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(D)," and the following interpretation was of

B fered :

“It says, ' we do not apply to children; children do apply to us.' As this was obtained by divining wheth

America will return the ransom or not, I must take America as the leader and us as the follower, and then the words given in the 'Figuration will be solved from the side of America. Then, 'we' means America, and children' us. It is evident that she will never return, unless we claim for it. Again the Negative IV says, ' Is sunk in ; inauspicious,' and the Interpretation,'' The calamity of being sunk in Mo is the result of [Negative IV] keeping himself aloof from the intelligent. Thus it may be seen that though we are in a position where we can not claim for it, we do not know it ourselves, and are troubling ourselves by pursuing after an empty hope. Hence, if we advance a step to the position of the 'Negative V' and claim, we will be 'an infant, and lucky. Undoubtedly she will satisfy our

' claim and return the sum. For, the change of the 'Negative V' implies the change of a mountain' into 'wind; a mountain' is naturally stationary, which enters us under the movable form of wind.' Now, the mountain' will change itself into the earth,' year after next, which is the emblem of the ransom's returning to us, America not being able to see the form of the money or the wind' here. In short, whenever the hexagram of ' is obtained, we must conduct ourselves as if we were really “' or infants."

" Infants !” interrupted one of them, “ how could our country be compared to an infant now?"

Well, sir,” continued I, “ The · Eki' indicates the divine will, and so, even the sagest personages conduct as if they were infants when they obtain this hexagram. It is quite independent of time and place. However, let me try to explain the reason of the infancy of our coun

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try. Our country has been and will be a glorious independent empire from yore, and the glory has never been stained. But she is sometimes not without conducts of infancy. In the affair of Shimonoseki, the courses of the government were two, and one of which was practiced, thus the conduct is infant while the people are not infant. The excessive amount of ransom was seized under the pretence of opening the infancy, thus the greatest of infancy was executed. Considering the nature of this ransom, the conduct of both countries can not escape from being infant. We may be conceited and deny to be infant, but the Almighty shows us the hexagram of ,' which is inevitable.

"To return to our topic, I do not know when America will return it to us, if we do not claim, but only wait the determination of her senators. Our government must convince her of our no more being infant and of being in want of money to promote our civilisation. We must further follow the morality of her Minister of Finance, and obtain his agreement. Then it is that “is an infant, lucky' of the Negative IV. In this way, I am sure, she will regard our claim as being children apply to us' and return the required sum of money.

Our desire can surely be satisfied if we conduct ourselves in accordance with the meaning of this hexagram. On closing my dissertation, I feel as if the ransom is back, before my eyes, and the completion of the dock too."

I had no more objection from my visitors, and the meeting was broken up.

The ransom was afterwards restored, as was pointed out by my divination, but the dock has not yet been designed. The Government may have some reason for not yet setting out the plan, but I am only longing after it in earnest.

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V. JU ( To wait).


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JU. Bright and auspicious, when there is truthfulness; lucky, when there is constancy; advantageous to wade a large river.

Exposition. Ju means to wait. A

difficulty lies in the path, but firmness and strength preserves one from falling a prey therein, that is to say, he does not get into embarrassments. "Bright and auspicious, when there is truthfulness; lucky, when there is constancy,"—this is owing to the circumstance that [Positive V] occupies the imperial position and is just and proper. "Advantageous to wade a large river ”—this phrase means that an advance will be successful.

Interpretation. A cloud ascending up to the heaven is [the emblem of] Ju; and honourable men accordingly feast and enjoy themselves.

Positive I. Represents what is waiting in the suburbs; advantageous to maintain steadiness; free from blame.

Interpretation. “Waiting in the suburbs” implies that [Positive I] does not run the hazard. “Advantageous to maintain steadiness; free from blame,” because he has not yet deviated from a normal course.

Positive II. Is waiting in the sand; there will be some murmurings; but lucky in the end.

Interpretation. “Waiting in the sand” signifies that Positive II is calm and occupies a central position. Accordingly the end will be fortunate, inspite of some murmurings.

Positive III. Is waiting in the mud; and invites invaders.

Interpretation. “ Waiting in the mud” signifies

a hole.

that the danger lies outside, but that [Positive III] invites an invader. If he is cautious, he will be exempt from ruin. Negative II. Is waiting in the blood; emerges from

Interpretation. Waiting in the blood” signifies that [Negative IV] is submissive and willing to listen to advices.

Positive V. Is treating [guests] with drink and food; lucky, if constant.

Interpretation. "Treating [guests] with drink and food ; lucky, if constant," because [Positive V] occupies

! a just and middle position.

Negative VI. Enters a hole; three uninvited visitors will come ; lucky in the end, if one treat them with respect.

Interpretation. It will be eventually lucky, though uninvited visitors will come, because, although [Negative VI] occupies an improper position, he does not commit any great error.



WHILE AT TSUKUDAJIMA. During my imprisonment at Tsukudajima, two of my fellow-prisoners, Katsuzo Nishimura and Shūzo Mitsushe, and myself were most intimate with one another. They came to me one day in a state of great uneasiness. "A great difficulty,” said they with sighs, " respecting to us three occurred, and we are come to consult together.” “What?” cried I “What kind of difficulty?Yesterday, they held an assembly at their office," answered tyey," and both of us were engaged there. The council

was held for a very long time and did not break up until evening, and we were kept there till dark. As we thought it strange to continue so long, we asked an officer to tell us the nature of the council, who explained us as follows:

“'At present, the price of rape-seed oil is falling while the seed itself is rising, and it is a great loss to manufacture cheap oil from the costly material. They wish to abolish its manufacture, and to send the therein occupied prisoners to Yokosuka to be employed at the building of the docks there. Kaemon, one of the prisoners is an old hand for commanding others, and he can complete the docks when he is chosen as the superintendent. Katsuző, another of them can perform miscellaneous services and makes accounts very well, who will be a convenient sharer of that work. Shūzo, another, is a physician, who if employed will save the trouble and expense of hiring a doctor from outside, when the prisoners get ill or hurted. Moreover, these three are extraordinary fellows who, when set free some other day, will again commit crimes and trouble the prison. It is far better for them to imprison them for ever and make them die of age, than ever to set them free and make them seek unnatural deaths.'

“ This is the nature of the council,” continued my friends, “According to the regulations of the ‘Bakufu,' half the income of the office is called the “Yakutoku' (gain of officers), and is taken by the officers; while the remainder goes to the treasury of the office. This is the reason why the present scheme was made up by the officials. It will surely be brought into practice. If so, .

. what a difficulty on us ! What shall we do? Please divine."

First for Katsuzo, I obtained the "Positive IIIof JU ()"

Ju' means to wait. It is the hexagram in which

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