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PROVINCE OF NEW YORK. Virginia-Francis McNeece Whittle, assist

New York, N. Y.-Cardinal Archbishop McClos. 1868

key. Wisconsin-Edward Randolph Welles, Fond du Lac, John Henry Ho

1874 Albany, N. Y.- lohn !. Conroy.

F. McNeirncy, coadjutor. bart Brown.... 1875 Rochester, N. Y.-Bernard J. McQuaid. Africa, Cavalla-Wm. H. Clark......

1875 Brooklyn, N. Y. -John Loughlin. Hayti, West Indies-James Theodore Holly

Buffalo, N. Y.-Stephen Vincent Ryan, C.M. (missionary).. 1874 Newark, N. J.-M. A. Corrigan. Shanghai, China-Samuel I. J. Chereschew

Ogdensburg, N. Y.-Edgar P, Wadhams. sky...

PROVINCE OF BOSTOX. Yeddo, Japan-Channing Moore Williams

1866 Boston, Mass.-Archbishop Williams. Horatio Southgate, late of Constantinople,

Hartford, Ct.-Thos. Galberry, O. S. A. Turkey. Retired....

1844 Portland, Me. - James A. Healy.

Springfield, Mass.-P. J. O'Reilley.
HIERARCHY OF THE ROMAN CATHO. Burlington, Vt.-Louis de Groesbriand.

Providence, R. I.-Thos. F. Hendrickson.

Cardinal Archbishop.

Oregon City-Archbishop Blanchet.

Nesqualy-M. A. Blanchet, John J. McCloskey, New York.


St. Louis, Mo.-Archbishop Kenrick.

P. J. Ryan, coadjutor.
James Roosevelde Bayley, Baltimore.

St. Joseph, Mo.- John Hogan, John Baptist Purcell, Cincinnati.

Alton, Ill.-P. J. Baltes. Napoleon I. Perche, New Orleans.

Peoria, II.-M. Harley. Francis Norbert Blanchet, Oregon.

Chicago, III. - Thomas J. Foley. Peter Richard Kenrick, St. Louis.

Dubuque, lowa - John Hennessy. Joseph S. Alemany, 0. S. D., San Francisco. Nashville, Tenn.-P. A. Feehan. John J. Williams, Boston.

Santa Fé, New Mexico-John Lamy. James Frederick Wood, Philadelphia.

St. Paul, Minn.- Thomas L. Grace, O. S. D. John Martin Henni, Milwaukee.

Kansas and the Indian Territory east of the

Rocky Mountains-Louis Fink, Leavenworth

City, Kansas.

Vicariate Apostolic of Nebraska-John Ireland.

Vicariate Apostolic of Idaho-Louis Lootens. Baltimore, Md.--Archbishop Bayley.

Vicariate Apostolic of Colorado and Utah-J. Wilmington, Del.-Thomas A. Becker.

Projectus Machebeuf. Richmond, Va.-James Gibbons.

Vicariate Apostolic of San Antonio, Texas-A. Savannah, Ga.-William H. Gross.

D. Pellicer. Wheeling, West Va.-J. J. Kain.

Vicariate Apostolic of Rio Grande, Texas-D. North Carolina-Righi Rev. James Gibbons, ad

Manuci. ministrator.

PROVINCE OF MILWAUKEE. Charleston, S. C.-P. N. Lynch.

Milwaukee, Wis.-Archbishop Henni. St. Augustine, Fla.-Augustin Verot.

La Crosse, Wis.-Michael Heiss.

Greenburg, Mich.-F. H. Krautbauer.

St. Paul, Minn.-Thos. L. Grace, 0. S. D.
Philadelphia, Pa.-Archbishop Wood.

Vicariate Apostolic of Northern MinnesotaPittsburg, Pa.-M. Domenec.

Rupert Seidenbush, O. S. B.
Erie, Pa.--Tobias Mullen.
Harrisburg, Pa.- Jeremiah Shanahan.

Scranton, Pa.-Wm. 0. Harra.

San Francisco-Archbishop Joseph S. Alemany,

D. D., O. S. D.

Monterey-- Thaddeus Amat, C. M.
Cincinnati, 0.-Archbishop Purcell.

