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PHILADELPHIA NECROLOGY, 1875-76. Lynd, James, Associate Judge Court of Con.

mon Pleas No. 3, June 30, aged so years. (Where no year is mentioned the death took place in 1876.)

McMakin, Joseph, for many years captain of

steamboats on the Delaware, March 23. Allen, George, LL.D., Professor of Ancient Magilion, Albert L.., soldier of the Mexican Languages in University of Pennsylvania, May 28, war and the war of the rebellion, colocel and aged 67 years.

brigadier-general, Dec. 28, 1875, aged 49 years. Baker, Wm. D., member of Philadelphia Bar, Moore, Rev. Gabriel, minister of M. E. Church, Sept. 17, aged 63 years.

Dec. 3, 1875, aged 70 years. Baton, Edgar F., seal engraver, Jan. 9, aged Muirheid, Henry P., conveyancer, brigadiera 40 years.

general ist Division P. N. G., April 28, aged 38 Barr, Robert H., mariner, for many years cap- years. tain of steamboats on the Delaware, Dec. 25, Murphy, John K., at one time marshal of po 1875, aged 87 years,

lice, for 40 years connected with the military rol Binder, Frederick W., formerly alderman, cap. unteer corps of the city, colonel of the zoth Pen tain of Pennsylvania Volunteers in the war with sylvania Volunteers during the war of the rebelMexico, Jan, 21, aged 66 years.

lion, Feb. 10, aged 79 years. Browne, Rev. Robert A., formerly pastor of Palmer, Jonathan, for many years shippingTrinity Presbyterian Church, Nov. 21, 1875, aged merchant, Jan. 21, aged 83 years. 75 years.

Peters, Jacob, fúrmerly well known as omoibus Cabecer, Robert B., iron-merchant, Feb. 3, aged and stage proprietor, July 8, aged 56 years. 64 years.

Philips, John S., formerly sugar-refiner, and a Cope, Alfred, of the firm of Thomas P. Cope noted lover of the fine arts, March 24, aged 75. & Sons, shipping-merchants, Dec. 4, 1875, aged Pracht, Rev. Chas. H. 0., pastor of German 69 years.

Lutheran Church, at Frankford, Feb, 27. Craven, Thos., President Girard Fire Insurance Price, R. Butler, colonel of cavalry in the war Company, May 2, aged 75 years.

of the 'rebellion and brevet brigadier-general, Crawford, Rev. Samuel Wylie, D.D., of Re- July 15. formed Presbyterian Church, at Fayetteville, Reed, Wm. B., formerly member of the PennPennsylvania, June 12, aged 72 years.

sylvania Legislature, District Attorney of PhilaCresson, John C., scientist, formerly engineer delphia and minister to China, an accomplished of City Gas Works and Fairmount Park, l'rofes- writer, at New York, Feb. 19, aged 6 years. sor of Natural Philosophy and mechanics in Rhoads, Rev. Saml, G., presiding elder EvanFranklin Institute and in Central High School, gelical Association, Philadelphia Districi, Jan. 4, Jan. 2, aged 67 years.

aged 85 years. Cuyler, Theo., lawyer, Commissioner of Fair- Smith, Edmund A., manufacturer of morocco, mount Park, formerly President of Select Coun- Feb. 24, aged 48 years. cil, April 5, aged 56 years.

Smith, Geo. Washington, a cultured scholar, D'lnvilliers, Camille, stock and exchange one of the founders of the Pennsylvania Histor broker, March 1, aged 58 years.

ical Society, April 22, aged 75 years. De Silver, Charles, bookseller and publisher, Spanogle, Rev. Jacob, minister of the Church May 18, aged 60 years.

of the Brethren (Dunkers), April 19, aged 61 Douglass, Rev. Jacob M., clergyman of P. E. years. Church, May 11, aged 82 years.

Tees, Jacob, Sr., for many years shipbuilder in Dulles, Jos. H., formerly merchant, prominent Kensington, Dec. 2, 1875, aged 85 years. citizen, March 12, aged 81 years.

