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II. KON (Hp Earth).

Kon is perfect and auspicious. Advantageous to the constancy of mares. In undertaking any thing, honourable men will become perplexed, if they take precedence over others; while if they keep

themselves behind others they will be successful ; and in all things they should aim at utility. They will get friends in the south-west and lose others in the north-east. But if they are contented and constant, they will be lucky.

Exposition. Excellent is the originating principle of the earth! The production is subordinate to the celestial one. The earth is thick and supports all things upon itself. Its virtues agree with the boundless virtues of the heaven. Its capacity is large and its brilliancy great, so that there is nothing on the earth which does not possess the virtue of adaptability. Mares are related to the earth; they go over the earth without stopping; they are mild and obedient, and useful and constant. In undertaking an enterprise, honourable men will become perplexed and lose their path, if they take precedence over others. If on the other hand, they go behind others, their conduct will conform to modesty and propriety. To obtain friends in the south-west means to associate with one's own fellows. Though they lose friends in the north-east, felicity will at last attend them, Those contentment and constancy lead to luckiness, and agree with the immutability of the earth.

Interpretation. The features of the earth is the emblem of Kon. Honourable men accordingly nourish their virtue and admit into their benevolence things of all kinds.

Annotation. Kon is exceedingly mild ; but when it moves, its conduct is persisting. It is extremely quiet and its virtues are characterized by uprightness. When one keeps oneself behind others, one will be successful; for there is constancy in his conduct. Kon admits things of every variety and has beneficial influences. The principle of Kon is characterized by obedience. It moves in obedience to the celestial principle.

Negative I. We first tread upon frost and then come to hard ice.

Interpretation. Frost first and then hard ice—this signifies the first congelation of the negative, The meaning is, that a habitual treading of the path of the negative will lead to hard ice.

Negative II. Represents that is honest, upright, and comprehensive, and is useful in every way, without ever receiving instruction.

Interpretation. The conduct of the Negative II. is honest and upright. It is useful in every way, without ever receiving instruction, because the principle of the earth (Kon) is brilliant.

Negative III. Keep your accomplishments secret and be constant. If you apply yourself to the king's affairs, you will not be successful at first, but you will at last succeed.

Interpretation. “Keep your accomplishments secret and be constant”-i.e. display your accomplishments only on proper occasions. Applying oneself to the king's affairs implies that one possesses great wisdom and good sense. Negative IV. Tightens the mouth of the purse, and

, is free from blame, although he does not get honours.

Interpretation. Negative IV tightens the mouth of tbe purse, and is free from blame,”—means that if you are cautious, you will be exempted from injuries.

Negative V. Is a yellow dress, and is perfectly lucky. Interpretation. “Negative V is a yellow dress, and is perfectly lucky,”—because the embellishment is hidden inside.

Negative VI. A dragon fights in the field, and its blood is darkish yellow.

Interpretation. "A dragon fights in the field" implies that it has been driven to the last extremity.

The Mode of Using the Negatives. Advantage- . ous to be persistent and constant.

Interpretation. In using Negatives it is advantageous to be persistent and constant, because Negatives lead at the end to greatness.

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It was in the Summer of the 18th of Meiji that Mr. M. Fukushima, senate, and Mr. M. Kajitori came to me, accompanied by Mr. S. Fukuwara, the Bishop of the Iwashimizu-Hachiman-Temple, and were discussing the principles of the "Eli," when the last named asked me to divine, the fate of the Temple. I agreed, and obtained the change of “ Kon (HDD” into “Yo

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“The hexagram of Kon' is that of the 10th month, of the Lunar Almanac, when it is referred to the moon. This month is called the ‘Kamuna-zuki (Month of no Gods), during which time all the gods are assembled at the great God's of Izumo. Now the appearance of the hexagram of Kamuna-zuki in the divination of a temple, must mean that the God is far away from the temple and does not dwell there as the 'Linea

tion' of the “ Negative IV” says Tightens' the mouth

' of the purse, and is free from blame, although he does not get honours,' and it can be seen from this that no praise and no blame can be imperted as the Spirit is not in. Hence, however splendid be the temple made, however ample be the offerings offered, however reverential be the services done, the prayers will never be heard by the God as He is far away from the temple. All the efforts will be in vain.

“I think the absence of the Gods is not that They went to Izumo, but to the Imperial palace for the protection of the Country. I believe this to be true, as I have found out an instance of the Godly effects. I heard that when His Majesty allowed a foreign ambassador to have the honour of seeing him lately, His Majesty's address to the ambassador was exceedingly clever. The ambassador was very much surprised at His Majesty's intelligence and bowed down very reverently. All the cabinet ministers, palace officers, etc., who were present, admired and reverenced Him. This is of course due to the intelligence of His Majesty, but the Gods must have given Him the power to do so. The power of the Gods is so great, and it is undoubted that even we who are merely poor and low people, may be blessed with their favours, provided, we worship Them with truth and serve Them with heart. Hence, as to our case of the Iwashimizu, do not endeavour to obtain a

outward belief of people by vainly flourishing the pillars, fences, etc. Try to obtain the substantial power of truth and favour, and extend the Godly influence over them.” The three visitors were assured of the coincidence of the “Ekiwith Godly decrees, and they went away.




One day as I was passing by the Kyo-do-UnyuGaisha, Tokio, I was taken into a meditation. I calculated" on my carriage, and obtained the change of Kon (fi)” into “ YO (KH).”

” into “Yo (TKO).” The following interpretation was made :

Konis the hexagram which prizes profits, but the change of the 4th line shows "Tightens the mouth of the purse, and is free from blame, although he does not get honour.This Company's transactions are made too cautiously as the tying up of the sacks, and then it has the small profit of being " free from blame," but is not aware of the great loss of being "not get honour." I thought that this is because the Company cares only for the miniature profits of internal transportations, disregarding a greater act of going abroad and promoting the national profits. I had better go and advice the director to extend the range of his transactions.

I entered and asked the porter to see the director. I was at once allowed into the presence of Mr. S. Ito, Director, and Mr. H. Onifu. After a while our topic of conversation was directed towards the affairs of the Company, and I spoke as follows ::

Our country is on a single group of islands in the eastern seas, but I am told that the population is too much for the land. In addition to this, the art of hygiene has been greatly improvedl of late, the protection of human health completely cared for, and the appearance of many a skillful doctor into the bargain, save the lives of people to a great extent. It is estimated that the rate of increase of population is nearly fourty thousands per year. Continuing on this rate, I fear the food grown in this country

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