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before I set out for a journey on business. These underclerks combined and spent an enormous sum of money for themselves; persuaded those to whom they paid the money to estimate their merchandise at a higher than real price ; and thus skillfully covered their wrongs in

; the booking office. I am now going to expose their mischiefs, and I ask you to divine which is the best, either to expose them openly, and give them a severe punishment, or to manage them gently and peacefully.” I divined and obtained the Positive Īr of Kwai (# ).

“In 'Kwai,'' the strong elements clear away a weak one,' and it represents the time of banishing mischievous people out. The only negative element in the upper complement is the treacherous, and it is at the head of the hexagram. And as it is now the time of 'clearing it away, it is proper that all the dishonest clerks shall be driven away. Again, 'Kwai' has an emblem of writing, as will be seen from the 'Appendix'; however skillfully the books may be filled up, it is of course very easy to expose the hidden mischiefs. The 'Positive II' says, 'An army will appear in the evening, but no anxiety need be felt,' in which ' in the evening' means in secret,' so that it will be well to manage the mischiefs not openly but secretly. Moreover, the management must be generous as it will tend to decrease the confidence of people to your master, you, and your clerks, were it known by the public that such a mischief was schemed out in your shop, which is intended for taking charge of great sums

Your loss will never be restored, whether you manage this affair severely or generously; so that I advise you to warn your clerks for the future, and thus to keep the confidence without stain.”

The clerk followed my instructions, and the matter ended peacefully.

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of money.

RESULT OF DEBATE OF MR.When I was staying at Atami during January of 1885, a governor in Tokai-Do, and a gentleman of Tokyo called on me. The governor said, pointing to the other, “ This gentleman is going to throw a severe debate on something towards a man living in the southeast from here. Which will be best to proceed directly, or to wait for a future opportunity, and will he win or lose ? I hope you will divine for him.” I calculated and obtained the “Positive V” of “Kwai (#),"

“In this hexagram, a negative element is above five positives, so that it represents an worthless man situated in a high rank, losing popularity, and going to be removed. Now, 'the third element,' which I have obtained, is in the 'middle position; it is especially responsible for removing the 'topmost weak element.' As this hexagram is that of an honourable man's removing a mischievous one as the 'Exposition' says, "The strong elements clear away a weak one, it is of course right to publish his crimes and proceed to punish him publicly; but when the situations are considered, it is not morally right to blame the upper from the lower. Hence, the 'Positive III' gives the warning as :-"Is strong in the cheek bone, and is unlucky. Honourable men will decide on a resolute action. Gocs alone and encounters rain. He seems to be wet, and is the object of anger, but he is free from blame."

“These words mean to show the emmity on the cheek bone, that is to express the feeling of emmity before the enemy; if so, it will become difficult to subdue him as he will perceive it and prepare for it; and you will not be without a fear of being entrapped by him, so that it asys 'unlucky.' 'Honourable men will decide on a resolute action' means that if you will proceed orderly,

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as honourable men would do in removing worthless one, and blame him of his wrongs, he will have no words to retort and will subdue at once.

Perhaps he may scheme to entrap you by offering you a slight profit, as it says, Goes alone and encounters rain.' If you will then feign as if you were trapped in, and thus try to accuse him indirectly, he will be obliged to retreat himself, which is the meaning of the expression 'He seems to be wet, but he is the object of anger.' Your victory will thus be completed, but will be only to subdue your enemy, and you will not profit yourself through it."

The two gentlemen looked face to face at each other on hearing my views. As they did not tell me anything more about this matter, I was not aware of what was the matter, and I decided as above merely from the hexagram and the accompanying words of the "Eki.Before long, however, I saw on the newspaper that the gentleman gained the victory.


Mr. S. Nishimura, Senate, and Mr. M. Ishiki, Governor of Kanagawa Ken, came to me with a merchant. Mr. Nishimura, pointing to the merchant, said, “This gentleman is Mr. K. Amamiya, a broker of foreign coins of Yokohama, who is our friend, and a very bold and pleasant man. He lately profitted about 150,000 yen in speculation. He had come from Kai, his nativo province, to Yokohama without a penny, and engaged in several businesses, but defeated in all, until he found a service as a clerk of a dealer of foreign coins. After some time he made himself a broker, and as it is a speculative occuppation, he worked very hard day and

your views.

night, amidst constantly changing conditions and was at last able to earn so much. He came to us to consult what will be the best thing to be done with those 150,000 yen. We told him that, as Mr. Takashima of Kanagawa is a well-experienced man, he had better go and consult with him. On hearing which he asked us to take him to you, and we are now come here. We shall feel very much obliged if you will kindly tell us I then took my

sticksand obtained the “Positive IVof Kwai ().'

It must be admitted that nothing is more powerful than money in the world. You have now obtained a sum of 150,000 yen through speculation, but by whatever means it has been earned, its power remains unaffected, as it is what it is, yen and nothing else. Though your means was not natural in obtaining it, yet in utilizing it you must take a natural and reasonable course. A man, when he has a larger sum of money than his ability allows, is sure to blunder as he is not experienced in using it; and for the same reason, when he has money insufficient for his ability, he can not again attain anything, as he can not extend his ability. You will now exert yourself and imagine that you have never obtained that money. How would you say of now sacrificing that sum for the benefit of this country? I shall now explain you.

" It is a phenomenon very common in the world, that money saved by a father's hard work, is spent foolishly by a profligate son, and the grandson is obliged to go abegging. Such a father who believes in the motto Money's my monarch,' is liable to forget the pleasure and honour of benefitting the society with his money, or even to disregard the conveniences of others and thus disregard the education of his offsprings. He may send his son to school, but the education will be defective, and his sons are doomed to be lazy and extravagant, and

If you

to spend his father's savings. It will be seen from this that, as the saving of money for one's offspring is a vague and uncertain work, it is far better to sacrifice the saving for the benefit of the society and thus to leave a happiness to his sons. Can't you now imagine as if you have never obtained your 15,000 yen's profit? can, there is a very good way of utilizing it, which I shall now tell you.

“The shape of your native Yamanashi Ken is like that of a bowl, and its only road to Tokaido, running along the Fujikawa River, which is level, is merely a very narrow one adapted for supplying it with salt and fish. The road to Tōkyō and Yokohama, with which it has a close commercial relation, is very hilly and bad, as I have once witnessed. If you

will now


your governor to utilize your money for a common benefit of the people of your native Ken, all the native honourable people will be excited at your benevolence, and will help you and collect some more money among them. A railway for omnibuses from Yamanashi to Tōkyō through Hachiāji will be constructed and then a population of 200,000 in Suwa and Ida of Nagano Ken will be able to get their living. As then a contact with civilization can be attained in a single day, your Ken's advancement will become very much accelerated. Supposing you obtain an interest of 5 percent from the railway, you will have 7,500 yen per year from your 150,000 yen, which can be earned without a slightest labour. Again, as the accomplishment is the mother of happiness and well-being of 500,000 mouths, it is an undying monument of your share in the public benefit of the country.

“ This is the only way of your acquiring happiness and honour for yourself by your money. I have thus fully expressed my views, but it is in your choice whether you will or not. The element which I have obtained through the divination is the Positive IV"

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