Thompson, George, scientist, originator of the Dupuy, Rev. Chas. M., clergyman of the P. E. process of making iron with anthracite coal, Church, at Olney, Nov. 26, 1875, aged 83 years. founder of the Penna. Salt Works, inventor of

Du Solle, John S., journalist, formerly editor of caustic alkali, Jan. 27, aged 81 years,
Spirit of the Times, at Bergen Heights, New Warner, John A., forinerly tubacco merchant, I
Jersey, Jan. 7, aged 65 years.

at Beverly, New Jersey, June 9, aged 68 year. Gavil, Nelson, manufacturer of paper-mill ma- Watson, Wm. J., for inany years agent of the chines, Jan. 24, aged 65 years.

Union line of steamboats to Baltimore, at New Gray, Robert, brewer, at Abinglon, July 13, York, Dec. 28, 1875, aged 74 years. aged 39 years.

White, Rev. S. s., pastor of Tenth United Grundiner, Rev. Anthony M., pastor of St. Presbyterian Church, at Sago, Ohio, Aug. 16. Alphonsus R. C. Church, Aug. 13, aged 53 Weaver, Geo. J., rope-manufacturer, formerly years.

harbor-master, Feb. 12, aged 69 years. Hazzard, Samuel, bookseller, author, brevet Wilhelm, Chas., lampmaker, colonel during the major of cavalry during the war of the rebellion, war of the rebellion, at Darmstadt, Germany, May Jan. 10, aged 40 years

13, aged 68 years. Hirst, wm, L., lawyer, formerly City Solicitor, Winebrener, David, formerly member of Coun. at Bedfóru Springs, Aug. 30, aged 72 years. cils and for many years in business as a merchant

Jones, Rev. John J., pastor of North Ninth tailor, Sept. 28, aged 83 years.
Street M. E. Church, March 30, aged 51 years. Witte, Win. H., formerly member of Congress,

Jones, Joseph, formerly merchant, President Nov. 26, 1875, aged 58 years.
of the Commercial Bank, Feb. 12, aged 77 years. Wright, Richard, importer and manufacturer

Kichl, John, dealer in dry goods, April 23, aged of perfumery, Jan. 30, aged 69 years. 73 years.

Wright, Samuel, umbrella manufacturer, Feb. Klemm, Frederick A., importer of musical in- | 28, aged 18 years. struinents, July 6, aged 75 years.

Zulick, Saml. M.,, physician, colonel and Logan, Peter, tobacco-merchant, Aug. 15, aged brevet brig.dicr-general during the rebellion, June 72 years.

10, aged 53 years.


was that an act of Parliament passed several January 25. National House of Representa- | years after the treaty ordered that no prisoner tives passed a bill granting $1,500,000 in aid of the should be surrendered upon extradition unless the Centennial Exhibition. Yeas, 146; nays, 130. government which demanded him should agree

March 2. Wm. W. Belknap, Secretary of to prosecute him for no other crime than that War, sent his resignation to the President, request. which is the subject of complaint. The U. S. ing its immediate acceptance, which was granted. government refused to admit that a treaty beThe same day the committee of investigation of tween nations could be altered by an act of Par. the House of Representatives to investigate the liament; and the British government adhering to expenditures of the War Department reported that its determination, Winslow was discharged. Belknap had been guilty of high crimes and mis- June 20. President Grant sent to Congress a demeanors. The House the same day passed a message stating that in consequence of the reresolution that W. W. Belknap, Secretary of War, fusal of the British government to extradite E. D. should be impeached before the Senate. The Winslow and C. J. Brent, persons charged with committee appointed to prosecute the impeach- forgery in the United States, and arrested in Eng. ment consisted of Messrs. Clymer, Blackburn, land, he considered that Great Britain had vioRobbins, Bass and Danforth.

lated the Ashburton treaty of Aug. 9, 1842, and March 7.