F. Mora, coadjutor.
Columbus, O.--Sylvester H. Rosecrans.

Grass Valley, Cal.-- Eugene O'Connell.
Cleveland, O.- Richard Gilmour.
Covington, Ky.-A. M. Toebbe.
Detroit, Mich.-C. H. Borge

THE Public LEDGER ALMANAC for 1874, supFort Wayne, Ind. - Joseph Dwenger.

plied by Mr. George W. Childs to every one of Louisville, Ky:-William McCloskey.

his eighty or ninety thousand subscribers, appears Marquette, Wis.--Ignatius Mrack.

as usual'in handsome but most compact shape, Vincennes, Ind.-Maurice de St. Palais.

with all its vast array of facts and statistics mar

shaled in true Ledger brevity and solidity. The PROVINCE OF NEW ORLEANS.

Ledger, by its steady substantial progress amid New Orleans, La.-Archbishop Perche.

the Huctuations of Philadelphia journalism, dem. Galveston, Texas-M. Dubuis.

onstrates the encouraging fact that the highest Lule Rock, Ark.- Edward Fitzgerald.

success can be won in journalism without resort Mobile, Ala.-- John Quinlan.

to sensational piquancies or truculent abuse of Natchez, Miss. -William Henry Elder.

everybody and everything.-Washington EvenNatchicoches, La.--Vacant.

ing Star


Brooklyn, New York, announced their disagree

ment. 1874. November 17.-Steamship Cospatrick, July 8. Intelligence received of an insurrecLondon, for Auckland, New Zealand, burned. tion in the Turkish province of Herzegovina. 465 lives lost.

July 12. Parade of Loyal Orange institution - One thousand houses, Tokio, Japan, de- / in New York, Philadelphia and other American stroyed by fire.

cities in celebration of the battle of the Boyne. December 8.--Transit of Venus over the sun's

July 15;

Prof. W. H. Donaldson and N. S. disk observed in foreign countries by American Grimwood, reporter, ascended in a balloon from and European astronomers.

Chicago and disappeared. Grimwood's body was December 12.--King David Kalakaua, of the found on the lake shore August 16. Sandwich Islands, arrived at Washington, D. C. July 21. Steamship Abbotsford, from Phila

December 16.-Pacific Mail Steamship Japan, delphia for Liverpool, wrecked in Cwmmaes Bay, from San Francisco for Yokohama and Hong Great Britain. Kong, burned when sixty miles from latter port. July 27. Duncan, Sherman & Co., bankers, 3 cabin and 400 steerage passengers on board, failed. Liabilities, $600,000. only a few of whom were saved.

July 30:

Andrew Johnson, former President December 22. - Senator Sherman's Finance of the United States, Governor of Tennessee, U. bill providing for the resumption of specie pay. S. Senator and member of the House of Repre. ments January 1, 1879, passed by U. S. Senale. sentatives, died in Carter co., Tenn., aged 67.

December 31.-Alphonso, son of ex-Queen Isa- August 5, 6, 7. Celebration in the principal bella, pronounced king of Spain.

cities of Greal Britain, Ireland and America of 1875, January 2, Wm. A. Porter, New York, the centennial anniversary of the birth of Daniel assumed the duties of supervising architect of the O'Connell Treasury, vice Mullett, resigned.

August 16. Colossal statue of Hermann unJanuary 4. The Louisiana Legislature, as or- veiled near Detmold, Westphalia. ganized the conservatives, disbanded by Gov

25. ptain bb, an English sailor, ernor Kellogg with the aid of United States troops. swam across the English Channel from Dover to The conservatives were subsequently admitted to Calais in 21 hours 40 minutes without floats. their seats.

August 26. Bank of California failed.
January 7.

The House of Representatives Stirling, Ahrens & Co. (sugar), Baltimore, passed the Senate Finance bill,

failed. Liabilities, $2,500,000. February 5. Civil Rights bill passed by House October 2. The famous trotter American Girl of Representatives. Ayes 162, nays 100.

dropped dead on race-course at Elmira, N. Y. February 11, Two-thirds of the city of Port Bank of California reopened for business. au Prince burned. Loss $2,000,000.

October 7. Great fire at Iquique, Peru. 24 The bill admitting Colorado into the blocks of houses and stores destroyed. Loss, Union of States passed by Congress.

