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the debators' understanding the affairs of the Government and admiring them. Does not intend to attack but wishes to marry,is that as they have already known the political affairs of the Government, they are admiring the labour of the officers and going to help and assist them.

Negative V embellishes hills and gardens, and makes presents in small quantities. Lucky in the end, though inauspicious." This element represents the position of the Government. The supplications of the debators of the lower complement are on frugarities, which is also the desire of the Government to practice, so that they will be promptly adopted, and several expenses of less importance will gradually be decreased. Embellishes hills and gardensmeans that the Imperial palace, and plain offices will be built on the remains of the castles of the Bakufu or on some other hills. “Makes presents in very small quantitiesis an emblem of aban. doning external shows and of considering frugarity. In order to execute this, the people in general must wear cotton clothings; the articles of luxury such as silk must be heavily taxed so that they are only exported, thus promoting the productions, and nourishing the national opulence. Now for the Government of “Negative V" to be frugal thus, will bring forth the sarcasm of idle people. But as it is natural and proper to confirm the foundation of the country at the time of general luxury and show, it will lead to luckiness at last, which is the meaning of “Lucky in the end though inauspicious.

Positive ITI. Embellishes himself with white, and will be free from evils. As the foundations are being regarded, the vices are being rectified, and frugality is being the watch-world in the country, so the finance of the Government is become somewhat ample and orderly, and shortly we shall have the balancing of ex- and imports and "free from evils."

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It is true in all ages that, those who are to govern a country must care and consider time and capacity. In the present state our country, if we, with our whole heart, without considering time and capacity, mimic Western civilization, great evils must result, though there may be some small profits. We have only to submit to, and moderate, the circumstances of case, so keeping in the "middle position.

If we turn from this safest way, or from being in the middle position, it must be a natural, inevitable result that the Positionof Hichanges into Haku (1),” which is a dangerous thing. "When embellishment has been carried to the utmost, its progress comes to an end; and hence 'Hi is followed by 'Haku" (The orderly sequence of the Hexagrams), represents the same matter. But Eki” implies changesor variation. The “Appendixsays, That which is perilous is safened ; that which is easy is inclined; thus the use of the 'Eki' is to protect every thing in the Universe.Making unsafe safe, and unstable stable, is the divine use of the divine Eki.Let me make some more explanations according to the meaning of the Expositionof Haku.

Haku' means to take away; it being implied that the weak cause changes in the strong. Not advantageous to advance,' because small-minded men prosper.Hakumeans to deprive, or flaying. -"The

' weak cause changes in the strong” implies that, the people limit or flay, the authority of our Government. Accordingly “Not advantageous to advance," gives some warning, or instruction.

To deprive a bed of its supports," is to begin the work of destruction from below(Interpretationto Negative I), means that those who belong to the military class, irritated by the people's conduct, namely, their flaying the authority of the Government, intend to overwhelm the lower caste.


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[Negutive II ] deprives the bed of its bottom; because he has not yet the cooperation of [Negative III ] ("Interpretationto Negative II) implies crushing the chief or the leader of the uproaring people. The preceeding two give the grave warnings.

Negative III is free from blame in the time of Haku,' because he separates himself from the elements both above and below him("Interpretationto Negalive III) intimates their violent and rude conduct.

"Negative IV is about to injure his own skin after destroying the bedthat is, a calamity is impending("Interpretation" to "Negative IV), means, that the upper class gradually approach to the danger, which have been produced by the people.

Negative V keeps the negative elements together like) so many fishes arranged with a skewer passing through them, and courts favour like a courtier; advantageous in every respectimplies the mean fellow's sudden luck,

"Positive VI is [like) a large fruit which has escaped being caten up. An honourable man will get a vehicle ; while a small-minded man will lose his cottage.A large fruit has escaped being eaten up” imports, that, even in emergeney, His Majesty would be in the completely safe situation. “ An honourable man will get a vehiclemeans the inconvenient fate of the upper

class. “ A small-minded man will lose his cottageimplies, on the contrary, the misfor

, tune of the lower people, which resulted from the evil conduct of themselves.

I have hitherto explained the transition from Hito "Haku." "Hi,” which is a hexagrain that likes to stay at a civilized but secured station, warns earnestly not to do reckless tranformations, which would produce some fearful results. The safe way is to take the direction indicated by the meaning of the emblems of Taichiku (9)” which comes from the change in the Negative IIof Hi.I shall now proceed to inter

pret it.

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The Expositionsays, Taichiku is strong and stout, honest and brilliant, and it daily improves in virtue. A strong element is situated above and respects wise men, and is able to stop the stout [complement] : such is its great justice. "It is lucky not to eat at home, this refers to the patronizing of wise men. ' Advantageous to wade a large river because the conduct comforms with [the laws of ] Heaven.Taichiku" or "great storingmeans to make this land rich and powerful by using ingeneous men. Strong and stout" imports all classes being diligent and obstinate for the national service. "Honest and brilliant" imports being sober-minded and not speculative. Daily improves in virtue" means being fair and righteous. "A strong element is situated above and respects wise menimplies making wise personages administrate all national affairs. "It is lucky not to eat at home, this refers to the patronising of wise men,” has about the same meaning as the preceded clause “A strong element is situated above and respects wise men.'

The hexagram of "Taichilou" shows, that our government can overwhelm the National Assembly opening petitioners. I intend to expose what is they, or so-called the National Assembly opening pititioners, and then proceed to show how to deal with them.

Since the Restoration (1858), the military caste have been plunged into the depth of poverty. This is no strange thing for those who had unfortunately directed their care and caution towards the safety of their masters' domains and had no experience in business. It should be one of the administrative topics of our Government to make them get some appropriate professions. I have found that, almost all of those petitioners are those who had belonged that once venerable caste. Even though they have some reason for that complaint, there would be disgustful consequences, if their opinion be easily admitted. The implulse for their agitation, would not be outside the scantity of food.

I shall now proceed to examine how to make them get rid of their anxiety. The "Appendix," "In the olden time the knots made with ropes were used in contracting ; but in after ages honourable men invented characters as a substitute for the knots. The honourable men were suggested by Kwai.The Government should minutely consider whether or not, the position of each Prefecture Office is fit, climate is agreable, the products are abundant, the temper of his people is generous, at the time of Restoration what merit his district did, the number of military class is great, the land is fertile, provide a fund which mnight be made 50,000 or 100,000 yen loan without interest per annum for about 5 years for the purpose of clearing land, and issue such instruction as follows:

“There would be a pressing item other than opening the National Assembly you urge.

It is the scantity of your food. Then, is it not more prudent to beg to get money for the purpose of clearing land, than offering such petition?”

If they listen to the above instruction, on the part of Government should necessarily indicate for them the means to arrive at that end, that is, how to get money, how toinvest it, etc. I callt his the Taichikupolicy. Now let me make a little more of unintelligible interpretations of lines after lines.

Positive I. There is a danger, and it is advantageous to desist, that is to say, calamity ought not to be hazarded.It is here meant that the petitioners turn their direction.

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