Fire at the House of the Aged, that the United States should make no more deunder control of the Little Sisters of the Poor, mands for surrender, and that no demands of Great Williamsburg, New York. Twenty-seven old Britain on the United States should be entermen were burned to death or suffocated.

tained. March 8. The jury in the case of the city of June 25. Battle in the Indian Territory, on LitNew York vs. Wm. M. Tweed, brought for the re. tle Horn River, between U. S. troops under Gencovery of money obtained from the New York city erals Custer and Reno and 2500 or 3000 Sioux Intreasury by fraud, brought in a verdict for the dians. Gen. Custer, Col. Keogh, Col. Yates, full amouni claimed, $6,537,171.38.

Col. Custer, Col. Cook and all the officers and March 30. Lynále Brook dam, about five miles soldiers of five companies were killed--a total from Worcester, Massachusetts, burst, releasing loss of 252 killed and 53 wounded. Many Inover 700,000,000 gallons of water, which rushed dians were killed. Reno, who operated upon andown a valley, carrying away houses, mills and other part of the field with three companies, was all obstructions, until, reaching the neighborhood overwhelmed; retreated and entrenched himself, of Worcester, it spread over the meadows. Im- and resisted the enemy till next day, when he was mense destruction was done; all the buildings in rescued by Gen. Terry, who had been marching to the way of the flood were totally demolished. co-operate with Reno Reno lost 70 killed and 51

May 6. Destructive tornado at Chicago, wounded. The Indians with whom this fight took throwing down steeples, unroofing buildings and place were led by Sitting Bull. demolishing houses.

August 1. The President issued a proclama-Explosion of giant powder on Jersey City tion declaring that the “ fundamental conditions Heighes, which threw down buildings and dam- imposed by Congress on the State of Colorado to aged property within a circuit of three miles. No entitle that State to admission into the Union lives were lost.

have been ratificd and accepted, and that the adMay 29. United States Senate, sitting as a mission of said State into the Union is now comhigh court of impeachment, voted upon the de- plete." murrer filed in the case of William W. Belknap, August 22. The combination of coal compalate Secretary of War, objecting to trial because nies and railroad corporations of Pennsylvania, he had resigned the office of Secretary of War, | New Jersey and New York for the regulation which resignation was accepted by the President and control of running, transportation and prices before the commencement of impeachment pro- was dissolved by a voic of the companies at New ceedings. The high court held that Belknap was York. amenable to trial. Yeas, 35; nays, 22.

On the September 14, Conclusion of the International ist of August voted upon the impeachment as rifle-inatch at Creedmoor, N. Y. Honors won by follows : guilty, 35; not guilty, 25. Of those who the American team. Results of the two days' voted not guilty, twenty-three explained that they shooting, total : American 3126, Irish 3104, Ausdid so because i hey believed that the Senate had tralian 3062, Scotch 3063, Canadian 2923. no jurisdiction over the subject. Two-thirds of the September 24. The immense rocks in Long Senate being necessary for conviction, W. W. Island Sound, near Halleti's Point, commonly Belknap was acquitted.

called Hell Gate, were blown up. The work of June 1. The Transcontinental express train of preparation in undermining the rock had been in Messrs. Jarrett & Palmer, intending to make the operation for seven years. The cost of the work trip from New York to San Francisco in four days, up to the time of explosion was $1,686,841., For left Jersey City at 1 A.M., by way of Philadelphia, the explosion were employed 28,901 pounds of Pittsburg, Chicago and Omaha. The train dynamite, 900144 pounds of rendtock and 14,244 reached Chicago in twenty-one hours, being then pounds of vulcan powder. Total amount of extwenty-five minutes ahead of time, and arrived plosives, 52,206% pounds. at San Francisco June 4 at 9.40 A.M., eighty-three September 27: William M. Tweed of New hours and thirty-four minutes--three days, eleven York, who had been arrested at Vigo, Spain, was hours and thirty-four minutes from New York. formally surrendered by the Spanish allthorities

June 17. Ezra D. Winslow of Boston, charged to the commander of the U. S. frigate Franklin. with forgery, whose extradition was demanded by

October 17

Proclamation by the President the United States of Great Britain under the Ash- against the rifle-clubs of South Carolina, and burton treaty, of 1842, was discharged by the commanding the persons composing them to disCourt of King's Bench in London, and the appli- perse, etc. Same day Gen. Sherman ordered to cation of the United States refused. The reason send all available troops to South Carolina.