$5,000,000. March 23. Resolution passed by U.S. Senate

October 12. Election in Ohio for Governor, in extra session approving the President's action Hayes, Rep., being elected over Allen, Dem., by in supporting Governor Kellogg of Louisiana, 5549 majority. April 27The beretta conferred on Cardinal October


Announcement made of the apMcCloskey of the Roman Catholic Church, at the pointment of Zachariah Chandler as Secretary of Cathedral, New York.

the Interior, vice Columbus Delano, resigned. April 28.

Business part of Oshkosh, Wiscon- October 26. Great fire at Virginia City, Nesin, burned. Loss $2,500,000.

vada. Loss, $7,500,000. May 6. Last instalment of the Virginius in- - Foley's statue of Stonewall Jackson unveiled demnity received from Spain.

in the Capitol Square, Richmond, Virginia. May 7. The steamship Schiller, of the Eagle

October 30.

The iron-clad Magenta, flagship line, from New York for Hamburg, wrecked on of the vice admiral commanding the French squadthe Scilly Islands. 392 persons on board, of ron at Toulon, burned. The magazine exploded whom 45 were saved.

and destroyed the vessel. May 20. Osceola, Penna., almost destroyed by November 2. Election in Pennsylvania. The forest fires. Great forest fires in Clearfield, Car- vote was: For Governor, John F. Hartranft, bon and Schuylkill counties.

Rep., 304,175 : Cyrus L. Pershing, Dem., 292,May 27. Érench Catholic church, Holyoke, 145; E. A. Browne, Pro., 13,244. For State Mass., burned. 66 worshipers killed in the Treasurer, Henry Rawle, Rep., 302,875; Victor blocked-up entryways.

E. Piolett, Dem., 293,150; E. F. Pennypacker, May 29: English Arctic expedition (ships Alert Pro., 12,468. and Discovery), under command of Captain Nares, November 4. The steamship Pacific, from sailed from Plymouth, England.

Victoria, V. I., for San Francisco, foundered at - Paul Boyton, American diver, swam across sea 40 miles from Cape Flattery. Only 3 out of the English Channel in an inflated suit of rubber. 172 persons on board the vessel were saved.

June 18. U. S. steamer Saranac sunk near November 9. The steamship City of Waco,
Vancouver Islands. No lives lost.

from New York, burned while at anchor off Gal-
June 29. International shooting-match between veston, Texas. The crew of 30 men and the 20
American and Irish rifle teams at Dolly mount, passengers on board probably perished.
near Dublin. Scores at 800 yards, Americans November 22. Henry Wilson, Vice President
337, Irishmen 338 : at 900 yards, Americans 327, of the United States, died at Washington city
Irishmen 292; at 1000 yards, Americans 303, this date. He was born at Farmington, N. H.,
Irishmen 299.

Total for Americans, 967; Irish- | February 16, 1812. men, 929. July 1. The jury in the Tilton-Beecher trial, [Record of events closed November 22.)

March 3

persons killed.


August 18. Heavy rains in Connecticut and


Reports received of great floods in Burmah. PHENOMENA, 1874-75.

August 21. Frost in Illinois. 1874, November 22. Tornado in Alabama; 14 August 29

A heavy waterspout fell in the persons killed.

Indian Territory. Great rains in Minnesota. November 29. Heavy storm on east coast of September 4. Intelligence received of heavy England.

rains in Central Japan during the early part of December 7. Violent storm at St. Petersburg, August ; loss, $2,000,000. Russia.

September 8. Heavy rain-storm in Wisconsin. December 9. Heavy gale on the British coast; September 10. Storm on Lake Michigan. II vessels wrecked.

Propeller Equinox and the steamer Mendota 1875, February 27. Great ice-gorges in the Del- foundered ; 35 lives lost. aware and Susquehanna Rivers. Floods in the September 16. Galveston, Texas, flooded, and Holston and Tennessee Rivers.

vessels driven ashore along the Gulf coast by a March 17, 18, 19. The ice in the Delaware and hurricane. The town of Indianola, Texas, deSusquehanna Rivers broke up, and the floods stroyed; 400 persons lost their lives. destroyed much property, particularly at Port September 28. Great gale and destructive fiood Jervis.

in the valley of the river Lee, Ireland. March 19. Smithfield, Louisiana, destroyed by

October 9.

