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Interpretation. "His truthfulness is mutual” means that his truthfulness gives an outlet to the wishes [of the people]. “Lucky, if awe-inspiring,” for [otherwise the people] will disdain him and they will be negligent.

Positive VI. Heaven assists him. Lucky, and advantageous in every respect.

Interpretation. Positive VI of Tai-is lucky, because Heaven assists him.


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DISCOVERY OF LOST MONEY. A friend of mine went out for a long journey on business, asking me to take charge of his house during his absence. Late in a night his clerk came and knocked at my door, and complained to me as follows :

“An extraordinary event took place, and as I do not know what to do, I am come here to trouble you to divine for me. Please save me from my difficulty. I received this morning a sum of 300 yen from a merchant and I locked it up in a chest of drawers.

As I was very busy then, I put the key into an upper drawer temporarily, and took to my business at once, forgetting thereby to take the key out and tie it round my waist as usual.

In the evening I wanted to hand the money to the mistress, but it was not found in the drawer into which I am sure I had put it. I doubted whether I have forgotten the place, but on searching several corners and boxes I can not find it out yet. I recollected to myself those who have been in the house to-day. They are only the mistress and the boys from inside, and a familiar clerk from outside. This clerk is an honest fellow, and I can doubt him not a morsel. The cause of


the loss is quite unknown to me, and I am very nearly beside myself.”

I divined and obtained the change of "Tai-(*# ” into Taichiku tn 3)," and I addressed him

thus :

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“The name of the hexagram I have is 'Taiyu,' which means a mighty possession; and then, you see, the money is still somewhere in the house. Regarding the hexagram to represent the entire house, the upper complement is the second story. Again, the 'Lineation of * Positive IV' says, 'The bamboo cage is splendid and is free from blame. (The Chinese character for the bamboo cage is also the character for the word not, hence the translation is altered from that of the text). Go then, and examine it in the bamboo chest in haste.”

He went away with hearty thanks. After a very short time, I received the notice that the money was found hidden in the bamboo chest up-stairs.

XV. KEN (ik Modesty).

Ken. Auspicious. Honourable men will have a [happy] end.

Ea position. Ken is auspicious [for these reasons]. The celestial principle comes down and mingles [with the

terrestial one] and is bright, while the terrestial principle, being low, rises upwards. The celestial principle takes from the full and adds to the modest. The terrestial principle undermines the full and pours it to the modest. The Gods injure the full and bless the modest. Men hate the full and like the modest. Modesty is dignified and brilliant; lowly but above insult. Such is the happy end of honourable men.

Interpretation. The earth containing a mountain in its interior, is [the emblem of] Ken. Honourable men accordingly take from the plenty and add to the scanty, and equalize their benevolence in just proportion to the want of each case.

Negative I. Is exceedingly modest, and is a sage. Lucky to wade a large river.

Interpretation. “[Negative I] is exceedingly modest and is an honourable man” that is, he keeps himself in an humble situation.

Negative II. Is noted for his modesty, and will be lucky, if constant.

Interpretation. "[Negative II] is noted for his modesty, and will be lucky, if constant,” because he is modest from the depth of his heart.

Positive III. Is assiduous and modest, and is an honourable man; will have an honourable end, and will be lucky.

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Interpretation. An honourable man, who is assiduous and modest, will be obeyed by the people.

Negative IV. Advantageous in every way, but [you must] recommend to a modest person.

Interpretation. Advantageous in every way, but [you must] recommend a modest person,” so that [you] may not depart from the rule.

Negative V. Is not fertile in intellect, and consults with his neighbour. Advantageous to undertake an expedition. Advantageous in every way.

Interpretation. “Advantageous to undertake an expedition "—this refers to the subjugation of the refractory.

Negative VI. Proclaims his modesty. Advantageous to lead an army and subjugate provinces.

Interpretation. That “[Negative VI) proclaims modesty,” shows that he has not yet attained his ambition. He is fit to lead an army and subjugate a province.

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XVI. YO (F* Enjoyment).


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Yo. Advantageous to establish dukedoms and to lead an army.

Exposition. This is Yo: a strong element co-operates, and wishes are .carried out, and motions are in obedience [to

reason]. Yo moves in obedience [to reason). Now the heaven and the earth do the same. How, then, can it be disadvantageous to establish dukedoms and lead an army? As the heaven and the earth move in obedience [to reason], the Sun and the Moon are unerring, and the four seasons are punctual. When sages move in obedience [to reason], the administration of justice will be clean and the people will obey.

Great is the significance of the time of Yo!

Interpretation. A thunder coming out of the ground and roaring, is [the emblem of] Yo. Kings of old accordingly composed music, and reverence the virtues [of their ancestors]. They played music in abundance as offerings to the Heavenly Almighty and in the celebration of their ancestors.

Negative I. Proclaims his enjoyment, and will be unlucky.

Interpretation. Proclamation of enjoyment on the part of Negative I will lead to unluckiness, because he is in an embarrassed state.

Negative III. Stands between rocks; does not wait till the end of the day; and will be lucky, if constant.

; Interpretation. “[Negative II] does not wait till the end of the day; and will be lucky, if constant, because he occupies a middle and just position.

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