President.-ULYSSES S. GRANT, of Illinois.
Vice-President.-(Vacant by decease of HENRY WILSON.)
Private Secretary to the President.-U. S. GRANT, JR.

Secretary of State.-HAMILTON Fish, of New York.
Secretary of the Treasury.-Lot M. Morrill, of Maine.
Secretary of Ilar.-J. DONALD CAMERON, of Pennsylvania.
Secretary of the Navy --GEORGE M, ROBESON, of New Jersey.
Secretary of the Interior.-ZACHARIAH CHANDLER, of Michigan
Postmaster-General.-J. M. TYNER, of Indiana.
Attorney-General.-ALPHONSO TAFT, of Ohio.

ASSISTANT SECRETARIES AND CHIEFS OF BUREAUS. STATE DEPARTMENT.-- Assistant Secretary, | Barnes ; Paymaster-General, Benjamin Alvord: John L. Cadwalader; Second Assistant Secre- Chief of Engineers, Bvt. Maj.-Gen. Andrew A. tary, William Hunter; Third Assistant Secre- Humphreys Chief of Ordnance, Stephen tary, John A. Campbell; Chief Clerk, Sevellon Benet; Judge Advocate-General, Wm. McKee A. Brown.

Dunn; Chief Signal Officer, But. Brig.-Gen. Al THEASURY DEPARTMENT.-Assistant Secreta

bert J. Myer; First Assist., Lieut. H. H. C. ries, Charles F. Conant, Henry F. French;

Dunwoody Solicitor of the Treasury, George 1. Talbot ;

Navy DEPARTMENT.-Chief Clerk, John W. Chief Clerk (vacant); Appointment Clerk, J. w Hogg: Chief of Yards and Docks, Commodore Porier; First Comptroller, Robert W. Tayler; John C. Howell; Chief of Navigation, ComnicDeputy, Jonathan Tarbell ; Second Comptroller, dore Daniel Ammen ; Chief of Ordnance, CapÇ. C. Carpenter; Deputy, J. S. Delano; Register, tain Wm. N. Jeffers: Chief of Provisions and John Allison; Deputy W. P. Titcomb; First Clothing, Paymaster-General H. W'atmough: Auditor, David W. Mahon; Deputy, Henry K. Chief of Medicine and Surgery, Surgeon-Gan. Leaver; Second Auditor, Ezra B, French ; Dep- Joseph Beale; Chief of Equipment and Recrui. uty, Chas. F. Herring : Third Auditor, Horace ing, Commodore R W. Shufeldt; Chief of Cor. Austin; Deputy, Allen M. Gangewer; Fourth struction, Isaiah Hanscom; Chief of Steam Ex. Auditor, Stephen J. W. Tabor; Deputy, William gineering, Engineer-in-Chief w. w. w. Wood; B. Moore; fifth Auditor, J. H. Ela ; Deputy, Admiral of the Navy, D. D. Porter; Vice-dd. Jonathan B. Mann; Sixth Auditor, Jacob ? | miral, Stephen C. Rowan McGrew; Deputy, Fred'k B. Lilley; Commis

INTERIOR DEPARTMENT.-Assist. Sec., Chas. sioner of Internal Revenue, Green B. Raum ;

T. Gorham; Chief Clerk, Alonzo Bell; Commis Deputy, Henry C. Rogers : Commissioner of sioner of Land Office, James A. Williamson: Customs, H. C. Johnson; Deputy, Henry A.