Terrible storm in the Bermudas, a tornado. Tornado in South Carolina and Geor- Houses unroofed, and 100 feet of the causeway gia; 12 persons killed.

bridge at dock-yard washed away. May i. Tornado swept over Columbia, South

October 11.

Floods in Leicestershire and WarCarolina.

wickshire, England. May 18. Severe earthquakes in Colombia and

October 15.

Heavy gales, with much loss of Venezuela. Several cities destroyed, with great life and property, on the coast of Great Britain. loss of life.

October 21. Heavy and disastrous floods in Earthquakes in Asia Minor. Six hun- England, particularly at Sheffield and Durham. dred houses shaken to pieces and 2000 persons Within one week fifty-five persons drowned off the killed.

coast of Scotland. June 9. A violent storm swept over Paris; October 25. Continued heavy storms in Eng. loss, $2,500,000

land, and especially along the coast. Many vesJune 10. Information received of a great earth-sels wrecked and lives lost. quake in New Granada, South America; 16,000 October 27. Earthquake shocks in Mississippi

and Tennessee. June 17: Earthquake shocks in Ohio, Indiana

October 29.

Violent snow- and hail-storms in and Illinois.

the North-western States, June 23. Great floods in the Garonne and other October 30, 31. Heavy storms, followed by a rivers of Southern France. Whole villages swept gale, on the New England coast; snow-storms in away. In Toulouse alone 20,000 people were New York, New England and Canada; heavy made homeless. 3000 persons drowned and $60,- storms of wind, rain and hail in Kentucky. These 000,000 worth of property destroyed.

storms were followed on November 1 by floods in June 29

Great rain- and hail-storms at Buda the rivers of New Hampshire and Maine and a Pesth, Hungary. Roofs of houses covered to a heavy fall of snow in Northern Pennsylvania. depth of two feet with ice. Property destroyed Ice two inches thick formed at Port Jervis. and 100 lives lost.

November 1. Shocks of earthquake at Macon July 2. Heavy foods and rains in England. and other cities of Georgia. Great floods in Australia.

November 7. San Benito county, California, July 5, 6, 7. Destructive storms in Massachu- severely shaken by an earthquake. seits and heavy floods in Southern Ohio.

November 8. Earthquake at Manhattan, Kan. July 8. Intelligence received of a great storm sas, and Kansas City, Mo. at Geneva, Switzerland, and along the French November 10. Gale at Boston. frontier. Many persons killed and injured.

November 13. Great snow-storm along the July 8, 9. Floods in Southern France; loss, | line of the Union Pacific R. R. $800,000.

Slight shocks of earthquake at Cairo, In. July 13. Heavy storms in England. 13 per- - Tidal wave ten feet high in the Pirrett River, sons drowned at Concannon.

Somersetshire, England. 20 vessels damaged. July 14. Heavy floods in Allegheny City, November 14. Violent storms in England, IrePa.

land and France. July 29. Great rains began in the Western November 15. The highest tides in the Thames States, and continued until August 4. Floods fol- River, England, on record. $5,000,000 worth of lowed in the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, which property in and near London destroyed. Heavy did not subside until August 8. Great damage storms on the coast, and many shipwrecks. was done to property both by the rains and the

November 21. Great storms in England. 14 floods.

lives and many fishing vessels lost on the east coast. July 30.

Tornado in Indiana; 5 persons (Record of storms closed November 2a.) killed. August 3

Shock of earthquake at St. Thomas, THE LONDON TIMES says the Public Ledger West Indies.

of Philadelphia is a paper of deserved repute for August 4.

Disastrous floods in the north-west-the soundness of its commercial and financial ern provinces of India.

views, and therein the Thunderer but affirms the August 11. Heavy rains and violent winds in judgment of its contemporaries on this side of the Northern New Jersey.

Atlantic.- New York Evening Express.

July 3.

PHILADELPHIA NECROLOGY, 1874-75. Murphy, James J., official stenographer U. S. DEATHS OF LEADING CITIZENS.

Senate, Dec. 4, 1874, aged 37 years.

