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a reclining posture. He tumbles into a pit. Do not act [in this way).

Interpretation. When it is “ dangerous either to retreat or to advance,” there can be no final success.

Negative IV. There are only one wine-tub, and two dishes; and earthen wares which have not been enamelled are used. Confidential correspondences are carried through a window. Free from blame in the end.

Interpretation. " There are only one wine-tub and two dishes...."-this is the way in which the strong and weak elements associate with each other.

Positive V. Water does not stand to fulness: and [Positive V] has already reached the level land. Free from blame.

Interpretation. "Water does not stand to fulness”--that is, though he occupies a middle position, [the influence of Positive V] is not yet great.

Negative VI. Is bound with ropes and placed in the midst of a bush, Unsuccessful for three years, that is, unlucky.

Interpretation. Negative VI deviates from a normal course, and is unlucky for three years.


THE EXPECTATION OF MONEY IN PRISON. While in my banishment at Tsukudajima I asked for some money to a relative, as it is impossible to save many from their distress without money. Among the prisoners there are some who are innocent, and some who once commited a crime but now regretting. In order to induce these fellows into the right way, the persuasion

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must be accompanied by alms of some money. I have

I been six years in the prison, during which time many of my relatives have already exhausted their money for me, so that I have become disabled to have some whenever I asked them. From this consideration I divined the success of my claim of money and its date, and obtained the Positive IIof Kan (t).”

"This hexagram is 'Kan,' outer and inner, and 'Kan' is danger, distress, concern, and sickness at heart. Now I am in the bottom of water of the inner complement, which represents that I am unknown to the world, being in this small isle Tsukudajima. The homologue or Positive V' in the outer complement represents my relations, who are being troubled with immense expenses and loss of confidence since my imprisonment. The distress of both the outer and the inner is thus and this is the reason why I obtained this hexagram. But 'Kan is also a symbol of hearty kindness, so that my relatives are kind enough to send some money to me. Hence, I shall have some, though not much, money, as the 'Positive II' says 'Being in the time of Kiin, there is a difficulty. Somewhat successful in his endeavour,' which means that though I am in distress of 'Kan' I shall be able to have more or less money if I apply my kind relatives.

“The 'Lineation of the · Negative IVsays, "There are only one winetub, and trvo dishes; and unenamelled earthen wares are used. Confidencial correspondences are carried through a window. Free from blame in the end, which means that a relative will be kind enough to give me some money, with some other important articles. The IV from the II means three days, so that on the third day from to-day he will bring them himself.”

I interpreted as the foregoing, and on the third day since, a relative came beyond the fence and gave me

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secretly some money and articles. As those presents were not to be recieved openly, I had obtained the phrase "through the window," which means to communicate and help through any accessible interstices. One tub and two dishes means to attach fish to the wine, so that I had known to receive not only money but some other articles.

MOB OF SAITAMAKEN. In October of 17th. ar of Meiji, an obstinate mob arose at Chichibu in Saitamaken, and it became so extenuated and powerful as to be ready to spread its devastation over all the districts. I divined how will it terminate, and I obtained the "Negative VI” of Compound Kan (K)”

“This hexagram is 'Kan' in both upper and lower complements and 'Kan' is difficulty. The Government corresponding to the upper complement is endeavouring to advance the country to the equal stage of refinement as the countries of the world are, by introducing the civilization of the West, and by ameliorating the long pursued antiquatedness; but it is now too busy to provide for the expenses of buying the civilizations which is the *Kan' of the upper complement. The people corresponding to the lower complement are still wanting the machineries and the profits of production, industry and agriculture, and are pressed by the necessity of supplying the above mentioned expenses; which is the Kan' of the lower complement. The entire society is thus in a position of danger, and the will of Heaven of showing the emblem of double difficulty' is fulfilled.

“The inferiority of our civilization, however, to that of Europe and America, is an inevitable consequence, as we have been ignorant of the nature of refinement and

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developement, for such a long interval as 300 years during the Shôgunism of Tokugawa. But now that all the nations are striving to excell one another, the Government and the people must combine and supply the

expenses to make amends for the idleness of our ancestors of 300 years' ease. Now the Negative VI' is at the end of the hexagram, and does not know the fate of time. The mols is thus merely a mass of ignorant rabbles, pressed by their difficulty.

“The nature of the mob is as indicated; so that it is not to be seriously cared for, from the point of view of the state of the society. Hence the. VI shows the way of management as 'Negative VI is bound with ropes and placed in the midst of a bush. Unsuccessful for three , that is, unlucky.' It is:—to imprison,

the numberless rabbles, and give them hard work to do, will make the honest people unbearable for the expense of penitentiary; so that all of them, excepting the leaders, are to be treated with a special punishment of allowing them to go home and make them regret themselves of their crimes. This will be the termination of the present mob.”

The management of the Government, afterwards, was of this nature.

XXX. RI ( To be related to).

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Ri. Advantageous to be constant. Auspicious. Lucky, if rear cows.

Exposition. Ri means to be related to. The Sun and the Moon are related to the Heaven, while grains and plants are

related to the earth. [Ri] is doubly illuminous and is related to justice; and it thus enlightens the world. The 'weak elements are related to the principles of mean and justice; it is, therefore, auspicious. It will thus be lucky if rear cows.

Interpretation. The kindling of two lights, is. [the emblem of] Ri. Great men, accordingly, maintain light permanently and illumine the four directions. Positive I. Tramps in a confused manner.

Free from blame, if he is cautious.

Interpretation. Though tramping in a confused manner, one can escape from blame by being cautious.

Negative II. Is a yellow light. Perfectly auspicious.

Interpretation. A yellow light is perfectly auspicious, because a middle course is pursued.

Positive III. Is a light in the decline of the day. If you

do not beat the earthen drum and sing, you will have to regret your dotage. Unlucky.

Interpretation. How can a light in the decline of the day continue long?

Positive IV. Comes all of sudden. He is burned. He dies. He is deserted.

Interpretation. '[Positive IV] comes all of sudden," and he is not taken into confidence.

Negative V. Is wet with tears, and is overcome with grief. Lucky.

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