Commissioner of T'ensions, J. A. Bentley; Com. Lockwood; Comptroller of the Currency, John missioner of indian Affairs, John Q. Smith; Jay Knox; Deputy. J. S. Langworthy, Direc

Commissioner of latents, R. H. Duell; Chuj tor of the Mints of the U. S., Henry R.' Linder- of Bureau of Education, John Eaton, Jr. man; Chief of Bureau of Statistics, Edward Post-OFFICE DEPARTMENT.-First Assistant Young; Chief of Bureau of Engraving and

Fostmaster. General Jas. W. Marshall; Second Printing, H. C. Jewell : Chairman of the Assistunt, Thos. J. Brady: Third Assistant, EdLight-ilouse Board, Professor Joseph Kenry, ward W. Barber; Chief Clerk, W. A. Knapp. also Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution; Superintendent of Foreign Mails, Joseph 'H. Supervising Architect, J. G. Hill; Treasurer

Blackfan ; Superintendent Money-Order System, of the United States, Albert U. Wyman; As.

Chas. F, Macdonald. sistant Treasurer, James Gilfillan.

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.-Solicitor-General, War DEPARTMENT. — Chief Clerk, H. T.

Samuel F. Philips; Assistant Attorney-Gen.
Crosby ; General of the Army, w. T. Sherman; erals, Edwin B. Smith, Thomas Simons ; Chief
Adjutant-General, E. D. Townsend; Inspector: Clerk, A. R. Dutton.
General, Randolph B. Marcy; Quartermaster- DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Commis.
General, M. C. Meigs; Commissary-General, sioner of Agriculture, Frederick Watts ; Chief
Robert Maefeely : Surgeon-General, Joseph K. | Clerk, Frederick Watis, Jr.

Chivf Justice.-Morrison R. WAITE, of Ohio.

Associate Justices.
NATHAN Clifford, of Maine ........ 73 1857 Stephen J. Field, of California...... 60 1863
Noah H. SWAYNE, of Ohio............

1862 WILLIAM STRONG, of Pennsylvania. 68 1370 SAMUEL F. MILLER, of lowa... ...... 60 1862 Joseph P. Bradley, of New Jersey. 63 1870 DAVID DAVIS, of Illinois.

61 1862 WARD HUNT, of New York......... 66 1872
Reporter:-WILLIAM Top OTTO, of Pennsylvania, appointed 1875.
Clerk.-D. W. MIDDLETON, of Washington, D.C., appointed 1863.
Marshal.-- John G. Nicolay, of Illinois, appointed 1872.

Presiding Judge. - Hezekiah G. Wells, of Mich. William A. Porter, of Pennsylvania.
Harvey Jewell, of Massachusetts.

Caleb Baldwin, of Iowa. Kenneth Rayner, of Mississippi.

J. A. J. Creswell, of Md., Counselor for the U.S. Clerk.--John Davis, of Massachusetts.

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[Expires March 4, 1877.]

President of the Senate, pro tem.-

Thomas W. Ferry, of Michigan.

Geo. C. GORHAM, of California.
Democrats (in Italics), 29: Republicans (in Roman), 43: Independent Reformers and Liberal

Republicans (in SMALL CAPITALS), 1 ; vacant, 1. Term expires.

Term expires.

Term expires.


NORTH CAROLINA. 1877 George Goldthwaite, 1877 J. Rodman West,

1877 Matthew W. Ransom, 1879 George E. Spencer. 1879 (Vacant.)

1879 Augustus S. Nierrimon.


OHIO. 1877 Powell Clayton,

1877 James G. Blaine,

1879 John Sherman,

1881 Hannibal Hamlin. 1879 Siephen W. Dorsey.

1881 Allen G. Thurman.


1879 George R. Dennis,
1879 Aaron A. Sargent,

1881 Wm. Pinckney Whyte.

1877 James R. Kelly, 1881 NEWTON BOOTH.

1879 John H. Mitchell.

1877 George S. Poutwell,

PENNSYLVANIA. 1879 Wm. A. Barnum,

1881 Henry L. Dawes.

1877 Simon Cameron, 1881 William W. Eaton.


1881 William A. Wallace. 1877 Thomas W. Ferry,


1881 Isaac P. Christiancy. 1877 Eli Saulsbury,

1877 Henry B. Anthony,

MINNESOTA. 1881 Thos. F. Bayard.