Moriarty, Very Rev. Dr. Patrick E., distin. (Where no year is mentioned the death took place guished lecturer and Roman Catholic priest, in 1875.)

July 10. Burden, Dr. Jesse R., ex-Speaker of the State McCallum, William, of McCallum, Crease & Senate, May 2, aged 77 years.

Sloan, carpet manufacturers, Feb. 10, aged 71. Behring, Caspar H., old Ledger-carrier, April Marsellis, Dr. Isaac N., ex-member of Legis. 17, aged 78 years.

lature, Feb. 7, aged 74 years. Bird, William, Suprintendent Washington McCleary, Daniel, Sr., ex-member of Councils, Square from 1846, August 6, aged 80 years.

April 14. Binney, Horace, oldest lawyer of Philadelphia Morris, William E., civil engineer and a memand celebrated writer, August 12, aged 96 years. ber of the Philadelphia Water Commission, Oct.

Biddle, Thomas, U. S. Minister to Ecuador, 15, aged 63 years. May 7, aged 46 years.

Norris, George W., M. D., distinguished writer Beitler, David, Alderman of Ninth ward, Mar. on meditid subjects, Mar. 5, aged 67 years, 11, aged 44 years.

Patterson, Sarah Ann Engle, wife of General Browne, N. B., President of Fidelity Trust and Robert Patterson, June 3, aged 84 years. Safe Deposit Co., Mar. 13, aged 55 years.

Page. Coil. James, lawyer, and former PostmasBardsley, Wm., Representative in Legislature ter and Collector of the Port, April 6, aged 80. from 7th district, April 7.

Pattison, Rev. Robert H., D.D., pastor WestChambers, Rev. John, D.D., pastor of Cham- ern M. E. Church, Feb. 14, aged 51 years. bers' Presbyterian Church, Sept. 22, aged 77. Riley, Joseph S., old militia officer and mason,

Clarke, Thomas Cottrell, editor, at Camden, July, aged 86. N. J., Dec. 22, 1874, aged 73 years.

Robinson, James P., Lieut.-Commander U. S. Crowley, Rev. Wm. s., pastor Manatawna Navy, July 19. Baptist Church, Roxborough, Jan. 15, aged 49. Read, M., former Chief-Justice Supreme

Carstairs, James, Sr., one of the oldest grocers Court of Pennsylvania, Nov. 29. 1874, aged 77. in the city, Feb. 3, aged 86 years.

Sheppard, Robert, father of District Attorney Clarke, George, of Holmesburg, builder of Cro- Furman Sheppard, November 18, aged 88 years. ton aqueduct, New York, Jan. 23.

Snowdon, l'homas, ex-President of Common Condie, Dr. D. Francis, well-known physician Council, Jan. 15, aged 75 years. and author, Mar. 21, aged 80 years.

Stroud, George M., for 36 years Judge of the Delaney, John P., cx-alderman, Oct. 18. District Court of Philadelphia, June 29, aged 79.

De Crano, General F. M., a soldier under Na- Sims, Henry Augustus, architect, July 10. poleon I., Jan. 22, aged 84.

Stout, George, soldier of war of 1812, March 4, Doughty, Elizabeth, for half a century a public- aged 84 years. school teacher, May 1, aged 80 years.

Steel, 'Thomas C., ex-member of Legislature, Dickson, Captain J. Newton, of Gen. Prevost's Feb. 25, aged 62 years. staff, killed on 'P., W. & B. R: R., Mar. 12. Staunton, Col. John F., soldier in Mexican war

Deal, Rev. Wm. N., rector of the P. E. Church and colonel of 67th Regiment P. V. in late war, of St. John the Baptist, Germantown, June 23, Feb. 8, aged 54 years. aged 71 years,

Spackman, Rev. Henry S., D.D., Chaplain of Erskine, Martin, soldier of the war of 1812, Episcopal Hospital, Feb. 9, aged 64 years. Nov. 17, 1874, aged 85 years.

Sutton, Nicholas A., member of Councils from Egbert, Daniel, medical director U. S. navy, 25th ward, Nov. 8, aged 12 years. Oct 24, aged 77 years,

Thomas, Dr. John Grier, prominent physician, Florence, Thomas B., ex-member of Congress March 19, aged 87. from the ist district, at Washington, D. C., July Thornley, John, ex-member of Councils, Jan. 3, aged 63 years.

