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ergy; it can be nurtured by simply acting according to the Motto, “Proceed to attain first that which is difficult, and leave for future that which is easy to attain.” That “things attained illegitimately are lost illegitimately” is another example of the action of the Energy. Proceeding in this way, it can be shown that all the maxims of ancient sages can not escape from being generalized in this compass, only that they have not yet been arranged systematically.

The principle which I have above laid open is not necessarily a new invention of this time; it seems to have been stated here and there in some of the Chinese Classics. The "Book of Eki” says “A virtuous family is sure to have abundance of felicity, but a family without virtue abundance ef misery.” It is another statement of the Conservation of Energy, and it teaches us that we can not obtain the Effect unless we have the appropriate Cause. The necessity of Capital in commerce and Manure in agriculture are based upon the same principle, and can not deviate from the laws of Physics. For this reason, any one, who is behaving himself favourably in the human society, has attained his success either through a long-continued experience or by studying something appropriate for this purpose ; even though he may have not studied Physics. Should any one obtain an Effect inconsistent with the Cause, it is an absurdity of the Perpetual Motion, and it might produce a great revolution in the science of Physics. It, however, sometimes happens that a man obtains a sudden and unexpected gain without any capital as if he were an exception to the rule. But this is a mere outward appearance, and seems to be such as we have not yet been able to discover the Cause.

The science of Physics teaches us what is called the Undulatory Theory, which affirms that anything has a nature of undulation. The wave on the surface of


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water is a most common example; it has its regular rise and fall, and it might directly follow that the atmospheric air though invisible to the eye must also be following the same course in its motion as the waves of water are. It has, in fact, already been rigidly established by a strict mathematical demonstration. This theory seems to be applicable to the case of human affairs, as it has been already stated a long time since by

The “ Book of Eki” seems to be based on this theory throughout the volume. The so-called “Trimetric Motto of the Eki,” the phrase“ Returns before long" is the most prominent feature.

Examining the hexagram of “Ken" it will be seen that the elements commence at “ The obscure dragon," passing to “The dragon appearing in the field ” at the second element, where the undulation is gradually heaving itself.

It attains the Crest at the fifth element as “The dragon has flown up into the Heaven," and it is down at the Trough at the last element. Let me illustrate this principle with the science of Meteorology. Starting from the season of spring, the temperature of the atmospheric air rises gradually towards Summer, a maxinjum in July and August, descending at a fast rate thence, and a minimum in January and February. The change in the temperature of the atmosphere is then following an undulatory course, and coincides with the state of things in the hexagram of "Ken." The rise and fall of an individual and also of a nation, further, follow the Undulatory Theory, as will be seen by examining History, and although the interval of each may be different for different cases, yet no one has ever escaped the fate of an undulation in his fortune.

It will, then, be seen that the Undulatory Theory is a great law governing every phenomenon in the Universe, and that consequently those, who understand it fully and can apply it practically, deserve the honour of


being regarded as the heirs of the ancient sages and of being respected by the society. The “ Book of Eki” is. universally admitted to be a combined work of a certain number of Chinese sages, and the whole volume is based on this theory. It says "Look upward and observe the heavenly bodies; look downward and observe the geoya raphical feature ” which is in a perfect conformity with the aims of Physics, It is greatly to be astonished that such a marvellous work was published several thousand years ago, and then there is no wonder why the authors of the work are entitled sages.

It is stated in a book titled “The Dialogues of Mr. Tõju-Nakae” that there was a man who was rather advanced in age and was too late to commence studying

He determined to study a single volume by which he might be enabled to advance to the position of the sages, and asked Nakae what would be the book which could enable him to attain his desire. Nakae told him that he may be contented by studying the “ Book of Eki” only, as it is the “brain of the sages.” Now the coincidence of the “brain of the sages,” the “ Book of Eki,” with the Undulatory Theory of modern Western Philosophy, in their principles, can by no means be regarded as a matter of chance.

On extending our survey over other Chinese classics, we observe that the “Book of Locius” explains the principle of "Rise and Fall” to a full extent, and this is true for many other works. In short, the Chinese have hitherto investigated the human affairs quite profoundly, but as the investigation has not been guided on by a science such as Physics, so there may be a defect of being not precise and comprehensive. In fact, however, the Chinese classics, as a whole, may be concluded to be synonymous with the science of Physics of the West.

Now, the most valuable feature of modern sciences consists in their anticipating any event previous to its

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occurence. We have a most conspicuous example in the science of Astronomy, which exactly foretells a event to occur after many hundred years. In any other science which can be studied by applying Mathematics, there are found a great many instances of determining the Effect by studying a Cause. In short all the western scholars hold the anticipation of an event to be the ultimate aim of Science. It must however, be observed that, at the present stage of progress, those sciences which can be studied by applying Mathematics are limited to Astronomy, Physics, and a few others. Yet it is probable that any other science, for instance Meteorology, will gradually advance to follow the example of the two just pointed out.

It is a marvellous fact that almost all the subjects who assisted their master in setting out a political plan, both in Japan and in China, were those who had a thorough knowledge of the “Book of Eki" and the doctrines of a few ancient Chinese philosophers and skilled in Mathematics and Divination. Those learned personages who are regarded to be eminent although they did not actually lend their hands in politics, for instance Kiyotsura Miyoshi of Japan and Shōkōsetsu of China, who had more or less power of anticipation, mostly acquired their eminence through the Eki and Mathematics. Even the inodern fortune-tellers have also a trace of this power of anticipation. If we turn our attention to this coincidence in different time and place, it will be very easy to believe that the time will come, sooner or later, when the Undulatory Theory will be fully applied to human affairs.

I must now state an assertion regarding my Scientific Morality. It comprehends all Moral Doctrines which are free from a religious control. I exclude Religion as it deals with the existence of a Creator, Future Existence, and things of like nature; and for this reason

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it comes sometimes in collisions with mine. Once I held a conversation with Mr. an earnest Unitarian, and was greatly satisfied to find that he is in nearly the same line of opinion as I. He does not say anything about Future Existence, and the only difference from mine is the point in which his has to reverence the Creator. As this Unitarianism has been established as a stage in the evolution of the Protestant and the Roman Cathoric Church, it might at last come in a perfect coincidence with mine.

The reason why the Christianity has undergone a grailual evolution is that, as discoveries in Science and progress in Intellect are continually taking place, it could not remain in its primitive condition. If this religion has thus been obliged to alter itself even in its own country, there is no more necessity of our adopting it in this country. It is far important for us to establish a new and superior doctrine by compromising several doctrines existing. I have found out through my enquires that the “ Book of Eki” is the only doctrine which most closely run in the same course of reasoning as my Scientific Morality. As it is a work published several thousand years ago, it can not of course get rid of some defective points, if surveyed with an exact scientific investigation in the modern fashion. But it is quite coincident with the principles of Physics, in its theory of “Rise and Fall, Action and Inaction, and Growth and Decline."

For this reason, I consider it the most appropriate way of establishing the Moral Doctrine, to extend the principles of the Eki and bring them parallel with the advances in Science.

Mr. K. Takashima is a much esteemed friend of mine, who published his "Ekidan” in ten volumes. In this work he gave an original explanation to each of the sixtyfour Hexagrams and annexed some practical examples of divination from his own experience. These examples are perfectly coincident with the facts, and some seem to

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