1881 Ambrose E. Burnside. 1877 William Windom, FLORIDA.

SOUTH CAROLINA. 1881 S. J. R. McMillan. 1879 Simon B. Conover,

1877 Thomas J. Robertson,

MISSISSIPPI. 1881 Chas. W. Jones.

1877 James L. Alcorn,

1879 John J. Patterson. GEORGIA.

TENNESSEE. 1881 Branch K. Bruce (col'd). 1877 Thomas M. Norwood,

1877 Henry Cooper, MISSOURI.

1881 David Mck. Kee.
1879 John B. Gordon.
1879 Louis V. Bogy,

1881 Frank M. Cockrell.

1877 Morgan C. Hamilton,

NEBRASKA. 1877 John A. Logan,

1877 Phineas W. Hitchcock,

1881 Samuel B. Ma.rey. 1879 Richard J. Oglesby.

1881 Algernon S. Paddock.

1879 Justin S. Morrill,

NEVADA. 1879 Oliver P. Morton,

1879 John P. Jones,

1881 George F. Edmunds.
1881 Jos. E. Mc Donald.
1881 William Sharon.


1877 John W. Johnston,

NEW HAMPSHIRE. 1877 George G. Wright,

1881 Robert E. Withers.

1877 Aaron H, Cragin, 1879 William B. Allison.

1879 Bainbridge Wadleigh.


1877 Henry G. Davis, 1877 James M. Harvey, 1877 Fredk. T. Frelinghuysen,

1881 Samúel Price, pro tem. until 1879 John J. Ingalls. 1881 Theodore F. Randolph.

Legislature meots.

WISCONSIN. 1877 John W. Stevenson, 1879 Roscoe Conkling,

1877 Timothy 0. Howe, 1879 Thomas C. McCreery. 1881 Francis Kornan.

1881 Angus Cameron. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Democrats (in Italics), 179; Republicans (in Roman), 106; Independent Reformers and Liberal

Republicans (in SMALL Caritals), 7.
Speaker.-SAMUEL J. RANDALL, of Pennsylvania.

Chief Clerk.--GEORGE M. ADAMS, of Kentucky.



4 Stephen A. Hurlbut, At large-B. B. Lewis, 1 W. A. Piper,

5 Horatio C. Burchard, W.H. Forney, 2 H. F. Page,

1 Julian Hartridge,

6 Thos. J. Henderson, 1 Jere. Haralson (col.), 3 John K. Lutrell,

2 Wm. E. Smith,

7 ALEX. CAMPBELL, 2 Jere. N. Williams, 4 P. D. Wigginton.

3 Philip Cook,

8 Greenbury L. Fort, 3 Taul Bradford,

4 Henry R. Harris,

, Richard H. Whiting, CONNECTICUT. 4 Charles Hays,

5 Milton A. Candler, I Geo. M. Landers,

10 John C. Bagby, 5 John H. Caldwell,

6 James H. Blount, 2 James Phelps.

11 Scott Ilike, 6 Goldsmith W. Hewitt.

7 Wm. H. Felton,
3 John T. Waite.
8 Aler. H. Stephens,

12 I'm. 11. Springer, 4 Robert Hubbard.

13 ADLAI E. SEVENSON 9 Benjamin H. Hill.

14 Joseph G. Cannon, ARKANSAS. DELAWARE.

15 John R. Eden,

ILLINOIS. i Lucien C. Gause, James Williams.

16 W. A. 7. Sparks, 2 William F. Slemons,


i Barnard G. Caulfield, 17 Wm. R. Morrison, 3 W. W. Wilshire, 1 Wm. J. Purman, 2 Carter H. Harrison, 18 Il'illiam Hartsell, 4 Thos. M. Gunter. 2 Jesse 7. Finlay. 37. V. Lemoyne, 19 Wm. B. ANDERSON.