27, aged 64 years. Fagen, William H., member of Legislature from Thornton, Captain James, U.S. Navy, execu3d district, Jan. 18, aged 57 years.

tive officer of Farragut's flag-ship at the battle Freeman, Henry G., oldest member of bar ex. of New Orleans, May 14. cept Hon. Horace Binney, Feb. 14, aged 86 years. Taylor, Thomas, an old British soldier, June

Fox, Rev. Thomas, pastor of St. Bridget's 11, aged 102 years. Catholic Church, Falls of Schuylkill, Dec. 30, Watson, George, Sr., old manufacturer of 1874, aged 40 years,

Southwark, Sept. 5, aged 103 years. Getz, George, elected City Controller in 1868, Watts, Cato, colored, veteran iron-worker, Jan. 15, aged 56.

June 18, aged 99 years. Hubbell, Gen. Horatio, lawyer, of Philadelphia, Whitaker, James, iron manufacturer, April 2, at Pittsburg, July 22, aged 76 years.

aged 94 years. Harris, Thomas C., captain U. S. Navy, at Whitman, Wm. E., Secretary Philadelphia LiNaval Asylum, Jan. 24, aged 52 years.

brary Company, July 30, aged 74 years, Hughes, Arthur, well-known insurance surveyor

Wiley, Wm. T., contractor for building new of old Fire Association, Mar. 23, aged 57 years.

Fairmount Bridge, Nov. 21, 1874. Lyndall, Joseph R., Fire Commissioner, April Woelpper, Mrs. Letitia P., first woman school 22, aged 53 years.

director in the city (elected in 1874), Jan. 3. Leidy, S. Snyder, ex-member of Select Coun. Woodward, George M., former Chief Justice of cil, Jan. 11, aged 61 years.

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, at Rome, Italy, Littell, John S., editor, at Germantown, July May 10, aged 66 years, 11, aged 69 years.

Young, Wm. $., oldest publisher in the city, Landy, James, ex-member of Congress from April 1, aged 7 years. Philadelphia, July 25, aged 61 years.

(Necrology closed November 22.)

President.-ULYSSES S. GRANT, of Illinois,
Vice-President.--Vacant by decease of Henry Wilson.]
Private Secretary to the l'resident.-GENERAL O. E. BABCOCK, of Vermont.

Secretary of State.-HAMILTON FISH, of New York.
Secretary of the Treasury.–BENJAMIN H. BRISTOW, of Kentucky.
Secretary of l'ar.-WILLIAM W. BELKNAP, of lowa.
Secretary of the Navy:-George M. Robeson, of New Jersey.
Secretary of the Interior:--ZACHARIAH CHANDLER, of Michigan.
Postmaster-General.--MARSHALL JEWELL, of Connecticut.
Attorney-General.-EDWARDS PIERREPONT, of New York.

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ASSISTANT SECRETARIES AND CHIEFS OF BUREAUS. STATE DEPARTMENT.– Assistant Secretary, | Barnes ; Paymaster-General, Benjamin Alvord ; John L. Cadwalader; Second Assistant Secre- Chief of Engineers, Bvr. Maj.-Gen. Andrew A. tary, William Hunter; Third Assistant Secre- Humphreys : Chief of Ordnance, Stephen Y. tary, John A. Campbell: Chief Clerk, Sevellon Benet; Judge Advocate-General, Joseph Holt; A. Brown.

Chief Signal fficer, But, Brig. Gen. Albert J. Treasury DepartmENT.-Assistant Secreta. Myer; First Assist., Lieut.-Col. Garrick Mallory: ries, Charles F. Conant, Curtis F. Burnam; Navy DEPARTMENT.-Chief Clerk, John W. Chief Clerk (vacant); Appointment Clerk, Louis Hogg; Chief of Yards and Docks, Commodore G. Martin; First Comptroller, Robert W. Tay: John C. Howell; Chief of Navigation, Commoler; Deputy, Wm. Hemphill Jones ; Second dore Daniel Ammen ; Chief of Ordnance, Cap.

