev. R. Owen, D.D., Point Breeze Chapel, Porter ab. Twenty-eighth, 1310 Richmond.

Richmond, Richmond ab. William :

Rev, First African, Seventh bel. Bainbridge: Rev. Henry J. Owen, 1810 Richmond. Reading B. Johns, 636 Pine.

Roxborough : Rev. Samuel Philips, Roxbor. First Bridesburg: Rev. Joseph H. Kummer. ough.

First German, Otis bel. Frankford av.: Rev. Second, Twenty-first and Walnut: Rev. E. R. George Locker, 1057 N. Front.

Beadle, D.D., Girard House. First Germantown, Chelten av, nr. Main: Rev.

Second, Germantown, Tulpehockep and Green: J. Frederick Dripps, Coulter. 10% A.M., 774 P.M. Rev. Archibald McCullagh, Groen ab. Har.

First Hestonville, Lancaster av. and Fifty: vey. second : Rev. Andrew McElwain, Fifty-third ab. South Street, South ab. Eleventh : Rev. E. E. Westminster.

Bruen (supply), 1531 Chestnut. First Holmesburg, Holmesburg av, and Deca- South Third Street, Third bel. Wharton : Res. tur: Rev. John Peacock.

R. M. Patterson, 2027 Arch. First Kensington, Girard av, ab. Hanover: South-Western, N. E. cor. Twentieth and Fitz Rev. J. Hervey Beale, 1116 Palmer.

water: Rev. John McLeod, 2029 Fitzwater. First Manayunk, cor. Centre and Chestnut: Spring Garden, Eleventh bel. Green : Rev. D. Rev. J. H. McMonagle, cor. Centre and Clare. A. Cunningham, D.D., 658 N, Eleventh.

Northminster, Thirty-fifth and Baring : Rev. Tabernacle, Broad ab. Chestnut : Rev. Henry H. A. Smith.

C. McCook, 233 N. Eighteenth. First (Northern Liberties), Buttonwood bel. Tabor, Eighteenth and Christian; Rey, Robert Sixth: Rev. T. J. Shepherd, D.D., 507 Brown. Adair, 1727 Filbert.

First Southwark, German bel. Third: Rev. A. Temple, N. E. cor. Franklin and Thompson : N. Keigwin, 228 German.

Rev. James Y. Mitchell, 1003 N. Fifth. Frankford, nr. Church: Rev. Thomas Murphy, Tenth, cor. Twelfth and Walnut: Rev. Henry D.D., 4415 Frankford av.

A. Boardman, D.D., 1311 Spruce : Rev. J. Fifteenth and Lombard: Rev. David Malin, Henry Sharpe, Assistant, 1243 S. Broad. D.D., 1339 Spruce.

Third (Old Pine Street), cor Fourth and Pine : Fourth, Twelfth and Lombard: Rev. Geo. H. Rev. Richard H. Allen, D.D., 409 S. Eighth. Pool, 1214 Cherry.

Trinity, Frankford road and Cambria Rev. B. George Chandler, Cumberland and Cedar: Rev. B. Parsons, D.D., 2574 Frankford ay. James A. Marshall, 928 E. Cumberland,

Union, Thirteenth bel. Spruce : Rev. John B. Grace Mission, Twenty-second and Federal: McCorkell, 115 Freedlander. Kev. A. Culver, 2211 South.

Wakefield, Germantown av, bel. Fisher's lane : Green Hill, Girard av, ab. Sixteenth : Rev. Rev. N. S. McFeridge, 13 Seymour, George F. Wiswell, 1402 N. Fifteenth.

Walnut Street, Walnut w. of Thirty-ninth: Greenwich Street, Greenwich bel. Moyamen- Rev. Stephen W. Dana, 4032 Chestnut. sing av.: Rev. Wm. Hutton, 302 Spruce.

West Arch Street, cor. Arch and Eighteenth : Howard Chapel, Bainbridge bel. Fourth: in Rev. A. A. Willites, D.D., 1832 Green. connection with First Presbyterian Church. Westminster, Broad and Fitzwater : Rev. David

Hermon, Frankford av, and Harrison, Frank- Winters, 737 S. Ninth. ford : vacant.

West Spruce Street, cor. Seventeenth : Rev. Hope Chapel, Thirty-third and Wharton : Rev. W. P. Breed, D.D., 258 S. Sixteenth. J. Gray Bolton, 3117 Wharton.

Wharton Street, cor. Ninth and Wharton : Immanuel, Tenth and Filbert: Rev. Charles Rev. A. W. Williams. Wadsworth, D.D., Norristown.

Woodland, S. E. cor. Forty-second and Pine : Kenderton, cor. Tioga and Sixteenth : Rev. V. Rev. James M. Crowell, Þ.D., 4218 Kingses. C. Schenck, 1531 Tioga.

sing av. 1114 A.M., 72 P.M. Kensington, Frankford av. ab. Girard av. : Rev. Wm. ó. Johnstone, D.D., 1817 Frankford av.

CAMDEN, Logan Square, Twentieth and Vine: Rev. D. First, cor. Fifth and Penn: Rev. V. D. Reed, J. Waller, Jr., 1727 Vine.

D.D., 613 Cooper. Lehigh Avenue, bel. Sixth : Rev. D. F. Lock- Second, cor. Fourth and Benson : Rev. Lewis erby, 2513 Hancock.

C. Baker, Fourth and Benson.

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