MICHIGAN. 19 William A. Wheeler, 24 John W. Wallace, i Benoni S. Fuller, I A. S. Williams, 20 Henry H. Hathom, 25 George A. freka, 2 Thos. B. Cobb, 2 Henry Waldron, 21 Samuel F. Miller, 26 James Saculity, 3 Geo. A. Bicknell, 3 George Willard, 22 George A. Bagley, 27 diberi G. Ezért. 4 Jeptha D. New, 4 Allen Potter,

23 Scott Lord,

RHODE ISLAND. 5 Wm. S. Holman, 5 W. B. Williams, 24 William H Baker,

1 Benj. T. Eames, 6 Milton S. Robinson, 6 G. H. Durand, 25 E. W. Leavenworth,

2 Latimer W. Belion. 7 Franklin Landers, 7 Omar D. Conger, 26 C. D. MacDougall, 8 Morton C. Hunter, 8 Nath'l B. Bradley,

E. G. Lapham,


27 9 Thos. J. Cason, 9 Jay A. Hubbell.

28 Thomas C. Platt,

1 J. H. Rainey col). IÓ I'm. S. Haymond,

29 C. C. B. Walker,

2 E. W. M. DÍACKEY, ni James L. Evans,

i Mark H. Dunnell,
30 John M. Davy,

3 Solomon L H g, 12 And. H. Humilton,

2 Horace B. Strait,
31 George G. Hoskins,

4 Alex, S. Wallace. 13 John H. Baker.

3 Wm. S. King

32 Lyman K. Bass, SR. Smalls (cos). MISSISSIPPI.

33 Nelson J. Norton. IOWA

TENNESSEE i George W. McCrary, i L. Q. C. Lamar,


1 Il m. Vrarlar 2 John Q. Tufts, 2 G. Wiley Wells, 1 Jesse . Ycates,

2 JacobM. Thuruburgb 32. L. Ainsworth, 3 H. D. Money, 2). A. Hyman (col.),

3 Geo. G. Didrell, 4 Henry 0. Pratt, 4 Otho R. Singleton, 3 Alfrel M. Waddell,

4 H. Y. Riddell, 5 James Wilson, 5 C. E. Hooker, 4 Joseph 7. Durvis,

5 John M. Brigái, 6 E. S. Sampson, 6 John R. Lynch (col.). 5 Alfred M. Scales,

6 Yohn F Horse, 7 John A. Kasson,

6 Thomas S. Ashe,

71. C. Whitthorne, MISSOURI 8 James W. McDill, i Edvard C. kehr, 7 Wm. M. Robbins,

& John D. C. Atkins, 9 Addison Oliver. 2 Erastus Wells, 8 Robert B. Vance.

