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will either quit some tract of land or some profits, and the dispute will end peacefully, without going to arms.

Some of my guests clapped their hands and showed their agreement, while some did not believe me. The actual thing, however came out as I said.

hard up.


BRANCH OF A FAMILY. There was an opulent merchantile family at Awoyama Tokio, which was split up into two, three generations ago. The branch family was successive by frugal, and continued flourishing, while the main being ruled by successive idle masters lost a great part of its estate, The master of the branch family pitied the other, and assisted it now and then by presenting some money. But the decline of heavenly fate seems to be inevitable, as the main family, notwithslanding the helps, became poorer and poorer, day and month, until it was utterly

The master became envious of the opulence of the branch family, and wished to come to a union.

He invited the other, and addressed him with the following compulsive claims ; — "As you know very well my house is declining very fast, while yours is in the opposite direction. It is admitted by all that the aim of a house's producing a branch one is to provide for its unexpected decline, I am now going to unite yours with mine, to sustain this family. I hope you will have no objection.” The master of the branch was very much marvelled at this proposal, and brought out a great many objections, but in vain. The contest did not cease for a long time. The main master schemed out some pretensions, and went to law. The branch master was startled, and came to me to divine his proceeding to be taken. I calculated and obtained the "Negative IIof Bubó."

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“This hexagram consists of the upper Ken, Metal, and the lower Shin, wood. The upper represents the main and the lower the branch family. Shin' is wood

and is movable, therefore we have an emblem of striking the hard metal with light wood. The defeat of the branch family in the suit is evident. The Lineation' says so and so.

It is natural to have crops after sowing, and to plant a land after levelling it, but it is not so to crop without sowing and plant without levelling. But this unnatural thing really exists now,as the time is destined to be such. From this I infer that though a person has piled up immense riches through diligence of generations, he is compelled to give up his estate to others. Hence it says 'Bubô' is a calamity. Now that, you have met with this divination you have better to give up your possessions, land and house, to the main house, and to try to arouse an independent family with your money only. You will thus be able to arrive at a position more flourishing than the present one, if you will go on diligently."

The master was pleased with my opinion. He left his estate for the main family, and opened an independent house. He was very diligent in his occupations, and ere long he became very prosperous.


THE VILLAGER A TROUBLE. One day a friend came to me unexpectedly, and said, “I have been scheming, with a friend of mine, a commercial plodding, a few days since. As it is going to successful, I wrote him to come to me for it to-day, but he wrote an answer to me that he can not come, as he has a confusion in his house. Has he really a confusion which delays him, or has he changed his mind and going to break the promise ? I do not know which, I


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must go to him to his city if necessary, I will trouble you for a divination.” I obtianed the “Negative III. of Bu-which says, There is a calamity to Bubô Suppose a cattle is tied (at a certain village]; a traveller's gain will be the villagers' calamity.'

“Your friend has been charged with a woman by his relation or acquaintance, which woman has fallen in love with a traveller from a distant province, and has escaped away with him. This is a 'Calamity' to 'Bubó,' or an expected calamity. A cattle is tied' of which cattle is a negative thing, which is employed by man, and that which is negative and employed by man is woman. Again, he is not living in a land for rearing cattle, hence the cattle is really a woman.

'Is tied' means to be charged with. Now as this woman has run away with a traveller, your friend is suspected of having concealed her by her owner and in a great trouble. This will be the confusion which he referred to.”

My friend went away, struck with the marvel of my words. A few days after, he came to and thanked me: saying that my interpretation was exactly to the point,

XXVI. TAICHIKU A Great storing

or stopping)



Tai-Chiku. Advantageous to be constant. It is lucky not to eat at home. Advantageous to wade a large river.

Exposition. Tai-Chiku is strong and stout, honest and brilliant, and it daily

improves in virtue. A strong element is situated above and respects wise men, and is able to stop the stout [complement]: such is its great justice.

“ It is lucky not to eat at home”—this refers to the patronizing of wise men. Advantageous to wade a large river”—because the conduct conforms with [the laws of] Heaven,

Interpretation. The heaven contained in a mountain is [the emblem of] Tai-Chiku. Honourable men cordingly lay up in their memory the sayings and doings of past [men], and thus nourish their virtue.

Positive I. There is a danger, and it is advantageous to desist. Interpretation. “There is a danger and it is advan

. tageous to desist”—that is to say, a calamity ought not to be hazarded.

Positive II. The bolts securing wheels to the shaft are taken away from a carriage.

Interpretation. “ The bolts securing wheels to the shaft are taken away from a carriage "—this is [a stop of ]mean and is free from blame.

Positive III. Drives a good horse. Advantageous to be hardy and constant. If he daily practices the arts of driving and guarding, it will be advantageous to advance.

Interpretation. “It will be advantageous to advance,” because Positive VI agrees [with Positive III].

Negative IV. [Ties] a leading stick to a calf. Perfectly lucky.

Interpretation. The perfect luckiness of Negative IV consists of joy.

Negative V. [Manages] the fangs of a castrated swine. Lucky

Interpretation. The luckiness of Negative V consists of bliss.

Positive VI. How [vast] is the space of the Heaven! Auspicious.

Interpretation. “How [vast] is the space of the Heaven !”—this refers to an extensive prevalen ceof the moral principle.

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