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XIII. DÔ-JIN (A Fellowship).


Fellowship is formed in a plain; advantageous to wade a large river, and advantageous to the constancy of honour

able. inen.


Exposition. -Jin is this : a weak

element occupies a middle position and agrees with the complement Ken. “Fellowship is formed in a plane; advantageous to wade a large river” —this refers to the action of the complement Ken. [-Jin] is enlightened and at the same time stout, middle, and just, and mutually agreeing,—such is the virtue of honourable men. Honourable men alone can give full play to the wishes of the milliard.

Interpretation. The heaven and the fire are [the emblem of ] -Jm. Honourable men accordingly distinguish things by classifying them according to their likenesses.

Positive I. Fellowship is formed at the gate; free from blame.

Interpretation. When fellowship is formed outside the gate, who can blame ?

Negative II. Fellowship is formed with the family of the main stock ; inauspicious.

Interpretation. It is an inauspicious action to form fellowship with the family of the main stock.

Positive III. Stations an ambuscade among bushes, and himself goes up a hill close hy, but is unable to call [his troops] to action for three years.

Interpretation. To station an ambuscade shows that the enemy is strong. When he is unable to call [his

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troops] to action for three years, what could he accomplish?

Positive IV. Gets on the wall, but can not attack; lucky.

Interpretation. That [Positive IV] gets on the wall, shows that he can not, from the nature of things, be victorious. He is “lucky," because, though he gets

” into perplexities, he ultimately returns to rectitude.

Positive V. At first cries in forming fellowship, but at last he laughs. The mighty armies are victorious and meet together.

Interpretation. [Positive V] at first cries in forming fellowship because he is modest and honest. The mighty armies meet together, that is to say, they are both victorious.

Positive VI. Fellowship is formed in a suburb; free from remorse.

Interpretation. To form fellowship in a suburb signifies that one has not yet accomplished one's wishes.


MY FATE AND FUTURE COURSE IN 3RD OF MEI-JI. At the Revolution of our country in the 1st. year

of Meiji, a civil war was raging in the northern part of this country and another at Hakodate in the 2nd. year. During this time the whole country was in a state of constant agitation. However, in the 3rd. year, the civil wars in several parts of the country were quelled, the gracious countenance of Peace uncovered herself, and the opportunity for the execution of the introduction of civilization was seized. The following occured to me just at that time :

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As I was born and brought up in a merchantile family, all my endeavours are in the side of enriching my own house and of benefitting myself only, and have not yet thought of the public advantage of my country. may have thought of them ever, but have never been able to bring it into practice. If so I shall be one of the sort of men as those who do not know what is Country. Now I have the honour of living under the peaceful reign of the Emperor, and of mingling and con versing with many nobles and high officers. They are those pre-eminent persons who, disregarding their lives, estates, wives, children, and followers, engaged in the national affairs before the frowning of innumerable dangers and difficulties, and have brought forth the foundation of the present system of government. I am a man as they are, who is living in the 19th. century, but I am greatly ashamed to think that I have lent no hand for the public advantages. I hope I can execute something for the benefit of the country, and make achievements, consistent with the sound of the word, “ man.

I then divined the fate of myself, and the course to be taken, and obtained the Changeless Dojin (m)

“At the latter parts of the Shōgunism, as the effect of a long continuation of peaceful age, the political system became abused, the government officers indulged in luxuries, and the people drowned in servilities. In addition to these difficulties, the intercourse with foreign countries was opened. At this time, superior persons could not obtain their situations and inferior persons forwarded their vices; thus the communication between the government and the people was closed, and everything was out of order. Then arose many heroes simultaneously; many patriots allied themselves; they strived for reason and peace and changed the world of



'Hi' into its present state.

This is the hexagram of -jin.' It means that many persons agree


perform their duty.

“The high officers sacrificed their lives and served the country without expecting prizes, returned their dominions of several hundred years' possession, put themselves among the ranks of Lords, serve under the Emperor, follow the monarchical form of government, allow the common people to bear their family names, and to ride on horseback, registered even the Yeta and outcasts etc. In short, the higher descended and the lower ascended, thus attaining the equality; all minds united in laying the foundations for sustaining the country. This is the greatest of -jin. I am thus now in an opportunity of doing great things by the exertion of all my energies.

“The Exposition' says, 'Dôjin' is this: a weak element occupies a middle position and agrees with the complement Ken. The only weak element of II of the lower complement is situated at the middle and is homologous with the middle position of V of the upper complement. Thus seated at 'middling' position among the people, I am to aim at the same purpose as that of the policy of the Government, and the Government is to help my deeds. Hence it means to proceed without missing this opportunity. Dôjin is formed on a plain' means that any thing can be achieved if I am truly patriotic, and keep on a mind of impartiality, without distinguishing between the upper and the lower of situation, and between the near and the distant of relationship; without flattering the superiors nor disdaining the inferiors.

"Advantageous to wade a large river, this refers to the action of the complement Ken' means that as my fate and the social state agree with each other, and as my enterprises are helped by the Government, so anything however great can be achieved. For, as the



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throwing of my estates for the common benefit of the society is taking the same course as the country, I am the the same as an officer whu is serving the Government without renumeration. The estate of a single person is too slight to be regarded, hence it says 'action of the complement Ken.'

Is enlightened and is at the same time stout,' indicates the course of deeds to be taken. It means to act as a leader of civilization with the courage of 'strongness ' and to introduce and practice it. The Rr of the inner complement is the brightest and the Ken’ of the outer complement is the stoutest of things. In endeavouring to excute works of civilization, when a stoutest and unflinching energy is applied, it is indomitable. Hence if I prepare for the civilizations internally, strive 'strongly' without ceasing externally, and thus introduce the substancial civilization of Europe and America, I shall succeed and attain the general profit of the society.

Middle and just, and mutually agreeingsuch is the virtue of honourable men. Honourable men alone can give full play to the wishes of the milliard.'

. As I am in a middle position among the common people and communicates with the Government, to establish works of civilization previous to all endeavours is my lot. Though our Government is a rendezvous of ablest personages who are busily engaged for the proper disposition of our country, unhappily it is now at the time of begging everything, and both internal and external affairs are so manifold that they can not be put into right at once. I am determined to execute deeds of civilization before others endeavour, and thus help the busy government to an extent. Then I shall be fulfilling my desire and benefitting the country, at the same time. This is the meaning of the words 'Honourable men alone can give full play to the wishes of the milliard.'

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