9 W1n. P. Caldweli,

10 Casey Young.
3 I'm. H. Stone,

OHIO. 1 Wm. R. Phillips, 4 Robert A. Hatcher,

1 Milton Sayler,

TEXAS. 2 John R. Goodin, 5 Richard P. Bland, 2 H. B. Banning,

1 John H. Keagan, 3 Wm. R. Brown. Ő Chas. H. Morgan, 3 John S. Sarage,

2 D. B. Culéerson, 7 John F. Philips, 4 John A. McMahon, KENTUCKY.

37. W. Thrakanorte, I A. R. Boone,

8 Benj. 7. Franklin, 5 Americus I. Rice, 4 Ruger . Hills, 9 David Rea,

6 Frank H. Hurd, 2 John Y. Brown,

5 John Hancuk, 3 Chas. W. Milliken, 10 R. A. De Bolt, 7 Lawrence T. Neal,

6 Gustave Schleicker. ni John B. Clark, Jr., Ś Wm. Lawrence,

VERMONT 4.7. Proctor knott, 5 Henry Watterson, 12 yohn M. Glover, 9

E. F. Poppleton, 1 Charles H. Joyce, 6 Thos. L. Jones,

13 dylett 11. Buckner. 10 Charles Foster, 2 D. C. Denison, 79. C. S. Blackburn,

11 John L. Tance, NEBRASKA.

3 George W. Hendee. 8 11ilton 7. Durham, Lorenzo Crounse.

12 Ansel T. Walling,

VIRGINIA. 9 John D. White,

13 Milton 1. Southard,

1 B. B. Douglas, NEVADA. 10 John B. Clarke.

14 Jacob P. Cowan, Wm. Woodburn.

2 John Guerte, 7r.,

15 N. H. Van Vorhees, 3 Gilbert C. Walker, LOUISIANA. NEW HAMPSHIRE.

16 Lorenzo Danford, i Randall L. Gibson,

4 Wm. H. H. Stowell, i Frank Jones, 17 L. D. Woodworth, 2 E. John Ellis, 2 Samuel N. Bell, 18 James Monroe,

5 George C. Cabeii, 3 Chester B. Darrall,

6 Ino. R. Tucker, 4 1'n. M. Levy, 3 Henry W. Blair. 19 James A. Garfield,

7 John T. Harris, 5 Wm. B. Spencer,

20 Henry B. Payne.

8 Eppa Hunton, 6 Chas. E. Nash. 1 C. H Sinnickson,


9 lfilliam Terry. 2 Samuel A. Dubbins, MAINE.

Henry Warren.

WEST VIRGINIA. 1 John H. Burleigh, 3. Viles Ross,

PENNSYLVANIA. i Benjamin Ililson, 2 William P. Frye, 4 Robert Hamilton,

1 Chapman Freeman, 2 Chas. G. Faulkrer, 3 Edward Frye, 5 Augustus W. Cutler,

2 Charles O'Neill, 3 Frank Hereford. 4 Harris M. Plaisted, 6 Freiderick Hl. Teese,

3 Samuel 7. Randall,
5 Eugene Hale.
7 A. A. Hardenbergh.

William D. Kelley,


i Charles G. Williams, NEW YORK.

5 Yohn Robbins, i Philip F Thomas, i Henry B. /etcalf, 6 Wash. Townsend,

2 L. B. Caswell, 2 Chas. B. Roberts, 2 John G. Schumaker, Alan Wood, Jr.,

3 Henry S. Magoon,

7 3 Wm. 7. O'Brien, 3 S. B. CHITTENDEN,

8 Hiester Clymer,

4 W. Pitt Lynde, 4 Thomas Sw.inn, 4 ARCH. M. Bliss, 9 A. Herr Smith,

5 Saml. D. Burchard, 5 Eli 7. Henkle, 5 Edwin R. Meade, 10 Wm. Mutchler,

6 Alanson M. Kimball, 6 William Walsh. 6 Samuel S. Cor, u Frank D. Collins,

7 Jeremiah M. Rusk, MASSACHUSETTS.

Smith Ely, Jr., 7

8 George W. Cate.

12 W. H. Stanton, ; W. R. Crapo, 8 Elijah Ward, 13 James B. Reilly, TERRITORIAL DELE2 Benj. W. Harris, 9 Fernando Wood, 14 John B. Packer,

GATES. 3 Henry L. Pierce, 10 Abram S. Hewitt, 15 Joseph Povell, Arizona, H. S. Streens, 4 7. G. Abbott, 11 Benj. A. Willis,

16 Sobieski Ross, Colorado T.4.Patterson 5 N. P. Banks, 12 N. Holmes Odell, 17 John Reilly, Dakota, J. P. Kidder, 6 Chas. P. Thompson, 13 J. O. WHITEHOUSE, iś Wm. S. Stenger, Idaho, S. S. Finn, 7 John K. Tarbor, 14 George M. Beebe,

19 Levi Maish,

Montana, M. Marginnis, 8 Ilm. H'. Warren, 15 John H. Bagivy, Jr., 20 L. d. Mackey, N. Mexico, S. B. Elkins, 9 George F. Hvar, 16 Charles H. Adams, 21 Jacob Turney, Utah, G. Q. Cannon, 10 Julius H. Seelye, 17 M. I. Townsend, 22 Fas. A. Hopkins, Washington, 0. Jacobs, u Chester W. Chapin. / 18 Andrew Williams, 23 Alex. G. Cochrane, Wyoming, W.R. Siale!

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