omptro T, J. M. Brodhead; Deputy, Edmund tain Wm. N. Jeffers: Chief of Provisions and
B. Curtis : Register, John Allison; Assistant, Clothing, Paymaster-General S. H. Warmough;
John A. Graham; First Auditor, David W. Ma: Chief of Medicine and Surgery, Surgeon-Gen.
hon: Deputy, Henry K. Leaver: Second Auditor, Joseph Beale; Chief of Equipment and Recruit-
Ezra B. French ; Deputy, Chas. F. Herring: ing, Capt. R. W. Shufeldt Chicf of Construction,
Third Auditor, Allen Rutherford ; Deputy, Allen Isaiah Hanscom: Chief of Steam Engineering;
M. Gangewer; Fourth Auditor, Stephen J. W. Engineer-in-Chief W.W.W. Wood; Admiral of
Tabor; Deputy, William B. Moore; Fifth Audi- the Navy, D. D. Porter; Vice-Admiral, Stephen
tor, J. H. Ela; Deputy, Jonathan B. Mann; C. Rowan.
Sixth Auditor, Jacob M. McGrew; Deputy, Interior DeparTMENT.- Assist Sec., Benjamin
Fred’k B. Lilley; Commissioner of Internal

R. Cowen; Chief Clerk, Stanley Plummer; Com.
Revenue, David D. Pratt; First Deputy, Henry missioner of Land Office, Samuel S. Burdett;
C. Rogers ; Second, James M. Ray: Commis.

Commissioner of Pensions, H. M. Atkinson; sioner of Customs, Henry C. Johnson: Deputy, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Henry A. Lockwood; Comptroller of the Cur. renty, John Jay Knox; Deputy, J. S. Lang. Chief of Bureau of Education, John Eaton, Jr.

; Commissioner of Patents, R. H. Duell; worthy: Director of the Nlints of the U.S., Henry R. Linderman; Chief of Bureau of Sta.

Post-Office DeparTMENT.-First Assistant tistics, Edward Young; Chief of Bureau of En

Postmaster, General Jas. W. Marshall; Second graving and Printing, George B. McCartee:

Assistant, Jas. N. Tyner; Third Assistant, Ed. Chairmay of the Light-House Board, Professor

ward W. Barber; Chief Clerk, Geo. H. Cowell; Joseph Henry, also Secretary of the Smithsonian Superintendent of Foreign Mails, Joseph H. Institution; Supervising Architect, William A.

Blackfan ; Superintendent Money-Order Ofrice,
Potter; Treasurer of the United States, John C.

Chas. F. Macdonald.
New ; Assistant Treasurer, Albert U. Wyman. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. —Solicitor-General,

WAR DEPARTMENT, Chief Clerk, H. T. Samuel F. Philips; Assistant Attorney-Gen-
Crosby; General of the Army, W. T. Sherman; erals, Edwin B. Smith, Thomas Simons; Chief
Adjutant- General, E. D. Townsend; Inspector Clerk, A. R. Dutton.
General, Randolph B. Marcy; Quartermaster- DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, Commis.
General, M. Ç. Meigs; Commissary-General, sioner of Agriculture, Frederick Watts ; Chief
Robert Macfeely : Surgeon-General, Joseph K. Clerk, Frederick Watts, Jr.

Chief Justice.--MORRison R. WAITE, of Ohio.

Associate Justices.

NATHAN CLIFFORD, of Maine.........

1858 STEPHEN J. FIELD, of California...... 58 1863 Noah H, SWAYNE, of Ohio...... 70 1862 WILLIAM STRONG, of Pennsylvania. 66 1870 SAMUEL F. MILLER, of Iowa...


1862 JOSEPH P. BRADLEY, of New Jersey. 61 1870 DAVID Davis, of Illinois.

1862 Ward Hunt, of New York.. 64 1872 Reporter.-William Top Orto, of Indiana, appointed 1876.

COURT OF COMMISSIONERS OF THE ALABAMA CLAIMS. Presiding Fudge.--Hezekiah G. Wells, of Mich. William A. Porter, of Pennsylvania. Harvey Jewell, of Massachusetts.

Caleb Baldwin, of Iowa.
Kenncih Rayner, of Mississippi.

J. A. J. Creswell, of Md., Counselor for the U.S.
Clerk.-John Davis, of Massachusetts.

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