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would become at last insufficient for supporting all the people.

“ It is said that when a country continues long in peace, its population becomes increased more and more, until it is too much for the productions of the land, when the Providence endeavours to make its number agree with the capacity of the land, by inflicting pestilence or war over the people, and brings the former down into the proper amount. This may be true, and I hope, by the bye, I may not be counted among the number who are

to be destroyed. But this is a mere old hypothesis, and it is far from being the case now.

"At present, pestilence is never allowed to predominate, by means of examination, protection, hospitals and hygiene, so that, it can not destroy many people even though they may prevail every year. The

never allowed to rage without limit by means of International Jurisdictions, treaties, restorations of peace, lansoms, etc; SO

that they may happen abroad, but can not last so long as to destroy many. You see now the theory referred to is merely a false hypothesis. Then the present necessity is to provide some means for accommodating the future superfluous population. The only course to be taken is to open settlements beyond the surrounding seas, to make them as the parts of the Empire, and make the people there engage in industrial works.

“The nations of Europe are all employed in this very course, and are earnestly engaged in opening foreign settlements. We must then try to break our old customs, and extend ourselves abroad. I have been thinking that as this company is protected by the Government, and established by a band of men of influence, it will send its ships abroad, will gain profits by trading at South America, Australia, etc.,

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and will gradually advance to execute the great deed of opening Japanese settlements.

I have been very earnestly longing for the execution of these splendid performances, never before known. But on obtaining the 4th of Kon' in divining the affair of the company I am thoroughly disappointed. The object seems to be within a small compass of sustaining the capital and stock only, but not in the beautiful act of greatly profitting the country. This I believe to be the case, after investigating the hexagram, and the * Lineation of its fourth. I hope you will alter the old course of your company and will advance to the splendid endeavour I have pointed out."

The Director seemed to have been greatly awakened by my advice. I took leave of them shortly after.

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Chun. Perfectly auspicious; advantageous to be constant; not propitious to make movements; advantageous to establish dukedoms.

Exposition. In the diagram of Chun,

the strong and the weak elements associate with each other for the first time, and difficulties are thereby produced. Chun moves amidst dangers; it is uuiversally auspicious and is constant. The thunder and rain break forth at the fulness of forces. In dark and primitive times, it is advantageous to establish dukedons, and to be on the look-out. Interpretation. The cloud and thunder is the

. emblem of Chun. Honourable men accordingly set the affairs of the state in order.

Positive I. Is at a stand-still; advantageous to be constant; and advantageous to be created a duke.

Interpretation. Though at a stand-still, Negative I pursues the path of righteousness. ing a high rank, he lowers himself before the low; and thereby wins the heart of the people. Lawili II. Is perplexed and receding; she mounts

. a hoisa, but is unable to advance. Negative II is. not invaded, but is sought after for marriage. The . woman is constant and does not marry. She marries ten years hence.

Interpretation. The difficulty of Negative II lies in her being above a strong one. That she marries ten

years hence is owing to the recovery of her situation to a normal state.

Negative III. Hunts deers without a guide, and advances far into the forest. Honourable men.


While possess

better, in such a case, abandon the chase. Inauspicious to advance.

Interpretation Hunting deers without a guide implies that the hunter is greedy of game. Honourable men abandon such a chase: it is inauspicious and embarrassing to advance.

Negative IV. Mounts a horse, but is unable to advance; seeks to marry; lucky if she advance, and every thing would be in an advantageous state.

Interpretation. To seek and advance shows intelligence.

Positive V. With-holds his benevolence. Lucky in small things, if he is constant. Unlucky in large things, though he be constant.

Interpretation. To with-hold benevolence signifies that his charity is not yet extensive.

Negative VI. Mounts a horse, but is unable to advance; and bloody tears are pouring down.

Interpretation. When bloody tears pour down, how can he endure long?




ON THE FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR. At the time when the hostility between Germany and France began (1870), Mr. T. Masuda, my friend, who is very well acquainted with the state of the western countries, came to me, and said :—“Yester-night, I received a telegram that the struggle between France and Prussia was opened.

I contracted a wager

with an English-man, in which I took the cause of France, à country which I well know to be a powerful nation. I wish you please to secure my winning in the contract by your sacred divination.”—“You are sure of

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the victory of France," answered I, “Why then what is the use of divining it?" That's true,” said he, “But try please.” He kept on asking me, and I divined and obtained the change of "Chun (it ” into "Hi (IL M).' Alas!” said I, “France will be defeated and


will lose the sum. The Positive I' says, 'Positive I is at a stand-still; advantageous to be constant; and advantageous to be created a duke.As you stick to France, I have appointed her as the inner complement. France or the subject of the 'Positive I' is at the beginning of the 'Chun' and has a property of the 'thunder.' She or the thunder wishes to move, but she can not advance as she is faced by the Kanof the upper complement. This is the emblem involved in the name of the hexagram, Chun. At a stand-still means that France can not advance as the enemy or Prussia is as invincible as a great rock. Thus the 'Lineation' says, 'Advantageous to be constant,' which is a warning for France not to scheme out an adventure. But France is going to invade Prussia in spite of the divination; she is thus against the principle of the Eki.' Her defeat is certain. Again, it says 'Advantageous to be created a duke.' These words are ominous of evils to her, as she is an independent and glorious Empire, and then there is no use of her erecting a dukedom.

“The Interpretation' says, 'while possessing a high rank, he lowers himself before the low; and thereby wins the hearts of the people. The 'Positive I' is changed to a negative, which implies that the Emperor of France will submit to the enemy, as is stated in the 'Interpretation. Now when the Emperor submits to the enemy, the only positive element of Shin' changing, we have Kon' instead of Shin,' and 'Kon' represents vassals or people. Thus France will be dispensed with her Emperor. Again, as it says, 'wins the

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